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Doctor Aloysius Brainstorm

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Doctor Aloysius Brainstorm Empty Doctor Aloysius Brainstorm

Post by Zonky Blong on March 24th 2019, 2:40 pm


"Ah yes, the great hero. No doubt here to put some sort of wrinkle into my flawless plan. No matter. You are simply no match for the sheer wit and intellect of Doctor Aloysius Brainstorm!"

The Bio

Real Name: Dr. Aloysius Brainstrom
villain Name: Doctor Brainstorm
Title: The World’s Smartest Man
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 67
Gender: Male
Race: Cyborg
Hair: N/A
Eyes: N/A
Height: 7’3”
Weight: Over 2 tons
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

The Personality

Boastful, prideful, genuinely believing he is above all others; Dr. Brainstorm is possibly insane. In fact, it’s guaranteed to be a fact that the man is insane. However, Dr. Brainstorm is an intelligent man, and will likely have at least some reason to genuinely believe these things.

The Story

Aloysius Brainstrom was born in Des Moines, Iowa. From a young age, he displayed traits of intelligence and before he was even 5 months old, had already learned how to effectively communicate through body language alone.

In his later life, he would find himself setting his intelligence on an accounting firm. He did quite well here, but it wasn’t what he enjoyed doing. Not at all in fact. Then, something happened.

He discovered psychokinetic abilities hidden beneath the synapsis of his brain. He learned quickly how to utilize them most effectively and put his sights on trying to be a hero. However, his talents were overlooked for more flashy, and interesting heroes.

From there, he decided that it wasn’t enough that he become a hero. After all, the world had so many heroes. Why not become a villain? He had the smarts, he had the powers, all he needed was a plan.

Admittedly, standing in the street and tossing cars around with his mind may not have been the best choice. The year was 1982. Heroes had gone from the arbiters of peace and love to hardcore antiheroes. Doctor Brainstrom was one of the early victims of this. His entire body was crippled, left alive by sheer willpower and anger; Brainstorm reached out around him, finding a suitable candidate to carry his body off, and create a new one.  

After 31 years, the new body was ready, and Doctor Brainstorm was born.

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Strength
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Brainstorm’s Natural Abilities:
 Elemental Control - Through psychokinetics, Doctor Brainstorm can utilize the four classical  
 elements of nature (Fire, Water, Earth, Air); as well as the subcategories of the elements (Lightning,
 Ice, Metal, Wood (Or plants))

 Telepathy - Through his psionic abilities, Doctor Brainstorm has unlocked the ability of Telepathy.  
 Allowing him to read, and compel minds to do his bidding.

 Telekinesis - Doctor Brainstorm can move objects of up to 500lbs with nothing but his mind.

 Flight - Doctor Brainstorm can use his telekinetic prowess to move up to speeds of 100 MPH in the air

Robot Body:
   Enhanced Strength - The robot body is capable of lifting up to 3 tons of  weight over its head
  without much trouble.

  Enhanced Durability - The robot body is made up of a titanium alloy that allows him to take heavy
  punishment from any number of threats.

The Weaknesses

Natural Weaknesses:
  Due to the nature of his elemental abilities, each of them have inherent weaknesses to each other.
  Wood drinks water.
  Wood is destroyed by fire.
  Fire is put out by earth.
  Metal breaks the earth.
  Lightning scorches metal and is simultaneously absorbed by it.
  Ice is melted by fire
  Fire makes metal stronger
  Reading minds through a titanium plate in ones skull is difficult. Thus, those with plates in their
  head are nearly immune to Brainstorms psychic wills.

  He requires intense concentration to lift anything with his mind above a certain threshold. That
  threshold being anything above 50lbs

Robot Body Weaknesses:
 Using a glass jar to protect ones brain is probably not the best option, but it does give Doctor
 Brainstorm a less difficult time in using his psychic abilities. Obviously though, breaking the jar  
 leaves him almost useless.

 Electromagnetic powers and technology will disrupt his robotic powerset.

The Items


The Minions


The Fluff


The RP Sample


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Zonky Blong
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Doctor Aloysius Brainstorm Empty Re: Doctor Aloysius Brainstorm

Post by Silus on March 24th 2019, 8:26 pm

Smartest man on Earth? We will see.... we will see....

Stare Lol jk. Approved until stated otherwise. Glad to have ya back!

Doctor Aloysius Brainstorm Lucife10

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