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OPEN Writhe

Post by Lukalot on September 24th 2018, 9:36 pm


"*Chuckle* This is gonna hurt you more than it’s gonna hurt me."

The Bio

Real Name: Nigel Davies
Hero Name: Writhe
Alignment: Insane, Hero, Scisophrenic
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Metahuman)
Hair: Bright Red, Glows; variable
Eyes: Yellow; variable
Height: Approximately 6 foot; 1.8288m.
b]Weight:[/b] 130 lbs;
Blood type: A+


Writhe is quite tall and slender. He typically wears a semi-transparent black tophat, presumably made of plastic, which reveals his mangled jungle of hair beneath it. He wairs dark brown tap dancing shoes, a silver watch with all of the mechanical parts missing, a, curiously, sparkling white shirt, and a dark brown suit-jacket, usually riddled with scratch marks. He randomly may or may not be wairing a dazzling, and oversized, red bowtie, depending on his mood. His hair is abnormally red and glows in the dark. Everyone knows he must dye it with some strange chemicals. His face is painted white, his nose red, and his tears are black.


Writhe has quite an unpredictable persona. For the majority of the time, he acts rather erratically, and rashly. He is prone to harming others whether it be for pleasure or accidentally, and he is known for his manic laugh and menacing smile. He seems psychopathic in nature. That said, Writhe has never been seen involved directly in the death of another being...

This is likely because he seems to snap out of his madness, quite suddenly, whenever he is in an extremely stressful or life and death situation.

His secondary persona is usually incredibly empathetic and emotional. After snapping into this persona, Writhe usually does not recover for a long period of time, sometimes months.

He is a trickster and has been known to pull off almost unexplainable magic tricks.


Not much about Writhe is known. He is only prone to reveal things about himself in his secondary persona, and only if coaxed. Memories of his past seem to be extremely painful to him, and he has been known to go into hiding for months if he snaps like this. He’s almost an urban legend, and who knows how much of this is true. Despite this, I have to find him and kill him. It was the last thing that I had been told by my adoptive father. "Writhe... he must not share the secret." He said. I had wondered who he was talking about at the time... Writhe? I had never heard of him before. I had loved my Father and thought we never kept secrets from each other, but apparently, he had, because I still had not a clue what this secret was. He died in my arms before I had a chance to ask. Of course, I will do what he asked, but not before I discover this secret myself. What could he be hiding? And how did he know my father?

I know one day I will track him down and find him, but for now, hunting through these ancient government files will do. Computer files of course, who uses paper these days when you can hack into the government's criminal records? All I need is a name.

Nigel Davies, the adopted son to an upper-class British couple in England.

That simple? This will be a piece of cake from here, I think.

After being adopted, Nigel's parents and him moved from Britain to Sidney, Australia, oddly enough.

Interesting that like me, his family leads to Britain. We're also both adopted. If I didn't have to kill him, I would think he might be a good friend, or at the least a good way to take advantage of someone and get some cash.

After being recorded as a criminal in Australia, his name drops completely out of the books, his only references were scrawls on the pages of photocopied newspaper articles documenting vandalisms including, mysteriously, clowns.

A madly scrawled suicide note marks the end of the information about Writhe.

So he's dead! I chuckle to myself.

All this time wasted, I could have been hacking a bank machine, or something else far more worth my time. I should have known not to waste my time on my old man's ridiculous dying wishes.

But suddenly, I hear someone behind me, but I feel as if it is purposeful. They chose to make a noise. A quick chuckle behind me sends a shiver down my spine.

"Why, hello, young brother..."

I spin around-

Who knows how long he has been standing there.



1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Strength
4. Endurance


[Blink of an Eye] Writhe can move around extremely quickly when people are not watching him, even during a persons blink. On some occasions, he is able to seemingly appear and disappear.

[Brittle Boned] NEGATIVE Writhe has weak bones, which can break or fracture quite easily if hit with force.

[Cheater] Writhe is extremely practiced in manipulating small objects directly next to him, such as decks of cards, dice, or even hourglasses etc.

[Breakdown] NEGATIVE Writhe will freeze for a decent period of time when under emotional stress, before snapping to his secondary persona.

[Nerve Lag] Victims of attacks by Writhe often do not feel anything at all as a result for a few seconds.

[Hoarder] NEGATIVE Writhe will become extremely upset and lose focus if any of his personal belongings are taken away from him.

[Silent] Writhe is extremely silent when moving and breathing.

[Gunfounded] Writhe cannot use any mechanical ranged weapons.

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