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Damocles, The Arbiter

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Damocles, The Arbiter Empty Damocles, The Arbiter

Post by Damocles on February 27th 2019, 3:58 pm

Damocles, The Arbiter Damo_h10
"It is best that my identity remain a secret. It would just confuse you."

Basic Biography

Real Name: ???
Code Name: Damocles
Title: The Arbiter
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Race: ???
Hair: ???
Eyes: ???
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 160 pounds
Blood type: ???

The Looks

Damocles, The Arbiter Damo11

The Legacy

Personality: The man called Damocles is brilliant, well educated, and relaxed. He projects an aura of calm, and speaks both slowly and with a scalpel-like precision. He knows what he believes, and knows exactly how to put it into words. He is not an emotional person, but at the same time does not come off as cold. He seems to want the best for people, even if his demeanor might be considered detached. He behaves as a gentleman should, and does not slip into unnecessary passion. He's practical, orderly, and to the point. He seems to be on some sort of mission, but has yet to reveal exactly what it is. This need to hide things clearly pains him, but he has deemed it necessary.

Despite this formal demeanor, Damocles is at times playful and light-hearted. You can tell from how he acts that a free spirit is somewhere buried beneath the seriousness of his personality. He clearly likes games, testing and experimenting with people to see what reactions he gets. It gives him some kind of satisfaction to win in a good battle of wits, even if he doesn't gloat very much.

All in all, this man seems to know what he's doing. He's not simply an upstart who got his hands on some futuristic tech, but an obvious past player with many things currently at stake. What those things are will in time be revealed, but at the moment, Damocles is a mystery.  

History: Damocles has no history to speak of. He started appearing in various places right after the attempted revolution in LA, performing random, odd, and curious acts without any apparent reason. Nobody seems to know what he's up to or who he is, but he is certainly on their radar.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Inhuman Intellect: Damocles has great natural intellectual ability, but that is supplemented further by a mental computer interface that allows him to make unfathomable calculations in seconds and gives him a massive well of knowledge to quickly draw upon when needed. With this computer, he also has a perfect memory. He's basically got a supercomputer hooked up to his brain to enhance it far beyond the realms of normal genius.

Computerized Reaction: Using information gathered by Damocles' sensor relay, the computer governing his cybernetics can automatically move his body or activate his gadgets to react to dangers without him even having to think himself. If someone were about to hit him, for example, the sensors would pick it up near instantly, moving his arm to catch the punch

Atomic Sensor Relay: Damocles has throughout his body an array of sensors that scan an area of a hundred feet around him down to a near atomic level, which gives him access to a ridiculously intricate knowledge of his surroundings. It's sonar on steroids. He can measure and analyze anything around him in seconds.

Cybernetic Enhancements: Damocles is strong enough to lift two dozen tons, fast enough to keep up with a bullet train, and has inhuman endurance. Bullets seem to bounce off him, and only superhuman strikes seem to do any kind of damage. This is all due to various cybernetic enhancements in Damocles' body. He's not quite a cyborg, but he's got a lot of technology assisting him nonetheless. (3)


Electromagnetic Attacks: High grade EMP's, as well as electromagnetic attacks in general, can severely inhibit or even shut down Damocles' computers and cybernetics, potentially leaving him defenseless. His highly advanced tech has some defense against this, but devices that are just as sophisticated will have little issue having an effect.

Sensor Reliance: Damocles relies entirely on his sensor systems to react for him, so anything that can bypass them will meet little further resistance and will most likely hit.

Water: Although water has little effect on Damocles' advanced tech, his heavy cybernetics do weigh him down. No, he won't automatically sink to the bottom, but overtime the cybernetics won't be able to keep him above water.

Identity: Damocles' secret identity is dear to him, so anyone who knows it could very well use it for coercion.

Power: Damocles' technology runs on a large, but finite, power source. If he is made to exert himself at maximum capacity for a long period of time, his cybernetics and gadgets will run out of power.

Extreme Temperatures: Damocles' armor and cybernetics have no defense against very extreme temperatures. In a very hot environment for a long period of time, he could be baked alive, and in a very cold environment, frozen alive. Basically, his durability is useful against most things, but temperature is not one of them. This doesn't mean that he can't shrug off fire or ice attacks, only that if he were put into a super oven or super freezer, he'd die only after a short period of time, his armor causing more harm than good.


Leap Drive: Damocles has a device that allows him to open a portal to almost anywhere and keep it open until another is made or he shuts it down.
-Can only be done once every ten minutes.
-The portals only have an effective range of 200 meters when in a combat situation because it takes too much processing power to have combat systems on and to create long range portals.

Particle Beam Gauntlets Gauntlets that shoot concentrated sub-atomic particles to damage their targets by destabilizing their atomic structures, essentially causing physical force to be exerted on the cells the beams hit. Taking a particle beam to the head is like taking a train to the head. These can damage even the most durable metahumans.
-These are powered by two nuclear power cells in the gauntlets themselves. If these power cells are damaged sufficiently, a powerful explosion will detonate, likely taking Damocles out of the fight.

Sword of Democles: A device that sends out a combination of sound and radiation fifty feet in all directions that interferes with proper brain function, causing intense, debilitating paranoia and anxiety.
-Damocles' helmet protects him from this, so if it is ever removed, the device will either effect him if it's already on, or be useless if it isn't.

Telekinetic Shielding System: Diverts power to a telekinetic force generator that knocks things aside.
-Energy intensive. Runs the risk of draining power in only a short amount of time.
-Energy attacks take more telekinetic force to counter than physical attacks, draining more power and potentially causing the system to be overwhelmed if done enough.

Plasma Beams: Ludicrously hot plasma shot through the optics in Damocles' mask.
-Several uses can literally burn the mask up.

Enigma Suit:  Damocles' suit is lined with thousands of active network jammers that utilize malware to infect computers and essentially erase the person wearing it from their records. He's invisible to most standard and military technology, basically.
-Limited to mid-high level technology. Anything made by a supergenius will be invulnerable to the jammers.
-Anyone who gets the code to the malware sent out could easily make a specific anti-virus program against it.

Physical Priority
Agility 1
Reaction 2
Endurance 3
Strength 4


Status :

Quote : "Never resort to envy. Everyone has their own hanging sword, no matter how big their throne."

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Damocles, The Arbiter Empty Re: Damocles, The Arbiter

Post by Arcana on February 27th 2019, 4:08 pm

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