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Kashmir Empty Kashmir

Post by Kashmir195 on October 3rd 2018, 11:59 am


"...close your eyes..."

The Bio

Real Name: -REDACTED-
Hero Name: Kashmir
Title:  -REDACTED-
Alignment: Loyal Soldat - Her file reads; we take this to mean Lawful Good
Age: 19 – says her file
Race:Human (Kazakhstani)
Eyes:Dark Brown
Blood type:O-

The Looks

Kashmir is short and spare featured, with tan skin, and long black hair.  Her large, exotic brown eyes seem to emanate a soft golden glow, set beneath prominent eyebrows.  She tends to braid her hair as a rule, and wear ornate earrings, and necklaces (Big on neatness and likes to look pretty).  Her attire consists largely of her costume, an intricate mass of dampeners and regulators to help her control her powers, and utilize others that she otherwise could not.

However, this costume is designed to look like traditional attire indicative to the Central Asian Silk Road era, as the flowing garments allow for proper obscuring of the various components that make up her costume.  The hat alone is designed to shield a headband that monitors neural outputs and keeps her aware of her energy levels.

This fancy mode of dress was her idea, as she sewed the cloth patterns over what was otherwise her everyday field uniform for operations.

The Personality

Hauntingly calm, Kashmir is composed, goal oriented, and efficient by nature, tending to tackle things quickly when action is required, but opting for patience and waiting in more delicate situations.  Not much of a talker, which may lead some to perceiving her as aloof, she is in fact an avid listener; she is more than willing to hear others out, smiling if whatever uttered happens to amuse.

A team player, she quickly finds the “Alpha” or leader in any given group she falls in with and follows directions to resolve conflicts expediently. She often defers her own judgment to others who hold the position of authority, acting in an instrumental capacity.  When acting alone, she executes matters decisively, wordlessly, and with little to no preamble, then fades away.  

A soldier through and through, she is not prone to laughter.

Underneath the exterior that’s presented to ally and foe alike, Kashmir is a warm phlegmatic with a bit of a fixation on neatness. She disdains clutter.  Given her training and experiences though, the friendlier side is rarely expressed, and since most of the time she’s dispatched into hostile territory, she barely has an outlet anyway.

As both hero and “Soldat”, Kashmir places heavy emphasis on targeting only the hostile(s), neutralizing the hostile(s), minimizing potential collateral and keeping casualties to zero.  She’s big into neatness after all!  Furthermore, because of her overall sense of duty and near myopic determination towards achieving an accomplished goal, if Kashmir perceives a member of the group as being sacrosanct, she will not hesitate a second to interpose herself and take the hit for said individual regardless of potential lethality.

The Story

::“The Kashmir Evaluation”::

Born -REDACTED- in -REDACTED- Kazakhstan 08/25/1999, -REDACTED- grew up with a peculiar meta ability to absorb light (specifically sunlight) and then after reaching a limit to her capacity, discharging it in a bright flash accompanied by significant concussive force.  This ability manifested itself in her at age -REDACTED-, catching the eye of Golden Horde, an organization that handles and develops meta human persons for Russia, the Central Asia region, India, -REDACTED-, -ALSO REDACTED-, -YET ALSO REDACTED-, Israel, and Mongolia.  Finding -REDACTED- a promising subject for development, Golden Horde acquired her, and sent her to their branch located in -REDACTED-  region of India.

At -REDACTED- years of age, “Kashmir” was deployed for the first time (to our knowledge) to help in an extraction effort of persons important from a Nigerian hot zone.  Consequently, this mission has been reported on in most western media outlets as the 2013 “Dazzle Event” that occurred September 13th  that year.  The discharge of white hot light leveled half of the -REDACTED- terrorist compound, its garrison reduced to bones and ash. No recorded civilian casualties; refer to Dazzle Event File for further details. Kashmir wouldn’t be deployed again (At least not officially confirmed, unconfirmed deployments are still under analysis)  until 2015 where she was documented holding off an insurgency in -REDACTED- Iraq that was specifically targeting the civilian population.  She was supported by a small detachment from the native military force, and -REDACTED-, -REDACTED AS WELL-, -AND ALSO REDACTED- from Golden Horde. This occurred in October on the 5th.

Insurgents (those not eliminated in the conflict) reported severe burns and permanent retinal damage.  Refer to Iphigenia’s Report for additional information.  Please note that as of 09/17/2018 Iphigenia’s Report is sealed until further notice at -REDACTED- and that the miserable -EXPLETIVE- drones at the CIA have no intent on unsealing the file any time soon.

Additional files concerning the individual known as Kashmir follow, most of these are also under lock-down by the CIA…they are legion.

-Regina’s Document on the “December 1st Incident” 12/01/2013: unconfirmed and locked by the CIA

-Analysis of the “February Fallout” 02/02/2014: Sighted, but not confirmed involvement. Locked, CIA

-”Operation Israfil” 06/13/2014: Kashmir is mentioned in the op – file is heavily redacted by the CIA

-”The Eritrea Episode” 11/10/2014: Sighted, but involvement uncertain. File locked by the CIA

-”Baby Steps” 02/02/2012: A potential per-release of Kashmir, an open document, but insubstantial

-”Schroeder Files” #1-49 of 49 2015-2018: My files, nothing concrete but taken and sealed by the CIA

-”Deciphering the Bosnia Blast” files #12, 23, and 46 of 82, 2016-17: unsealed, details are vague

-”Mandy’s Compilation” approximately 100 files and reports, contains video files, 2012-17: sealed

-”Project Soldat” file date redacted: “Acquired” from Kiev. Heavily redacted, sealed by the CIA

2017, Kashmir was removed from covert theaters and into direct public eye in the capacity of an “Assisting Heroine” when she supported an obscure group of meta human heroes' dire efforts in Sydney Australia that year.  Her engagement to “The Mates” meta-human super group lasted from January 1st to April 14th when she departed, not to be seen publicly until making a narrow save in Hinata Japan by blinding a skyscraper sized creature attacking the city, stalling it long enough for civil defenses to arrive and route the hostile.  This was covered heavily by the media but reported first by The Yomiuri Shimbun, June 9th 2017.  South Korea would be the next destination where her light powers were put to use exterminating murderous amphibian mutations dwelling in the underbelly of Seoul.  This matter was kept largely private, but, well wikileaks...March 5th 2018

Due to current political detente (and good public record on Kashmir’s part) the NSA has withdrawn its initial restrictions preventing Kashmir’s admittance to the USA to perform “heroics”. The NSA has standing criticisms and concerns in regards to this but withholds further judgment as evaluations of Kashmir’s character supplied to us by Moscow and Astana are sterling.

It is the opinion of this analyst that Kashmir is an instrument of powers both foreign and domestic for covert military operations, and presents a clear and present danger to the public safety in spite of being vouched for by the UN, Russia, Kazakhstan, the EU...and the CIA, as a keeper of the peace.  Numerous (and aforementioned) files alludes to a hazardous, but efficient operative.  Be that as it may, this analyst relinquishes the fact that Golden Horde’s recent export has not yet killed any civilians and has conducted herself superbly in high stress combat zones with limited collateral.

It’s not like there isn’t crazier, scarier, more dangerous things already wearing the cape and tights around here States side as it stands.

Kashmir is a go.

-D. Schroeder, NSA Information Analyst 10/03/2018

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Strength
4. Endurance

The Powers

Flash Bang:  Kashmir discharges blasts of intense light from her hands that blind, but also carry a marginal concussive force behind them consistent with a strong shove, hence the “Bang”.

Photo-Sphere Grenade:  Bringing both palms together, Kashmir can coalesce a ball of cohesive light and launch it.  It detonates on contact with a target, and like the Flash Bang, it discharges blinding light, but with substantially more concussive energy, giving the attack knockdown power. This attack also can deliver very minor burns as heat accompanies it.

Photo-flage: Kashmir can bend the light she emits around her, cloaking her from naked sight.

Heat Beam: A focused ray of light into a hot beam of energy measuring approximately 2’ in length. Emits from her combined finger tips on whichever hand of choice and wielded like a sword.

Heat Ray: Fired from both hands held together, Kashmir can discharge a searing beam of light.

Solar Boom: Should Kashmir reach absolute saturation, that is, complete capacity of the energy she can contain, her body discharges the excess energy in a massive explosion issuing out 360 degrees from her person until her body is left with a safe amount of energy.

Photo-Flight:  Her costume has built in regulators for her powers, and can convert the heat she generates into propulsion, this equates to not much more than hovering upwards and 40 mph cruising speeds with a max acceleration of 100 mph.

Photo Mirage:  She can create constructs of light that resemble herself, objects, animals or other people by projecting and bending the light she projects.

Photo Field: Kashmir can create a dome of shielding cohesive light, bringing it about by cupping both hands above her head.  The field projects 5’ out from her in 360 degrees.  It is capable of shielding her, or others with her in the field, from conventional projectiles such as small arms, arrows, and thrown missiles (spear, improvised missiles, knives, axes, etc.), these bounce off the shield.

High Beams: Kashmir can project light from her eyes, with the brightness of headlights.

The Weaknesses

Easily Inhibited:  If kept from sunlight, Kashmir can’t recharge her powers

Dying Light:  Kashmir is constantly bleeding energy, but often replenishes quicker than she loses via the Sun.  When in dark places, Kashmir has greater loss than absorption, meaning she will lose her powers over a protracted period of time.  If kept in the dark for at least 15 of her posts, she suffers the limitations of Dwindling (see Dwindling).  If kept in the dark for 10 more of her posts, she loses her powers and is subject to the Recharge weakness (see Recharge) when she enters sunlight.

Spent: Should Kashmir ever go Solar Boom or empty herself completely of energy (using 3 or more of her powers in each of her posts for 10 straight posts in a thread), she passes out.  If it is by way of emptying herself of power she is unconscious for 5 of her posts where simply posts "Unconscious" in the thread before regaining consciousness or otherwise revived.  If she passes out via the Solar Boom, she’s out for the entirety of the thread unless revived.

No Costume: Kashmir’s costume helps her regulate her power, but also grants her the ability to utilize her power for flight, should her costume become severely damaged, stolen, or she simply isn’t wearing it, then she is incapable of flight.  Furthermore, she loses the powers that are notated under the Dwindling Weakness (see Dwindling).

Dwindling:  If Kashmir uses 3 or more of her powers in her posts for 5 consecutive posts, she loses the powers of Photo-flage, the Photo-Sphere Grenade, Photo Mirage, and the Heat Ray, cruising speed and max speed on her Photo-Flight is halved.  This represents her running low on power.

Recharge: Should Kashmir deplete herself via the various noted conditions stated above in Weaknesses (see Dying Light, Easily Inhibited, and Spent weaknesses) after waking up or getting exposed to sunlight, she can’t use her powers until five of her own posts have passed.  Her powers will be half strength after 5 posts and subject to the limitations set by her Dwindling Weakness (see Dwindling), and if she uses 3 or more of her powers for 5 turns, she’ll pass out.  Her powers, if she waits 10 posts are returned to normal.

Double Edged: Kashmir is not immune to her own powers, that is, if her light is reflected back at her, she can be blinded or burned by it just as much as her foes.

Critical Limit:  The Solar Boom is not a power Kashmir is in control of, but is controlled by the Admins, or the originator of the thread on this site, and is used solely for the sake of plot moments in that regard.  Have fun, this one is not in my hands.

Veracious Appetite: Yeah, she’s small and all, but the coursing of energies from out of her body makes for a big appetite.  Kashmir eats double that of an average person, and suffers anemic-like fainting episodes when she’s gone too long without substantial sustenance.

Crossfire Effect:  Kashmir’s allies aren’t immune to her powers unless they have powers (or equipment) stating otherwise.  Effectively, her allies can be blinded by her attacks as well in combat.

Distorted: Her mirages aren’t perfect, they are slightly transparent, and have the heat ripple distortion, prolonged, or close scrutiny reveals this to friend or foe alike.

Visible On Another Spectrum: While she can cloak herself to the naked eye, microwave, and Infrared can still detect her when cloaked.

Dissipated Over Range:  The concussive effects of Flash Bang is lost over 20’.  When The Photo-Sphere Grenade goes off on impact, the concussive and heat based effects are lost after 25’ from the blast radius.  Heat Ray is only capable of heat damage up to 125’, after that it becomes a blinding attack.  She can only project her Photo Mirages up to 50’ from her person, then they fade away.

Obstructions:  As long as there is something opaque between you and the flash of Kashmir’s blinding powers, you will not be blinded.

The Items

3 copies of her Costume (see The Looks, and regard The Powers and The Weaknesses for details).  For convenience here, it allows her to fly and acts as a regulator for her powers.

The Fluff

The -REDACTED- materials concerning Kashmir’s back story (see The Story) are subject to admin fiat for plot or left field plot twists should they be needed for an arc, otherwise, for casual rp game mechanics, most special ops or secret service organizations have some sort of documentation on her and her exploits, meaning NPC or PC characters in that field can generate a random anecdote attached to her for story telling purpose i.e. “Kashmir, Ugh!  I was really hoping you would have kicked off during the Harris Croon Affair in Tripoli back in 2017, but nope!  Here you are, as I live and breath!” said Agent Schroeder with a drawn out groan, the put upon NSA agent holstering his side arm.

Hobbies include:

-Baking (Specifically making bread)
-Sewing/Knitting/Crocheting (She’s very constructive)
-Journaling (she keeps a diary oddly enough)

The RP Sample

Kashmir looked over at Agent Schroeder, due in part to the pregnant silence that seemed to have crept its way between them.  Kashmir stared ahead through the tinted wind shield, realizing that the game board had been set for awhile by the openly agitated NSA agent who’d picked her up from the airport.  The corners of her lips turned upwards ever so so slightly.

It was his turn.

Schroeder huffed, glancing down at the GPS screen in the dashboard, then looking back up.  He slowly applied the brake, bringing the vehicle neatly to a stop behind a Uhaul, then huffed again while slapping the steering wheel.  The traffic on SR 436 leaving ORA was dreadful at the 12pm hour.

Her turn.

She opened the glove box, rifling around in the compartment briefly until she found the car manual.  Closing the glove box, she licked her pointer finger and turned to the first page.  Roving it with mock interest, she occasionally tilted her head and acted engrossed.

His turn.

Schroeder took his foot off the brake, pressed the gas for all of ten seconds before depressing it and engaging the brakes once more.  He scowled, shook his head, and reached for the cigarette lighter, realized it was absent from the socket, groaned, then returned his attention to the road right when the light turned green.

Her turn.

Kashmir returned the manual to the glove box, and stretched, letting out a yawn.

His turn.

He yawned.  Yawns are contagious.

Her turn.

She began picking her nails, using her thumb nail to draw audible clicking sounds in the process.  Schroeder’s turn.  Coming to a stop at a red light, he sighed, and turned, a question forming on his lips.  Kashmir’s ghost of a grin widened, wrinkling her cheeks.

She’d won.

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Kashmir Empty Re: Kashmir

Post by Chellizard on October 4th 2018, 10:47 pm

Approved and moved.

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