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Nightlight Empty Nightlight

Post by Puglife43vr December 13th 2018, 10:13 pm


"I am the brightest light in the sky of the night.

I will fight for what is right and demonstrate my might.

I- y'know this is taking way too long. I am the Nightlight!"

The Bio

Real Name: Lumin Karal
Hero Name: Nightlight
Title: Shadowstalker
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'9
Weight: 170 lbs
Blood type: O-

The Looks

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

The Personality

Blacklight & Brightlight: The Blacklight is the more negative side of Nightlight. Blacklight is more aggressive and dominant than Brightlight. His goal is to be able to be able to neutralize another super being with a single attack. Brightlight is less aggressive and quite submissive compared to Blacklight. Brightlight enjoys his job of healing others including those who oppose him. He shoots to be able to heal a whole city.

Lumin has never really developed a personality of his own. He's always the voice of reason between extreme good and extreme negativity.

The Story

Lumin is the average student with mediocre grades and even worse social skills. Ever since he could talk, he would be indecisive and his mood would shift quickly. It was seen with most of those on his father's side. Speaking of his father, old Pops always had a few prized possessions. They were kept in a case on their fireplace mantle. One Christmas Eve at the age of 15, Lumin wanted to peek at his presents. Of course, he fought between his two sides before doing so. He snuck down the stairs, searching about through his presents. He didn't find anything too good, but he took the opportunity to look at their family heirlooms closer. He slowly opened the case and lifted a ring. One was pure white, the Christmas lights bouncing off it wildly. One was nearly Vantablack, so dark that it seemed to pull light toward it. He slid the rings over his fingers...

As Lumin put the rings on, they tightened on his skin. Not so much that it was uncomfortable, but enough that he couldn't remove them. He tugged and pulled, yet the rings were bound to his flesh. His lighter side told him, "I told you so." His darker side started insulting the other. Wait. Was there someone in his head? He did always have the split personalities, but this was different. He never heard voices. Lumin thought he had gone crazy and tip-toed back up the stairs. In his head, the voices still murmured about his decisions. Lumin leapt on the bed and fell asleep, not wanting to listen to the voices. He flickered between dreams and nightmares with the voices still murmuring between. A clear voice finally said, "Don't worry, kid, you'll be able to control it soon."

He jolted awake, letting out a scream in anger. He glanced at the clock. Already late for school. He ran out the door without taking care of personal hygiene or even eating. The bus left right as he stepped out the front door. He kicked a trash can a great distance, the garbage spilling onto the street. That was quite unusual. He sprinted down the road and happened to run into the usual bully.

"No Lumine, go around him."
"Or go through him!"

He rushed forward, his hands gaining a dark glow or lack thereof. Lumin slammed his hand into the Bully's chest while still running down the street, not even letting them get a word out. The bully went down.

"We can't just leave him!"

"Someone will see him and help him out."

"And Lumin will get in more trouble!"

"Am I talking about myself in third person?"

"Don't worry about it."

Lumin turned on his heel and ran back. He put his hand on the bully's chest automatically and started healing the bully somehow. It was like he lost control of his body to the other people in his head. Lumin got up, kicked him in the shins just for fun and ran off. Lumn smiled to himself. He was feeling slightly lightheaded from how amazingly the short-lived battle had gone. He ducked into the local bookstore and headed straight for the comic book section. A few ringed based heroes and cool origin stories. Lumin knew what he had to do. He needed to make a cool costume!

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Blacklight Ring:
Blacklight is one of the varying personalities of Nightlight. Blacklight has the ability to discharge extremely powerful beams of destructive energy. This energy isn't an instant kill beam. It ranges from non-lethal stun mode to a beam powerful  enough to cut through a steel beam with enough time given. Lumin uses negative emotions and deep shadows to power up Blacklight. Blacklight can also scan areas for metahuman presence.

Brightlight Ring:
Brightlight is also one of Nightlight's personalities and allows him to repair and heal objects and organic beings. The extent of this healing is light bruises to deeper gashes. Maiming/Vital Organ damage is not supported. His abilities are charged up by positive emotions and being in a well lit area. Brightlight can create bright glowing constructs similar to hardlight. They can take whatever shape he pleases. They aren't able to take a great deal of damage from attacks, but they can be used as supports.

Black Hole:
The black hole is a ball of dark pulsating energy that manipulates the area about itself to pull objects or people toward it. It can be used battling enemies or transportation. It acts as an anchor point that Nightlight can pull himself towards or swing from. It gives him more control over his movement in air.

White Hole:
The white hole is a ball of glowing energy that naturally pushes matter away from it in every direction. It can be used for keeping away enemies or transportation. Nightlight can be propelled at high speeds from this ball. It is a bit less wieldy than the Black Hole.

The Weaknesses

1. When one of the sides is active, their weakness is their opposite. If an opponent has dark powers and Brightlight is in use, he will be severely weakened. The Brightlight ring will stop working.

2. Lumin takes on the personality of the ring in use. The longer he uses it, the darker/more aggressive or lighter/friendlier Nightlight is. He could be so lighthearted as to heal opponents or as aggressive as to injure civilians.

3. The rings will only allow Nightlight to exist if he stays pure. No alcohol, drugs, or anything. He can't kill anyone whatsoever otherwise the rings will reject him and leave until he redeems himself.

4. Any reflective surfaces can be used to bounce Brightlight's attacks back in his direction. Also, his attacks can hurt himself.

5. The element Xenon interferes with all of Blacklight's abilities. He'd have to switch to the entirely support based Brightlight mode.

6. This is more of a limitation, but each of the abilities can only be used when the certain personality they are tied to is active.

The Items

The Rings of Luna and Sol:
The Rings of Luna and Sol allows Lumin to transform into the Nightlight. The rings were passed down from generation to generation and are priceless artifacts. The rings can also shift into dual blades, one for light and one for darkness. They both can return to Lumin as he wills it and the Blade of Luna allows Lumin to detect hidden objects and individuals. The Blade of Sol can heal individuals that the blade is in the area of.

The suit that Lumin acquired was fabricated by the rings after scrolling through a few comics for inspiration. The mask is for protecting Lumin's identity and the suit sligtly helps concentration while using his light based powers.

   Extra Dimensional Utility Belt:
A belt with compartments that have a holding capacity of around ten tons via a personal pocket dimension. As long as an object fits into the belts openings, which are 5" by 5", it can be stored. The belt also has an accompanying wrist watch that allows items to be identified then quickly accessed. The user need only search for their desired item on the touch screen, then reach into the belt to grab it from an otherwise chaotic treasure drove.

This item is a special Alert Reward. It has no weakness.

The Minions

The Fluff

Shadow Arts: Lumin has some martial arts training and has skill in Taekwondo.

Bending Light: Nightlight is relatively agile when operating as Brightlight. Not so much as it is a remarkable ability, but he is able to dodge punches and perform some acrobatic feats.

Application created by [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Nightlight Empty Re: Nightlight

Post by Red December 15th 2018, 12:16 am

Approved until stated otherwise.

Love the Oath subversion.


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Nightlight Empty Re: Nightlight

Post by Zonkes July 6th 2019, 1:54 pm


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