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Miss Vibrations

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Miss Vibrations Empty Miss Vibrations

Post by Miss V on September 23rd 2018, 1:37 pm

Miss Vibrations

"A True Classic"

The Bio

Real Name: Melody Moore
Hero Name: Miss Vibrations
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 68
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 140
Blood type: B+

The Looks

Miss Vibrations 2018-09-04_20.12.25

The Personality

Melody is a woman of kindness and positivity. She always has time for those in need and puts other before herself. Warm but tough, she will not abide evil or oppression and can be a frightening presence to those that face her wrath.
The Story

Melody was born and raised in the city of Atlanta Georgia. Her early upbringing was difficult. She was born deaf, but with the ability to see sound waves. Eventually she learned to recognize patterns and even understand speech.  An early interest in music helped her learn how to understand her ability.

As she grew older her powers began to manifest more fully. By the time she was halfway through high school she was splitting her time between playing keyboard in a band and being the youngest member of the  Society of Black Heroes. Originally fighting crime under the name Sound Girl the Society raised her into a proper hero and she became one of its key members. While they never got the same media coverage of other groups of the time they operated for decades locally and globally, and saved the world from destruction or conquest  quite a few times.

During this time she also found renown as a musician. Her unique way of seeing sound allowed her to compose truly unique pieces of music. While jazz fusion enjoyed a limited time of mainstream popularity in the U.S. she is still fairly popular in Japan. In the U.S. her work is mostly known for being sampled for a number of hip-hop hits.

The federal government was never particularly comfortable with groups of black supers, and did what it could to discredit the Society aince it's creation. While this was nothing unusual for black folk in the U.S. things came to a head in the mid-90's. The current administration was determined to use groups like the society as a scapegoat for inner-city violence. Between laws being passed that made it easier to arrest back vigilantes and the CIA uncovering several of the Society's members secret identities many members began to fear for the safety of their members. In the end, with superhero groups becoming more common and generally more inclusive, it was decided that Atlanta no longer needed the society and they quietly disbanded. Many members simply retired, though some found other hero groups to join. Melody decided that there were other ways she needed to fight, and retired from the hero life.

Melody stayed in Atlanta, returned to college for a degree in law, and used the money and connections she had earned as a musician to champion civil rights. She became a well-known community leader and worked tirelessly for her city. Her current work was in many ways more difficult than her career as a hero, but she found it fulfilling. She never thought she would put the mask on again, but the world was changing quickly and violently. Super-powered heroes and villains were becoming more common, and it was becoming more difficult to tell yhe difference between them. The streets of her city were being torn apart by brawls between supers, with normal citezens suffering the consequences. Hero groups had fallen out of fashion, and the latest generation had grown up without the values Melody had learned in the Society. People didn't feel safe, and Melody the community leader didn't have the words to make them feel safe.

She remembered a brave group of men and women in the 60's who realized that they needed to give more than words and became the group of heroes that made Melody feel safe as a child in unsafe times. That inspired her to join them and become a hero. She decided to put the mask back on, for as long as it took. She would protect her city, and show young heroes the proper path. Miss Vibrations is making her comeback tour.
The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Durability
4. Strength

The Powers

Sound Wave Manipulation: Miss V can manipulate sound waves to an extreme extent. She can transform a snap of her fingers into a wave of concussive force or cancel out a sound completely.  Any sound-wave she can see, she can manipulate.
Sound in Color: Miss V sees sound rather than hears it. She has become adept at interpreting sound with this strange sense.
The Weaknesses

Deaf: Melody was born completely deaf in both ears. She must be able to see a soundwave in order to "hear" it which excludes whatever is outside her field of vision.
Trippin': Generally Melody's sound sense doesn't inhibit her version but a large number of sounds from a similar point of origin can make her vision seem blurry.
Fragile Fashion: Miss V's anti-grav belt is useful, if a bit slow. It is however very easily damaged and rendered useless. It seems like the thing was always conveniently destroyed at the beginning of an adventure.
The Items

Roland Cystom Keytar "Mary": a custom wireless keytar with built-in speaker that Miss V uses when fighting crime. While extremely nice, is still just a regular instrument.
Anti-grav Belt: a stylish belt with an orb at the center. Designed by the Society member "Idea-Man" it allows for members without natural flight ability to do so.

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Miss V
Miss V

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Miss Vibrations Empty Re: Miss Vibrations

Post by Chellizard on September 26th 2018, 8:27 pm

Approved and moved.

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