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The Bird

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The Bird Empty The Bird

Post by liuxess October 11th 2018, 11:28 am

The Bird

"I’m not a bird that can be caged so easily"

The Bio

Real Name:  Matthew Ragins (forgotten)
Renegade Name: The Bird
Title: The Evasive Killer
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 14 ( looks 16/17)
Eyes: Pupils are largely dilated, covering almost all of the iris, having just a small red circle around them.
Height:1.8 meters
Weight: 72 kilograms
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

The Bird Latest?cb=20151025150126

The Personality

The thing that stands out most is Bird’s attempts to act mature and serious, while at heart he’s a goofball and a jokester – not even a good one. Quick-thinker, he loves solving puzzles and putting himself into challenging situations, but his lack of basic knowledge often ends up being his main shortcoming. He’s competitive, but tries to avoid, face to face confrontation, but when pushed to it, snaps into a state of aggressive domination and victory seekingness.

The Story

Matthew Ragins’ mother died giving birth, so his father moved with him to an island near Madagascar, running from all the memories of his past life, trying to create something new for his son. The island was not big, but old Ragins could work from home as an online tutor on how to make money online, even publishing a book on the topic. There were only several children on the island, but Matthew made really close friends with two of them. They would always dream about making a bout and going fishing into the deep waters, but the waves were too dangerous for anything man-made.
Then, Everything changed. *dramatic music*
When Matthew was only seven years old,a small asteroid hit the island killing all of its inhabitants. But Matthew was found by fishermen near the coast of Maldives, without any recollection of his past life. The boy had a sword that resemble a katana with black word written on the blade: “Killing is Killer’s Fate”. Fishermen took the boy with them to Australia, to a seaside village, where one’s brother agreed upon taking the boy in for a short period until the police decide what to do. Fishermen took the sword hoping to make some side money by selling it, but after they made their leave, the sword disappeared during the night. The boy was happy he would be taken care of, but children in the village bullied him from the very first day, some older kids even beating the new guy up. Moreover, their brutality grew with each day, since his wounds were healing faster than they normally should. His guardian even came to despise him too – every time the boy’s sword would be taken away, it would be next to the kid the next morning, no matter where the man would put it. Furthermore, the kid’s eyes were discomforting and strange to look at for longer periods of time.
After one brutal beat-up, when even some of the adults were watching and not doing anything, the boy got filled with anger and everything went blank. He woke up on a pile of bodies that had been butchered and holding the sword was his own bloody arm. He had murdered the whole village, and in fear, ran away before anyone found him like this.
For years, he’s been in hiding, stealing and hunting became like second nature. He’s been forced to kill and discovered powers gained from holding the sword. While at day he only maybe killed in self-defense, after being filled with negative emotions, Bird would wake up lying in blood of his victims. The name was given to this mysterious killer for that he would appear in random places, starting from Australia, going through Indonesia and so on, reaching even India in just a span of couple of weeks. As he hit puberty, Bird started seeing that there are a lot of good people in the world, and so he decided that he wouldn’t let his killing tendencies take over him. In recent years, he managed to control his killing spree outbursts, understanding that they come from negative emotions. Even though he doesn’t kill as much, when attacked, he usually does, believing that this will stop the police and others from hunting him.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Strength
4. Endurance

The Powers

Intangibility: Bird can become intangible for short periods of time (his unconsciousness chooses the things he becomes intangible with and to, i.e.: intangible with clothes but able to phase through a wall, or intangible with another person (max. 2, cuts the period of time to be use this ability) and phasing through bullets)

Shapeshifting into a small fast flying yellow ball, this form allows him to travel distances much faster (up to 250km/h), but this form is unable to go intangible or do anything offensive, also, it always moves, even if not at max speed. The ball is about 0.5 cm in radius. The two different forms(body and ball) also have separate inertias, meaning that if the body is falling, even if he turns into a ball and goes closer to the ground, he will still hit it with the full speed he had before changing – though the direction of movement can be changed( depending on the orientation)

Sharp Reflexes – Bird’s reflexes are sharper than his body can move (with exception of yellow ball form), so he often uses minimal movements with his hand controlling the sword. That’s why he’s good at swordfighting with only experience and no training, and why he can block bullets if they’re being shot one by one (can’t deal with more than one gun at a time). Fast enough that he sliced two flies with one swing (tried it for fun).

Mild strength & speed – for a 17-year old looking boy, Bird has some strength and speed that aren’t represented in his muscles. Being able to lift up to 90 kilos with one hand and run up to 35kmh.
Regeneration: Bird’s body tends to heal him up faster than normal human, with bruises and scratches taking up only a day to disappear, while bullet wounds tend to take a week or less if unattended.

The Weaknesses

Power-source: without his sword, Bird loses his intangibility and Shapeshifting powers.
Lack of Knowledge: Since Bird never actually went to a learning institution, he does not know things some people would call basics. Anything that goes beyond a fourth grade level might not be understandable for him.
Specific-intangibility: Since his is intangibility’s targets are rather controlled by his unconsciousness than Bird himself, the biggest disadvantage comes when there’s a layer of very different things i.e.: if there’s a paperwall behind a metal door that Bird is phasing through, he probably will hit the paper if there’s not enough time to react, or, vice-versa, if there is snow on a lake, Bird would phase through not only the snow covering the lake, but the lake itself, since material is basically the same. Also, even when intangible Bird is still affected by temperatures.
“Just keep moving, just keep moving” – if the yellow ball’s movement is stoped, by catching or hitting something, Bird will revert back to his body.
Human Body- despite his strength and speed, his body is not enhanced protectively, so he can still be hurt like any other person, but keeping in mind his age, it’s even easier to break his bones.
Puberty- Hormones are going out of control. It is really easy to influence Bird’s thoughts or feelings, even though he tries to keep his own emotions positive.

The Items

A katana-like sword, with words “Killing is Kiler’s Fate” written on it – though looks like made from steel, its durability is comparable to diamond’s. Provides Bird with his powers. Even when stolen or lost, will appear by Bird’s side exactly when the first shines. Magic users might feel an evil entity trapped within this sword.

The Minions

The Fluff

With so much expierence, Bird became pretty good at stealth approaches, using black clothes to hide better and using his agility combined with powers and a swift sword, he can take out a lot of guards in mere minutes without causing any alarms between them.
His quick-wits have proven themselves useful when improvising strategies, weapons or spotting weaknesses, but his drawback - lack of knowledge - makes him propose some stupidly clever ideas, that sometimes backfire so much it injures him for a couple of weeks.
Having used a sword for so long now has made him adapt at swordsmanship - though not perfect and far from any real blade mastery style, using his physical body advantages makes Bird on par or even better than some greatest sword wielders, with his sword being described as an "extension of his arm".

The RP Sample

“I will kill you if you don’t tell me where your father’s treasure is!”
“The problem is… That I’ve already heard that, and already died…”
“Hwaaaaa!!!!” The scream with two swords clashing echoes throughout the house from TV, as Bird is searching for something in basement.
“These people really like their TV loud” He says, starting to pick random jars off the shelf. A broken basement window is seen behind him. “Pickles, pickles, tomatoes, I don’t even care what’s that and more pickles.”
He ponders for a bit, before putting a few of the jars into a worn-out backpack with firetruck pictures on it.
Suddenly, He heard footsteps up the stairs on the other side of the basement door. He turned his head to see broke glass everywhere, and with a thought of “Why do I keep BREAKING in??” he threw one of the jars on to the floor, shattering it across the ground.
The door opened up and the light from the house shined upon the basement’s floor, exactly where all the glass from the window and the jar had mixed up.
Using intangibility not to make a sound and matching his footsteps to the ones made by a man going down the stairs, Bird easily hid into the shadow. The man was old and irritated, though they were in India, the man looked more similar to a Chinese, and his dialect, even if not understandable, reminded Bird of East Asian countries. But by stepping on the last step, the man slipped on a tomato from the jar, falling backwards pretty heavily and hitting his head on the stairs.
“Dammit” Bird exclaimed, as he rushed to the man, with the TV upstairs going silent, trying to stop the bleeding from the man’s head. But just as he grabbed the back of the skull, he felt it was too late – the skull was shattered and the amount of blood indicated that it was over for the poor guy.
He put the man softly down and as he raised his eyes up, three men were watching him in shock from upstairs through the door, all looking pretty similar in age and physique to the fresh dead body.
“I swear, it was like this when I got here” Bird exclaimed sarcastically, knowing what was about to come.
The trio shouted something to one another, as if they knew what to do – one ran back into the house, one started running down the stairs, while the last one stood ground as if ready to do anything not to let anyone get out.
Bird took out his sword, hoping to scare his opponent a bit, but the elder jumped onto him fearlessly from the middle of the stairs. Bird went intangible, as the man phased through and crashed onto the floor, screaming in pain and grabbing his back.
“Call-o an-o ambulance-o!” Bird shouted for the guy in the doorway and started walking upstairs.
The man there didn’t seem too eager to fight a youngster with a sword, so with a short look around, he started grabbing books from the nearest bookshelf and throwing them at the kid. Without a second thought, Bird easily sliced the book with a horizontal strike – and so, the upper part of the book hit him in the head, and the lower one hit him in… the lower head.
“Okay…” Bird thought crouching and going intangible while few more other books “Not doing that again”.
Blocking another book with his hand, Bird suddenly shapeshifted, sprung up behind the man in his yellow ball form, turned back and pushed the man off the stairs from the back with the same hand he hit the book in just mere moments.
“Happy thoughts, happy thoughts…” Bird smiled fakely watching the man plummet down to his friends. A heavy step behind him and an old man’s groan made Bird go intangible as bullets from a shotgun gin the wall in front of him. Bird turned back and as the old man reloaded his gun, jumped towards him, directing the gun to the side and pushing the man into the wall. The gun went off again, shooting off some picture of the same four guys in their young days, wearing some greyish uniforms with red stars on their heads, smiling in front of a set of new planes. Just as the broken photo hit the ground, Bird bumped his head into the man’s, but then backed up grabbing the forehead from the pain, as the elder fell to the ground unconscious.
“And… stay down..” Bird said with his dizzy head, trying to shake it off, as he stumbled towards the basement door.
Down the stairs, tippy toeing over the dead bodies, adding another jar to his backpack, climbing back up the stairs, waving goodbye to the elder who started waking up, leaving the house through the main entrance, walking out into the street and turning around to leave through the backyard.
While walking beside the house, a gunshot was heard from the inside.
“Pride” Bird sighed, as he jumped over to the fence leading to a nearby forest.

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The Bird Empty Re: The Bird

Post by Chellizard October 11th 2018, 4:00 pm

As long as you don't use your intangibility to be like "Heh, it's nothing personal, kid" to literally dodge or sneak up on everyone, we're good to go.

Approved and moved.

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The Bird Empty Re: The Bird

Post by Zonkes July 19th 2021, 11:17 am

Retired upon request.

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The Bird Empty Re: The Bird

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