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Shiloh  Empty Shiloh

Post by Non-Violence on March 4th 2019, 6:57 pm

Shiloh Anderson


The Bio

Real Name: Shiloh Anderson
Hero Name: Parasyte
Title:  Host, Shi-Shi, Para
Alignment:  Chaotic Good
Age:  19
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'2
Weight: 82kg
Blood type: AB
The Looks

Shiloh stands at a respectable height of 6 foot 2 inches, a weight of about 82 kg, and a build similar to that of an MMA fighter. His complexion is fair and decently pale, holding very few apparent blemishes when fully dressed, other than the few scars any average person would get from stupid daily mistakes. Shiloh's brown hair is quite short in length, most of the length residing on the top and that barely reaches past his browline, and is styled with a messy textured fringe. His slim eyes are green in colour, flicks of brown in the iris, with quite short eyelashes. His mouth is average sized, a handsome nose, and his ears are a little on the small side. His face his angular in shape, making his jawline sharp, giving him a rugged appearance.

In a casual sense, Shiloh wears very casual clothing. In warmer environments, Shiloh wears Hawaiian shirts with chinos and canvas shoes along with various rings and other pieces of jewellery, but in colder environments these will be swapped out for hoodies and overcoats to keep him warm.

When it comes to his costume Shiloh has been graced by the fact he doesn't really need one. The Parasite on his back covers him in a sort of grey chitinous armour, only leaving his face and a small portion of his back exposed to the elements. To combat these two exposures he wears a blue helmet along with a black leather jacket in order to cover his obvious weak spot on his back.

The Personality

Shiloh is a very snarky and cocky person, even outside of the superhero persona he dawns, always having something to say. He tends to act in a very sarcastic and cynical way towards others, usually making jokes at their expense or making harmless nicknames for people based on physical attributes. He has no malintent with these, he's just being sociable in his own way, even if he might take it a little too far at times. During work hours this translate to a lot of malicious jokes and taunts towards the people he finds himself up against, usually trying to trick them into attacking, or simply just to make the situation a little more amusing for him.

Shiloh's biggest sin is probably his Sloth. While he is as motivated as he has probably ever been doing his job, he does lapse back into old behaviours from time to time, simply lacking the motivation to follow something up. Luckily he is somewhat able to come out of this funk, but it still plagues him, sometimes stopping him from the following something up if it doesn't seem all that important to him.

Shiloh's relationship with his parasite has changed him somewhat. When he visits home his parents comment on how he's gotten somewhat more attentive, he listens more, and this is because of the parasite constantly communicating to him. The parasite is extremely helpful, almost like a second voice in Shiloh's head, only he's not like other peoples second voices as they usually tell them to kill people. The parasite is very good at giving logical reasoning to Shiloh, who sometimes lets emotions get the better of him, usually keeping him balanced in making decisions.

Shiloh, while not exactly being a paragon of justice, has a good set of morals about him. He doesn't care much for the law or a personal code, he just cares for doing right about the people, regardless of how beaten he leaves enemies. Shiloh is against murder if he can avoid it, but the parasite is constantly telling him its the easiest way to stop people from being harassed, and so this contention point is something that Shiloh constantly needs to battle with. He's never killed before, he doesn't want to kill because that'd make him just as bad as the people he's fighting, but he's somewhat afraid that one day he'll take a life if he ever lets anger get one over on him...

The Story

Coming into this life, Shiloh was a nobody, that much is true. He grew up in your stereotypical suburban neighbourhood, his parent's knew everyone on their street and they'd regularly visit their neighbours to have barbeques and playdates, it was a really nice community. It was nice, it was normal, but Shiloh could only ever feel himself resenting the boring mundanity of his childhood.

He wanted to be a hero. He wanted to live in the glory those heroes on the TV did, he wanted to save people as they did, he wanted to save the world one day. In his young brain, he'd imagine himself running around in spandex and a cape, flying around the globe in a second in order to take down the evil monsters his head conjured into the world of his imagination. Sadly, however, these would only ever be childhood dreams for someone as ordinary as him. He had no powers, no magical abilities, and no cybernetic enhancements.

He had gotten over the dream of being a hero by the age of 11, changing his dreams in order to fit his capabilities, deciding on becoming a detective. As he grew older, these dreams morphed and changed significantly, until his teenage years where he found himself having no goal he wanted to strive for, losing himself in the social aspect of it all. He focused more on flirting with girls and underage drinking than studying and working hard, and his final grades showed that, barely having the grades to get himself a job in a supermarket.

Alas, Shiloh took such news in stride, not letting it bring him down. Why should he even care? He didn't have any ambitions or goals, this was inevitable, so he may as well celebrate with everyone else. He got blind drunk that night. He ended the night wandering the streets, shirt lost somewhere in the house the party was held in, singing to himself as music blasted from his phone. He sang, until a loud BOOM rang through the area, followed by the blunt impact of something hitting his back. When he came too, the parasite had declared him his host, speaking to him in its raspy voice. It was hungry, it needed him, and it wouldn't get off of him. Not for lack of trying, Shiloh tried prying the thing off with a crowbar, but it would never budge. Once the initial shock was taken care off, and the thing was fed, it introduced itself properly.

The parasite explained that it was extra-terrestrial. Its previous host had died in the depths of space and it had been looking for a host ever since, and it had crashlanded and taken Shiloh as that host. In order for keeping them both alive, the parasite required feeding on his blood, but in return, the parasite could give him physical power. The parasite would use its abilities to make Shiloh stronger, giving him defence and offence, in gratitude for his generous feeding. The parasite didn't care about the morality he used this power in, or who he used it against, just as long as he gets fed.

Shiloh found himself thinking of that childhood dream, and with a smile, he accepted his situation rather quickly. He had a purpose, the one he wished for as a kid, and he was going to try his hardest to realise that purpose. He moved out from the cushy suburban household he was born in, joined an MMA gym and even got himself a job delivering takeaway across the city. He was taking himself seriously, and he was preparing for his debut, hoping it would come soon.

And soon it would be...

The Priority

Agility - 2nd
Endurance - 3rd
Reaction - 4th
Strength - 1st

The Powers

The source of all Shiloh's powers come from the parasite that is attached to his back. Thusly, all of these powers are centred around said parasite, without it Shiloh would simply be your regular human.

Chitinous Armour - The parasite allows Shiloh the ability to coat most of his body in a sort of exoskeletal armour, protecting him from small arms, fire and other such dangers. Shots from rifles can damage this armour, causing Shiloh to become exposed, but the armour will regenerate given the time and subsequent feeding of the parasite.

Bug Blades - The parasite has the ability to produce spikes and blades from the arms of the armour, allowing for short range combat. This can vary from small knuckle spikes used as knuckledusters to blades protruding from the elbows, causing a lot of damage on impact to none protected flesh.

Projectiles - The spikes that can be produced from the arms aren't only for close range combat, they can also be fired as projectiles. These spikes aren't as powerful as bullets, they're closer to darts, but enough of them can cause bleeding.

Fluttering Away - Bug wings can manifest on the back of the armour, allowing Shiloh diversity in his movement.

The Weaknesses

Chinks and Kinks - The armour covers most of Shiloh's body, not all of it. The weakest points are his back (where a large window across his spine sits) and his face. While he hides these weak points (and protects his face with a mask), a well-placed strike can seriously hurt him, under the armour he's only flesh.

Heavy Toll - The armour is very dense, and thus so carries problems with weight. The armour makes Shiloh move slower, not a ridiculous amount mind, but enough to matter. Also, the heavy weight of the armour stops him from being able to do things like swim while wearing it, he'd just sink right to the bottom.

Unwanted Blood Donation - The parasite feeds off of Shiloh's blood. If Shiloh bleeds enough, the Parasite can weaken, and his powers will drain because of that.

Blunt Force - While it's very hard to pierce skin through the armour, Shiloh can sustain internal injuries from extremely hard blunt attacks, causing internal bleeding.

Wax Wings - A well-placed hit can immobilise the wings Shiloh's parasite can grow, and a crash to the ground can hurt him due to the blunt trauma.

The Items

Nothing out of the ordinary as of yet.

The Minions

No one as of yet.

The Fluff

- Shiloh will often find himself talking to his parasite out in the open, something often very strange to someone nearby, as they can't hear it speaking to him. Their link is only between them, the parasite can't exactly talk, so Shiloh often seems to be talking to himself.

- Shiloh has two voices in his head, his own and the parasite, and thus can often get two perspectives when thinking to himself.

The RP Sample

Shiloh stood in the mirror, looking over himself, chitinous armour sitting atop of him. The exoskeleton was thick and grey, boney tendrils gripping the sides of his jawline, keeping his neck hidden from it. He pulled the jacket over himself and placed his fingers were the window to his skin sat, feeling only the rough leather on his fingertips, the jacket would hide his weak point nicely. placing his helmet under his arm, Shiloh smiled, popping the spikes from his knuckles and giggling to himself like a school child.

'Shiloh, are you sure you are ready?' asked the parasite in the man's head, asking him with a challenging tone to its voice, to which the one wearing it clenched his fist and nodded in agreement.

"Oh Pari, I'm more than ready, as ready as I've ever been." The cocky teen responded, admiring his current state for just a little while longer, before turning to his fridge and pulling out a two-day-old box of pizza. The parasite covered his mouth as he went to place the cold monstrosity to his lips, the thing hissing inside his mind angrily, not wanting such a horrible meal.

"Yeah, yeah, I get it you're picky. Remember when you were so hungry you'd be fine with me eating stuff like this for months? You weren't such a pain in the neck!" Shiloh sighed as he threw the whole box in the bin, switching for the apples he kept in the bottom compartment in his fridge.

With his parasite fed sufficiently, Shiloh stood in front of his window, looking down at the streets below him. feeling the cold air ruffle his hair, the boy smiled, bug wings sprouting from his back as he held the jacket in his hand. "It's showtime buddy." He smiled before shooting up into the air, ready to make his first entrance into the world of fighting crime.

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Shiloh  Empty Re: Shiloh

Post by MissingAxis on March 6th 2019, 6:26 pm

Approved and moved. Welcome to Superhero RPG.

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