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(WIP) Owen Moony

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(WIP) Owen Moony

Post by ghost on January 28th 2019, 9:19 pm

Owen Moony

"Emotions are... Malleable."

The Bio

Real Name: Own Moony
Villain Name:
Title: Puppet Master
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Race: Human/ Caucasian
Hair: Brown/Grey
Eyes: Green
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 190

The Personality

Dedicated: He is unwilling





The Story

Born in the United Kingdom, Owen was a young prodigy. He was always fond of writing poetry and drawing, they were a great way for him to exercise his imagination. When he turned 15 he began to hear voices in his head. They where all characterized by the emotions he was feeling. Some voices seemed to be male, others where female. When he wrote their words down they would diminish or go away, but only for short periods of time.

Finding himself in a mental institution at the age of 17 he realized it wasn't the life for him. When a water main broke inside the facility he took the opportunity to escape.

Living on the streets was rough. He was able to find odd jobs, handy man work, pluming, construction, he sold some his poetry or played music for cash. One day a man took Owen under his wing. He offered him a home and a job. Owen wasn't sure what the man wanted in exchange, but the man taught him in his trade, Puppetry. He molded and created his own puppets for theater. Owen found this work therapeutic.

Taking his skills he formed his first puppet out of rage. Pouring all of his anger and hatred into the creation, it's face was contorted into a lifelike ghost mask. Dressed in a black and white striped suit. Without realizing it he was able to animate the creation, it would speak in the voice of his rage, it would move upon the world, a destructive force. Turning on Owen's new friend, the puppet killed him.

Not know what to do he stowed his puppet away and fled to the United States. Laying low for a few decade or two he was able to hone his craft. He learned quickly how to better create his puppets, and how to control them. The materials mattered. Wood was a better conductor for emotion, but was weak against people. Nowadays he covered all of his creations in a wood layer, making the rest of it out of hard but light metals. Making them agile and flexible, and still able to deliver a beating.

He was able to fun his operations by getting involved with local gangs, then the Mob, and soon he had his hands in almost every underground organization within the US. Going to them and offering to get rid of their competitors. Charging heavier sums of cash each time. Within a few years he was able to earn enough money to afford his own place.

Tucked away in Tennessee, Owen gathered enough to money to perches a large estate. It was far better than the streets or motels. He quickly found himself taking on more theatrical roles with his puppets. His best show was known as, The Clashing Tide. They didn't know it, but it was story about his own life. A man who made his own way to the top, just to unleash his horror on the world.  

Nowadays no one remembers what the puppet master looks like. His dealings are usually accomplished by one of his puppets. Some are so human looking that they could actually bleed from pockets created under their skin. Filled with such pure emotions they tend to have one track minds.

The Priority

1 Reaction 1
2 Endurance 2
3 Strength 3
4 Agility 4

The Powers

Marrionetakinesis: He has the ability to mold and create marionettes. He can control them at great distances and almost with no thought. When creating them he gives them peaces of himself, his emotions. Sometimes they are an amalgam of different feelings, other times they are one sided, having only one purpose.


Name: Onyx
Embodiment: Anger, Mischievousness, Horror, and a hint of Courage.

He is able to move quickly. Usually looks like he's gliding on the ground rather than walking. In his arms are long blades that can come out of his palms.

1. Silver will inanimate the puppets body.
2. Highly susceptible to physic attacks.


Name: Min
Embodiment: Love, Lust, Enthusiasm, and a hint of Anger.


1. Silver will inanimate the puppets body.
2. Highly susceptible to physic attacks.

The Items

The Fluff

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.


Status :

Warnings : 0 Warnings
Number of posts : 316
Location : Everywhere
Age : 27
Job : Medical, Navy
Humor : Your mom
Registration date : 2011-02-21

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