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Sanguine Empty Sanguine

Post by The Swolefather on August 27th 2018, 11:03 pm


"Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood."

The Bio

Real Name: Sonja Pearce
Hero Name: Sanguine
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Eyes: Brown
Weight:130 lbs
Blood type: AB-

The Looks

The Personality

Sonja is a truly kind soul, hell bent on uplifting her comrades, and helping those around her in any way she can. However, she is hyper competitive, and will go head to head against her friends any chance she gets. Sonja is driven by the constant need to outclass those around her, regardless of how much weaker she may be. Due to being raised in Iceland, Sonja has a mindset that favors strength of not only the body, but the mind, causing her to be ignorant towards mental health issues, as well as physical limitations of others.
The Story

Sonja was born in Reykjavik, Iceland to a family of competitive weightlifters, that reached back many decades. At the prime age of six, she began to train alongside her parents, under their watchful eyes, as to avoid any injuries. At ten, she won her first record in powerlifting in the Squat, the next year the bench, and then the deadlift. At thirteen, she switched to the sport of strongman, and won many awards for her athleticism, as well as competing at Nationals, against individuals twice her age. During these times, she attended private school, and held respectable grades, though not the top, which infuriated her to no end. After graduating, Sonja traveled to New York City to train with those she had met at competition as well as attend college; this is when she discovered her powers. While walking home after a training session, she came across a woman surrounded by men, and while Sonja attempted to overpower them, they were too many. Left with bruises, a cracked eye socket and a broken finger, Sonja screamed, reaching out to them. The men stopped moving all at once, while yelling out in confusion, and as she made a fist, they all dropped to the ground. When Sonja awoke again, she found herself cuffed to a hospital bed, with an odd man named Luka introducing himself to her.
The Priority

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Hemokinesis: Sonja is able to manipulate blood with relative precision, allowing her to control the movements of others, create weapons out of blood, and control the inner workings of the blood, such as circulation and oxygen content.(Permission based)

Regeneration: Sonja’s blood abilities, allows her to work more efficiently, healing cuts in a matter of minutes.

Performance Enhancement: Sonja is able to channel her blood in different ways, allowing her to either become three times a strong as she normally is, run great distances with ease, or sprint over thirty miles an hour.

Reinforced Veins: Sonja is able to harden her veins momentarily, reducing her risk of bleeding out from any sort of lacerating attacks.

Transfusion: Sonja has the ability to heal the injuries of others with her own blood.

Blood rage: The more blood that decorates the field around her, the more powerful Sonja becomes. This affects not only her physical strength, but also her powers.
The Weaknesses

Limited Supply of Blood: A lot of Sonja’s abilities require her to either use her own blood, or another persons, which puts an obvious limit on how much she can use before her body gives out.

Human Body: While Sonja can heal at a faster rate, her body is still susceptible to the normal dangers of a human.

Exhaustion: Sonja’s powers take a decent amount of concentration, and prolonged use can cause her to faint.

Sonja is scarred by the sight of the men dropping dead, and refuses to use her powers to their full potential in fear of killing others.

While Sonja can increase her bodies ability to perform, doing so for too long, or enhancing it too much, can kill her.

With enough of a struggle, any individual can break free of her control.

Not my type: Though Sonja can heal the blood of people with different blood types, the healing isn’t as potent as it is for those who share her type.
The Items

Sonja has a watch that was issued by the Infinity University, which tracks vital signs as well as her location. In addition, it also acts as a communications device.

The Fluff

Sonja’s records include:
550 pound Deadlift
300 pound Bench
500 pound Squat
250 pound Overhead
Has carried over 600 on her back, 250 in front of her, and has pulled many vehicles linked together.

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The Swolefather
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Sanguine Empty Re: Sanguine

Post by Zonkes on August 27th 2018, 11:10 pm

approved and moved

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