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ALERT: doing my small part.

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OPEN Re: ALERT: doing my small part.

Post by Arrowman on January 30th 2019, 7:20 pm

Arrowman just stood there, watching as both of the guys carry on there activities as he mutated under his breath "God this is going to be an annoying night." before Arrowman decided to speak up "Well if you would listen to me..." But before he could finish the guy in front of him shoot up a group of people, Arrowman couldn't let him keep that damn thing. Before the guy could take off he shoot his grappling hook to try and pull the Uzi out of him. "Hey i'm with you, just don't kill anyone, these people could have families and stuff. Jail is fine!" He stated.


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OPEN Re: ALERT: doing my small part.

Post by Row on January 31st 2019, 6:01 pm

Riley returned to the scene flying overhead. Bodies lied along the ground with 3 men still standing. One was the grappling hook guy who hit her car. One was the blob man who was using her door as a shield and throwing the men into her car. The last one was someone completely different but he had an uzi, interesting. She flew down making herself invisible to further analyze what was happening. With the time she spent flying around, she managed to calm down. It was true that the grappling hook was fighting a group of people. However the black and white man did break apart her car. Since all three are together, that meant they were trying to fight the gang. Maybe it would be better to work with then. Then after it was finish, she could attack the blob guy. She had a plan.

She ended up behind the grappling hook guy after he attempted to take away the uzi.
"Broken bones are even better..." She reappeared with her shield and sword in hand, "If we move this to their house, my car will stop taking collateral damage."
She had her shield ready to defend. Her eyes glowed yellow. Her sword had a yellow wisp in the guard. The shield had these wisp in the top of the shield. She was prepared to block or cut through the next attack that came to her since she was overly aggressive at the group before.
"I am working with you... or against you. Make your choice."

Lunetta Voglia
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OPEN Re: ALERT: doing my small part.

Post by Puglife43vr on March 14th 2019, 8:35 pm

Nightlight would throw a black hole to the gang members' feet, pulling them toward it and into essentially a group of bowling pins, ready to be destroyed by the magdumping Angel.

"Hm. Sometimes it's easier to let the powers go to work. I've been exerting myself this whole time."


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OPEN Re: ALERT: doing my small part.

Post by ghost on March 15th 2019, 11:29 pm

The dim glow of Jehoel's wings pulsed through the air as he flew. The docks where only a few miles from their current location, when they had gotten there the ship was easy to spot. Dock handlers where busy at work unloading and loading large shipments of god knows what into the deep reassesses of The Big Lion. "Now to find this 'Mook' Character." Jehoel said beginning his decent. "Hey, Arrow guy. Think we can get into that ship without telling the world we are coming?" He asked.

As he landed on a nearby rooftop, about a thousand feet from the location, he noticed several vans pulling up by the shipyard. A small four-wheel drive pickup truck wasn't far behind, in the back they had mounted what looked like a minigun. "How prepared are these guys?" He questioned, looking at the people that had followed him. "So, lets do inventory, what can we do to get into this place... preferably unnoticed?" he asked them. "Maybe a distraction outside the gates." Jehoel thought for a moment. "Oh yeah, the reason we are here. There is a guy here that goes by the name, 'Mook'. He has a big hand to play in these riots. Helping china succeed at... I honestly don't know... But we can find out. We just need to get into that ship." He pointed at the dock.

The Big Lion was large freight ship that sailed from the USA to China quite frequently. The deck handlers where mostly Chinese, but could speak English enough to order food at restaurants. Some of them had weapons concealed under their clothes, but the real worry where the armed guards that littered the area, most having Ak-47s and Uzis, not to mention the pickup truck.


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