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Devola Reese

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Devola Reese Empty Devola Reese

Post by Killer Bee October 9th 2018, 9:44 am

Devola Reese

"Better bring you’re A game if you’re thinking of going toe to toe with Earth’s greatest hero!"

The Bio

Real Name: Devola Reese (Last name given to her by her “handler”/adoptive father Dr. Grant Reese)
Hero Name: Bee/Killer Bee/Bumble Bee
Title: N/A
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Full Blooded Aeteran
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Golden
Height: 5’5
Weight: 112lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

Devola is a rather short athletic 16 year old girl who for the most part looks like a normal human girl. There are some subtle differences that make her stand out in a crowd however. One of Devola’s key defining features is her overall well toned and muscular body. The other defining feature being her light golden colored eyes. The unnatural hue of them nearly matches the platinum blonde mane that adorns her head. True to the Aeteran image, Devola’s hair is a wild mess. Strands shoot out and stick up in random directions. She mainly manages this by tying her hair into a pony tail.

Devola’s body is covered in various scars, all brought on from missions she was sent on or experiments that were conducted at her expense. The most notable and obvious one being the X shaped scar on her left cheek, just below her eye.

Devola Reese Y5GXZin
Devola Reese RGnI5jR
Devola Reese PtjiUDM

The Personality

Devola despite being groomed and raised in a military facility to be used as a weapon, has a rather childish demeanor about her. She’s a very outspoken and easy going girl when in an environment that is familiar to her. She is friendly towards the staff on the base, and everyone seems to get along with her rather well. This especially holds true when her father figure is involved. Devola is every bit the girl she is today all because of the care and attention she received from Dr. Reese growing up. If it weren’t for him, she might have turned out to be a very bitter and angry individual, especially with everything she’s been through.

The staff and Dr. Reese aren’t the only ones privy to Devola’s good hearted and outgoing nature. Because Devola is of alien origin, the government couldn’t pass up the opportunity to study her. This lead to three clones being birthed from Devola’s DNA. Lily, Daisy, and Violet are like younger, more innocent sisters to Devola. She loves them dearly and does what she does to ensure their well being. Devola’s hope is that she can fight and take on the world, so that her sisters wont.

Of course this also has some draw backs. Nothing to drastic, but because of Devola’s dedication to ensuring her sisters never have to become tools of the government, the young girl dedicated most if not all of her time to training. While Lily, Daisy, and Violet all train as well, Devola prefers to do her training in solitude.

Devola has a completely different side to her when she is on assignment. She is the government’s poster child when it comes to regulated and government sponsored heroes. This means that everything she does while out in the field is monitored. She becomes a bit more serious and otherwise level headed when dealing with any threats she might be assigned to dealing with. Her upbringing in a secluded government facility means she doesn’t handle crowds or other people all that well, which can lead to some pretty awkward photo ops and encounters with civilians.

The Story

Devola is a full blooded Aeteran that crash landed on Earth sixteen years ago. The US government was quick to respond and claim the pod and all of its contents. Initially the government feared what Devola’s presence might have meant. However as the years went on it became apparent that no one was coming for the alien child. This made the higher ups only more curious. As they couldn’t deduce why the child had crash landed on the planet in the first place. The pod she had landed in was damaged beyond repair and was impossible to salvage or reverse engineer. It was impossible to tell if this damage occurred in space or from the crash landing.

When Devola was discovered she was taken to one of the Governments more secure and well hidden facilities. When she was brought in, she was placed under the care of the facilities lead researcher, Dr. Grant Reese. Initially the government was eager to learn all they could about this child from the stars, and Dr. Reese was happy to oblige. However, as time went on, the lonely divorced scientist grew found of the small alien baby. He’d soon begin to oppose the tests and experiments they’d carry out on the child. At first his change of heart and overall compassion for the child was ignored, but one day when the two were forcibly separated, Devola threw a violent tantrum.

The baby’s anger and rage manifested in a phenomenon that couldn’t be explained. The entire facility began to shake, the sky turned black and an unnatural lightning storm broke out. The longer the agents spent trying to Pacify the child the worse things got. Devola quickly became a threat to everything and everyone around her as she threw full grown men through walls and across hallways. The tantrum continued till Dr. Reese was brought in. Devola quickly calmed down and even fell asleep in the Doctors arms. A study was quickly carried out and when the source of the child’s power was revealed, safety measures were taken to ensure an incident of that magnitude never happened again.

Devola remained under the care of Dr. Reese ever since that day and the two developed a strong father daughter relationship. As the years passed Devola would develop into a charming young lady that was loved by the whole facility. This change of heart from the staff, spearheaded by Dr. Reese eventually lead to the government taking a different approach to handling the alien girl. While Dr. Reese was eventually forced to comply with the government’s demands and the testing and experimentation were resumed on Devola, these were not as intense as the ones she was subjected to as a baby. Instead Devola would go from test subject to agent. She would be trained how to fight and think and act like a soldier.  

The government jumped all over the opportunity to have a super human do their dirty work. Devola quickly became very key they needed to push their agenda on the country. Devola was meant to be a shining example of what a world with regulated supers could be like. Their little “Killer Bee” became the talk of the town almost over night. As Devola continued to produce results and garner acclaim, the decision then came to “mass produce” more of her. This lead to the creation of three test clones aptly named Lily, Daisy, and Violet. When the three were introduce to Devola she was initially confused. It took quite some time for her to eventually warm up and ultimately come to love these clones as sisters.  

The teenage Aeteran despite all she had gone threw, grew up to be a rather calm, charismatic, and caring individual. The love and support of the staff on the base, as well as the tutelage and nurturing from Dr. Reese resulted in a child born in a far away galaxy who was surprisingly more human than any of them could have ever wished to be.

Devola has devoted herself to protecting her “family” from ever having to face all the trails and pain she had to endure growing up. As well as protecting the innocent and being an agent of hope and justice.

The Priority

1. Agility 3
2. Endurance 4
3. Reaction 2
4. Strength 1

The Powers

Power Description: My name is Devola Reese, and I’m an Aeteran from Earth!- Being a full blooded Aeteran, Devola’s physiology is unlike anything seen before. While her race appears human in every facet from skin tones to bone and muscle structure, their biology allows them to perform incredible feats. Even as just a teen, Devola is capable if lifting incredible amounts of weight. Devola is capable of putting this same amount of power behind her punches and kicks. Her advanced musculature allows her to leap great heights, run remarkably fast, react even faster, and take an incredible amount of punishment.

The tricks don’t end there either. Devola’s race has the ability to control and manipulate a latent form of energy that is produced within their cells. By drawing upon this energy, Aeterans and by extension Devola, can harness this energy for deadly effects. This energy, when drawn out, can be used as explosive projectiles, focused into beams or waves, harnessed to produce barriers, or even released from the body in an omnidirectional explosion. Aeteran’s can also use this energy to slightly boost their attributes during combat. Devola is unable to do this as her power is limited by the helmet she wears in combat. When at the base, the building is rigged with the same technology as her helmet, to limit her power there as well. Devola is completely unaware of this.

Devola being an Aeteran can also fly and survive in a vacuum.

    Power 1: Super Human Strength- With all the limitations put in place to keep Devola’s power at bay, The teenaged Aeteran is capable of lifting roughly 15k tons. She is capable of applying this same amount of force behind each of her physical attacks, however she tends to hold back as she’s not allowed to kill the people she’s sent to stop. Nor would she want to kill. Because of an incident that occurred when she was a toddler, the limiters have been in place all her life. Neither Devola or the staff at the base know the true limit of her strength because of this.

    Power 2: Super Human Durability- Aeteran’s are a hearty species. They live and thrive on battle. It was almost as if the universe gave them all the tools they’d need to survive such a life style. Because of this, Devola has extremely tough skin and an even harder skeleton. She has been shown to be able to survive having a building collapse on top of her. Being shot at(Though the bullets still pierced her skin). Being caught in an explosion. And taking a few heavy strikes from a super powered thug. Devola’s durability seems to be one of the very few aspects of her power set that isn’t affected by the limiters.

    Power 3: Super Speed- Devola is capable of moving at inhuman speeds. Through rigorous training within an artificial gravity room, the teen is capable of reaching speeds up to at least mach 1. As a result of her training, Devola is also able to react to things with incredible speed. She’s been seen to be able to dodge a bullet after it’s already been fired from a gun.  

    Power 4: Energy Projection- Devola like the rest of her kind, has learned how to tap into, and draw out the latent energy that the cells in her body produce. This usually takes form in the shape of projectiles that range in size, waves of varying strength, omnidirectional blasts, and the formation of shields or barriers. Normally as an Aeteran, Devola would also be able to use this power to give her attributes a boost in combat, however, with the limiter placed in her helmet as well as the base she lives on, she is unaware of this technique and just sticks to slinging her energy around whenever she needs a ranged attack.

    Power 5: Flight- Devola has the ability to defy all logic, and physics and fly without the aid of wings or some sort of propulsion device. Devola is able to fly at several hundred miles perhour.

    Power 6: Ascension(Berserk)- A legend passed down through Aeteran history, ascension is a technique unique to the alien race. It is said that when using this technique, the user is transformed. In this state the users strength and speed is increased by fifty times. Very few Aeterans have ever proven strong enough to wield such power. Unbeknownst to Devola, is that she has far more power than she could ever know what to do with. Her power was limited for a reason. As a toddler, one day the girl threw a small tantrum that nearly destroyed the entire facility.

    If the limiters were ever removed for some reason, Devola’s power would run rampant. Because she has no experience controlling the flow of her energy this would eventually lead to her entering a “Powered up state”. This powered up state is equal to the Aeteran’s ascension ability. Devola takes this one step further by adding a second level to her ascension. After going a few minuets without the limiters, Devola would ascend past her “Powered up state” and would enter a stat known as Full power or Berserker to her people. In this full powered state Devola receives another fifty times multiplier to her strength and speed. It isnt until Devola reaches this stage that the transformation begins to take it’s toll on her body. Eventually the young girl will run out of stamina to maintain the form and eventually collapse.
    -(If the limiter in her helmet is ever removed either from being damaged or having the whole helmet come off, This process will begin. It will take Devola 6 posts to reach her “Powered up state” After that it’ll be another 6 posts before reaching her “Full power state.” This state lasts for 6 posts itself and then ends, resulting in Devola collapsing from exhaustion.)

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: Waves- It goes without saying, but the waves emitted by Devola’s helmet and the devices lining the facility she lives in weaken her. By constantly exposing Devola to these waves, the young Aeteran is unable to use her full power. If someone were to learn about these waves and create a device similar to her helmet, they can be used to Keep Devola in a more manageable state.

Weakness 2: Family- Devola loves her sisters and her father. Part of the reason she endures as much pain and suffering is to ensure her sisters would never have to go through the same things. Using Devola’s family as leverage is the best way to get the teenaged hero to do your bidding.

Weakness 3: Go Berserk- If Devola’s power is no longer suppressed, her power will run rampant. This causes Devola to enter an enraged state where it becomes incredibly difficult for her to think straight. Thus, Devola becomes a mindless beast that lashes out and attacks just about anything that moves, until she eventually burns herself out.

Weakness 4: The helmet is bad enough- Devola is very claustrophobic. She has a hard time functioning while wearing her helmet, but endures it for the sake of her sisters. Putting her into an enclosed space would cause her to tense up and become panicked.

Weakness 5: A brute is easily controlled- Devola’s mind is actually very susceptible to mind control. Normally Devola doesn’t need to worry about these sort of things because when she’s fighting she’s always wearing her helmet. The helmet designed to suppress her power also protects her mind from mental attacks. Removing the helmet will then cause Devola to become vulnerable to mental attacks. (Mind controlling Devola does not require permission, but she cannot be forced to kill herself.)

Weakness 6: I swear I just saw something- Much like Devola’s vulnerability to being mind controlled, she also falls prey to illusions. She can be tricked into seeing and believing in things that arent actually there.(Illusions do not need permission to work on Devola)

The Items

Item 1: KB-33 Infantry suit- A standard suit created for use by Devola when deployed on a mission. The suit itself offers a decent amount of insulation from the cold and moderate protection against heat(even though Devola doesn’t need it). Other than that, the suit itself offers no other bonuses and is just there to act as a uniform. The uniform can also be outfitted with chest armor, shoulder pads, and gauntlets.

Item 2: KB-33 Infantry Helmet Model D- The model D version of the KB-33 Infantry helm was specifically designed for use by Devola. Built into the helmet are special transceivers that emit a strange type of wave that suppress Devola’s powers. This is to prevent Devola’s power from spiraling out of control, though she’s unaware these are even in the helmet. Aside from the transceivers, the helmet comes with a standard issue coms system, and a heads up display that is capable of swapping between infrared and night vision modes.

The Minions

The Fluff

    -Expert hand to hand combatant.
    -Accelerated Healing factor that can repair extremely damaged parts and limbs(Wont occur in thread. More of an ooc thing)
    -Quick learner
    -Expert gymnast

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

The Characters
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Devola Reese Empty Re: Devola Reese

Post by Shadowoof October 18th 2018, 8:23 am

I don't see anything wrong with this. Approved unless stated otherwise.

The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

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Devola Reese Empty Re: Devola Reese

Post by Zonkes October 12th 2021, 8:59 pm

Stated otherwise.


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Devola Reese Empty Re: Devola Reese

Post by Chellizard October 12th 2021, 9:00 pm

Retired upon request.

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