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Who We Are (Amor)

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Who We Are (Amor) - Page 2 Empty Re: Who We Are (Amor)

Post by Aurelius on April 12th 2019, 2:35 am

"Totally, yeah. I went to Wardy school. You Elders are made up of some universal forces, and we're just the lackies. That's why I don't intend to fight you myself," Asy said, having jumped back from Aurelius to avoid getting impaled by a not so lovely love arrow. It was clear talking to these two wasn't going to produce the desired result, so it was time for Plan B. Asy snapped his fingers, disappearing in an instant.

Aurelius grunted and groaned a bit, but the healing did it's job quickly. He got back to his feet, rubbing his head in confusion. He really didn't like Mind Wardens very much.

Aurelius' eye's sparked with the blue of a Knowledge Warden. His contact was feeding him the info of Asy's whereabouts.

"He went back to LA, though he's across town this time. What is he even doing? I can understand the resistance, but this cat and mouse game........ Why not just face us head on?" Aurelius wondered. He'd wait for Amor to respond, then set about following their target. They didn't know what they were walking into, but this was their duty. The council had willed it so.


"Asy! My favorite Warden! What brings you to Valhalla?" the owner of the club said, feet stretched out and crossed, propped up on his own desk. The former Warden just ran around, seemingly panicked.

"I-I need help. Elder......... After me!" Asy said, knocking over various items and looking through drawers for anything of use, all the while the white haired man just said, same expression of amusement on his face the entire time.

"Elder? Sounds scary.........." August said nonchalantly. He finally moved, sitting in his seat properly as he sighed at the Warden's fumbling.

"Which one? Kakabiel? Dina? Better not be Amory. The last thing I need is a pissed off Warden of Power in this place." Augest sat up, flicking his fingers. The doors locked, the curtains closed, and all but a few small candle lights went out.

"No, no, it's Amor....... Anyway, remember when you made all of us go away? Like, there must have been a dozen. Can you do that again?" Asy asked, stopping his rummaging. He had hope in his eyes. August just shrugged.

"Hm, I mean I did have Daddy Flamel's help. And there wasn't an Elder. Worth a shot though, I guess. Go get me some of the dancers downstairs, preferably the ugly ones," August said. He then started telekinetically etching a ruin into the floor of the office. Asy left to do the sorceror's bidding.


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Who We Are (Amor) - Page 2 Empty Re: Who We Are (Amor)

Post by Amor on April 13th 2019, 3:30 am

”Sanity must not be something he possesses if he thinks he can keep running away,”Amor muttered under his breath, feeling more of that anger flowing through him. It should have been simple to do away with a lesser warden like him and yet he was having such issues. He knew how easy it was, despite how sick thinking back on the times that he destroyed two wardens before happened. Thinking on it made his mouth taste of ash and the potential for vomit.  ”seems like he wants us to follow, though I have to wonder what for.” There had to be reasons and despite his connection to love; Amor was not stupid.

”Across town in LA? Well there are some pretty annoying types in that city, some who know some annoying things too.” He thoughtfully stroked his chin., taking in the bleak expanses of Mars. ”would take this time to think thins through but the other elders were pretty clear in what they wanted done and likely how quickly they wanted it done.” Luckily he had a mind warden on his side to get the information for things.

He had to focus on where the sanity warden was and within a few seconds he found him, in a place that didn’t really register with him. It had a certain aura about it and yet he knew he had nothing else to do.

The universe seemed to move around him and they were  The club formed around him and one that he occasionally frequented when he found a mortal that interested him. ”I know this place, though there’s usually more music and hormones around,” Amor noted looking around. ”wonder what a former sanity warden wants with a club.” He mused, lips pursed and humming to himself.

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