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OPEN Pro-Techt

Post by Willem on October 23rd 2018, 10:23 pm


"Keep pusing people away? Why not learn to push away the bad things only."

The Bio

Real Name: Willem Croffe
Hero Name: Pro-Techt
Title: N/A
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Meta-Human
Hair: Red
Eyes: Pink
Height: 6'0
Weight: 174 pounds
Blood type: B+

The Looks

The Personality

Willem is a special cookie, his playground was the streets. He is rambunctious, quick-witted and often quick to judge which is probably because he's naive, or young, or both. With age comes wisdom and as such while he has a lot of moral and social wisdom he is an idiot when it comes to thinking on true logic. He thinks more with his heart than he does his brain.

Usually, he is warm and dislikes to see people sad so when he gets confused or surprised/shocked, he will most often jump to a random conclusion whether it's right or wrong. A heart on his sleeve most of the time he will always help those who genuinely need help but, that doesn't mean he's not always cautious of others, or even himself.

Loving, Caring, Compassionate, Warm, rambunctious, Naive, Punster, fun-loving and true hero to the people in need.

The Story

The Meta-Gene was a marvel, as it came through the genetic line most scientists would try to experiment with it. Willem's father was a PE teacher and his mother used to be a very experienced and well-off scientist, specifically bio-genetics and chemistry. But, due to her getting pregnant she was removed from the upper 'science' part of the government. She was looking into combining different meta-genes in order to create new substances or even sources of energy within the body, and yet, she failed many times. During her pregnancy before she would have to leave she was working on something that would allow people to make better use of the phosphate energy system. Energy stored in muscles that are ready to go at a moments notice, she wanted to make it so that humans could go at 90-100% physically and remain at that level, effectively improving humans physical functions. Run indefinitely, no need to replace stamina, as such, she inoculated herself with the strain to see if it would have any effects, nothing happened.

When Willem was born the mother had left behind the world of competitive science and got a job teaching science at the school where her husband taught PE. All seemed normal until Willem turned six, while in his room a shockwave occurred that rocked the house and broke many things in his room, from that moment, it would only get worse. These shockwaves got stronger and bigger the older he got and whenever they went off, Willem would be left unconscious as a result. Once again thrown into the realms of science, his mother worked most days and nights trying to find a way to reverse what had happened to him, learning only three things to be sure of. One, The meta-gene therapy that she inoculated herself with had somehow passed onto Willem, Two, his body was creating an unstable energy that builds up and upon critical point releases a shockwave and finally, three, this energy appears to be a kinetic force of some kind, specifically to do with an electro-magnetism that hardens in the air.

Willem like a generator had to be drained of this electro-kinetic energy every now and then for it to be released elsewhere hence he was required to wear a few prototype machines to help contain the energy. Right about when Willem started to understand things, his childhood mostly comprising of him not understanding why things around him get destroyed when he faints. As soon as he entered his double-digits however, his mother had finally found a way for him to live a more normal life, after 4 years she had made a way for the energy to be absorbed like a battery and released in a humane manner, nobody gets hurt. From then on his upbringing was pretty normal, Basketball, friends, girlfriends and the typical boy.

After he turned seventeen, the batteries started filling up too quickly, more batteries were required and his mother and father ended up paying more and more money in order to help sustain it. Right around this time, WIllem had resolved to take this burden away from them. He fainted many times and tried to learn to control it, but it was no use, he would continue to release this energy whenever it built up too much and if he didn't swap out batteries, then he would destroy and hurt those around him when it got too much. He studied hard and learned from his mother, school and where ever he could get information from, experimenting with electromagnets and eventually, made a discovery.

After making a modified version of his energy extractor he experimented with positive and negative magnetic energy. By applying a current into the extractor he could use negative energy 'push' and positive 'Pull' to both push the energy away from him and pull it towards him in a perfect bubble. This energy hardened and formed, a shield. It was after this that he delved into experimentation with his mother to create something both functional and useful to himself, something that he decided would be good to help others with.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Strength

The Powers

Electro-Kinetic energy generation: Through Mitosis when a cell divides in his body, because of the meta-gene it causes a 'fission' much like nuclear fission but on a small scale. The energy produced is electro-kinetic in nature and adheres to electromagnetic currents. It requires technology to be controlled but when outside his body it hardens to form a 'barrier' of sorts.

The Weaknesses

Overload: If the energy is not removed carefully then it will over-charge followed by an Overload. Overload will cause a shockwave of this energy to leave his body varying in degree of power, after which Willem will be left unconscious. Only through technology can Willem have great control over his power.

Electromagnetic energy can affect his powers integrity.

The Items

Bubble-Button: He has a button fixed to his chest that is connected to the extractor. When pressing the button he can release the energy within him using electromagnetic currents. Positive energy pulls the energy out of him and then towards his body whereas the negative current that acts in tangent with the positive current halts the energy at a distance from his body, dictated by the dial around the button. This energy then hardens into a barrier sphere around Willem

Bubble-Button Dial: A dial around the button to alter the size of the bubble, the shortest being 1 meter radius which is just big enough for him to stand up in, the biggest being a 4 meter radius. Adjusting the size, the bigger the sphere the weaker its integrity and the opposite is also true.

Arm Dial Regulator: By changing the way in which the elctromagnetic current is administered either through direct wire, multiple wire or a less conductiv wire, Pro-Techt can change the integrity of the barrier between the standard hardened, elastic and weakened.
Hardened: Metallic, hard, can be melted or shattered  if low integrity, Resistent to Sharp and Blunt.
Elastic: Rubber, force dissipant, can be cut. Reduces force, highly resistent to blunt, Weak to sharp.
Weakened: Clay, can be broken, regenerates. Weak to all forces but can repair very quickly.
The Minions

The Fluff

More often than not, take away his technology and he's buggered. But, with technology he is a force to be reckoned with so, he's always trying to learn new ways to affect his energy.
The RP Sample

A day, cloudy, rays of golden sunshine beam down through the clouds to bless those in its warmth, all except Willem. He could very well see the sun from atop the school roof where he stood, leaning on the rails while the clouds form over his head blown by the winds that were bringing rain in. Red hair that in its auburn curls obscure his vision, the sound of the rain finally catching up. He gave a smile, turning the dial on his wristband to weakened then thumping the button underneath his shirt, a purple-pink transparent energy warped from him into its shape, a bubble.

He wasn't so sad as to see the rays of the sun go, one form of beauty exhanged for another he thought as he stepped back, sitting and then lying down on the roof of the school. He looked directly up, the sun, the clouds, the rain spattering against his bubble, it was these moments that he felt nothing could touch him. The school bell rang and just like that, it was time to work. Rocked up onto his feet, undressed his school uniform and took out a biker helmet, thumping it on his head and getting into a recognizable set of clothes. He slipped this bag into its usual hiding spot and then huffed, taking in the air. As the rain hit his bubble shield he gathered up momentum and jumped from the roof, adjusting the dial on his arm to elastic, the ground came quickly, hit the elastic and slowed his descent with its pushback just enough before he deactivated the shield with his button.

Activated again and as it did, the elastic barrier pushed to four meters radius and pushed him into the air in his own unique sort of super jump, 'Algebra got nothing on this' he said as he faded into the rain towards the city.

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OPEN Re: Pro-Techt

Post by Chellizard on October 26th 2018, 11:25 am

Approved and moved.

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