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Robin Madera

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Robin Madera Empty Robin Madera

Post by Antics on January 6th 2019, 12:38 pm

Robin Madera

"Hello, welcome to Starbucks. How may I serve you today?"

The Bio

Real Name: Robin Madera
Hero Name: N/A
Title: N/A
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Puerto Rican
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height:5' 6"
Weight: 125
Blood type: O+

The Looks

Robin has a lithe figure and usually just wears a T-shirt and jeans. She likes to go for a run a couple times a week so her body doesn't get out of shape.

The Personality

    Robin is a humble person, mostly due to her poorer upbringing. Her life of living mostly on the streets also led to her being a bit more imaginative than the normal person as she had to find fun ways to entertain herself instead of having a TV or video games to distract her. She also has a strong moral code and when she sees something that doesn't coincide she will disregard most laws to correct that if she thinks she is doing the right thing. She is impulsive and doesn't like to sit around and contemplate for too long before starting to get things moving. She is not overly emotional but isn't devoid of them either. She has learned to keep her emotions reigned in due to the fact that any outburst could lead to a pretty bad magical mishap. Though her hold on her emotions is easily tested when she sees something that doesn't follow her moral code,  which either requires she fix the issue or take a second to herself to reign in her emotions.

Moral Code:

• Never mistreat the poor or downtrodden
• Never steal from those who can't afford it
• Always keep your word if given
• Stand up for those who cannot stand for themselves
• Kill only when ALL other options are exhausted
• You are no better than anyone else, only afforded the opportunity to set things right in an unjust world

   Robin isn't afraid to joke around and tries not to take things too seriously but  can also be seen as rude by some people due to her sarcastic nature and her dislike to sugarcoat what she sees in front of her. This is especially true if she thinks of you as a friend. She will never be a persons yes man, she will always give her true opinion on a subject even if it might not be what the other person wants to hear. If you can accept that then you will find that Robin will be a loyal friend through thick and thin and won't hesitate to help you if you are in trouble. If you are a good person and have treated her right then if you need a favor, all you have to do is ask. She is a very persistent person. Not taking failures too seriously and ,unless the consequences severely outweigh the benefits, she will just get back up, rethink her plan, and try again.

The Story

    Magic has always existed in our world, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not is your problem. It still surprises me how creative the human mind is when it comes to rationalizing things it can't explain. I once talked to a woman who was absolutely convinced she was attacked by a bear... A 12 foot bear with giant claws... In the middle of Chicago... During the full moon... I mean come on. But hey, maybe it's better this way. Ignorance is bliss they say, but coincidentally ignorance is also what gets people killed.

    I didn't really understand what I was until I grew into my 20's , but from a young age I knew for sure I wasn't what most would classify as "normal". I grew up in one of the poorer areas of Chicago, where gangs ran the streets and everyone paid if they wanted to live any semblance of a peaceful life. My parents had little to begin so we lived in a small 3 room apartment and just tried to survive more than anything. Which means it didn't help that a lot of stuff around me inexplicably melted or stopped working. After a few expensive blunders I was forbidden to touch the apartment phone or to have a cellphone which was a fun experience. Gotta love the awkward moment when someone asks for your number and you just have to go "uhhh, yeeaaa, about that..." and watch their flabbergasted face as you explain that your aren't allowed to have one. But I made it through without too much of a splash.

   Well there was that one time that I caused a power surge that took out the power to the entire apartment complex but we don't talk about that.

    Since there wasn't much I could do at home I spent most of my time on the streets. I didn't have what you would call the most "upstanding" of friends but we were tight knit and had each others back. We spent most days trying to break into old abandoned buildings, exploring to see if we could find anything cool we could pawn off for a few extra bucks. When that fell through we practiced pick pocketing. I know, I know, stealing is bad and all but when you steal from the neighborhood crack dealer is it really that bad? I don't think so. I don't like to toot my own horn but I got pretty good at lockpicking and pick pocketing in that time. Most people don't even notice they are missing a 20 until i'm already 4 blocks away.

   After high school college wasn't really an option so I started to work at different places. It was during my small stint at Bath and Body works that a mysterious man saw me have a little "episode" and melt a bottle of vanilla fragrance, making it splash all over me.

   It was horrible, I smelled like the Pillsbury Doughboy's butthole for weeks. But I digress.

   He gave me this odd bemused but also intrigued look. Then rummaged in his coat and produced a book and handed it to me with the words "You may want to take a look at this.". That is when I would say that my life changed for the better.

   Mostly because I got fired from Bath and Body works, god I hated that place. But also because that book was my awakening. It was called "An Articulation of the Arcane Arts" and I still have it to this day. It taught me how to hold in the magical essence within me so it didn't suddenly spill out in random accidental discharges and also some simple spells.

    Did you know that it doesn't really matter what you say when you cast a spell as long as you truly believe the words will do what you are trying to accomplish? It still makes me laugh to think someone could cast a fireball by yelling something absurd like "Dongle" or "Daaaaaaaaaamn". Not that I have even met another person like me to hear how they cast spells.

   I spend allot of my free time looking for more books to help me with my magic. My most current find was in the back of an old abandoned library. The book is called "Eliciting Illustrious Illusions & more" By Quin Kartimane.

     Turns out the '& more' part includes a kick ass recipe for banana bread, thanks for that one Quin.

     I have just started to get a grasp on the magic within but It seems simple enough. Hopefully It will help me with my newest project. That project being to help clean up the projects of Chicago. With the gangs running rampant and sightings of magical beings on the rise. The people need help. But the problem isn't large enough in scale to even blip on the radar of the big supers flying around the world. So I have taken it upon myself to fight for the people on the streets of Chicago. I can't just let innocent people be taken advantage of like my parents were. So watch out world, you have a new girl on the block who isn't afraid to kick some ass! (In between my shifts at Starbucks of course, a girl's gotta pay rent)

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Vethyr - Magic that produces electricity comes easiest to Robin, she easily use it without needing to say an incantation or a ritual of any kind. She has a finite control of how strong or weak the electricity she produces is. Some examples being.

 •  Shooting a lightning bolt
 •  Electrically charging something that she is holding
 •  Send out an electromagnetic pulse
 •  Give out a small electric shock equivalent to a static shock

Chelaray- Robin dabbles in the art of illusions, she is still has only a small mastery of it and has only mastered the visual aspects of the magic

Cantrips - Robin can casts 3 small spells that cover common magic folklore.

 • Lux/Nox: Light or extinguishes a small flame such as a candle or a lamp

 • Reticulo: Make a small sound such as a knock, cocking of a gun, or footsteps

 • Ventum: Cause a small gust of wind to blow by

Manus Spectris- Robin creates an invisible hand that she can manipulate as if it were her own for example Opening/closing an object, picking up something, or pushing a button.
The Weaknesses

Fledgling Illusionist - Her illusions cannot move or make any sound. They are a still image that, if the viewer where to be curious enough, your hand would easily pass through like it wasn't there.

Magic conduit - Magic is a force that comes and goes, flowing through the world. Its essence is what she stores in her body and expends to casts spells. Therefore she has a finite amount she can use before she becomes magically "empty" the more she uses the more tired and lethargic she becomes until she eventually passes out. The stronger the spell, the more it drains her.

Essence leak - When Robins emotions become too strong such as being very angry or under too much stress the hold she has on the magic within her weakens causing it to discharge in uncontrollable bursts. Not only is this dangerous to those around her since she has no control over how the magic leaves or where it lands, but it also drains her magical "tank". Her leaks usually leads to electricity being discharged around her because of her natural talent to control it but the essence could take take any form of magic on the way out.

Fragility- Her mage hand spell will only work if it is within 15 feet of her and can only carry/manipulate something up to 10 lbs.
The Items

"An Articulation of the Arcane Arts" - Author Unknown: The book contains the basics of controlling magic and some simple spells

"Eliciting Illustrious Illusions & more" - Quin Kartimane: The book specializes in the teaching of illusionary magic but also contains some random bits of information that the author thought pertinent to anyone with magical talent. Which apparently means being able to cook delicious banana bread.

The Minions


Rp Mechanics

Concord- Robin sits and meditates. During this time she can mentally revisit anywhere she has been in her life. The place is not the current version of the location. Just an image from what she remembers. She hear/sees/touch and feel the place as if she where there but her body remains sitting where began meditating

Quick hands- Robin is an adept thief, she can pick locks and steal things off of most people's person. She can only lock pick mundane, run-of-the-mill locks. Nothing high tech.

Silent Casting- Robin can choose to cast her spells without using their vocal components but it causes them to drain her faster.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

Last edited by Antics on January 9th 2019, 2:39 pm; edited 6 times in total (Reason for editing : Updated personality. Included examples in Vethyr spell. Defined [Quick Hands] to only include mundane locks)

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Robin Madera Empty Re: Robin Madera

Post by MissingAxis on January 7th 2019, 6:14 am

Hey there, Antics. Welcome to Superhero RPG.

I enjoyed reading Robin's history and I'm looking forward to seeing more from her as time goes on.

I know your character is still flagged as a work-in-progress, but I thought I'd take a few minutes to comment on what you've already got here. I like that Robin has a clear talent/aptitude towards electricity-based spells without being entirely restricted to it. Her fledgling proficiency in another school of magic is a great touch as well.

Regarding your 'Essence Leak' weakness, I think it would be worthwhile for you to add a little bit to Robin's [Personality] section to outline how easily angered or stressed she is. Because the weakness is incredibly dependent on personality, it could range anywhere from being a crippling vulnerability or entirely meaningless. For example, the bit about her trying not to take anything too seriously could be interpreted as either approaching apathy or simply stoicism. In the former case, the Essence Leak weakness would be almost entirely meaningless. Just adding a little bit in her personality blurb about how she handles stress and her emotions would go a long way to defining the extent of the Essence Leak weakness.

Other than that, I personally would like to see some slight clarifications in what she can accomplish with Vethyr, and what her limitations are in Quick Hands. For the latter, a note that her lockpicking is restricted to mundane, run-of-the-mill locks (eg, not high-end locks or locks made by technologically gifted capes) would be enough for me. As far as Vethyr is concerned, I had originally interpreted it as a variable strength 'lightning bolt' style spell, but my second pass over the sheet caused me to notice that it could be interpreted a little more broadly. If you could provide a few more examples of what Robin can accomplish using Vethyr, I'd appreciate that.

That said, I'd like to welcome you again to SHRPG. I'm looking forward to seeing what you post. When your sheet is ready, just drop the [WIP] tag off of it and reply to this thread. If you'd like, you can also give one of the online staff members a little nudge in Discord and see if they have some time to review it right then.

MissingAxis, Forum Moderator

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Robin Madera Empty Re: Robin Madera

Post by MissingAxis on January 9th 2019, 2:47 pm

Approved. I have waived the necessity of the RP Sample because I felt the character's history had enough style and substance to demonstrate Antics' ability as a writer, and additionally because the history was in-character as you'd expect an RP Sample to be. I have spoken to Antics in Discord DMs and based on my interactions with them, the writing in this sheet is representative of what they will bring to Superhero RPG as a writer and roleplayer.

Welcome to Superhero RPG, Antics. I hope you enjoy your stay.
Post Mate
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