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The Tentacle

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The Tentacle Empty The Tentacle

Post by liuxess October 15th 2018, 10:49 am

The Tentacle

"Do you doubt your new God in flesh?"

The Bio

Real Name: Tin Olsen
Hero/Villain/Renegade Name: The Tentacle
Title: The Corrupted
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 15, looking about 18/19
Gender: Male
Race: Northern European
Hair: Naturally dark brown, but dyed in green
Eyes: Pupils are unnaturally large, taking up most of the iris, leaving only a thin circle of green around the blackness.
Height: 1.76 meters
Weight: 71 kilos
Blood type: 0+

The Looks

The Tentacle Df298625e7cbc7d71a0af5fe3d682156--hair-dye-colorful-hair

The Personality

Arrogant, but intelligent, Tin has a serious case of a god-complex, as he believes he’s destined to become the ruler of the whole world, since he’s the only one with the brains and power to make it work. Though he does understand human emotions, he’s been constantly trying to become more like a sociopath, so emotions would not get in his away and he could be as ruthless as he wishes to be.
Most of the time he’s calm and composed, excellent strategist with a genius level of intellect and at least some knowledge in almost every field, Tentacle has proven that his young age and lack of on hands experience is not a big drawback for him in any given situation.
But if he’s backed up to a corner or starts feeling incompetent, he can snap into an aggressive and brutal character, trying to reach his goal through any means without giving to much thought to any plans anymore.  

The Story

The Olsens were a rich family from Norway, controlling many different Oil companies. When the older brother finished his studies and returned from Dubai, Tin’s father retired, and left with the two year old and his mother to live in an island near Madagascar, having Tin’s older brother take care of the business.

When the little Olsen was eight years old, a meteorite hit their island, killing most of it’s inhabitants, including the boy’s parents. Tin woke up on the shore of South Africa a few days later with a sword he couldn’t get rid off. The words “Every heart has darkness inside” were written on it. Being a smart and educated kid, he went straight to the police. In short time, he was deported back to Norway, but never got any closure on the island situation or what happened. He started living with his brother, who had became a drug addict and had the family’s company on the verge of bankruptcy.

A few weeks after deportation, mafia broke into their house for the money Tin’s brother hadn’t returned and kept borrowing for a few years to keep the business alive.

Watching his high on drugs brother getting shot in the head made something snap in Tentacle. His subconsciousness took over, with his powers awakening. Tin could see every move he made, even if it felt like a dream. Lightbulbs exploding all over the house shrouding the rooms in darkness while only small sparks from the leftover wires would shed some light on terrified gangsters. Then a huge fireball from his hand, swift movements, like he was carried by a wind from nowhere, the sword in his hands slashing through necks, the ground shaking and then… suddenly, complete darkness, after which he woke up in a hospital. Turns out there was an unforeseen earthquake and Tin was shot by a gangster who was later swallowed alive by the ground.

The Olsen business was given charge to their highest CEOs, who wanted Tin out of the picture. But Tentacle had discovered his powers of elemental control and knew what had to be done. Showing his power, he proved to the mafia boss that this little kid was dangerous. They made an agreement where the mafia would sabotage any upcoming rival businesses and Tentacle would use his powers to help them seize control over some parts on the city. Slowly Tentacle even worked his way up in the companies, finally being able to access the council, but not granted the title of CEO.

In upcoming years, Tentacle’s bloodlust had been growing. He overtook the control of his companies and the mafia, using his powers to scare and manipulate politicians and other officers to suit his needs. His killings became widely known, but his powers, both supernatural and, political and economical, had grown out of any ordinary man’s control. When news about two mysterious strange  young killers wreaking chaos in the world reached Tentacle, after following the information about them, he understood they had been infused with different powers but probably with the same origins as his. Wishing to know if he could then maybe steal their powers away, he declared independence of his own country called Tentaclania, which consisted of only one smaller city, in hopes of inviting challenge and to start growing his influence on the world politics.

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Reaction
3. Agility
4. Strength

The Powers

Tentacles powers are controlling elements and summoning blasts of them from their hand. Throughout the years he’s learned a lot of tricks so his arsenal of powers is pretty large.

Elemental blasts and absorption – Tentacle is able to create small ball of compressed elements (fire, water, lighting, air, ground) which can be thrown and explode all over after contact. Also, if a small amount of an elemental attack is directed at Tentacle, he can absorb it without taking damage.
Elemental control – Tentacle is not only able to create, but also control his surrounding elements, including sand, gas, snow, etc., though this mostly is limited to just changing the flow or making it levitate for a short while due to his lack of training in specific areas. His most used combinations are listed down below:
    Air armor: Tentacle compresses air around him to make a centimeter thick layer of armor. This compressed air has a durability comparable to steel. Also, since air is a good isolator, it helps to coat Tentacle from heat and cold. This coat has become second nature to him, so most of the time it’s being held together by his subconscious. By letting the compressed air underneath push him up, he an levitate for a short while.

    Snow manipulation: Living in the North had Tentacle become accustomed to the cold climate and this white stuff was one of his main elemental weapons from the start. He can create huge waves of avalanches, tentacles from snow, or lift just a huge mountain like amount of into the air and drop it onto something. Also Tentacle can have the snow mold into ice in a matter of moments, a classic move of his is an ice/snow coffin, which helps him torture his enemies.

    Standing on water

    Raising dirt pillars from the ground, which crumble a few seconds after

Infinite energy: for some unknown reason, Tentacle does not waste energy using his powers, so they only exhaust him mentally.

The Weaknesses

The power source: Tentacle loses all of his elemental powers if he does not wield his sword - there has to be a contact or at least somekind of grip of the sword in order for it to grant the user its powers. The sword however can be stolen or removed my magical means. Also, magnets also work.

Arrogance: Tentacle thinks of himself as a god, so he rarely takes any precautions, believing that everything he does is perfect. This arrogance makes him an easy target, and leaves some space for psychological manipulation.

Physique: due to his nerdiness and empowerment from the sword, Tentacle never actually took care of his shape: he can easily run out of breath and tires really quickly from physical labor.

Concentration: Since most of his powers are controlled mentally, knocking the wind out of him or using any other method to make Tentacle lose focus would make him vulnerable and defensless.

The Items

The katana-like sword: has the words “Every heart has darkness inside” written on it. Grants the wielder elemental powers. Some people may sense a dark entity sealed inside. The sword has durability comparable to a diamond.

The Minions

Tentacle often sends some armored guards or gangsters to do his bidding.

The Fluff

Olsen’s bussines – Tentacle is pretty wealthy and has a lot of control over some oil companies.

In command of Mafia – in order to keep his business clean and running, Tentacle is also in charge of a local Norwegian mafia, which helps to keep everything running smoothly.

Enhanced strength and speed – though not represented, the sword had given Tentacle speed and strength way above the average person, making it easy for him to compare himself to heavy-lifters and sprinters from the Olympics.

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The Tentacle Empty Re: The Tentacle

Post by Bliss October 15th 2018, 1:30 pm

The first weakness is more of a limitation. Could you add a way of being able to disarm him from said weapon?

The other three give good weaknesses.


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The Tentacle Empty Re: The Tentacle

Post by liuxess October 15th 2018, 2:30 pm


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The Tentacle Empty Re: The Tentacle

Post by Chellizard October 17th 2018, 1:19 pm

Checks out.

Approved and moved.

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The Tentacle Empty Re: The Tentacle

Post by Zonkes July 19th 2021, 11:17 am

Retired upon request.

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