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That Falling Sensation (Row, The Grey, Arcana, and Wulf)

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INV ONLY That Falling Sensation (Row, The Grey, Arcana, and Wulf)

Post by ghost on March 10th 2019, 3:24 pm

One Month Earlier...

Gaia sat in his crystalline thrown and looked at the crowd that was around him. The people where all dressed in their heavy robes, some deep green others black, the youngest bunch of the group wore black hats and normal day clothes. They all sat around the cave-like area talking low to each other. A red hot stone was sitting in the center of the cave for warmth on the dark cool night in Navajo Nation, some where huddled around it. Florescent glow beamed off plants that hung from the ceiling and littered the stone ground of the cave.  

"Sir, may I ask a question?" A young man knelt in front of Gaia. His dark brown hair and green eyes took on an eerie look in the florescent glow of the cave.
Gaia looked down at the man from his throne, "What is it?" He said in a questioning tone. It wasn't often someone so young approached without fear.
"Sir." He looked at Gaia. "I have the location of three main utility hubs in the United States. If we start to take out peoples electricity, water, or even the oil supply to the country. It may weaken them enough to take over."
Gaia lifted his hand, "We are not taking over... not yet anyway."
"Fine." He looked away sorrowfully. "Some are getting antsy. They are loosing their drive, their focus. I humbly ask, please give them a mission."
"Hm..." Gaia thought for a moment. "You may be correct. Some are not yet ready for the challenges that are ahead. Your people may need you."
"My people, sir?"
"Take a small group and destroy this oil plant you mentioned. We will see who truly stands with us." Gaia looked into the man's eyes, "Don't let me down. Only take who you trust."
"Yes, sir."
"I'll be near by if you need me. You will only need to yell."
"Yes, sir. Thank you. He looked back down and bowed away."

Present day...

The wind was calm. The waves of the Atlantic ocean large but slow rolling. The noon sun beamed over the water with its warm glow. Whales and dolphins played with child like care deep bellow the surface of the water as oil was pulled from the earths crust. Mother Earth's painful sigh seemed to hang in the air...

Off the coast of Florida, somewhere in the North Atlantic, an off shore drilling platform is free floating. It is one of the largest of its kind and able to move on its own. The deep red hull is sometimes broken up by colors of white and blue. The crew has been working hard for days after finally hitting oil, new welcomed crew are anticipated from the S. R. Burk, a ship that will receive the freshly pumped oil.

"Howell Peak, this is the S. R. Burk, ready to receive first shipment of oil, over." The Captain of the Burk said over the radio.
"We have you Burk, pull up starboard and prepare to receive, over." Captain of the Howell Peak responded.
"Moving to starboard, preparing for shipment. We have twelve for next shift. Want me to send them up starboard? Over." The captain held his mic. "Prepare the men for the shipment XO, and tell those guys from the Peak to get ready to change shift."
"Roger, Burk, send them starboard. Peak, Out." The oil rig responded.


Three loud thuds pounded on the berthing door. One young man ran to it, still in his boxers he pulled it open, revealing only his head. "yeah?" He said sleepily.
"Get ready, your due to disembark within the hour." The XO said. He was a grisly looking man with a grey wispy beard and deep voice.
"Yes, sir." The man responded and closed the door.
They all moved quickly to get their coveralls on. Each wore black t-shirts under their uniform and carried duffel bags. People would assume clothes, tools, and maybe snacks for the stay on the Peak. The three men looked at each other, determination on their faces.

"Take it easy. Remember why we are here. Do the job and go home. If you get into trouble, you know what to do." One of the men said, his brown hair messy from sleep.
"Are you sure about this Eain?" One asked.
"Don't let me down." He answered. Touching the mans shoulder he walked out of the room. After grabbing his bag he met up with another small group. A pretty young lady was among them. She had long red hair and wore large aviator sun glasses that seemed to cover most of her face. Eain nodded toward her but she didn't say anything. He wondered for a moment if she even knew he existed. Focus on the mission he told himself.

All twelve piled onto a zodiac and started to head toward the oil rig. Once there they would climb up a long latter to a platform and take stairs up to the main decks. People where busy at work on board.


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INV ONLY Re: That Falling Sensation (Row, The Grey, Arcana, and Wulf)

Post by Row on March 16th 2019, 12:50 am

"Disguise, Disguise! Pori keeps her disguise. Stay hidden and don't get caught gets Pori a great big start. Should nothing bad happen today, Pori can be a Heroine yay!" The slime practiced her marching while inside the cargo box. Some Mysterious person in sunglasses captured the slime creature and promised to let her go if she did hero job. Pori could not be anymore excited to finally do good and become a true Heroine. Humans love Heroines after all. Even if she hadn't been caught stealing food, she would have accepted such a quest.

The trip was long but the man said that she would be protecting an oil rigged. What was an oil rigged? Who knows, but it sound like a fun place to crawl around. Maybe she could touch some oil or better yet, taste it. Black things were always interesting to absorb. A loud horn blasted and then she felt her self rocking back and forth. She tried her best not to giggle as her human shape smashed into goo against the side of the crate. She hear birds screaming outside the box and suddenly became a little nervous. See, the only time she heard caws like that was when she was near the beach.

Pori's giggles became silent as her core trembled. Where was she? Where was she going? Why did she not pay more attention to the man? Why did she not pack a snack?! Several hours later of smashing against the sides of the crate, she heard a loud clamp. Then there was a boom! She was there. Finally, she could sneak out. She just had to stay hidden until she could get her coat. She seeped out of a small hole that was just wide enough to allow her core through. There a blinding light. Then horror creeper through her core. Her worst fear was confirmed. She was in the middle of the ocean!

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INV ONLY Re: That Falling Sensation (Row, The Grey, Arcana, and Wulf)

Post by Arcana on March 16th 2019, 12:57 am

Gods and monsters existed.

These were facts that Sean was aware of ever since he was a child living within his mothers home. When he lived a different life with those he had once called dear friends; even brothers. These thoughts came to him as he looked into the mirror reflecting his expression, hour and even contemplative to a degree that was not his norm.  This was what he did to scan the world for anything amiss, pouring his own force through the mirror and trying to focus on anything acting upon many ley lines criss-crossing through the planet.  Things he had been given by a woman who wore the face of his mother and walked the lines between the many worlds. This world was his focus however with the many pulses breaking across those many lines and reacting to his own specific mana.  Pinning down where this was happening was another thing entirely.

It took thinking deep and hard until the smooth surface of the mirror flickered like water before revealing a location. Dark waters churning and a metal spire rising like an obelisk from them, yet penetrating deeply.  There were few man-made structures that did something along the lines of that and he knew which one it was. Didn’t require a magical repository within his mind to figure out, no, it was an oil rig and that meant something was converging upon it.  It could have been a fluke with the mana or something else entirely. Regardless he had to look into what was happening and hopefully fix it before anything dangerous happened. The image of flames and fallen metal came to mind; horrific to say the least.  There was always something that he could do however, and that meant leaving his home and finding out the location within the mirror.

Scrying had never been his greatest strength but usually it was passable enough to get an idea. An inkling was all he needed to find something and that was what came. Small glimpses really before a more direct sign came. Like a city sign, with name and everything. A coastal town would lead him there and the internet search that followed revealed which rig he was supposed to be going after. One of the many oil companies that peddled their precious black ooze for the consumption of the vehicle driving masses.  With a wave of the hand and a few muttered words the mirror cleared out, becoming empty and black as any void. Zell would have a message about his journey to the penis of the US, and Mike would somehow know anyway. He didn’t know Silus’ concerns about his comings and goings; though he had the feeling his son would display the usual worries.

Sean would never admit that he enjoyed imagining he had people who thought about where he was and how he was doing. Regardless of what he enjoyed, Sean had to get moving and that meant slipping into his thickest jacket before creating the portal needed to get moving.  This wavering breech within the air that connected LA to Florida and with a step he bridged the entirety of the country. There was a certain power within that knowledge, though even contemplation did not have its place here.  Instead he stared out at the water churning, waves lapping up against the sandy shore.

He waded out into the water, fluid curling up around him and bearing the man forward across the surface at a quick enough pace. It would take some time but he wasn’t in too much of a rush. Soon enough the rig came into sight, the same place from within the vision but perhaps not. His shape moved around the metal underbelly of the rig, hands buried into his pockets while he noted a vessel moving towards the place. Something was about to happen but there were no signs yet. Now that was odd.
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