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Never one, without the other. (MSG for Inv.)

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Never one, without the other. (MSG for Inv.)

Post by Silus on Sat Dec 08, 2018 8:08 pm

A brisk air swept through the city. The sound of engines rumbling through the streets and the pollution of light kept the celestial stars above from shining brightly. There was that chilled December nip in the air as people began to see their breath while they walked. Many warmed their hearts and others their homes. The masses hurried on the streets to escape the wind, an almost sudden violent torrent sending snow across the roads from their piled up banks. They ran, and screamed and laughed as they noted the chill that kissed their skin. Chicago was the windy city after all, what did they expect?

The Suburban areas of Chicago were the more desirable locations for those that wanted a more quiet existence. For the sake of safety, family, peace of mind or just the simple charm of suburban life. There were many appeals to this area. Some were more plain, others not so much. In Las Vegas, few months ago, there was a ritual that failed involving the sacrificing of those with angel blood and those of demon blood. The ritual failed, but due to the powers of a realm-walker The Herald of destruction arrived upon the world. This woman, like a veiled in a dark chaos began to do the work of a higher power.

The Black Beast…

Asmodeus, The Prince of Hell disguised as a mere cambion began to amass his allies, and pulled their allies. Humanity, The undefeated vigilante and his group of allies. Samhain, The Eldritch God and his powerful minions assembled including Blood Tithe and Azrael. Ares arrived with his allies; The man whom had brought the Good Sister here had come, hiding his own fault in the events as they played out. Asmodeus reached out and sent message to Samael and Adam, asking them to assemble every force they had. This was going to be a fight that the Black Beast would never forget. The Archon was reached, though began immediately fortifying defenses on the lands they would eventually trap The Good Sister within. Humanity reached deep into Thrones and summoned forth his family of Religious Heroes to fight. Humanity also pulled weigh and tug to reach out an alert The Gravitas Gang, and by extension all of Rise, of the war that would be waged against this being.

The groups would attempt to convene in these Suburbs, the large gathering would not be unnoticed, as three houses were occupied, courtesy of Zell Atterrius’ funding. He wouldn’t impress these problems upon The Hales or his “brother”, especially to ask them to host a gathering of such sketchy individuals. Zell even reached out to Niall, Rozmer and he even attempted to contact his allied realm-walker Elena Marie. He couldn’t find Elena Vexus, he tried. Despite what he may have held against that woman she was truly one of the most remarkable minds he’d ever encountered. He was honestly hoping to see what he and the Elena^Squared could accomplish. Alas, he was uncertain if any would show. He was thankful to see all of his family at this event.

Jordan was meditating next to Humanity, peeking at him every now and again to see if his father was genuinely entransed. Zell smiled softly as he looked to the next child in line. Shael stood with Shara, laughing over some silly story about Zell when he and Shara were together. Shael then seemed to rope Sean into it, slinging an arm around his second father. Michael and Silus were there too, sitting there and talking to his extra-universal offspring, one that looked like someone smashed the two brothers together, and formed a missing link between them. He looked to the younger Jordan, not sure if he had seen him there yet.

“You-You look rough.” A hoarse voice came, Zell turned to see an old friend smiling at him. Zell’s softened heart broke as he laughed, arms wrapping around the stranger. “Honestly surprised you reached out.”

”No you’re not. You knew I’d drop the ball one way or another.” Zell said with a chuckle. He’d exchange pleasantries and discussion with the blonde haired voidling as Silus ran away to hug his uncle tightly, then disappear away for a moment before returning to Michael and the others. Blood Tithe immediately began to set up some of the most advanced technology he’d ever invented. He hated to confess that his genius was rivaled by Lucius, and surpassed by The Archon, but he had no shame in knowing his limitations. He worked without halt, from sunrise to the late hour of this night.

Azrael’s “Agents” patrolled the houses from the shadows and kept watch, while Azrael himself was inside, doing situps and keeping himself limber, it almost looked as though Overdose was working alongside him. Gravitas was working alongside one of the Master’s children, the blonde haired spastic one...That was all of them. The Meth-baby that wasn’t Zeta. That’s more specific. Their mission was apparently working upon a large ring of sorts that would allow them to generate a pulse which would prevent celestial or divine interference. If done correctly it would make it impossible for any outside help to assist them. Humanity’s brother, Archangel was watching the news, their father sitting in a chair and reading the Bible to himself. The mother walked about, trying to fetch drinks and make sure that there were enough snacks set out for the working forces.

“Is this a highly qualified group of protectors, or a damn open house?” Humanity asked, just loud enough for his family to hear. Silus giggled at that before wincing a little, seeing The Minister’s curious glare upon him. Humanity spoke, never once opening his eyes. ”If you’d like to keep those eyes I suggest you return them to your scripture, Minister.” He warned. The Minister continued his glare a little longer, looking to Humanity and giving a soft sigh. He was used to his expressions being misinterpreted from behind his mask.

“Oh, uh...I’m gonna go help Samhain prepare the summoning circle. Apparently he wanted to talk to me anyway. See you guys at the showdown.” Silus said as he hugged onto Pup and then his older brother. He’d turn and walk out, rubbing his head as he looked about, trying to find Samahin.

”I’m pretty sure we should be doing something to help. I wonder what Hound found...” Pup mused to himself as he took out his cellphone, looking over the twelve text messages he saw on it. He murmured out the items before sighing. ”He’s having issued reaching The Agency to evacuate the area. We might have to do it manually. What’s the best way to do that? Blow up a 16-wheeler?” He asked, looking to Mike for a moment before feeling a hand on his shoulder, Asmodeus glaring at the child, causing him to nervously chuckle.

”Careful. He might corrupt you.” Asmodeus said as he walked past, he smiled to mike and nodded.

”He’s not THAT bad” The pup spoke honestly, almost a whine but more of a matter of fact.

”I know, I was warning him.” Asmodeus chuckled as he walked past, eyes searching and scanning for any of the allies he summoned. He just visited with Proarden in the basement, his heart throbbing as he tried to smell for Rochelle. He saw Matthew, and knew he’d never allow Rochelle to come and fight by his side. He had already seen Citizen Zero doing target practice and Khaos dueling it out with some of Azrael’s Agents. Ink and Inferno were talking with Xerox as they were running through how they would best allocate their abilities to neutralize the incoming Divine, should the Technomagi protection circle fail. He searched far and wide, only to find himself disappointed for a moment.

So far they were running behind their schedule. True enough The Black Beast wasn’t going to show up soon, but the timeframe was one they desperately wanted to achieve. Zell had taken every possible precaution, traced every known piece of information on this being. For others it seemed as if he had known it instantly, and in a way..he had always known it. But it was centuries, lifetimes. Realities ended for this information, to observe its habits. A painful requirement to the multiverse. Asmodeus was contemplating calling upon his siblings, not certain if he should truly surrender himself so easily. It wasn’t long before the clicking of bones could be heard, a black smoke came from the fireplace, a skeletal figure formed as it looked about, small glowing eyes sweeping left to right. The figure radiated an unholy aura, Archangel’s wings began to glow and The Minister looked from his book calmly.

These were some powerful people, and it didn’t take long before they were taken note of. Ares was standing there, his normal carefree personna down and he had his own powerful bodyguard with him. Axel the Demon, another alongside him and the Nephilim child. He seemed to scrutinize the entire area, the middle of the road having magical runic markings upon the pavement and sidewalk. Axel continued to stand, his red suit pulled perfectly, his purple skin and sharp canines working together to drive home the post yet vicious appearance.  Austyn and Cale were working together as they began to work on a few exosuits, the skeletons left from Zell’s creation station.

”Backs into it boys...We don’t want to muck it up yet.” Sin said as he smiled, then glaring at the house. He had his own stake in this, the world was such a wonderfully sinful place afterall. He was standing over a large cauldron, throwing his blood into the mixture as he seemed to access the Inferno, the vault of Hell designed specifically to contain him. He had a plan of his own, channeling himself as best as he could into the fire. The Hound walked past, his own body morphing as he passed Sin, a distasteful glare as he continued to look through the premises, searching for someone else.

There was a cyan blur as Guilty Spark stopped his running, looking back for a moment as another blur ran up beside him, stopping abruptly and panting. The Machine looked the meatsack over and then nodded, a form of silent encouragement as the machine's shadow began to manifest into another human form, the pale man rolling out and heaving for air as he had the wind knocked out of him. The “man” blurred off again a bright cyan color as he swept the far outer areas. Upon the roof there was a man with glowing purple eyes as he looked up unto the sky. His hands were holding a particular posture, the world around them still. A thin, firm lip emotionless and fixed. The Void Watcher continued to look as it pushed it’s black hair out of the way and fixed it’s hood, returning his hands to the correct position, the universe standing still once more, save for the marked ones that would save this universe.

“Yamm!” A voice shouted as a black sphere exploded, the element of water pouring forwards like a contained hurricane. Cultists poured through, armed to the teeth in metal and magical blades. Between the powers that be, one might safely say there was enough power here to destroy the known multiverse. Of course that’s under the absolutely most off the scale, low level way possible. There were ninjas and even Fear was there, his mask off as he walked freely, keeping his Bloodmoon defectors in line. Raja Annihia was here, ready to serve as he watched around, his collar broken off as he folded his legs, sitting in the air meditating. Of all the forces they’ve had though the most surprising to many was the assistance of Prometheus and a few of the Ti’tians he had befriended, especially the one that was a young child, saved by Silus and Yancey.

A strange being in a Plague doctor’s uniform also arrived, walking slowly as it scanned the area. He was soon joined by a man with a metal arm over his shoulder and a crystal on his staff. The metallic voice growled, Doctor Death had arrived with a small cat on his back, the clever kitty bolting into the house and jumping up into the Pup’s arms. ”Hey little Pup. Hello Rough n’ Tough~” The cat’s voice purred as it nuzzled into the boy then leaning up and licking Mike. The cat, Sibuna was followed in by Jack as he looked around, uneasy as he cleared his throat and tried to hide himself with Pup, cursing the fact it was so cold out.

Outside there was an encampment, Wic-Kid stood with his hat off, for the first time dressed appropriately for his gender as he smiled and looked around and laughed. A small sphere floated around him, chirping happily before it flew off. A red-headed alien girl stood with her toasted and laughed as they chased the sphere down. It was a jovial time actually, it was peaceful...mostly. Even enemies worked together. So why did it have to be when the goddamn universe was going to die?

“So, Orpheus. Are you absolutely sure you wanna be here for this? I hear that Lucius is gonna be here. Speak of the Devil on Earth...” The Author said as the flash of existence appeared.  Daniel’s teleportation had brought them all right to him, and likely an army outside no doubt. “Lucius! Good to see ya!” The Author said with a wide smile. The fact he looked older than Silus and the fact he didn’t immediately run and Hug Silus was a pretty clear indication that this was not the Silus he was familiar with. It didn’t take long before Silus arrived however, doing exactly what was predicted of him.

”Lucius!” He shouted as he wrapped his arms around his friend, looking up and smiling brightly, his eyes widening for a moment as he recalled he had something to say. ”Oh! Lucas is here too...I figured you might wanna talk to him.” He explained, trying to do his best to respect both of his friends but at the same time provide a form of peace, of solidarity between them. This would be the first time the three of them were around. Silus didn’t want to mediate, but he also didn’t want to see any hard feeling linger.

”I’ve called upon the magical influences and powers that be. Per the request of my son, The Hales are to be kept safe out of range form the conflict. Sean was left to reach out to the Ti’tians. The Etherium is channeled into Yggdrasil, my grandson shall call it forth when the time is ready. War leaders, we assemble!” The Lych growled in his raspy, whispering throat, though the volume was loud enough to project. In that moment, The Minister stood up to close his bible as his wife came from the kitchen. The Lych seemed to walk away, Zell and Rozmer leading them to their convergence point. Silus looked at Lucius, expecting him to go as the leader of Belarus.

”We’re still far from ready...Author. Would you kindly fetch me the Ionic hyperspanner from the second pouch?” Blood Tithe said, The Author eagerly obliging as he studied the instruments before selecting one at random. It must have been the correct one, because Blood Tithe didn’t say anything to the contrary.

”The war council convenes, Scribe, begin. Alistair Marlowe, Host of Souls. The Lych.” The Lych said as he turned his head to the left. Apparently it was an acknowledgement of whomever was in the room at the time. Zell was next, a sigh.

”Zell Atterrius, Creation’s Soul. The Archon.” He said, looking to Rozmer whom said nothing. Everyone seemed to look at him he just shrugged. He wasn’t a war leader, he was quite literally nothing. Zell saw what he was doing and smiled, shaking his head. He looked to see if Sean or Elena had joined the meeting, hoping that they would as they were the leaders of their own perspective faction.

”Stephen May, The Minister.” The next said, his wife smiling quietly as she stood, listening in on the introductions. Humanity growled a little when he didn’t hear his father boast of any particular title or feat beyond that of his miserable heroic moniker.

”Proarden, Stand in for Gravitas...” Proarden said, knowing full well that Gravitas wasn’t coming to the meeting. Lucius would be here and he was their leader, ans Alpha would be here too most likely to help keep things in perspective. Proarden was just there to vote on anything if needed.

”Humanity, King of Thrones, Voice of The Vigilantes and...ugh...Team Bolt. The Villain.” He said, looking to the paper and glaring at Cypher behind him, she blushed and shrugged. He had any friend who wished to accompany him as well. He saw Drifted, smirking behind his mask. ”Except this one. No one speaks for him, but him.”

”Sam-” The scottish accent began, immediately his tongue was caught as The Lych looked at him, he was having a difficult time lying.

”Your true name.” Archon was quick to remind him. The Eldritch scoffed, a rather bitter chuckle as he cleared his throat. A small cloud of black and red sparks seemed to permeate from his body, the form of the tall pale man replaced with the tanned skin boy, looking worse for wear as the Black Eldritch essence seemed to corrode his physical form around his wrists, neck and eyes.

”Yancey Zazel, The Eldritch One; The Dying Light. Castiel or Samhain.” He said with a cough, immediately seeming to be much weaker than the Eldritch being he used to be. For some this was a shock, to others there was no reaction or care in the world. Humanity was among one of the wones staring, an audible gasp before his fists clenched, like he was about to haul off. He felt someone grip his wrist, he wasn’t sure who, but he was glad they did.

”Asmodeus, Lord of Lust. Crown Prince of Hell and a coward who doesn’t want that knowledge getting out to his sister who now sits on the throne. Please and Thank you.” He said, airing it all out there as he nodded his head and fixing his bone battle armor a little as a nervous tick.

There were other introductions to be had, of the most noted was an old “friend” of the Lych, Nicholas Flamel. Zell was expecting Lucius and Elena Marie to be there, possibly Mike’s right-hand bitch to help coordinate Ti’tian tactics. Whomever else arrived would be a welcomed addition to the forces, even when Ares came in late with his demon and a kid at his side. Ares gave his introduction, stating he was a friendly repairman.

”Is there any preliminaries that are to be offered for those before we handle the business at hand?”
”Anyone who would like, please bow your head in prayer. If you choose to abstain I understand, but ask you respect those of us who do.” Humanity groaned as he rolled his head back. Archon, Asmodeus, The Minister and a few others bowed their head, even little Azrael whom came in late to stand by Samhain did as well. The prayer was surprisingly quick-winded for The Minister as he backed away.

”Motion to get this started before he remembers something else to pray for.” Humanity said, quite agitated as he looked for the votes of affirmation. Many voted in favor of this, though he could feel the glares upon him. ”Call to arms. We need a strategist. I nominate Lucius Alba and Myself.”

”I second Lucius Alba”
”I second Lucius Alba” Zell and Rozmer said in unison, looking to each other and shaking their head.

”I second The Villain. Other nominations?” The lych asked as he scanned the area.

”I nominate Sheiara.” Samhain, or Yancey, offered with a cough.


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Re: Never one, without the other. (MSG for Inv.)

Post by Red on Sun Dec 09, 2018 1:57 am

A crimson blade.

Perfectly polished armor.

Glowing red optics.

A longcoat and belt.

Old gadgets, bombs, and toys.

All these things were laid out in front of Red. They were his past, present, and future. Sure, he'd tried to leave them behind. He'd tried to be the voice--the intellect--behind his movement, but he'd always been drawn into being it's might instead. As much as he had tried to remain behind the scenes, he was an Alexander at heart. He'd risk everything he'd built just to prove he wasn't just talk, but that he could also get his hands dirty. He'd tried to deny that fact to himself, but it proved true time and time again.

Looking over these opjects on his desk, Lucius realized he wasn't just a leader. He wasn't only an intellectual, a scientist, and an innovator; he was a warrior. He even had the wonderfully maintained, yet obviously worn armor and sword to prove it. He hadn't just been preaching all this time, but fighting.

Lucius smirked. Perhaps that's what separated him from all the other idealists: He had the will to see his vision through to the end.

Today, that meant putting on his war garb--his uniform--to go out to battle against a force he knew nothing about. Sure, they had explained it to him well enough, but that didn't mean it wasn't over his head. Cosmic beings, supernatural forces, and magic were still hard pills for Lucius to swallow. They threatened to fill him with the same existential, nihilistic dread that stomped out any and all ambition in so many others. These things called into question his plight, and whether it truly mattered in the grand scheme of things.

Red's mind drifted to these thoughts as he suited up, but each time he shook them off. Now was not the time to think about such things. Right now, he needed to act. He kept telling himself it didn't matter what was out there, because he would always face it with all his might. He believed, truly, that if he put his mind to overcoming something, he would. It didn't matter if it was death, love, the hatred of millions, or an army at the Earth's gate; Lucius Alba would always be there, and he'd always be ready to take a stand for what he believed.

Lucius' armor sealed. His repulsive field ignited, briefly causing his suit to glow faintly red before the shield adjusted into it's normal, translucent state. He sheathed Cora Zen, put on his flowing long coat, and clasped his belt around his waist.

This was his standard gear. They were, in truth, relics of an earlier time. Lucius could have at any point upgraded his equipment to some of the most deadly in existence, but he had been resisting his role as a fighter ever since he took Belarus. He didn't see it as his job, and as a consequence focused on other things. This is in part how his counterpart, Blood Tithe, overcame him in battle so many times. While Lucius was giving speeches and setting up an advanced society, Blood Tithe was, in a primal and relentless fashion, figuring out the best way to demolish his opponents.

But even now, knowing this fact, Lucius did nothing to augment his personal technology. He could have grabbed a suit of power armor. He could have went through all his ideas and forged something that would make him a paragon of the battlefield. But no, perhaps out of sentiment, the Prime Minister dug out his tried and true gear. He reasoned that he didn't need anything else to protect himself. These items had gotten him through everything to this point with little alteration, and they would serve him well today. Besides, it was his character, not his tools, that made him such a threat. Like a prideful warrior that went into battle with nothing but a stick, he intended to prove his prowess once again.

Of course, that didn't mean those he brought with him had to follow his example.

A flash of red lit up the sky. It was as if several dozen lightning bolts had struck the same spot all at once. For a brief moment, all that those in the suburban neighborhood that were outside would be able to see was crimson. Once the light faded, though, they would be greeted with a display of military power with few equals.

With Red and his generals at their head, hundreds of men in suits of power armor stood at attention in neat, unflinching square units. Between these units were small groups of unarmored crews manning massive, mobile railguns. These weapons emanated an emerald light, and could be fired in rapid succession despite their size. Their projectiles tripled the speed and power of anything on record from other governments, and yet Lucius had simply brought them as an after thought.

In the center of the army in the streets was a large metal platform. Soldiers hastily drilled it into the ground as soon as they arrived. Atop it was a large metal ring, like a portal, which contained a glowing green mass of energy. Given that the rail guns, infantry weapons, and power armor cores all glew with the same color, it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume this was the power source for it all. After all, these things were highly advanced, and therefore needed something approximating a small sun to keep them going at full capacity. The unfortunate trade off was that the energy sphere in the center of the ring seemed to scream every now and then, but it was probably nothing.....

Despite the flashy entrance of Lucius and his ground troops, what was really impressive about his arrival was the sudden appearance of a giant airborne command center. It housed what seemed like an uncountable number of laser cannons and advanced weapons, and looked to be an excellent vantage point for anyone wanting to command forces from above. Not only that, but dozens of high tech jets swarmed the ship like hypersonic hornets, ready to deliver payloads at lightning speed. Lucius had come plain, and looked as he always did, but Belarus had pulled out all the stops.

The unarmored soldiers busied themselves with setting up and handing out small communication devices and what looked like high tech wrist watches to whoever they could. These gadgets glew with the same green light as everything else the soldiers had, so it seemed they were powered by the same core, which was now affixed in the middle of the suburban road.

While Hazmat, Broker, Captain Victus, and Daniel directed Red's troops, Lucius walked forward to meet with everyone. He only got a few steps before Author greeted him and the Silus he was much more fond of tried to hug him to death. Slightly startled, and seemingly a bit put off for a moment, Lucius' irritation quickly turned to laughter. He smiled at the boy, hugging him tightly in kind. He couldn't help but feel some kind of joy when Silus approached him in such an enthusiastic manner.

"It's....... It's good to see you, Silus. I'm sorry it couldn't be under better circumstances," Lucius said, lowering himself a bit as he spoke to the boy. Even for someone his age, Silus was short, and it could be a struggle to properly level with him unless you took a knee.

Silus mentioned that Lucas was there as well. Lucius' eyes went wide at this. He had no idea. He would have been furious, but then he realized he really had no right to be. Given the way he had treated his sons last he saw them, apologizing to them, not lecturing them, was what was most appropriate.

"He shouldn't-Why did he? ......Yeah, you're right. I'll have a word with him as soon as the meeting is done." Lucius gave Silus one last squeeze before standing. He would have liked to catch up for a little bit longer, but time was of the essence, and the battle leaders had been called.

As Lucius moved to follow Lych and the others, he spotted Blood Tithe. His first inclination was to cut him down, and after that to glare at him, but neither would promote cooperation on a day that really, really required it. Instead of being petty, Lucius swallowed his pride, and his grudge, and stopped in front of his counterpart. The Prime Minster then reached out a hand for a shake. Whether the monster chose to accept or not was irrelevant. Lucius was showing good will, or at least respect among rivals.

"Although my seething hatred for everything you are knows no bounds, I suppose we can put our differences aside for a common goal. For the time being, I won't try to kill you," Lucius said, bowing every so slightly before walking off. However, after about a dozen feet, he felt that was probably not all that should have been said between them. He turned around partially, adding a brief fairwell comment; "for what it's worth, thank you........ For helping him."

As the group of war leaders walked, Lucius spotted a few familiar faces. Some were from Rise, while others were old allies. Some, like Agent Michael Daniels, were old enemies. He had a thousand things to say to most of the people here, but he couldn't put this off to yack it up with friends or dig up old dirt with foes. The most he did was nod at Gamma, who seemed to be directing about a dozen of his kin. Regardless of their differences, he could respect the guy's stern nature when it came to ordering people around. Oliver got things done, that was for sure.

Once in the meeting area, everyone announced who they were, flashy titles and all. This room was almost everyone. Nearly all the major players. There were a few notable absences, but getting what powers that were there together was impressive nonetheless. Whatever was coming had a fight on it's hands.

"Lucius Alba, Dawnbringer, The Rebrum Redemptor, The Devil on Earth, The Rise Head, Prime Minister of Belarus, or simply..... Red," Lucius said, listing off a couple more titles than the others. It was in stark contrast to one of the other war leaders, who only gave the name 'The Minister.' Why a preacher Lucius had never heard of sat amongst them he didn't know, but perhaps that would become apparent at some point.

Last into the meeting was someone Lucius had a pretty decent relationship with, despite their differences. He was an old man, golden eyed and white bearded. He wore the clothing of a sage, or perhaps a seventeenth century Wiseman. Gold and silver embroidery swirled along his elegant garments, yet he still had the presence of a humble, genuine, and monastic man.

"Nicolas Flamel, Servent of Humanity, The Father of Alchemy," the old man said, bowing to Lych as he announced himself. When he stood up straight once again, he had a smile on his face. "Good to see you, old friend. If only it could have been sooner."

After Flamel spoke, he took his seat among the makeshift council. By that point, everyone was already there, and The Minster decided a bit of pre-carnage prayer would be appropriate. Lucius laughed to himself, wanting to say something, but he was feeling oddly generous towards people's stupidity lately. He had no problem with religious people, but there was a time and a place for espousing your beliefs. Even though many, including Archon, Flamel, and at least one of the vigilantes behind Humanity bowed their heads, Lucius was having none of it.

"Yes, please. I've had enough snake oil for the evening," Lucius said, unable to help himself, once Humanity raised the motion to get on with the meeting.

It was then on to more important things, like who would lead. Lucius didn't really care who was selected, because he intended to command his forces as he saw fit no matter who was chosen as high commander. That said, being voted in would make things easier. He wouldn't have to explain to people why it was in their best interest to listen to him on every damn point no matter how obvious. If he were in command, instead of having to get people to agree, he could simply bark the orders, and they'd be much less likely to question them. The arbitrary designation as leader was retard repellent, basically.

Luckily, a good amount of people had enough sense to give it to him.

"I nominate myself, and I suppose Humanity as well. He's proven himself to be an excellent tactician," Lucius said, hoping that would be the end of it. There were of course more people there that hadn't voted, but he wouldn't just take it if he was voted down without explaining why that was a terrible decision.

"I nominate Alba. As overbearing, and, well, frankly unhinged as he can be, I don't think anyone here doubts his competence as a strategist," Nick said, throwing in his two cents. He reasoned that everyone here had their expertise, and leading men happened to be Lucius'.

Whether he was chosen or not, Lucius would stand, making sure to get everyone's attention. He wanted to make sure everyone was aware of just what Rise was providing, besides simple numbers.

"My forces are handing out communicators and personal teleportation devices. Giving these tools to everyone that is without their own similar equipment will enhance both our mobility and our ability to cooperate. Please, take them. There is no trick to be done here. I'm sure Archon can verify," Lucius said, tossing Zell both a communicator and a teleportor to examine. He would see with a simple trained look that they were what Lucius said they were.

"Just don't, for the love of all that is holy, use them more then twice in the span of ten minutes. I won't take responsibility if you end up in a flagpole. But, moving on from that, I'm sure you all saw the command center in the sky. There you will find advanced medical facilities, equipment, and support from Belarusian military personnel. More importantly, however, it gives us an excellent view of the battlefield...... And has railguns. So, if anyone is of a more cowardly persuasion, they can just sit up there and shoot the whole time. No one would judge you." Once Lucius was done with his quick speech, he sat back down, waiting for the next motion, if there was one, to be put before the council.


Lucas sat in one of the three houses, watching as his father's forces arrived. When he heard Lucius was coming, he almost left...... But then he remembered that it wasn't like him to hold grudges, no matter how badly someone hurt him.

Besides, this lull before the storm had taught him something: Enemies could put their differences aside for a common good. He saw so many people there during the course of the day that should have been fighting, yet they were all gathered around eating, joking, and working. It was like they were all..... Friends? A community, almost? It would have been almost beautiful had the circumstances been different, but apparently this type of thing was only possible when the world was about to end.

Lucas had remained withdrawn from everyone so far. He had come here trying to help, but at this point he was starting to believe he might just get in the way. So much was happening, and so many people were there to make a stand. His little voice and little ideas would be nothing new to people like the Archon, The Lych, and The Author.

Yeah, maybe he wasn't going to do any good, but that didn't mean he could leave. There were too many people there that he cared for to just up and abandon them. So, he resolved to sit on the sidelines, helping where he could. Even if all he could offer was the perspective of a genius thirteen year old, he would be happy.

Lucas eventually left the house he had stayed in for the majority of the time he was there, going out to see what Author and Blood Tithe were working on. He hadn't seen either of them since their encounter in that pocket dimension, but that didn't stop him from abruptly walking up like it was the most normal thing in the world.

"Um, hey. What are you guys up to?"


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Re: Never one, without the other. (MSG for Inv.)

Post by Arcana on Sun Dec 09, 2018 2:28 am

A writhing ruin and it’s herald had set their sights upon this world. Fractured, frayed as it might have been but alive nonetheless. Malicious intent meaning to bring through the end of all of that possibility, as other worlds had suffered beforehand. For the sole purpose of stopping this many had been brought together, many of which might not alone have been brought together but they shared a mutual desire to see their world saved. A myriad of minds, powers that once fought against each other now seeing past temporary squabbles and the strength that came of it was monumental. Thanatos felt it as he sat upon his onyx throne, gazing into the pulsating jet heart of his world. With I the life of something that simply needed the life of other things to subsist, to survive but even he felt the danger that came. One that stood on the very precipice of his doorstep.

Sheiara paced along the  soft carpets that lined the area before the throne,  several of his generals all prostrate before him save for the self proclaimed goddess of war. Someone that bowed to no one, not even perhaps the only one that could claim to surpass her. Instead she seemed deep in thought. As if a quandary had captured her attention, though what that was he couldn’t actually tell. ”What’s on your mind?” He finally questioned, arcing a single brow as he leaned forward within the throne itself. Only managing to draw her attention for a moment before she continued to pace.

”This Black Beast. I feel like i’ve heard of the name before but I can’t recall from where. I know Hyperion had a strange fascination with it but cannot for the life of me guess why i’m so...interested myself.” She admitted, stroking her chin.

”Well I have heard we do something similar to it, if not for the destruction portion of the process.” He offered, fingers intertwined as he stepped to his feet. Feeling the breach within dimensional walls before anyway else. After-all, someone would feel it when their skin was cut.

”That is a possibility but there’s a certain wrongness when thinking of it.” The words seemed to be hard fought, as if she couldn’t really figure out what she was trying to say. ”Maybe it’s something I need to...look into more personally.” Something that sounded perfectly fine within her own mind.

”You needn’t do that dear. The answers have come to you.” Everyone in the room turned, seeing a woman in black. Mask inscribing an unspeakable horror with red hair flowing from the back, what looked to be a katana strapped to her side.  ”I didn’t understand it first. Why this world existed, one so touched by The Beast but it makes perfect sense.” Several of the guards rose, weapons drawn and with a twitch of the wrist the woman had moved. Dropping all who stood against her in an instant. Falling like dolls.

”You...” Sheiara growled, drawing her weapons in preparation to fight. Seeing the flicker of movement, until her limbs went slack.

”I didn’t come here to kill you dear Sheiara. No, we have a much greater purpose in mind for you. Oh goddess of The Abyss.” Her eyes widened at the mention of we, even Thanatos seemingly locked within place. Face taut with tension as he tried to command his limbs to move. ”Ever since I had been brought into this world, I had sensed it. Traces of the profane scattered throughout the world. Slowly depleting but with it something else. An essence that only I and the young goddess bore.” Stepping from the shadows was a pale woman, decked in leather with a shadowy blade in hand.

Metallic footsteps seemed to echo throughout the room as she approached the heart above them. Massive gem pulsating more and more as she drew closer, even defying gravity to do this. Eventually the clawed gauntlets scraped across its smooth surface. ”This was what I was supposed to find. A...divine truth from the beast itself.” Rearing back her mailed fist, she slammed it into the gem. Cracking, and shattering the surface as the fist buried itself into it. ”Now then, awaken as you were meant to.” She spoke, words resounding as the entire construct shattered and a darkness beyond darkness itself spilled from it.

”So what do you think all the hub bub is about?” Travis mused out loud, one arm slung around Omega who seemed less than pleased to be brought along. Rolling his grey eyes around three times a minute if he were lucky.

”I don’t know but I have a really bad feeling about this.” Was all he said, hands buried into his pockets as a few more of his family trailed behind them. Beta practically clinging to him with a little hand holding onto his own. Searching eyes looking around as they appeared onto the scene thanks to a certain member of Lucius’ lieutenants.

No one looked familiar to the young beta but he knew that he probably shouldn’t speak too much. Aside from helping his uncle who would likely need the hive mind support. ”You aaalways feel bad when Lucius is involved. He’s not that bad.” Was his response to that assertion, looking around until he caught a drifting fellow. Not literally drifting but he was a drifter.

It was Drifter.

”Hey, it’s the guy who shot me! Lets say hi to him.” That was greeted by a light swat to the back of his head.

”We are not saying hi to the person that shot you IN THE HEAD.” Omega snapped, garnering what looked to be a well meaning smirk from Alpha.

”I’m just kidding. Trying out this whole playful thing you know? Don’t think going back to calm, calculated and serious wins me any fans. Even if that’s your thing.” He smirked, walking up to keep a close eye on Lucius Alba. Certified for his number one best friend. ”Lucius! Are we all ready on the strategic front to wreck some dark wolf ass?”

”Black Beast.”

”That! I mean, with us involved it’s gonna get wrecked in like fifteen seconds flat. Honestly….acting like this is too much fun.” With hands buried into his stark white pants pockets, Travis looked for people he also recognized. There was Atterrius, that rich guy who was about as young as he looked. Plenty of other people that likely mattered  a lot and then  Atlas.


He saw that guy on the news and he totally punched Lucius really hard that one time. Now he was walking over to the super strong hero guy to talk. Because this was perhaps the only time he could without getting punched really hard and he didn’t want to pass up the opportunity.

Mike didn’t know what it felt like to be happy. Not really anyway. Sabotage yourself enough and that probably happens, seeing failure within even the most triumphant of moments but he had to admit he was pleased with this. Silus looked at him in a manner that he assumed a younger brother would, all smiles and not fearing for their life. Pup was there too, scraggly haired and not dead as he liked him to be. All of it felt too good but for once he was fine with it. Even if this had been a scene he lived before, forces being rallied to fight off a great threat. Every fiber within his being warning him that something could go wrong within this moment.

Probably because everyone is going to die. That small, not so hallucinatory voice spoke in the back of his head. As if he had enough issues without a botched attempt to help turning into an overly full headspace.

I’m sure dads have thought of a plan. Maybe even a good one. His mental response came, fingers intertwining and knuckles turning a pale white. Trying to let his mind wander off from whatever was setting in. Doubts so deeply ingrained that it took a deep mind bleach to make them go away. However he knew how much that would not work, so instead he tried to calm himself. Imagine the best possible reality. That they won and The Black beast was pushed back without anyone being lost.

Anyone that mattered to him.

Silus, Jordan, Zell, Sean, Shael, Shael again, Fera, Pup, Jordan also again. As repetitive as the list itself was, he couldn’t help thinking of these people now. Reminders that he had people worth fighting for, dying for even if that came down to it.

”I know how to blow up a few big trucks.  Getting enough together to blow up is the real trick.” He said with a smirk, feeling a flare like daggers bite into him. Turning he saw one of those Jordans...the one he didn’t have awkward sexual/romantic feelings for. No, that one belonged to someone else.

”Thought they might need a healer for this big ordeal….also Pat invited me. Well….more like I invited myself and he had no say in the matter.” He said with a grin, settling down beside his decidedly darker half. ”Besides, have to keep you on the straight and narrow’.

”Think you fail immediately on one of those fronts.” Was all he said in that regard, feeling the faint pulse of nether flowing through the air as a portal opened and Sheiara stepped through said rift. Decked out in an outfit meant for combat, jagged blades at her side and runic markings pulsing red before fading back to black.

”Right on time. Thought you would skip out on us.” His mood overall seemed jovial, more so than normal for Mike anyway.

”I just had a few preparations to make beforehand. Unfortunately The Abyss can’t help us in this matter as….well let’s just say Thanatos is otherwise occupied.” That seemed to hold much behind it, but he didn’t know what. Either way they had a powerful ally, someone that they could make use of within this conflict that they were going to craft.

”That’s because The Abyss got blown up.”A voice noted in a matter of fact way. Seemingly riding through the tear within worlds was a male figure dressed in a ripped, almost liquid black armor with a masquerade mask that covered almost all of their face save for their mouth. ”Followed our mutual something here and I find myself in a little pow wow. Awesome really.” He seemed to float through the air, upside down before reorienting himself to consider Mike and Jordan.

”Why do I have a feeling this guy is just going to cause more trouble?” Mike muttered under his breath, seemingly to draw a chuckle from him.

”Because you’re right short stop. Lucky for you i’m here to cause trouble for someone everyone here equally dislikes. That bitch The Good Sister I mean.” That was when something seemed to hit this mercurial figure like a ton of bricks, looking around before smirking. ”I also heard there were snacks. So if you’ll excuse me.” Like that he vanished in a puff of black smoke accompanied by a pop. Sheiara looked at him as if something strange and unknowable had happened before shaking her head.

”Now that he’s gone, we should do what tactics we can.” With that the two of them seemed to fall into a conversation. Which involved a bit of information about things blowing up.

The war leaders were talking by the time that she arrived. Not as flashy as many would have liked but Elena Marie had set aside much to make sure she could appear when needed. Dressed in what could be best called a battle dress, lined with multiple gems of varying size and type that didn’t seem to inhibit movement of any kind. ”Sorry if i’m a little late, unannounced old friend decided to drop by.” She stated with a sigh, looking to those around her and seemingly glaring at The Lych far longer than she should have. Why was that annoyance here of all places? That was when she remembered, and tempered the glare into something more tame.

They were all her for The Black Beast after all.

Looking to those gathered once again she crossed arms over her chest, seemingly thinking over something. ”Elena Marie Collin, Crimson Witch, Mistress of the Soul Stream and general pain in many asses.” Was what she said adding into the  procession of people in their names.

”Raziel, angel of secrets and someone who invited himself here anyway.” A male noted, dressed sharply in a suit with silver eyes that glowed brilliantly. Messing around with the sleeves of his jacket, and not someone that she had been expecting to see. Granted hearing someone claim the name of Asmodeus was also odd. Especially since he was flanked by a pale vampire and what looked to be a red haired cambion.

However what did catch her attention was the sound of someone speaking through a full mouth. Turning to see a dark haired male in eldritch leathers and a masquerade mask. Shoveling what looked to be a sandwich into his mouth. Swallowing, he proceeded t speak in more understandable terms. ”Dark Traveler, realm walker, wrecker of shit and various other things.” He said with a smile, wiping away a few crumbs from his lower lip. ”Oh yeah, Humanity. I vote Humanity. That guy gets shit done.” He agreed, nodding a couple of times and sucking at his fingers for crumbs.

”I vote for Alba. I’ve seen enough of his work to see he knows what he’s doing.” Elena Marie said in agreement with a few. Sheiara seemingly having appeared from nowhere the moment she had been voted for. She seemed to offer Yancey a pleased smirk, but nothing more for his vote.

”Alba.” Was all Raziel said, seemingly knowing something without saying it.

Well that got some of the things moving forward but then again she had to wonder what  their plan was. Looking to Atterrius who likely had something in mind.

Well, maybe she wanted the strange masked one to begone.
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Re: Never one, without the other. (MSG for Inv.)

Post by Silus on Sat Dec 15, 2018 5:53 am

There had been few surprises in how the vote was cast. Lucious was getting a lot of votes. Humanity looked to Lucius as he heard him nominate him as a tactician. He gave a small grunt, a smirk behind his mask. Lucius was a smart man, he would operate his Vigilantes regardless of their plans. He knew his team best, and Alba wasn’t about to use the opportunity to gather intel on them. The entire tables went around until they got to Ares, he seemed to give a small laugh, an oddly innocent face to him as a sparkle of joy left his eyes.

”I’ll nominate President Trump.” He said, a few eyes looked to him and he grinned rather ominously. ”Kidding. I vote for The Villain.” He said, though at that moment Humanity seemed to growl. He slammed a hand on the table, leaning forward and his face darting between anyone that casted a vote for him.

”I voted for myself because regardless what’s done, I work autonomously. I’m not sure if you’re blind, or just absolutely retarded, but I suggest you take your decisions seriously.” He warned them, his last gaze turned to The Dark Traveler, in that moment Humanity’s eyes would seem to become hollow to the man. No one else would see the faint blue color to the eyes before blackness consumed them. He looked back to Lucius and then to The Minister, finally landing on Drifter.

”I’m always serious. The Villain’s perseverance is battle tested, his results unquestionable. Unfortunately his mortal coil confines that intellect of his.” Humanity scoffed at that, but he nodded in appreciation of the vote towards the rightful ruler of the title of Strategist.

”I can personally attest to The Villain’s competence as a strategist. He’s bested three of the seven princes of Hell, and that was prior to meeting me. I’ve been watching him for a long time and if there’s anyone who can get it’s you.” Asmodeus began though he started talking about Humanity, he ended up talking directly to him. He shook his head, these people were absolutely crazy. He found his eyes scanning the room. There was opportunity here, in this event. Humanity took a deep breath in and looked to the last ones he knew hadn’t voted. There was Samhain’s throw-away which meant he’d need to vote again if it came to a tie. However The Lych still hadn’t given a definite answer, and The Minister seemed to hold things in suspense as well.  

”The Villain has my confidence.” The Lych said. Humanity growled, his eyes narrowing. It wasn’t the fact he “couldn’t” lead; it was the fact he didn’t want to. He had a particular skill set that made him invaluable elsewhere, just as Drifter had his ideas. He wasn’t meant to do this, Lucius was a natural born leader with a brilliant mind. He despised the man for what was happening to his beloved, but he couldn’t let the entire world die because of a dislike for a man. He looked to the last Vote that could matter. The Minister and his wife seemed to whisper and speak to each other in confidence a little, though eventually there was a decision made.

”...Prime Minister Alba” He said. Humanity felt his stomach sink as he bit his lip behind his mask. He had gotten what he wanted, and he was all too happy for it. But there was something about that vote that made him recall a time long past. Memories from a man who had died. He wouldn’t let his emotion show as he looked to Lucius and nodded, a silent respect for the man.

”Lucius, The floor is yours for the moment.” Archon said, everyone had their eyes on him, listening intently. In the meantime, Humanity stared down this Dark Traveler and his face, almost glaring, as if he recognized something about this man from somewhere. There had been a small silence of anticipation, everyone wondering what the Strategist would ask of them. Did he already have a plan? Would he even ask what these people brought ot the table? Would he need to know the assets they involved? There was pressure on his shoulders. He may not have been their leader, but he was most certainly their guiding light.


The Pup ended up clashing into The Hound, though they only exchanged small talk for a moment, then he would return to trying to find Mike, only to fail once the Ti’tian woman had showed herself. He began to smell the air a little, his mouth watering with a familiar taste in his mouth. His eyes went wide and he scurried off to find Jack. Once he had his best friend in tow, he’s take off to try and find Mike. It was a bit of a stretch, but he thought he just might have found something that would be useful.

The Doctor continued to walk, passing Dr.Death and Sin as they seemed to argue. Of course Sin was then interrupted from his argument by the approach of a “creature of average height, it had a skull over its face, the lower jaw was closed. It wore a fitted cultist coat with a large Storm-like emblem on the back, a slight burning blue and black glow to it while the blood red Eth character on his front burned brightly. The skull seemed to have no eyes, but in it’s right eye socket, there was an ancient runic marking that seemed to flow with power.

”Sin. You will serve our master….” The man said, their voice distorted in a combination of technology and magics. Their voice was low, bellowing and almost sickly distorted, as if they were struggling to speak. Zakaken smiled as tendrils began to form in his hand. ”Predictable.” There was a bright flash that took to many people’s attention, but when they looked there was nothing there. No man, no Sin. Just empty space. Being that Sin was one that none particularly cared for, his disappearance was not exactly noticed.

It wasn’t long before so many people had been completely busy. There wasn’t a person just standing around, unless it was a post for a guard. Each and every officer, no matter what faction they served under was a part of this new alliance. A universal force that would unite under the very unlikely events that transpired. They’d need a name at some point, but it was something that they all put off. No one really thought this would ever happen again. Especially what came next. A small glowing sphere arrived and compressed in, opening to reveal several armed individuals. At the head of them was a man with slightly spiked hair, glasses and a strong, stoic glare. With a snap of his fingers, the several suited men began to walk in multiple different directions. Beside him was an old friend to Zell, the first person he had ever “killed”, or so he believed. They had actually gotten along smashingly, once Dominus was dismantled, she was recruited by The Agency, sparring and almost defeating Nerovii, their highest field agent at the time.

”Agent Daniels, I want a full report. Have you seen any sign of Subject:Zero? Agent Reaper, you function as my word. Delegate tasks to the others, keep Agents 30 feet from Subject Gravitas at all times per the agreement. If at any point he can be neutralized however...” He said to her, a nod so she would be certain she knew what needed to be done. Agent Williams began to walk through the house, many looked at him with confusion as he seemed to be determined. Daniels followed alongside him, like a loyal dog, hopefully giving him a suitable update.

"I am so glad I suggested the teleporting space because if we built this where Alpha suggested then we’d have been spawning everyone into a wall." Prometheus said as he looked to the sigils on the ground, redirecting all the teleported in the area directly there. He smiled as he shook his head, then noticing another portal opening. In that instance there was a loud crash as a small body rolled through the dirt and groaned, trying to stand up. Brushing himself off he looked up and yelped as he tried to scurry out of the way, a hulking seven foot tall werewolf dressed in what looked to be a top hat and suit stepped through.

”Be more careful, Bel. It’s not within a Slayerbane’s nature to-” The werewolf began to laugh, though their sophisticated speech and annunciations made it clear that it wasn’t a run of the mill feral. It looked to the boy, they bore an odd resemblance to someone else there, save for the fact they were covered in an off white goop. The young boy pouted and folded his arms as he looked up to the sky. They could feel that something was going to happen.

Through all of the chaos, Blood Tithe only noticed Lucius’s comments with a nod of the head. Everyone was just nodding at Lucous today because everyone knew if they bothered talking to him it would just be a waste of breath. He continued to work, showing substantial patience with the Silus that was assisting him as he ended up making a few mistakes in the equipment he asked for. He was working to better prepare this place. Even if they should fail here, he would want there to be a chance. Something that could save this world. His childre-

    Lucius children…

Blood Tithe mourned the loss of Lucius’s daughter as if she were his own. His tears were plentiful, and his anger was almost unrivaled. He found himself wondering what he could possibly have done to stop this event. But the only thing he could think of was to have killed Ryan Lester when he had the chance. He would not make that mistake again. Even if Silus attempted to stop him. The cycle would end, and if he had to erase every one of those triplets to keep it so, he would do it. But part of him refused that idea. Part of him had a tug in his heart that threatened to make his eyes water all over again. After pulling his hyperspanner one too many times, he felt the device snap back and fly into his arm. With a roar, Blood Tithe pulled the wrench over his head, wanting nothing more than to unleash.

The broken hyperspanner was dropped and Blood Tithe sighed, a hand reaching to his chest, pulling off a golden locket from over the ribbed neck armor with a click he opened the locket, looking at the contents with an almost nostalgic sense. He still felt like a monster. He knew the whole philosophy Lucius had, and while much of it was based in his own perception of truth….Orpheus couldn’t bring himself to accept it. He jumped a little, the locket snapping shut as he turned his head upon hearing a little voice speak up. Turning his head he saw Lucas and instantly he was relieved, overjoyed to see hi-Lucius’ son again.

”Hey little guy. How’s our favorite kid? Uh, we as in the Siluses. Sili? I think Sili is better...” The Author asked, messing Lucas’ hair up before losing himself in thought. Orpheus turned at that point, looking to see Lucas there.

”Lucas...” He said, he may have sounded more excited than he meant to. He cleared his throat and turned to his knees, looking at the boy. ”I-I meant to come find you. To tell you Silus was okay but I-I won’t make excuses. I thought after what happened you’d rather not have me about.” Orpheus said as he seemed to take a measure of regret in not hunting Lucas down.

”This place is dangerous...I should have known you’d come. It’s the mature thing to do, help others.” Orpheus chuckled as he spoke, looking to Lucas with a nod. He wouldn’t judge him for coming, he wouldn’t scold him or send him away. He would encourage that little spark.

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Re: Never one, without the other. (MSG for Inv.)

Post by Red on Sat Dec 15, 2018 9:26 pm

Lucius smirked. This was quite odd. Had it been on any other day, in any other situation, he'd have thought it to be a trick of some kind. The votes rolled in, and despite the fact he knew only a few in this room, most selected Lucius. The runner-up was of course Humanity, yet the vigilante leader quickly made it a point to rebuke everyone that had agreed with his own nomination.

Lucius cocked a brow. This Humanity was a peculiar fellow. Did he suggest himself as strategist simply as a stunt? Perhaps it was some declaration of his independence? It seemed as such, because it was quite clear now that he didn't want to lead this coalition. In fact, Humanity all but confirmed that with a little outburst and slamming of the table.

It didn't really matter to the Prime Minister. Red's own reason for selecting Humanity was simply to keep him and his group of crazies out of the way. Despite their differences, at the very least Lucius and Humanity found themselves on the same page often enough to make things less annoying than they could be. Humanity wanted to work autonomously, and Lucius wanted less potential flies in the ointment. It all worked out.

Archon gave Lucius the floor. He had of course said a few words already, but now that his position was confirmed, he could go a little bit more in depth. No, he couldn't fashion some kind of plan that would perfectly play to everyone's strengths and weaknesses, while also causing no conflict and leaving room for adaptation. However, he could use what information he had to increase their chances as much as he could. If these people were expecting a foolproof plan, they would be disappointed, but if they were expecting good leadership, perhaps not.

Lucius stepped to the middle of the room, longcoat swaying and boots tapping against the ground. His mask automatically concealed itself in his suit with a few mechanical movements, and then Lucius pulled his hood down. He wanted to look at everyone free of any barriers, physical or otherwise.

Grey eyes, occasionally sparking with red light, scanned the room. The dictator would make sure to make eye contact with everyone he could, speaking directly to each individual for a few moments during his speech. He wanted this to be personal. Sure, he could spin a nice battle cry, and combined with a decent plan, it might do, but that wouldn't even come close to reaching the gravitas of the situation.

"Today... Today, I don't see the best the world has to offer. I don't see freaks of nature, beings that don't exist, or Celestials. I don't see old feuds, and I don't see our mistakes, manifold as they are. No, I don't see heroes, villains, or renegades," Lucius started, circling the center of the meeting area. He walked methodically, as if in thought. He would lower his head briefly, before bringing it back up to connect with another who was listening. One would not be too far off if they said the man looked as if he were giving a lecture of the highest of importance.

"I see friends. I see fathers. I see sons, mothers, and daughters. I see all that we hold dear. I see my boys, my wife, and...... My little girl. We're all here, despite our differences, to save our families. We're not fighting for power, dominance, superiority, or utopia. We're fighting for hope..... For love. " Lucius said the last sentence at a barely audible level, his eyes briefly welling up. He paused a few moments, gathering himself, but then snapped right back into his calm and calculated demeanor.

"This is not just another battle. This is not New York, and it's not the reverse dimension that collided with our universe all those years ago. This is not something that can be solved by a group of powered kids, and this is not a game we can win without sacrifice of the highest order. This is war, and there will be casualties. One truth I have been forced to accept is that the greatest of causes cost the greatest of prices, and what is greater than what we fight for now?

"I wish I could be your savior. I wish I could be the man I claim so often to be. I wish I could end our suffering, and make the world into a paradise, but there are things even a man such as I cannot do."
Lucius once again let his words set in with a pause. He breathed in deeply during the silence, looking at everyone's reaction. It was perhaps not the rousing speech they wanted, but it is what they were getting nonetheless.

"I will fail you today. The best of commanders cannot save everyone. We will lose many, and for that I am sorry, but if we are to protect what we have, than it must be done. I'd like to be your guiding light. I'd like to be the one to tell you it will be alright, but I'm not a liar. I may be the best among you for this position, but I am still flawed beyond comprehension, like anyone else. If we claim victory, it will be bitter. I know the odds, and they're in our favor..... But not in a manner that will leave us unscathed. This will be the end, if not of our lives than of who we are now." Lucius had a straight face as he gazed at everyone. He saw that some were on edge. This was certainly not what they wanted to hear going into this fight, but it was the truth. They had to understand what was going on.

"I tell you this not to place fear or despair in your hearts, but to motivate you. Too many times I have seen overconfidence--arrogance, kill young humans and metahumans alike. I fear that if you don't understand the consequences of defeat, you will not try your hardest for victory. So, as the greatest of all strategies in this battle, I ask first that you all give this everything you have, because that is exactly what is at stake." That was the only upswing this crowd was going to get. Lucius wasn't going to blind them with optimism. This would be hard, bloody, and terrible. The last thing he needed was a bunch of people breaking ranks at the first sign of trouble because they thought it would be easy.

Lucius raised his left hand, and a hologram of the area appeared for all to see. It was with this that he would explain his basic battle plan. It wasn't all-encompassing, and it wasn't a smoking gun, but hopefully it would prevent needless death.

"Those under my command will split into three groups. Let's call them assault, defense, and recovery. In the front, Assault Team will be made up of our strongest combatants, as well as those with high proficiency in the magical arts. Entrenched in cover, Defense Team will be mid-level combatants, those with utility specialities, and rank and file forces such as those from Belarus. In the airship or helping others on the ground, Recovery Team will be those possessing healing, repair, and support abilities as their main attributes.

"Assault Team will be doing the bulk of the fighting. We aren't going to waste lives, time, or resources letting our weaker allies be massacred in the front lines. We're going to show our might from the first second. Only when Assault Team becomes exhausted will Defense Team move forward, and even then it will only be to buy time while our actual fighting force is refreshed by Recovery Team. If we abide by this system, the only ones that will have to spend an extended period of time in harm's way are those that will be able to handle it. To summarize, we have our main fighters, our off-fighters, and our healers. Know your role, and stick to it."
Lucius explained all this while showing each group's position on the map. Lucius was essentially putting all his offensive stock into the strongest that were there. There was no need to waste valuable support from mid-level combatants or healers by placing them in front. They could be of much greater use as auxiliary and support units.

Once he was done, Red turned his hologram off. It was at this point he would take any questions or concerns. He didn't really care what others had to say on the matter, but he would let them vent their frustrations regardless.

"Oh, and The Villain and his people are free agents. Do whatever you want. Just don't cry to me if you get your legs blown off," Lucius added coyly. You could hear a faint 'fuck you' from behind Humanity. It was most likely from the one that had so boldly shot Alpha in the head. Lucius just shrugged it off though. It was most definitely not the time or the place to pick a fight.

Now all that was left was to decide who would be with him as he lead the Assault Team. There wasn't much to think about, really. He needed people that knew what they were up against, and who had the will to see this through to the end.

"Archon and Elena Marie, I would be honored if you joined me at the front of this fight. You're our best chance at finding a weakness in what we face."

"My Agents report no sign of Subject:Zero, but most of the other members of the Gravitas Gang are accounted for, including the man himself. We're keeping our distance as directed, waiting for your orders, or a significant opportunity. I must advise, however, that a coordinated assault is recommended rather than pragmatism. This place is crawling with them....." Agent Daniels said, directing a hooded boy behind him to follow. This individual's face was scarred, and his eyes sparked yellow. A dangerous metahuman, no doubt, but the Forensics Director had him firmly collared.

"And, Director, I hope you've considered my request. Subject:Horizon can be made vulnerable here. It would be my absolute pleasure to prove that," the former Detective continued, matching Williams' rapid walking speed as he spoke. Michael had a holographic device in his hand, swiping on it and seemingly keeping track of everything so he could keep the Director informed. He may have been an obsessive hardass, but he was certainly a good Agent.


Lucas smiled and shook his head when Blood Tithe was hard on himself. The boy didn't blame him for any of it. All Lucas did was quickly walk forward and hug The Monster once he took a knee. He was sick of people feeling guilty for things, especially when they were out if their control. Lucas in the end didn't hold grudges, he just hoped that people would be better.

"Why wouldn't I want you around? You're part of this big ol' messed up family, too!" Lucas said, squeezing Orpheus tightly. He backed off after a few seconds, laughing a little when Author tossled his hair. He was happy to be here. It was weird, crazy, and should have been full of dread, but he was happy

He looked over at what Orpheus was building, wanting to get involved. Even though the boy was a quick skill when it came to this stuff, he couldn't quite tell what the device was supposed to do. It looked like something his Dad might make, only, well, crazier.

"What's that? Is it gonna help us?"


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Re: Never one, without the other. (MSG for Inv.)

Post by Alpha on Sun Dec 16, 2018 5:35 pm

Here we were like he should have expected. If there was one thing Lucius Alba did, aside from justify murder it was giving speeches at length. Typically about murder. The Dark Traveler seemed to roll his eyes at the beginning of the speech, softly humming to himself with arms interlinked behind his back. There were probably dozens of other things that he could have been doing but looking after the defense of the world happened to be something that he cared about. Even if it meant having verbal diarrhea being spewed into his ear holes. Already he was thinking over the multiple fruits and vegetables that he could hurl at the dictators face.

Tomatoes, potatoes or maybe even a banana. All of them would have splattered pretty good but he kept those hands behind his back. Looking over the people arranged around him, offering friendly smiles to anyone that looked back at him. Seemingly trying to cultivate what many would call a friendly front. Save for perhaps when he looked to Humanity, who had been glaring at him. Eyes colorful now becoming hollow, like the void itself. Blackness that latched onto ones soul, threatening to consume life and anything else that looked into it. He wasn’t the most tan of people, but his skin seemed to pale even further.

Nervously rubbing his lips with a thumb and chewing on the lower one. Without warning after the second glare, he seemed to vanish in a puff of black smoke. Harmless vapor to anyone around him but those that he had teleported away from would hear the sound of crashing and wood breaking. ”Ow.” His voice resonated, though he found himself before the sharply dressed gentleman that were known as Agents as well as the pale woman in barely anything that was about to make here way elsewhere.  He coughed awkwardly,  standing to his feet and brushing his legs as if there were something  connected to them before smiling to them.

”Mentlegen,” He nodded to the agents with a salute and to the collared individual ”You too, good to see such skilled individuals willing to help protect the universe. It’s people like you that make this work..” He stepped around them, seemingly prodding him on the apparatus around his neck and muttering something before disappearing. Nothing happened, aside from seemingly confusing events from a strange person that spoke, poked and tapped people as if that were normal. Once again within that same smoke, though seemingly less distressed than before.

Of course sometimes people were late, for one reason or another. It just so happened that Cas was late because he had no idea where he was going. Giving addresses to someone not even native to this world tended to go about as well as one would expect. This had lead to him wandering for what would have been the equivalent of at least a side episode in a show, until he called Christian Hale and had him lead the way in that typical self assured manner. Even if that manner also included glaring at anyone that stared at him or looked his way, save for perhaps Cas who seemed to be smiling or half smiling all the way till they found the place.

They walked in on what sounded like a speech, something that caused his friend to roll his eyes as his godly friend leaned forward to listen in more to the words as a whole. None of them offered hope really, then again this was something that lacked hope. The Black Beast was coming and he had tried to contact his father to see if he would be able to help. If anyone could repel such a beast, he was sure it was a god as powerful as him. Even still, he could feel that the people here were not those that should be underestimated. That was his hope anyhow, because his own powers were still developing and this was not the time for him.

”This guy likes the sound of his own voice doesn’t he?” Christian muttered,  lips pressed into an agitated line. If this were any other time he would have put a silence spell up, but here he was standing and listening without any real intention of doing so.

”Tactics are important, especially considering what we are facing.” Cas added, seeming to understand the need for this despite his own boredom with the whole thing. He wanted to fight, chase this thing off or even destroy it should such a thing be possible. They had more divinely gifted people than he had originally expected, considering the people he could see with his own sight. Gold outlines standing stark against the room itself, though he had to remind himself not everyone could see this.

He was of course looking for familiar faces. People that were...well known to him and there weren’t too many of them. That was when he noticed a familiar face, though he had come to call himself some other name. Well he was the patron afterall, so Cas scooted up beside Humanity with hands intertwined behind his back. Trying to look as if he belonged there and failing as much as one would have expected from the not socially graceful young man. ”Am I late? Because I have the distinct impression that i’m a little late.” He inquired in a hushed tone, trying not to interrupt anything that might have been going on.

He probably was.

A red haired woman stepped forward when called out by Lucius, Elena Marie if he knew anything about the names of this world. ”Thank god, I thought he would never stop talking once we let him. Yes, i’ll work with you and Archon.” She agreed to the concept of them fighting alongside one another. Someone seemed to step forward, small in stature with startling silver eyes and a matrix of tattoos running along his arms.

”Volunteering myself too.” He piped up, seemingly already ignoring any arguments.

Finally getting the chance to break from hanging around with his uncle, Ryan scampered around looking for his brother. He expected Lucas to be around, hoped for it honestly but the male seemed to have gone off on his instead of staying close like he would have wanted. Currently they had no such mental connection to rely on, so he let his eyes do the work while feeling the same eyes on his back. Someone watching him from across his room while his dad listened to the other one talk at length about his plan. People were talking among each other, forming their own plans as if they knew better than the one given. Tension thick within the air and even he could feel it.

Eventually he found himself running into the legs of a man, rebounding from them and landing on his butt. He looked up to the person, brows furrowed in faint annoyance. He looked older, mid thirties with kind purple eyes ringed by faint wrinkles. Chopped sandy brow hair, and wearing the attire someone would expect from the love child of a male librarian and a hipster. Leaning on an oaken cane almost as if he needed it. ”I’m sorry, wasn’t watching where I was going.” He apologized, offering a hand as he leaned down. Pulling Ryan onto his feet before letting that hand rest on his hip ”Aren’t you a little young to be in a place like this? Your parents must be worried sick.”.

He continued to speak, arcing a brow and looking to him in an almost worried fashion. ”I’m fine...looking for my brother now actually.” He said, seeming to attempt to brush off the little kid stigma that instantly got pushed onto him. He  knew enough to know that he was expected more of from his siblings, they grew up fast afterall. ”Have you seen him? He’s this tall with black hair and grey eyes, kinda like mine.”

”Affinity for black and red?”

”Yeah!” He said with a nod as if this person might have been knowing what he was talking about.

”I believe I saw him a minute or so ago. Talking with someone from what I could tell.” A small casual motion, he invited the kid to follow and Ryan did without question.

Lucas would find himself soon enough having a shorter form running into him and wrapping small arms around him. A certain Ryan looking person. Tailed by a strange older man with a cane and whistling along to what sounded like some kind of showtune. ”I couldn’t find you.” Was all he said,  pulling away from the hug and digging his hands into the saggy pockets of his hoodie.

”Well, good to see family back together like this. Now I need to find mine.” Spinning on his heel, he walked away while leaving them be and whistling to himself.

His attention then turned towards Blood Tithe with a suspicious expression. ”Who is this guy?” He finally asked, more confused about who Blood Tithe was than anything else considering his lack of interaction with the evil copy of his father.


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Re: Never one, without the other. (MSG for Inv.)

Post by Silus Yesterday at 3:30 am

“Pause” Archon whispered almost completely inaudible. In that moment all of time had stopped, and even those that normally were not affected by such things would find themselves caught in delay. Zell looked to Lucius and sighed. He knew lucius would be angry if he found out about this, but it didn’t matter. He needed to address the matter at hand. Even those form beyond this realm were frozen, the only difference was that they would know they were frozen. Though the ones that were were not likely to care. Since for even them it would be as if no time had been missed at all.

“What are you and you vigilantes going to do with your Autonomy?” He asked, he looked over to “The Villain” before Rozmer looked to Archon.

“Zell you kinda paused everyo-” Roxmer began, only to be interrupted by the human.
“I’m going to divide them-” The words socked Rozmer, almost genuinely as he turned to Archon.
“H-he is not paused. Zell why doesn’t your power work on him?” He sounded panicked, but again it was a feigned type of veil, put on to react how he would seem to react. He was answered not by Zell, but by Humanity himself.

“Because he couldn’t help but make a promise to a broken boy sitting on top of a roof, wondering who would notice if the world went on without him. Because he had to promise a boy that just because he was without power he didn’t have to be without hope. He just had to promise him that his power would never be used against him...” Humanity recounted the events of what happened on the top of Gene-Tech right after he had felt Yamm’s presence within his soul. Knowing that the days of Azrael were finished and his life as he knew it was shattered.

“That sounds like the Zell I know...” Rozmer finished, Humanity picking up right where he left off.

“Zell just had to be the sacrificial lamb. Zell just had to be the hero...running along to save The Villain, before he was even the villain. We wonder where Silus gets it from.” He scoffed, though Rozmer seemed to be frustrated he didn’t want to argue with the situation at hand. Ultimately it was Zell’s power, and if he didn’t want to be the one to take hif “BFF” out then Rozmer would happily do it. Humanity sighed as he shook his head. “I plan to accompany the troops on the off-side lines. I’m positioning Khaos and X in the middle ground, secondary forces. Then Ancillary forced will be joined up by Charlatan, but right now Charlatan will be working in tandem with some of the geniuses in the area to get some of his own unique traps working. Likewise, Drifter is being linked into Rot’s artificial consciousness, allowing him to get a good fee on everything through Blood Tithe’s systems. He can help plan and make more traps. Those two are out of sight, but they won’t be out of mind. Fear will be joining me on the frontline, Orwell is in the computer systems now accessing from a remote location. Now...if you don’t mind? I want to hear what our fearless strategist has to say...” Humanity was not going to play nicely, he had a feeling. Archon sighed and returned his face to the appropriate place, as did Rozmer and Humanity, everything continuing on.

Humanity listened as Lucius gave his speech. Honestly one might expect Humanity of all people to be hypercritical, however he was not. Oddly enough he seemed to empathize and respect what the Prime Minister had said. He knew that there was a layer of bullshit in there that was only designed to motivate others, but he could see and respect the parts that came from the heart. He actually had to stop himself for a moment and remind himself he was not to like this guy, under any circumstance. Not after what was happening to the love of his life. It didn’t matter that Chelle initiated it. It didn’t matter that she quite literally drank wrath upon herself. It was the corrupted fount that needed to pay, so that it could hurt no others.

The speech finished and Elena Marie agreed to help Zell and Lucius on the front Lines. Archon smiled endearingly as he looked to his realm-walking mother in law. He still despised the fact she was realm-walking, but she didn’t give a shit and she actually was just trying to help him….and amass untold amounts of power to do something that would eventually require Archon to shit bricks or slap her in the face. But it would be a loving slap and hopefully it could be put behind them. Suddenly Sam, Yancey actually, turned to look around. He grumbled a little as he rotated his neck and coughed.
“Does the Black Beast even have an army? I’m beginning to wonder if this is all a requirement...After all if it’s just one person, worshipping a destructive entity of nothingness how do we hit them? It’s like..hitting me...before you all knew who I was.” He asked as he looked ot Lucius, he wasn’t challenging him so much as posing a legitimate question. He knew that everyone here who knew him that he was trustworthy. Only because Silus’ safety was at risk. The Lych began to mumble to Flamel, speaking of a conjoined magical strike between the magi classes.

“Blood Tithe is working on a device that will make it possible to his things that do not exist. It’s a prototype schematic working on the reverse engineered ShyGuy’s Blade. In addition it is going to be powered by the energy of Dark Archon...or rather his Host. When she’s in the field even Rozmer and Yamm would be tangible against their will.” He said this and immediately Humanity and Rozmer slowly turned their heads at the exact same time, a deathly leer at him. The tension in the air was thick enough to suffocate everyone else in the room. It was at that time that the Dark Traveler poofed away. Humanity’s head turned to it’s position.

Oh no...what happened to you? He wondered. His concern was only slightly there, because he recognized that look in their eyes. They survived to see things no one else should see. Even if it were your worst enemy, you didn’t wish that upon anybody. He looked back to the circle, Cas walking in late as always. Humanity glared at him, a little growl in his throat as his pseudo-husbando approached. “Yes, you are very late. This is the exact reason Yamm didn’t want a wedding ceremony. He just told everyone you fucked and made it official.” He said, snapping a littler under his breath towards Cas.

“Once the device locks the Good sister in place it will also transfix her signature back to whatever she is tethered to, by faith, belief or harbinger or any such hogwash. We will unleash all of our powers at once to destroy the Black Beast. With the power of the most primal magics I will weave my curse and accumulated power into a single spell. Nicholas Flamel will have to add to his own as he see’s fit. But between us there’s enough magical talent to wipe the world away. Elena Marie could also contribute, as well as any of the magical families whom rallied here.” The Lych explained the coordination, though when you did the science and gauged power, they had quite a bit on their side as far as loaded guns.

”I will add the force of my God’s will to the strike. I was able to drive the damned Beast into the oceans. This one should be no different.” The minister said, looking to Humanity for a moment before looking to Archon. Archon nodded, seemingly more relieved at the statement. Rozmer looked like he was trying to add two and two together but was getting 212.

“Okay, Charlatan should already be at work. I’ve gotten you access to two of the highest A.I’s ever even imagined by man, they’ll help you. Not that you need it. I know this seems like all the other times that i’ve tried to spurn you and Charlatan, but please. Stay with the Ancillary groups, commandeer a turret if you want...” The meeting seemed to adjourn, though Humanity wasn’t quite done with Lucius. Humanity looked to Lucas and cleared his throat. He placed a hand on Luke’s shoulder. “Drifter...I trust you...” He said, feeling incredibly guilty that it probably didn’t seem like he did. In fact he knew Drifter was a lot like him. He’d follow orders if it was what he would do anyway. Otherwise he was here to help the team, even if that means disobeying orders. But that’s why Humanity trusted him. Trusted him to do the RIGHT thing.

“Lucius Alba. The Devil on Earth. I’d be lying to say I was expecting us to meet like this.” Humanity said as he placed both his hands in front of him, one hand clasping onto the wrist of the other. His eyes scanned over Lucius a moment, he let out a slight sigh. “I’ve anticipated much of what you’ve done, your targets and retaliations. I’ve studied you, habits, quirks. But I suppose we could both say we’ve been studying each other...I’m glad I got to hear you speak. I’m glad to have gotten a glimpse into the real you. I just hope whatever happens here, you know that it was seen. Even if it was covered in a flowery speech or a web of lies. If you die, I’ll ensure the world remembers Lucius Alba. If come back alive, make sure it’s as Lucius Alba...I’ll kill the other guy.” He said before excusing himself and stepping out. Part of him wanted to say more. Part of him wanted to ask for help. He was desperate and his own mind wasn’t enough to handle it. Chelle’s cure, he needed to find it. His wife was dying and he had the man there. He would have pushed if off and saif there were bigger things to deal with. Humanity agreed, so he didn’t waste either of their times.

He looked to his hand, a small mask that covers the mouth and nose was attached to an inhaler with a sickly green liquid inside. His mind was going a thousand miles a minute. He couldn’t hesitate when the time came to use it. He needed to be ready, he needed to think faster and more thoroughly. No mistakes. He would find his way back to Charlatan, as best as he could. Odds are he was with X and Citizen Zero, likely trying to score one last ride before D-Day. He was thoroughly thankful to God that he thought that and didn’t say it out loud. There is literally nothing in that sentence Pat wouldn’t have made a dirty joke about.

======The Agency’s Agenda=====

“There’s too many power-players at work here. Even if it was well-coordinated we wouldn’t have enough personnel remaining in the entire Agency to keep them all contained. They may just have enough power to destroy whatever you and I would consider a god’s god.” Director Williams said as he walked. He was disappointed to hear that Subject:Zero had eluded them once again. Of course it was equally anticipated. He looked to the information that had been given to him by his trusted advisor. He looked to Daniels and then looked to the shackled being behind him. He gave an audible sigh as Daniels began to speak of Subject:Horizon. Agent Daniels insisted that when he was made vulnerable that they strike. Normally the Director would agree, however this was not a normal situation.

“Agent Daniels, send that thing away.” He ordered, looking to the hooded boy. He would await for his agent to do as he was instructed. Williams would motion for Agent Daniels to follow him. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a pen-like device. It opened a portal behind Williams and revealed a rather nice office, very different from the one used in The Agency, however. “Come with me...You’re about to be the third, and final member to know what this is all for.” He stepped into the office, and once Agent Daniels did as well, he would close the portal. Preliminary scans and total electropurge began, frying all foreign equipment not on gadget’s frequency.

“Agent Daniels. I want you to debrief me on everything you know about Subject:Tarot, Subject:Doctor and Subject:Horizon.” Williams stated as he began to inspect his gun, reaching into the desk and pulling out bullets. Williams wasn’t the kind to shoot his people in seclusion of the office, instead he began to place bullets on his deck for Daniels to take.

=========The Foreigners========

The Werewolf howled a little as it began to jump up and down, the muscular structure dropping to all fours as it began to search and smell, looking for an Ares. In a new moment, Zarachiel would arrive as well, Axel and Ares not far off as Belobog began to cheer, only to lay on the ground and rub his stomach. The werewolf looked and noticed a great deal of things evolving around them. The social tension was very low, despite the many polarizing forces at play. The small child with the slime covered hair and waist began to roll in the grad, none of the blades being ripped from the ground.

“Ah, Masteerrrr! We’ve come from the Lost Rrrrealm! I’ve rrrretrrrieved gggrrrrr little Lorrrd Belobog!” It said, losing it’s social fluidity in change for growling and rolling r’s. It was typical when the wolf was excited.

“Grrrreat! Oh wait, that’s Tony’s thing. Uh, well done Slayerbane.” Ares said with a cuckle, at first making fun of the growling, though quickly realizing the error of his ways. Ares wore his shades now, as he began to sniff and smell around, feeling Asmodeus approaching, apparently there was another cambion around, one that Ares knew too well. He smiled widely and looked to the small child rolling on the ground. “Belobog. I’ve got an assignment for you.”. The child sat up with a small cocky smirk on his face, looking and listening to Ares. It wasn’t much long after that Ares squatted down and looked to the newest addition to his army, the newly Black-mana tied nephilim.

“See Kid? I told you we were going to stop her. I just needed a little trust. Right?” He asked, genuinely happy and rubbing the kid’s hair. Ares didn’t show that affection often, but when he did Belobog, Axel and the new kid were the ones that got it. He had actually even hoped that the child knew that in the short time they’d been around each other, the whole nexus of realms he created was a better place. Ares, growled a little and turned around feeling an intense celestial presence battle with his own mana, an almost overwhelming flow of light mana lashing out at his darkness, even though the man did nothing malicious to him at all.

“Raziel right? Angel of secrets….here I thought that was Roziel’s job.” Ares said with a smile, referencing The Dark Archon by name.

==========Bargian-Shed Red==========

Orpheus smiled as Lucas hugged him, he returned it, trying to be gentle and not crush his phaux-child in his arms. He didn’t much feel like dealing with another loss, even if it wasn’t his own child truly. But was it? He didn’t know how that worked. He was created form Lucius’ evil and he ended up being someone else entirely. He smiled as he looked to The Author, whom requited with an almost adoring yet piteous smile. He released Lucas and he asked what Orpheus had been working on. He stammered for a moment before reaching up and pulling at the darkness under his hood. A small hissing noise was heard as he pulled his mask away. Looking up, Blood tithe took a deep breath in and cleared his throat. Smiling he pretended as if everything was normal.

“Yes this is something Silus’ father designed. I’m just refining it with an outsider's perspective. It will make the untouchable, like Samhain, able to be touched. Furthermore it is also capable of allowing you to damage the source of their power, or rather anything else they feel connected to. Silus actually helped me quite a bit for a while until you showed up. He felt you and immediately went up to try and find you I’d imagine.” He had his facts a little off base, it was Michael that he felt arrive and so he attempted to go be with his family for a time. That was all AFTER Silus had originally met up with Lucas. But hopefully they wouldn’t hold that against him since he was building a super weapon that he actually couldn’t even understand entirely. He smiled and nodded to Lucas. ”This is the Anti-Matter Attunement Transpacial Ultrafusion Redshift Eclipser….I thought I’d try something new with an odd little name.” He chuckled, suddenly he saw that Lucas was charged and bombarded as a smaller boy had wrapped him up into a hug. It wasn’t Silus and Orpheus was immediately on edge, his anxiety skyrocketing for but a moment until he processed who it was. He was suddenly glad he had taken off his mask.

“My name is Bl-eh. Ah. Excuse me Ayeyeyey.” Orpheus said as he caught himself from saying his alter ego. He then had a bit of a funny confused face as he took his hand to his throat and started to rub it, making odd noises. He figured trying to make the child laugh or even smile was a good way to break the ice. “My name is Orpheus Reinhardt. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He said, attempting to bne friendly, but as he extended his hand he realized how much of metal claws they looked like.

Austyn’s hair stood up on end, his eyes were completely consumed with pale yellow astral energy, the soul of the man he murdered would soon murder him. He noticed the boy in the hoodie farther away, and started to walk to him. As he got closer a barrier was fired out in front of him, Cale had one of his robots on his hand, looking to Austyn and eyeing up the person that gave him a bad vibe.

“At-ease Cale. This may be the last time I can see...or help my brother.” He said as he stepped through the barrier, causing it to shatter and send sparks everywhere. Austyn’s voice was even different there was an unholy rasping behind it, the soul of the murdering sociopath with a kind smile eas lurking just beneath his own voice, waiting and ready to be released. ”You finally look on the outside how you acted on the inside. I’m finally decayed on the inside just as much as my soul was, and Ryan is now little better than both of us. Well I’m proud to say as a family we’ve really come together. As the oldest by five minutes I officially put the blame on literally everyone else.”

He said as he began to look at the collar. There was one very nice thing about being bound to a spirit trapped in an exosuit. Even though he was physically elsewhere, the Poltergeist had imbued pieces of Jeremy’s soul each time they crossed paths. It was only a matter of days now before Austyn was lost to them. He began to investigate the collar. He then looked to his brother, eyes filled with remorse, and sadness despite the oddly lifeless robotic expression that shined.


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