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The King and his Subjects

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The King and his Subjects Empty The King and his Subjects

Post by Red August 24th 2018, 11:20 pm

It was, indeed, a very frightful business. These individuals were not to be trifled with. Each with the power to motivate, destroy, and subdue—I was barely in control. I shook. Yes, I shook with fear. Every fiber of me knew I had to stay composed—powerful, but it was a pointless struggle. I would not cooperate. I allowed the nerves to envelop me, and just sat sheepishly on my throne, though it was more akin to a prison now.

My legs twitched. Try as I might have to look them in the eye, and try as I might have to keep stoic, I could not. For the first time in many years, they had become stronger than I, and they knew it. Of course—of course they knew it! They saw my weakness! They saw my quivering limbs, reddened face, and lowered head. There was no preventing that.

A sick, sick smile appeared on the face of the man to my right. Golden armor head to toe, the fierce captain was the first to see he had an opportunity. Like a vulture moving on it's next meal, he stepped closer, and closer still. Towering over me, the vicious knight believed he had already won. This I knew, and this I nearly believed.

"I grow tired of such small mindedness! Such shortsightedness! Haven't you plans for your people? Haven't you plans for yourself, King? I can give to you what it is you truly want, just let me be the guide," He said, smirk still plastered on his face. I shuddered. I could not respond with him so close at hand. His passion was more than mine.

"Leave him be," said the man to my left. He wore robes of emerald, and the beard of a wise man. Though not as imposing as the knight, his voice boomed with command. "Ambition is nothing without thought. He must come under my tutelage before pursuing such empty adventures. King, I can give to you what it is you truly want, just let me be the guide."

I lowered my head further yet. I could not respond to such a well versed scholar and win. His wisdom was more than mine. Seeing my reaction, the old man seemed pleased, for he believed no one could challenge his control of the sovereign. Even still, there were many a court member that hadn't said their piece.

"Books and meaningless aspirations! The Great Ruler does not wish to throw his life away for such empty pursuits. Let him enjoy the pleasures of this world to their fullest extent. That is where true happiness is found," a woman, dressed in crimson, said. She stepped forward into the center of the room, heels clicking.

"Highness, I can provide for you the greatest joys in existence. You will never go without companion, drink, or amusement. I can give to you what it is you truly want, just let me be the guide," the woman continued, eye lashes fluttering at me. I could not respond to such temptations. Her charisma was more than mine.

"And what of security? What of the horrors of this world? Why should the King go after such things if he may die doing so?" a frail, stuttering man in yellow said in a rasp. "The King no doubt wants to live as long a life as possible, and for that, he will need to remain safe. Majesty, I can give you what it is you most want, just let me be the guide."

I could not argue. What they all said was true, so how was I to decide? In my weak state, I could not see the paths. My subjects were driving me—confusing me. I held my head in frustration—contemplation. Even still, no real thoughts came. I was useless! Powerless! Sitting motionless as they tore me apart! Was this what it meant to be King? Was this what choice was?

"Destroy them all. They are nothing to you! Give me the reigns. It's what you want!"

"Raise them up. Have you no compassion, King? The people deserve your love! Give me control."

"End all this talk and act! Chatter will never change anything, you fools! Highness, please use your sense!"

"Look at him! He's a boy! He does not wish to engage with any of this! Let him be. We can take care of the rest, just put me in charge."

The endless voices flooded my mind. Louder, louder, louder—LOUDER! I couldn't get away. They were in my head, and I, too weak and too confused to choose, remained in a heap on the alter of apparent ultimate power. Was this a punishment? Was this the cost?

The voices became incoherent. I tried to block them out, but if I did completely the Kingdom would fall to stagnation. My time was running out. I had to speak. I had to—I had to do something! This could not go on. If I was too weak to act now, how could I ever hope to be strong later, after enduring such torture? I gathered my courage, then started to stand.

They argued and argued and argued, fighting among themselves. They had long since stopped paying attention to me, destroying any order that there might have been. Facing this battle, this chaos, I nearly collapsed to my knees in despair, but I knew that if I did, there would be no standing back up.

"ENOUGH! Damned fools! Can you not see that I wish for no singular guidance!? I AM THE KING, AND YOU THE SUBJECTS! When you are needed, I will say, and when you are not, I WILL DECIDE IT. I will consider your perspectives, but you will control me no longer..."

Heaving for breath, the chamber went silent. Fading from my view was the room full of forces pulling me in so many different directions. When my vision cleared once more, I was certain. I was tempered, balanced, and in control. The Kingdom was ruled by a King once more, and counseling him was a court of loyal subjects.


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