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Only in Nightmares? (Open)

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OPEN Re: Only in Nightmares? (Open)

Post by ghost on March 26th 2019, 8:55 pm

"So, your one of them..." He said after the bullets didn't seem to cause any real damage. His tone was flat at first, out of character even, then he continued, "It's all because of you!" He yelled, putting on the crazy face and sending another five shot burst toward the young man. These rounds were not intended for any specific part of the man's body, they where just for show really.

The kid walked over and pushed the van, it obstructed his view of the street, creating a barricade between the officers and themselves. Strong and resilient Theum noted. His hand's moved along the weapon in a steady pulse of flexing fingers, he reloaded and pulled the charging handle. "Oh, come on!" He yelled, "You people can't do anything more to me than you already have!" He continued. He had seen it on the tube many times, people rioting over the damage in the streets, the violence and madness that the so called 'Heroes' caused with their destruction. "Do you know how many families I have notified because of you!?" He questioned the kid. Theum actually had no idea even, but it sounded right.

He's host was still in pain. The throbbing of his thigh was dulling, but he could tell that Officer Ross had lost much blood. It would still be some time before he died though. There was always Mr. Pike.


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OPEN Re: Only in Nightmares? (Open)

Post by RoyalAurelius on March 29th 2019, 3:00 am

Marshall was caught off guard by the sudden mood swing of the officer, catching a glimpse of his expression before he resumed the madman routine. He couldn't explain it really, but something seemed off about the man.... like he was acting out of the ordinary, and not by the bullets and shouting, but as if he wasn't himself.

Marshall was naive and somewhat clueless to many things, but his sixth sense really made his skin tingle whenever it decided to start acting up. Marshall only had a moment to react before the officer began to fire on him once more. Wanting to avoid another annoying sting from the bullets, Marshall ripped the door off of a police cruiser and crouched behind it so it would absorb at least most of the bullets.

"Officer Ross..... please listen to me, I don't want to hurt you. I can't begin to understand the pain you're feeling, but I know that this mayhem will not fix any of it. I need you to lower the weapon and give yourself up peacefully, please!"

Marshall made one last desperate call out to the gunner, hoping that his tingling sensation wasn't just nerves. He really didn't want to hurt this man, but he was starting to get on his nerves and Marshall did not want to lose his temper on national television... he could get fired. He waited for the twanging from the bullets to stop, hoping for either a surrender... or an opening to take him down. Either way, his window to save lives was quickly closing shut.

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OPEN Re: Only in Nightmares? (Open)

Post by Arcana on July 5th 2019, 2:08 pm

Thread incomplete. ghost gets 0 XP due to killing thread. XP goes to Aurelius for their posts involved.
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