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Alert: Deadman Tell no Tales

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Re: Alert: Deadman Tell no Tales

Post by Silus on January 25th 2019, 11:27 am

“Woah, Matty you got yourself some actual skill on this group now. You’re really not just playing dress-up. I dig it.” Foxy laughed a little they clapped a little into the com.

“Yeah! Drifter’s the man! Dude’s saved our asses a lot.” X stated, it was a mixture of matter-of-fact with just a little bit of envy. “I got one. Foxy you got those two? Drifter’s got Penthouse? So that means Humanity’s got the last one, right?”

“Uh-yeah. I got one. CZ is here with me. Citizen Zero is making his way to the warehouse. I’m going to do some disposal with The Vigilante.” Humanity stated as the com cut off. This was a miraculous little feat they had just pulled. They had bested a demolitions expert, managed to keep their crew together for the most part, and no one had any serious injuries that they knew of. That was perfectly fine by him. Though this still felt wrong, deceitful. He sighed and shook his head.

“Not sure what you did, but good job on that Drifter.” The com cut back again and turned off for a moment. It left X and Foxy actually able to chat with Pat, Ashtyn and Citizen Zero’s coms on standby.

“Oh so you’re Drifter then? Alright, alright. You’re the leader then. Meet y’all back at the warehouse. I’ve gotta put a face with the legends.” Foxy said with a friendly chuckle, his coms turning to standby as well.

“Drifter...I’m on your way...can I uh...can I get a ride?” X chuckled nervously as he made his request, wholly expecting it to be a no.

Back from the dead

Khaos forced his eyes shut. This was the end. The feeling of the bullet-wait he couldn’t feel anything. Just that annoying pain radiating in his hand. Struggling to lift his head he looked back. Hearing the gun fire again and again, he flinched again and again. But no matter how much of a flash went from the barrel The Vigilante’s gun didn’t seem to fire anything but blanks. The man cocked his gun back and dropped the clip from the butt, catching it.

“What the Hell? These aren’t blanks, I just shot someone earlier.” The Vigilante said to himself as he looked. There was the noise of metal clinking and clattering to the rooftop. “What did you to my gun?” The Vigilante questioned, his voice was aggressive but he seemed far more interested in what happened.

[color:7338=#slateblue]“You got me on my belly. It ain’t me...” Kahos said with a chuckle, feeling a wave of relief and a sudden burst of butterflies in his stomach, his heart feeling weightless as he let out a sigh. Adrenalin was a hell of a thing, but even now to just enjoy the fact he was still breathing was a blessing.

“Then who else could it have been, smartass?”
“His guardian angel?” The Vigilante felt a subtle force push him forward, and then he was pulled off his feet. As if on instinct he dropped his clip and pulled out his combat knife, blade back as he tried to turn himself, using the momentum to attempt and leverage a strike to whatever was pulling him. But the time he arrived at the end of the pull, his forearm plating was snagged by a silver plating that seemed to be charred black The knife seemed to menace as it hovered over the mask of someone The Vigilante hadn’t seen in a very long time. The moment was taken by advantage as the new challenger drove a foot into the side of the Vigilante’s knee, dropping him for a thick plated knee to smash into his face, his visor shattering with a small shower of sparks.

The Vigilante swiped with his knife, pivoting on his knee as he stood and got into his trained martial stance. Knife blade back hand up and focus pinned to his new opponent. COntrasting Vigilante’s black color scheme, this individual was a familiar contrast of colors. A lighter yellow on whites and purples with blacks.

“Thought you were dead, years go.” The Vigilante laughed a little, almost as if he were expecting quite a bit of entertainment form this encounter. The other did nothing but speak quietly.

“Drop the weapon and walk away. I’ve little mercy for someone who would kill a fellow Hero for simply believing in the principles that guide them all.” That was a to-the-point statement. They made it quite clear that Vigilante was not welcomed here. Of course Vigilante's obsession with bringing justice to the one whom terrorized metahuman and mankind alike was blinding. He missed the point entirely.

“So what, now Humanity’s got you on his payroll too?” They growled, hissing and almost seething as they stood up, fists clenched and their form getting a bit sloppy. Their anger was clear to see.

“Oh ye of so little faith.” The contrasted man said. The Vigilante charged. The man moved as best as he could, the slice of Vigilante’s knife moving past the man, the shift in momentum causing him to turn and sweep at his opponent’s legs. The contrasted man seemed to jump, and as Vigilante spun up to slash he landed and put his arm up to block the incoming knife. It sliced at the metal plating's on his arm, a piece actually breaking off as the gauntlet began to throw several fists right into The Vigilante’s abdomen. Before long The Vigilante lashed out, aiming to slash at this intruder’s throat, though they were able to avoid that, they let out a roar as the black-clad combatant spun ever so swiftly and managed to sink his blade into a crevice between the armor plating, hitting the brighter schemed intruder in the side, the blade sinking into flesh as red began to form around the area. The Vigilante went to pull it’s blade out, but it felt it’s opponent's hand on his wrist, locked on tight. Their other arm came up and locked around The Vigilante’s nearm and neck, pulling them backwards as they stood, slightly lifting The Vigilante off the ground.

“ALL. ARE. JUDGED.” It said as it walked towards the side of the roof, and twisting Vigilante’s wrist, a sickening crack heard as they released the combat knife, yelling in pain, the cloaked figure releasing them with a forceful push, sending them down to the street below, crashing onto a car. The man whines a little, groaning as it looked to the knife in it’s side. Leaving it there, they walked over to Khaos, who looked up and scoffed.

“Thought you retired.” They chuckled, their apparent ally doing so as well before they leaned down and picked up the transmitter, turning it on and clearing his throat.

“H-Hi guys. Got my ass kicked. He almost killed me...Got a friend here though.”

“Humanity. I wanted to tell you that your suspicions were correct. I’ll get the information to you. I’m taking Khaos to get medical attention. Appears to now have several protruding bones from their hand. After tonight...we’re even.” They said as they let Khaos have the transmitter, placing hands under their arms to help lift them.

“Gha! Fuck. Hey it could be worse. He saved me from 4 DEagle shots to the back of the head...not sure how but-” The transmitter was snatched up and turned off.

“Let’s get you into civilian clothing. I’ll show you someday.”

“Citizen Zero, I don’t trust that. At all. I want you to go make sure Khaos gets to a hospital. I’ll Rendezvous with the others. Charlatan, where the fuck are you? I’m on my way to your location.” Humanity said across the com system. There was a more worried tone to his voice. Charalatan had been gone for quite some time.


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Re: Alert: Deadman Tell no Tales

Post by Charlatan on January 25th 2019, 2:09 pm

Inhale and exhale.

Each breath brought with it a new pain that further proved his theory true. Now that put a damper on things but he couldn’t afford to waste time, not when his mind was racing with so much information. Whether that be himself trying to mess with his mind or the concept of Ash potentially being dead. He took a deep breath, standing to his feet with pain swimming through his head. He couldn’t afford to get hit in the chest again. Internal organs being punctured didn’t sound too nice honestly. Plenty of blood and whatnot. Taking a few seconds he tried to push away the pain that was blooming through his chest. Drifter would be fine, he could disable the bomb he was supposed to be doing and save a few lives. He knew what he was doing well enough. He had to wonder where his new tormentor had gone, though that was when he noted someone moving through the rooftops. That same one he had seen before with the mask, though rather manual in their motions. Jumping instead of the same gliding motions The Traveler used.

”What the hell is going on?” He muttered to himself, a low haggard breath working from him as the voices worked across his lines. Most of them were sound really, just something that took his attention for less than a second until Khaos’ voice came. Not dead. Normally the dead didn’t talk. The sudden flood of relief flowed through him  all at once, knees wobbling but remaining steady enough. He could move, he could act for the time that he was needed today.  People  finally queried into what he was doing, considering he had been silent for a few minutes while dealing with his own personal and literal demon. He took a few breaths, steadying himself until he felt like he was partially in control of something.

”I’m fine, had a run in with a personal thorn in my side,” He sighed, ignoring the pain in his chest. Looking around, he took note of the fire escape he had scaled and used it to climb back down with less haste than he used coming up. He dropped onto the street, looking around for any more of the Equalizers henchman and seeing no one. ”If you know my location, don’t have to ask where I am ya know?” He laughed some, followed by more pain. ”Ow ow, okay that hurts.” He noted , rubbing his side while stepping outside of the alleyway he had run through and looking around. There weren’t as many of the thugs running around. All they needed was an excuse and they started killing people. He thought to himself hefting the weapon in hand. There was one straggler running around, noting him and raising their weapon.

He moved in reaction to that but before that the person in the black polymer mask and the cape he had been following earlier seemed to descend from the rooftops and knock them down, out or killed them. He didn’t know but they only gave him a look before running off. ”Weird...” He noted, settling Sparky into a holster and turning around in time to see Humanity. ”Took ya long enough. So what’s the word on our dancing queen?” He tried to sound humorous but the worry bled through anyhow, because it was hard not to care about people when they began inching into the friend category. He trusted Matt could take care of himself, considering that he took down metahumans from what the reports said he could do. ”What’s the plan now?  I know someone has something going on, though luckily they didn’t look to me I guess.” Self deprecation was a suit he wore well, but never really seemed abusive.

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"I'm a loser baby so why don't you kill me?"

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Re: Alert: Deadman Tell no Tales

Post by Stoic on February 12th 2019, 10:54 am

Drifter looked at his torn into metal hand. This would take some fixing. It had to be done, though. He could replace a computer, but not people's lives. Besides, he had everything he needed in his van. He just needed a few minutes and his new cybernetic would be up and running like new again. As of now, it was powered off and couldn't be moved, and that simply wouldn't do.

Once Drifter got back to his vehicle, he took out a screw driver and got to work. He even had to do some soldering. He had a few back up computer boards for just such an occasional, and quickly used one to fill the empty slot. Once that was done and everything was all nice and sealed, power was restored to his hand. He moved the fingers around, then made a fist. Not exactly like his old hand, but it was close enough. He didn't want to dwell on it for too long. He knew there was no getting it back. Lamenting about his injury would do him no good. Besides, there were more important things happening, like someone casually appointing him as some sort of leader and X asking for a ride.

......Why the fuck does everyone always put me in charge? I did the lone wolf techno-libertarian thing for most of my time as a vigilante, and now suddenly I'm Nightwing..... And no, X. I'm just going to let my teammate walk, with no other means of transport through a city full of violent revolutionaries. I'm an asshole like that. The sarcasm was thick over the comms, but it wasn't the snarky kind. More light-hearted than anything. And as far as the leader thing went, he didn't mind making decisions, he was just wondering why it had become increasingly common for people to expect him to make them.

Seriously though, of course you can have a ride. All of you are welcome in my van so long as you don't break my shit. Luke got into the driver seat and waited. He poured himself a cup of dark roast, black coffee from a thermos. He'd been chugging the stuff lately, ever since he quit drinking. It wasn't the same, but it was a lot better for his intellectual sharpness, and a lot better for his health overall. Sure, coffee didn't fuck him up, but it at least mitigated his desire to drink.

Once X got in the car, Drifter would offer his hand for a firm shake. He hadn't met the other vigilante, but had heard a bit about him. Just another normal guy in his twenties that decided to kick the shit out of people as a hobby, just like all the others in this group were. Luke started the van, then started driving toward the warehouse. It was a few miles, which would give him at least a moment to get acquainted with the guy he found himself moving into enemy territory with.

"So what's your shtick? Computers and ranting about philosophy like me? Comic gadgets and a false moral high ground? Putting a K in front of words that should begin with a C? Incessantly insisting on how dark you are while giving orders to your friends in 'Big Brother' voice? We all got one," Drifter said, chuckling a little at his own jokes, as he was prone to do.


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