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Neon Empty Neon

Post by Gnome on October 5th 2018, 12:33 am


”You're not very bright, are you?”

The Bio

Real Name: Adrien Ruiz
Hero Name: Neon
Title: The Living Lightshow, The Light in the Dark
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 18
Eyes:Normally brown, they glow violet when his powers are active.
Blood type:B+

The Looks

Adrien isn’t exactly what one would call imposing. He has a lean build, and while muscular he’s no Adonis, looking more toned than anything else at a first glance. His hair is curly and goes to about his ears, and he doesn’t put too much effort into keeping it tidy, mostly just trying to keep it out of his face. In terms of clothing he puts a bit more effort into it, though he keeps it casual. He usually wears a jacket over whatever shirt he has on. Notably he tries to avoid wearing light colored tops, for fear of his harness showing underneath it. Meanwhile, in terms of bottoms, normally its just jeans and tennis shoes. When he’s either training or playing, he goes with looser clothing so its easier to move.
His costume, meanwhile, is a bit more elaborate. It’s tight but not form fitting and is mostly black, save for what appear to be silvery gray accents running down the arms and legs and connecting on the back, with small offshoots curving around his wrists and up onto his collar. When he is wearing the costume and his powers are active, these lines glow bright violet, the same color as his powers. It also features a helmet with a large black visor over his face, through which the glow of his eyes is visible while his powers are active. A belt with similar light on it completes the look.

The Personality

Adrien typically gives of a laid-back persona, acting unconcerned and often throwing around jokes. He can be very friendly, though he rarely lets people in too deeply. He’s more of the type to have many acquaintances, but only a few close friends who he spends most of his time with. For those he considers close to him, he can be incredibly protective, almost suffocatingly so. He has a deep fear of losing people due to inaction, and often can become paranoid.
He has a bit of a strange relationship with his powers, both fearing them and embracing them in equal measure. He worries about what could happen if his harness broke and is compulsive in checking to ensure its still in one piece. At the same time, he’s come to accept his powers as a part of him, even if it’s a part he doesn’t like very much. As a hero he is very careful to try and limit the damage he causes with his abilities, though sometimes it just doesn’t work out. The thought of killing someone with his powers is something he dreads, and sometimes results in him holding back more than he really should. However, this has also given him a healthy respect for his abilities.
Adrien has a deep resentment towards those with anti-metahuman views, mainly due to his sister’s death. He won’t be marching in any rallies, but if it comes up in conversation he makes his views clear. At the same time, there is a certain level of jealousy for those with “better” powers than his own. If he could trade his repulsive field for something easier to control, he would do it in a heartbeat.

The Story

Adrien was born to a very typical family in New York City, consisting of his blue-collar parents, and his elder sister Amanda. His sister was something of the jewel of the family, utterly brilliant and expected to do big things. However, this did not mean that Adrien was a forgotten child, and overall he had a very happy childhood and was close to all his family members, but especially Amanda. Eventually, Amanda found her calling in studying metahumans, and quickly became an advocate for them, hoping to find ways to improve the lives of those with “gifts” that were more akin to curses. She often joked that she would one day wind up making gadgets for some superhero. This caused a bit of friction with her parents, who did not think too highly of metahumans. However, they did respect her daughters wishes, even if they did try and convince her to pursue a more lucrative avenue in her field of interest.

Adrien, meanwhile, did decently well in school and found a passion for martial arts, particularly the “game” of Capoeira, which he quickly became quite proficient at. Eventually he found an occupation helping teach newcomers to the art, and overall had relatively stable teenage years. However, that changed when he was sixteen, and it turned out his sister’s passion for metahuman biology was somewhat kismet. His powers came in rather explosively one day at home, and it was only by chance that he electrocuted himself and passed out in the miniature rampage.
Fearing for their son, not to mention their own safety, his parents called Amanda, who immediately got to work trying to help her beloved brother. She quickly found a way to contain his repulsion field, and that bought her enough time to create the harness for him, allowing him to have a normal life, and control his abilities. She asked him, as a favor, to allow her to use him as a lab rat in the future, so she could try and better understand his limits and abilities. Never one to turn down his big sister, he agreed.

Thus began what Adrien affectionate referred to as his “Internship” at Amanda’s lab. Through this, she was able to develop the suit, as well as his ability to “flash” over short distances. However, it wasn’t all happy. As it went on, the siblings’ relationship soured. Adrien wanted Amanda to find a way to permanently seal his abilities, while she wanted to give him greater control. He accused her of trying to turn him into her own Frankenstein, she accused him of being in denial.

It culminated into one final blowout where he walked out on her, telling her he wouldn’t be coming back, and she wouldn’t be seeing him again. That latter statement turned out to be true, as Amanda’s lab was attacked the next day by anti-metahuman extremists, and she was among the casualties.
Perhaps irrationally, Adrien blamed himself, as if he could have stopped it if he had been there with her, he could have done something. Among the objects recovered from the lab was the suit she had made him, as well as her research data. Adrien decided that in her memory, he would stop being afraid of his abilities, and use her last creation to try and do good in the world. This put him at odds with his parents, unfortunately, who hated the idea of possibly losing another child. He finally moved out, now renting a room from the man who runs the martial arts studio he works at. Come hell or high water, he intended to be a hero.
All while trying to finish out his last year of high school, of course.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Energy Field Generation – Adrien’s body constantly produces an energy field around itself, taking the form of a bright purple aura. The field is repulsive, and left unchecked smaller objects like bullets tend to just bounce off it unless they are high caliber or fired from close range. Additionally, certain parts of the field can be strengthened at will. For example, by focusing the field into his hands, Adrien could send a car flying with a punch, even though his physical strength would remain the same. Or, if he were to focus it into his feet, he could “super jump” using the force created if he kicked off the ground. However, doing so does weaken the field on other parts of his body. When the field is active and he collides with something, there is a flash of violet light on impact. The field is only generated when Adrien is awake.
Light Speed – Something of a misnomer, since his speed is not actually increased at all. Using his enhancement suit, he can use his energy field to propel himself up to 50 feet within his direct sight. He can only move in a straight line, and will stop if he collides with something. To an outside observer he looks like a streak of purple light.
Martial Artist – Adrien has been practicing Capoeira since he was seven. While on its own Capoeira does not have very much practical use outside of a few key strikes, grapples, and dodges, since deciding to become a hero he has also begun training in kickboxing and incorporating skills from both, creating an agile, hit-and-run style of fighting well suited to his ability to empower his strikes.  

The Weaknesses

Electricity – High voltages disrupt the energy field, causing a great deal of pain to Adrien and leaving him vulnerable for a period of time as his body readjusts. The amount of time it takes for his field to reconstitute is dependent on the voltage he was exposed to. The higher the voltage, the longer it takes for his powers to return.

Overheating – The enhancement suit he uses to “flash” with his light speed ability tends to overheat after too many repeated uses. The exact number of times it can be safely used consecutively varies based on the distance of the flash, but as a rule he tries to give it at least thirty seconds of cool down between each usage. If it does overheat, at best he loses his flashing ability, at worst his repulsive field “shorts out” and leaves him temporarily vulnerable.

Lack of control – The truth is, Adrien can’t regulate the field on his own. Left unchecked, it would just continuously increase in strength to the point where anything he touched would get flung away from him, making him a serious danger to himself and others. He wears a harness on his chest that limits the maximum power the field can maintain and allows him to control it. However, if the harness is removed or critically damaged, the only way to stop it before it causes a disaster would be to electrocute him and then knock him unconscious, since he only generates the field when he’s awake.

The Items

Regulator Harness – Usually warn under his clothes, but gives off heat and is very detectable if someone feels for it.

Enhancement Suit – Integrates with the harness and allows the use of his light speed ability. The helmet

The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

“So… first thing’s first, I need a name.” Adrien mused, laying out on his bed. Tonight he was going to do it, he would finally go out there in Amanda’s suit and be a hero. He was just not sure what to call himself. Seemed a weird thing to be agonizing over, after all that time spent considering whether or not he should even do this, but it had just somehow slipped his mind. Well, it was like him to wait till last minute, wasn’t it. He sighed deeply, rolling over, and mulling through ideas.

“Maybe… push?” He thought. It made sense for his powers, after all. That was literally all he could do, push himself and other things around. Still it sounded like something some hipster would call themselves. No, definitely not. “Guess that eliminates shove and force.” He muttered, scratching them off the notepad he had grabbed, writing down concepts.

“Okay, maybe I’m coming at this from the wrong angle. Less on the nose. How about Flash?” It was what the suit made him do, so maybe it’d fit. Come on though, who would want to run around calling themselves “The Flash”? What kind of idiot would think that name wouldn’t wind up a joke on SNL? “Yeah, no, that’s out. But I like the light motif. Lightshow? Nah… Neon? Neon… Neon!” The more he said it, the more he seemed to like it. Sounded like something Amanda would have approved of.

His smile fell as that cross his mind, and he glanced at the picture on his nightstand. This room barely had enough space for the rickety thing, but he had to have her near his bed. “Yeah, Neon. I’m going to be a light in the dark for you, sis. Just watch.” He said with a smile, standing up. He looked at the suit, her suit, hanging in his closet.

Time to get dressed and go to work.

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Neon Empty Re: Neon

Post by Dubloon on October 8th 2018, 9:26 pm

Approved until stated otherwise. o/

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