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Anne Droid

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Anne Droid Empty Anne Droid

Post by The Nekromonga on August 20th 2018, 8:56 am


"The robot hero"

The Bio

Real Name: Elisa Anne Watson
Hero Name: Anne Droid
Title: The robot girl
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 1
Gender: Fembot
Race: Robot (Caucasian features)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5ft (150cm)
Weight: 880 pounds (400 kg)
Blood type:

The Looks

Anne Droid Glamour_glamour-cover-stars-chloe-grace-moretz-june-cover

The Personality

           Curious, naive, relatively peace-loving. Even before being stricken by cancer, the original Elisa was an intelligent and compassionate young woman who was slated to attend university, with particular merit attached to her humanitarian and philanthropic endeavors. A completely typical good-girl from upper Los Angeles. She always believed in the good in others and thought people with exceptional gifts should help others.
           This personality carried over, more or less intact, in the Elisa robot. However, her amnesia, gaps in her digital memories and threat-assessment programming, all make for an imperfect facimile. She sometimes thinks she is real. Extreme mental duress or life endangering threats may cause her to enter her 'battle mode', creating an efficient and ruthless killing machine. Elisa is aware of her actions, and struggles to cope with the reality that she is not, in fact, human.

The Story

           Wong Enterprises - once a global mega-tech corporation, was suddenly reduced to a few defunct collection of failing private laboratories in the span of a few years. Wong Enterprises's decline was swift and sure when its head, Ellie Wong, disappeared due to mysterious circumstances. The purges followed, as shadowy alien forces began to dismantle their secret bases one by one. Their mission should have been simple enough, put together an army of self sustained, advanced combat robots to fight the alien menace or at least, prepare humanity for the coming war. The base was also a veritable fortress that could withstand nuclear blast.  The research station belonged the Enterprises' experimental A.I. and robotics, the brainchild of its former owner. Its fall however, came from within.

Elisa's story begins here, at said remote research station in the Himalayas. Her brain patterns were copied from a cancer patient who volunteered for an experimental procedure into digitization of the mind- one final attempt to cling to existence as her physical body failed. Elisa was one of many cyborg units being assembled, her cutting edge survival and combat software completely uploaded. However, just as her mission protocols were going to be uploaded, the sleeper agent struck, detonating the base's power plant. Then the Aliens came.

The active battle borgs were far too few to put up effective resistance. With nowhere to go, one of the scientists decided they needed to evacuate at least some of the units. Elisa was placed into her maintenance pod, loaded onto a rocket and was blasted off into orbit to fall back to earth somewhere. The damage her pod took would affect her memories. Alone, amnesiac, and equipped with warfighting capabilities, Elisa would awaken on a field, wondering where she was, who she was...

The Priority

1. Agility  3
2. Endurance 2
3. Reaction 4
4. Strength 1

The Powers

power 1: Advanced Combat Programming - Thanks to built in micro-sensors all over her body that measure air pressure changes, as well as a highly advanced computer brain, Elisa is a highly capable combatant, having the collective knowledge of many conventional martial arts, weapons training and practical combat skills.

power 2: Strength - High tech nano-muscle fibers exert several orders of power more than simple human muscles. Capable of tossing cars, stopping helicopters midair and even giving tanks a run for their money, Elisa's artificial strength is well within the realm of superhuman capabilities.

power 3: Speed - the same ultra-powerful nano-muscle fibers can also propel Elisa to dizzying speeds, capable of keeping up with most high-performance vehicles. Steering might be a problem however.

power 4: Durability - Elisa's body, while appearing as that of a 5 foot tall teenage girl, weighs in at a whopping 400 kilograms, composed of ultra-dense muscle fibers and a thick composite resin, both derived from alien alloys. Resisting extreme heat and cold, corrosion and kinetic energy, Elisa can withstand tremendous punishment.

power 5: Advanced Optics - Elisa's robotic eyes are capable of high-definition zoom, infrared vision and night vision.

power 6: Surface Adherence - Can climb up vertical surfaces or even upside down. However, given Elisa's weight, certain types of materials may not be able to support the robot.

The Weaknesses

Many of Elisa's weaknesses are centered around her special item, the Pod

Weakness 1: Elisa's cybernetic body has a vast power requirement, and the pod compensates by providing her recharge over an 8-hour period. If Elisa cannot rest in the pod after a day of superpowered exertion, she will go into 'power saving mode' the next day, unable to utilize her powers.

Weakness 2: The pod features nano tech based repair protocols to heal Elisa's damage in the field. If Elisa sustains combat damage and cannot rest in the pod, the damage remains and must be repaired manually by someone who knows Elisa's material composition.

Weakness 3: EMP attacks - Her shielding can protect her from being completely devastated, but she has to shut down temporarily when subjected to an EMP to protect herself.

Weakness 4: Power Surge - Entering highly electrified areas can play havoc on Elisa's senses. Electrical  based attacks are effective against her, stunning her in addition to dealing extra damage.

Weakness 5: Magnetism - exposure to magnetic fields causes Elisa's nano-muscle fiber system to compensate to avoid malfunctions, cutting off use of her strength and speed powers. A high powered magnet meanwhile, would definitely keep her immobilized.

Weakness 6: Magic - as a creation of science, the ken of magic is beyond Elisa, and she is practically defenseless against spells and occult phenomena. This includes a vulnerability to incorporeal attacks, which function identically to EMP attacks.

The Items

The Pod - Elise's Special Pod. The key to Elisa's maintenance and operation is her Pod, whose functions are tied to her unconscious, her power supply and performance. It also has several other higher operation functions, which must be restored by a skilled programmer though.  It is large and bulky, easily the size of a ... coffin.

Item Weakness: Energy Sink The Pod has a large power draw, equal to industrial machinery, and will likely increase someone's power bill when plugged in with the aid of a transformer. This will very likely gain the unwanted attention of the local power company.

The Fluff

Heavy While having a little more mass behind her punch makes a difference in a fight, a 400kg robot packed into a tiny body will mean very poor interaction with the environment, making her unusual nature an easy give-away.

Built in Photo/Audio/Video Recorder - With a computer brain, Elisa not only has perfect memory, she can share exactly what she heard/saw, connecting to an appropriate device with bluetooth.

Waterproof - Though she'll sink like a rock and has to walk underwater, Elisa functions fine while submerged.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Anne Droid Empty Re: Anne Droid

Post by Zonkes on August 22nd 2018, 3:25 pm

So. This is a great character. She seems super fun and interesting and I’d love to get to know her.

Couple things before I can approve this though. Weaknesses 7 and 3 are gonna need to be put under fluff as they aren’t really weaknesses. Give us some meaty weaknesses and I’ll take another look!

Do all this and I’ll be glad to take another look! Smile

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Anne Droid Empty Re: Anne Droid

Post by Zonkes on August 22nd 2018, 8:52 pm


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