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Nothing quite as fun as a snipe hunt (Frosty)

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Nothing quite as fun as a snipe hunt (Frosty) Empty Nothing quite as fun as a snipe hunt (Frosty)

Post by Nergal on January 31st 2019, 6:38 pm

Damian loved the tabloids. Not for the bastions of truth that they tried to be but because the inane information they offered was just so interesting.  Who was cheating on who, who was going to rehab and even who was gay. All of these were between the pages of such interestingly petty news. Taking a sip from the lukewarm coffee in the mug, he set it aside and looked to the evening news. There was mention of there being some murders happening. Mostly people shooting one another, nothing that he really cared about.  People shot each other all the time, even demanded the right for them to shoot one another be defended.  Honestly his own species was a pretty interesting one, full of strange things that made him question more than anything else. They would have called him a monster but he was just about as monstrous as any nun. Without the lies that came with it.

Folding the paper, he settled it aside and kicked the recliner legs down. Looking to the elderly woman slumped in her seat, eyes wide in shock and mouth slightly agape. The fish eyed stare of the dead as he had come to know it, nightly coffee something that didn’t make much sense but he didn’t care. There were more important and more interesting things to do around the city of LA. Meta-humans running around portraying themselves as heroes and villains alike. Giving the living room once last look over he smiled, tapping the woman on the shoulder and watching her slump over all rigor mortus.   ”Thanks for the time miss. Could do without all the  paintings of cats though. ” His eyes scanned over the wall, various artistic renditions of the feline all over the walls. Yeah, he could have done without that entirely.

With a frown, he ripped some of the pictures from the wall and flung them across the room. Smashing into the wall, glass scattering along the floor.   With that small discretion performed he made sure to gather as much of her paper money as he could, shoveling it into a thick leather wallet before slipping out through the back door. Hood pulled up and slipping through the shadows cast by a few trees. Only stopping his hurried pace through the shadows and stepping into the crowds of humanity around him. There was so much that they didn’t know was walking among them, dangerous predators that saw them as nothing more than fresh meat in the making. Unfortunately he was one of those predators, smiling sweetly and looking as innocently as he head learned to be. Young perhaps, but by no means a child as he had shown to many.

That was when he heard it.

The sound of sirens in the distance, driving as fast as they likely could go without toppling over once another. Damian’s eyes followed the police, pushing aside as much traffic as possible as they moved towards a location.  ”Wonder what that’s about.” He muttered to himself, lips curling into a frown and watching them disappear from sight.  A few people muttered among themselves, nt paying much attention to it before going back to their commutes. Well, maybe they were returning home but that didn’t matter eiher. This was far more interesting to him, so he decided to follow this unknown lead.  No one really stood in the way, and he had to make sure he didn’t lose the sound in the distance. That was when he drew upon the power of one of the souls within him, augmenting his hearing.

Everything seemed to take on a frightening clarity,  People muttering among themselves. A dog barking a couple blocks away and the blare of sirens even louder but still within superhuman auditory range. There were a few alleyways he could cut through, without the human traffic but likely with a little more unsavory traffic all in all. Not that they could hope to threaten him. He was after all,  the more dangerous creature. It took time but he eventually found the place, watching from the distance with senses sharper than any humans could have been. They were likely looking something over, though he didn’t know what the situation was all about.  Could have been a domestic dispute or a murder of some kind. So many things, but nothing that he could do anything about as he was.  There weren’t many ways that he could get in, but breaking and entering sounded pretty fun. Wouldn’t be the first time but maybe he could be the one solving the murder.

Slipping around the place, he pulled more energy through his muscles and split the soul between strength and his ability to withstand that.  Leaping over a metal fence and climbing up through a window.  The floorboards creaked, and he knelt close to the floor with a body low enough that he barely escaped the glare of a light coming through a window.  He could hear the people moving below, talking on their walkie talkies or whatever. Did they hear his movements or was he thinking too hard on this? Regardless of what the case was, he didn’t want to have to fight the police force and yet he wanted to see what all of this was about.

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