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Never one, without the other. (MSG for Inv.)

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Never one, without the other. (MSG for Inv.) - Page 4 Empty Re: Never one, without the other. (MSG for Inv.)

Post by Charlatan May 17th 2019, 2:02 am

There was no way of knowing that multiple blades sinking into someone would cause a strange reaction within them. Flesh burnt and cracked as the mad king laughed his triumphant guffaw. A new weapon that quivered with an unknown malevolent energy  that resonated through his body. This could have been bad until he felt reality itself peel away and something break through in violent motions. His eyes opened wide, staring at the wolf and other form that had appeared as his fingers loosed from the blade itself and he skipped back. Events seemed to move from there while he watched and the man seemed to change from the monster to someone.

Someone memorable.

"Matt?" He said to himself eyes wide somewhat as the other Silus apologized for reasons he could not explain. A presence lurked within the back of his mind, watching everything happening before the man. It rose, like a wave over his consciousness until the darkness was all he knew. His pupils spilling out over his irises until The Dark Travelers eyes were nothing more than dark pits lit with subtle intelligence. His body stilled, watching the scene which had taken place before him and then he was gone. Blade striking through his heart, blood coating the weapon and sliding back towards the hilt not as dark.

"A little anticlimactic this is," He said, ripping the blade from his body and watching them fall like a sack of wheat. "still, can’t afford to take any chances. i’ve seen you recover from worse." Something about his body pulsated with a darkness, empty yet vast that was held back by the flesh of the vessel by a mere inch. He knelt over the body, turning them over with a soft almost sympathetic smile on his lips. "i’ll be sure you have your eternal sleep, just as you deserve." Darkness formed around his hand an undulating aura about it lashing out at the very around him.  Reality retreated from his very touch. So he reached to remove the very body from this world.

Hearing it was far different than seeing it happen. Alpha looked to Gravitas as if he had spoken in an ancient and unknown language. Lucius was dead? Hearing that the person he had called friend above anyone else outside of his family. ”So he is. No, haven’t heard any voices telling me to die.” He said, sounding defeated more than anything else. As if knowing that information was not something that would change anything in the end and even Zeke’s shrieks only mildly roused him from his stupor.

He knelt down, tousling Zeke’s hair and pulling him close. ”If we can get out of here, that’s what we’re doing. I don’t want to see anyone else die.” He sighed, letting his consciousness stretch out to the few people that he had brought. Oliver, if you can hear me come here immediately. We’re pulling out. His eyes watched over Proarden for a moment, wondering what was happening but overall didn’t really say anything to them. Let the creature do whatever it was that it wanted to do and he would do the same.

Zeke would be allowed to contact who he wanted through the hive mind before they left.

The blade collided with a scythe with a screech of metal as she skipped back with a faintly amused smirk. It seemed her son didn’t allow his skills to grow dull, even if it included being able to speak so much. ”This reality's breaking is of no consequence to me.” She breathed deeply, writhing black markings spreading out further and spreading out until her veins turned black against her pale flesh.

”I have no needs for gods, chaos or anything else. Tools one and all. Now, enough of our talk. Live or die, I won’t coddle you anymore.  Show me if you’re worth living further,” She squared up against the young man and so they clashed.


Ryan watched the man he had talked to before speak as if he were preparing to die much like his father. His eyes watched him listlessly, feeling nothing yet everything at the same time. His mind rationalized many things but he couldn’t really explained why this felt. This world was truly horrible, he had seen the terrible things that existed within history and death was never kind.  Energy bubbled through his blood, burning like fire. Cold fire. ”I won’t leave you Lucas,” He wrapped a small arm around his older brother, hugging what strength he could muster with his own child’s body.  With a soft motion of the hand, he lifted his brother enough to make it easier to move.

He looked to Flamel with a mildly curious expression. ”What are we doing now?”

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Never one, without the other. (MSG for Inv.) - Page 4 Empty Re: Never one, without the other. (MSG for Inv.)

Post by Silus July 12th 2019, 12:30 am

The Dark Traveler had begun to decimate the body, complete disrespect for the man that once stood there, a display of just how far they had fallen by the wayside. Their unity of the two had been severed, as was the third. The one who could not be remembered. Archon watched the Black Beast manifest, his eyes narrowing as the undulating darkness seemed to take form. If he had The First available, then this would have been short work. But he was without his most powerful persona, and leaving him with the rest of his salvaged forces to deal with this menace. Yet as the darkness moved to consume the body, there was a presence, a force that stopped him. The Author stepped forward with his hand on his book. He knelt down, completely ignoring The Dark Traveler as he attempted to remove the body from existence.

“He’s not yours. You have your own King to kill. That’s YOUR story. This one? This one’s mine. I’m all about fanfics and creative liberty...but I think you’ve got your hands full.” He said as he looked back. The sudden arrival of the white cloaked figure in the horned mask and it’s large terrifying amalgam creature of darkness seemed to be commanding the battleground’s shift. Zell saw these beings and his eyes widened as he felt a deep-seeded ire ignite, the likes that had not been seen within this Zell by anyone at any time prior. By the time he looked back, The author dropped a piece of paper with a smile as he and the destroyed body vanished in a puff of purple smoke.

[color:7157=7a00cc]The choices have been made...Those of you whom have embraced life, it is you whom have accepted Death. Come. Rest. The smaller being said as it reached it’s bow, plucking the hair from the large beast beside it, the whispering smoke-like strand between the bow’s ends. The smaller being pulled the arrow back and released an arrow of pure light a faint indigo trail careening across the field, making contact with one such person. Their soul began to glow from inside them and they peacefully closed their eyes, dropping to their knees. The smaller being cracked it’s knuckles and drew back again, it’s arrow aimed for the next as it fired off. The creature growled, eye up Austyn with narrowing ghostlight eyes.

“READY OR NOT!” The wolf howled as it seemed to phase in and out, taking a step before appearing twenty feet to the left, then another and thirty to the right, the next step it took it was before Austyn, it’s head smashing into the young man’s chest, sending him flying backwards. With one more step it was behind him, jaws opened as it’s fangs crashed down upon him. Ashtyn let out a blood curdling yell as the wolf initially made jerky of him, tearing at the arm before ripping out a fragmented, zombie-looking creature from the wolf, leaving Austyn as it flipped the spirit of his possessor into the air and snapped it into mist with its fangs. The mist took a vaguely humanoid looking appearance as it seemed to try and crawl away before being forcibly pulled into the creature. Austyn cried out in pain, though his body had no harm upon it. The wolf next looked to Eric, a low growl with a distinct smile upon his face.

The arrows didn’t stop, each arrow aimed to take another soul to it’s rest. Balance was paramount, and any being whom accepted the release of death would fail to meet the fangs of the wolf, as promised. Death from another universe called out to the two, demanding identification, though he was entirely ignored. Words were almost exchanged, but there was a task at hand. Eros could spend a millennia debating the requirements of balance and yet not appease his opposition. He was pained by the fact that he was the embodiment of balance, to do things he did not wish to. He did not need to give others power to try and sway him. It was best if they believed him to be the heartless holier-than-thou being he had come to pretend to be. There were some people you simply could not argue with. They would twist whatever you say to a victory and try to proclaim their higher ground. Such was the way of Lucius Alba. Sich was the way with Lukas Christensen, and Zell Atterrius and Matthew May.

“Eros! I beseech you. Stay your arrows, release your fangs. The Dark Traveler can be contained!” The Lych called, though there was no stopping them. The Lych watched in shock as arrows continued to fly, assured that Eros would have heard his pleas. The hound, however perked it’s ear up and turned to look at The Dark Traveler, a low chuckle.

“So many aberrations. My mouth waters! Eeeeros… is it time!?” The wolf spoke to itself, looking at Archon, Death of the Otherverse and The Dark Traveler.


As Flamel sat down, a being appeared from nowhere, stepping down and looking to Lucas and seeing him crying. The blue eyes shone through the veneer. Nicholas would see Samhain, but Lucas would see the angel boy that once tried to help him. He stepped forward with a limp and took a knee. He placed a hand on Lucas’ shoulder, a genuine concern forcing his fading light to bleed through.

“Lucas! Hey Lucas. Listen it’s okay. I knew they were going to call for you. I have a plan...W-wait. Where’s Orpheus?” Yancey asked, though to others it would sound much more scottish as: [color:7157=FF3300]“Lucas, Hey dearie. Listen. It’s fine. I anticipated they’d call for you. I have a plan to keep you safe. Where’s Blood?”

Once he witnessed the sorrow he felt a single tear bleed through his persona, trailing down Samhain’s cheek. He reached up and touched it, remembering what true sorrow felt like, as he brushed it away. He looked to Blood Tithe, whom was now in the distance walking to face his destiny. A destiny that he took upon himself…

“ did change something after all.” he said as he turned to Lucas and smiled sympathetically. He knelt down once more and held out his arms. “Let’s make a deal...” He said as he looked to Nicholas, though his bleeding heart made him empathize. Beings like him were bound to their deals. When it was in the name of a deal they could invoke greater powers than what they naturally possessed. It could be to their benefit, and even Flamel knew the dangers, but also the benefits it could reap.

Gravitas began by warping the level of gravitation around the collective of the Rise members that he and Alpha deemed to be of importance. Then he would request that all the members that could contribute to these defenses do so. The more powers and abilities they had, the greater the chance of identifying SOMETHING capable of stopping that hound from Hell. The storm overhead loomed as lightning began to strike down, a whole entire atmosphere had been born inside this place as rain began to start falling.

The small child that had been abducted by a laughing man was being held at knife point, drug up a small hill kicking and screaming as Vigilantes and Rise soldiers fired weapons at wolf and archer. The chaos of the moment was not lost as the Disciple and The Good Sister fought on the inside of the garage.

“Even if I fall to your game... Your Beast has already lost his.” The Disciple said as his skull mask broke open revealing a familiar face to the woman she had seen once before. He struggled. This battle had taken its toll and truthfully the older and more experienced woman was still in better shape than the thin and unathletic young man. He had been able to avoid many lethal blows, but not all of them. For each blade he dodged it was a megalovania of attacks, one waiting for him no matter what evasive tactic he took. A loud crash of blue lightning collided nearby and a blinding blue light arrived, leaving shadows cast on the wall. A new presence could be felt a much stronger one. The Disciple smiled slightly and he let out a sigh, sitting down with tears welling up.

“Bishop takes Bishop….” He said as he sighed, laughing a little as he seemed to accept his death.


“Primordial trumps god, bitch.” Azrael said, his eyes glowing blue with the shadow of a looming dragon. A large bolt had been flung at Nyx, his blade flourishing and regenerating as he moved his heavenly feathered cloak out of the way, stepping forward and positioning himself at Cas’ side. Yamm’s essence was saturating the area, the entire zone could feel it, negating several divine features when working in conjunction with Psyche’s essence. It would be interesting to see how Nyx reacted when she realized that many of her powers that would help her evade this primordial would not work.

“You can’t leave yet. You didn’t ask “Daddy may I”...” Arael chuckled, despite his smaller form, he looked to Cas and then back to Nyx. It was quite clear what he was going to do. ”I want you to take a message to your beast...”

Never one, without the other. (MSG for Inv.) - Page 4 Lucife10
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Never one, without the other. (MSG for Inv.) - Page 4 Empty Re: Never one, without the other. (MSG for Inv.)

Post by Red July 12th 2019, 7:52 pm

Sven.... What's going on? Drifter asked over his communcator, having previously linked up with the AI.

Apparently people are being given a not-exactly-a-choice-choice telepathically, I assume by those new players. I quote 'Your time has come. You have lived your course, and perhaps then some more. But now you are given a choice. Your time has come. Will you go peacefully? Eros’ Arrow...or will you struggle and face Psyche’s Fang?' Sounds pretty ominous, huh?

....You've got to be fucking kidding me...... Wait, how do you know the message?

Daniel Raines initially, but plenty others I'm in contact with reported the same. Seems we're all going to die, Judgement Day style. Maybe my suffering will end soon.

Drifter didn't answer, he just turned his communicator off. He was at a loss.

No wonder Lucius checked out.

Just when the situation seemed as if it couldn't get any worse, Bigger Fish got summoned...... Repeatedly. This entire battle had been one big one up fest. Even with the power of a death entity, Luke felt insignificant. What could he do? Nothing of consequence, more than likely. He'd most likely die here today, or lose someone he loved, or worse. All he could do was watch. It seemed even people like the fucking Lych and the Archon were hopeless in manipulating the chaos of this battle.

It was over.

Drifter lowered his head as these thoughts ran through his mind. People all around him were being made to accept their fate, or else be devoured by some primordial dog. There was that feeling in his chest—tightness. Dread overtook him. What was the point? Was this what it meant to be mortal? A plaything for forces outside your control? Why was he even trying?

Drifter tightened his fist, and tightened it some more, until it was straining red. He shook his head. Bullshit. He wasn't going to let those thoughts take him again. That's what had left him immobilized and depressed in that van, pathetic. So what? So what if they won? So what if death won? So what if universal forces played with humans like toys? This was the hand he had been dealt simply by existing, so he was going to work with it. Yeah, he was going to lose, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to make it as hard a battle as he possibly could. That didn't mean he wasn't going to stand up for those he loved and what he believed in. Death always wins, but you still have to fight tooth and nail to live at all. If he had no words, he'd act, if he had no actions, he'd speak, and if he had neither, he'd use whatever means possible to spit in the face of the suffering inherent in existence, standing up straight and pushing forward despite it, because that's all that can be done. The alternative to determination in the face of overwhelming odds is pitiful submission, and Luke was anything but submissive.

No more nihilism. No giving up. That's not what he wanted to be. He was going to look this terrible, unfair, and often evil universe in the face, and stand in defiance, even as it threatened to overtake him. There wouldn't be any begging or crying, just a middle finger and a snarky comment, because he was choosing to be better than reality—to resist being degraded by it's overwhelming malevolence, even in defeat.

Hearing what the smaller, humanoid being said about accepting death and embracing life was the final straw. It was said as if those that went along with this shit were somehow better, or more deserving of a peaceful end. Drifter started pacing, winding up his verbal assault.

"Oh, great. It's the existential equivalent of the US government prematurely nuking New York in the Avengers," Luke said, stepping forward and looking at the terrifying wolf with what could only be described as boredom.

"You know, I have no problem with embracing death. You kinda have to do that if you want to, ya know, grow up. It's inevitable, and happens to everyone, so why not just reconcile with it? I get that. I agree with that. People should do that," Luke said, gently spinning Death's scythe in his hands. He stared down the two beings as if they were men, without a hint of fear.

"But it's one thing to accept the fact you will inevitably perish, by natural means or otherwise, and another entirely to submit to the coercive tactics of some random motherfuckers. It would be no different from me showing up at someone's door and telling them 'just accept the fact I'm going to shoot you in the head. If you don't, I'm going to make sure I brutally torture you first......... Oh and by the way this is a beautiful thing. By choosing the former option, you've fully embraced life and death.' What the fuck? One is coming to terms with what you are—mortal—the other is being forced to choose the least painful option presented to you by a tyrant intent on killing you. Yet still, you have the fucking balls to condescendingly frame it as some choice between enlightenment and ignorance, as if following along with your commands is somehow the wise decision," Luke said, talking until he was out of breath, and then inhaling again loudly to refuel.

"Oh, and please tell me it's not the same thing, because you're not some thug, you're Gods, or primordial concepts, or some other such bullshit. As if every dictator ever didn't justify his supposed right to take life by claiming some kind of transcendent authority. You don't seem any different to me, whatever you call yourselves. I accepted I was going to die a long time ago, but that doesn't mean I'm doing it your way, or that anyone here should have to in order to be recognized as 'worthy' enough for a quick death. You can reconcile with your demise without submitting to the will of a murderer. I've come to terms with Death, he's a cool dude. You two, on the other hand, are shithats." After Drifter finished his little speech, he would leap with immense speed at the wolf, chopping at it with the weapon of Death. He fully expected to be mauled or perhaps killed, but he didn't really care. This was HIS acceptance of death. One last fuck you to those who claimed supremacy over mortals, as if they were the nature of mortals itself. Manifestations maybe, but not the concept itself, so therefore he didn't have to play by their rules.


When Lucas heard that familiar voice, he looked up from clinging to Ryan. His watery eyes quivered. The fact Castiel was here did comfort him, but it didn't do much in drowning out the fact Lucas felt like he was losing everyone. Nonetheless, he moved from mauling Ryan to instead mauling Cas, squeezing the angel boy tightly in a hug, still whimpering softly.

"It's not ok Cas..... It's not ok... They're gone. All three of them..... And I'm probably gone too," Lucas said, sobbing. He eventually relinquished Cas from his strangle hold of an embrace, sitting back down and nursing his tears. It was at this point that Cas figured out what had happened to Blood, and propositioned Flamel to make a deal.

The old alchemist raised a trademark skeptical eyebrow, but perhaps that was actually a good sign. He was at least thinking about it. At any other time, Flamel would have basically door-slammed someone like Samhain asking that question, but extraordinary circumstances these were. Nick was willing to hear the man out.

"Yes....... Yes, I think we ought to. What are you proposing?" Flamel said courteously after thinking a moment.


"NO! I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE! NOT NOW!" Eric screamed. The skies lit up with brilliant yellow lightning, and the clouds above turned a dark grey. The winds picked up in the entire area. In mere moments, a massive, terrible storm enveloped the suburbs. Looking to the sky would blind you, not keeping your feet solidly on the ground would send you flying, and being around anything metal was liable to get you struck by one of the now barraging bolts of lightning.

Zeus was awakened.

Eric leaped into flight, taking his place at the eye of the storm. His power increased the storm in strength exponentially every second. He had clearly given up on playing Mister Nice Guy. If this wasn't contained, the whole place was going to get leveled .....Again.


Other Links:
I thought the price was my soul

That i need only give myself to reach my goal

Now i see that is not the cost

They'll all be taken

This deal was swindled, and i have lost
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Never one, without the other. (MSG for Inv.) - Page 4 Empty Re: Never one, without the other. (MSG for Inv.)

Post by The Bolt July 17th 2019, 6:43 pm

It smiled. Considering The Author as an anomalous being in the same way one would consider an ant speaking as strange.  ”We all have our hands full Eros.  Death is here and no one will be spared,” He pointed at the older looking Silus, likely feeling as if he were pointing a weapon than a finger. ”Well, I have some kind of threat to make but i'll save it for later. For now I have a dog to discipline. It seems someone needs a good newspaper to the nose,” For a second he smirked, watching Eros reap his horrid crop. How many were decided to be unworthy of life? How many were given a choice that meant nothing?

It didn’t matter.

His eyes followed Psyche, tearing away the spirit from the boy and continuing to turn his attention everywhere. Young Poseidon’s family would be first, though he knew his presence would not go unnoticed. When The Lych cried for clemency he laughed. It was all too funny that he thought they would stop for him. What did Gods care for the prattling of mortals? ”Save your breath. They won’t listen to you. Just hope they don’t pick you for their next target,” The blade within his hand shifted to a large, curved weapon comparable to a scythe.  

Black ichor dripped from his fingertips. Sloshing onto the ground before gaining a seemingly unholy sentience, wriggling and writhing about. ”Find them. It seems I need to have my scions sooner than later,”

It took a breath, twisting the weapon from index, to middle and still within his palm. Flourishing it while considering the slavering beast. ”Well, looks like I have to fight now. Always wanted to see what fighting was like,” It was gone then, flickering but the weapon was already poised to strike at the wolves leg. Another and then another all seemingly happening at the same time followed by one at his throat without considering Luke who had also leap into action with a rage they knew was all too human.


”I didn’t come for your death Alexander,” She stated with a glance that could bore through a person, sheathing her weapon with a low grating hiss. ”I think i’ve changed my mind on killing you. There’s only one person here I want to kill and it’s one named Archon. I’m sure you have other places you need to be,” She turned her back on him and turned towards Eros and Psyche who had begun their own campaign against the ones existing within this battleground.  She watched Psyche appear and seemed to gain an expression of surprise before it calmed down.

A low chuckle that rose into a laugh. ”This world might be doomed yet. Why don’t you pray? See where that gets you.” She shrugged and walked off,  as if there were something to do and


Nyx barely had the time to react, shielding an arm within shadows and raising it as a shield. That didn’t stop her from being thrown back, skidding along and feet attempting to garner purchase to the ground tearing it up until she managed to stop. Pain reverberated through her arm, though she kept eyes on the one that had interfered with them.  No more than a child physically, but she could see the indelible essence that flowed through him. This was something more than just a human child, though she couldn’t fully grasp what it was. All she knew was that they were more dangerous than her brother covered in his own golden blood.

The same essence was filling the area and she could tell that any means of escape was cut off. No portals or anything else, which meant she was going to die or kill this child.  ”A message? Sorry, i’m afraid i’m not some middle man you can use to contact the beast. If you really want to send any messages, go to them yourself,” She had tensed, forming a weapon within her hand and lashing out at the primordial at a seemingly extreme speed though it quickly became a flurry of strikes meant to deal with them as best as she could.

If he wanted to protect her brother she would see how good he was at that.
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