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Owl-Cat Empty Owl-Cat

Post by Joseph Pokakaa August 12th 2018, 7:45 pm


"The Borderline Superhero"

The Bio

Real Name: Joseph Garnet
Hero Name: Owl-Cat
Title: The Borderline Superhero
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Multiracial
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Blood type: O-

The Looks

Joseph is a tall and lean young man with warm, brown skin. He is 6 feet and 3 inches tall, is 200 pounds, and 10 percent body fat. His body is tall and long with large hands and feet. He is broad shouldered against a narrow waist, giving him a triangle-shaped upper body. He also has large hips due to exercise and racial makeup. He has a birth mark on the left side of ribs.

Joseph has an oval-shaped head with a broad forehead accentuated by his long neck. He has semi-curly, semi-wiry black hair that he keeps in a a short side-part with the back and sides kept tight. He sports a well trimmed mustache that he keeps small and does not let grow past the corners of his mouth. His sideburns are also trimmed and within military standards. Joseph calls his style very "Princess Bride". He has very thin body hair as well. Although he used to wear prescription glasses, they were made obsolete by his powers, but he still wears non-prescription browline glasses. He has a pointy snub nose, broad cheek bones, and a lightly rounded jawline. When he smiles, his dimples are more noticeable.

The Personality

Joseph is very jovial and talkative when he wants to be, quick-witted, funny, and charming. Also, he is honest and straight forward as well as objective. However, he is very withdrawn and private, which is ironic considering he delights in deep connections with others. It is not to say that he is particularly bad at connecting with others, however he lacks a good deal of interest concerning the matter. Unfortunately, this has led to disappointing traits, occasionally like insensitivity, condescension, an ignorance of authority, and most notably self-doubt. In a setting that rarely poses an intellectual challenge to Joseph, his most natural and dangerous enemy is himself. He often spends many lonesome nights in distracting contemplation over what could have been as well as many unfinished thoughts, slowing his progress as a person.

Intellectually speaking, Joseph is very logically precise, and naturally excels at putting pieces together with excellent analyzing abilities and amazing abstract thinking. His abstract way of thinking and mental connecting abilities lead to a certain open-mindedness and sense of imagination, which lends to originality. When completely focused, there is rarely a mental task too hard for Joe, making for a very quick learner. However, one would be very hard-pressed to get Joseph completely focused against his own accord, as his mind is made to wander in his abstract way of thinking. Notably, Joseph is only ever completely focused when the subject matter greatly interests him. Even minor interests get more of a pass, but they are never focused on for long. His emotional intelligence leaves a little to be desired. While structurally sound logically, his emotions are hot and rarely easy for him to shift through and communicate. In matters entirely steeped in emotion, he is very inept, often trying to find a logical way to cope. He almost always tempers his emotions with logic when he can as he can be easier to manipulate emotionally, and it is a difficult aspect for him to control normally, usually forcing him to shut his emotions down.

The Story

Joseph was a relatively normal, gifted person before the events leading him to acquire his powers. He grew up very perceptive and intuitive, though often an outcast by his own exceptional actions and behavior. At various points in his life, he received tutelage in both boxing and Kung Fu and various mental disciplines, with his powers becoming subtly apparent in the process. After the death of one of his closest friends, Celia, Joseph's outcast tendencies began to become more apparent. The grief over her loss drove Joseph to the brink of total despair. Almost losing himself, he began to look for means to alleviate his grief, eventually steering towards spiritual meditation. Through this meditation, his latent powers manifested themselves.

Joseph began to discover he had inherent telekinetic power and empathic abilities. He was suddenly capable of lifting incredulously large masses. He could learn new skills and techniques at rates beyond human comprehension. He was capable of sensing and intuitively understanding the feelings of those around him. He even corrected his myopia through sheer force of will. With these amazing abilities, Joseph liberated himself from the shackles of his normal life. Acquiring performance related skills, Joseph became an amazingly talented actor and musician, starring in several award winning films and releasing several chart-topping singles. However, as he continued his life as a star, he began feeling overwhelmed. He noticed his powers were failing more often than not, and he would frequently have intense feelings of agitation similarly to anxiety attacks. Joseph was forced to quit acting and performing, retreating to his home in a remote part of the mid-western United States.

He began focusing on meditation again and found that his powers began to return and more powerfully than before. He eventually realized that his powers were tied to his emotional state, which he was only able to control through meditation and isolation. In the isolation, he began experimenting with his powers and training. One day, Joseph rescued a deformed hatchling great horned owl, and a black mountain lion cub. Raising them together, he began to understand his empathic abilities more by studying them and learning how they expressed themselves. This began to give him a deeper understanding of his own emotions as he slowly related to them more and more. One night, a terrible storm struck, completely destroy Joseph's home. After the storm was over, Joseph was unable to find his animal friends. Thus, Joseph returned to civilization to live his life in the city.

Collecting the insurance money from his home, he started over. Still maintaining his meditation, Joseph's training with his powers continued as he avoided paparazzi curious about his return. One night, Joseph's sensed a creature of a temperament he had never sensed before. Tracking it down through the city, the creature turned hostile. It was incomprehensible in shape, like a ball of shadows seeming to lash out formlessly with tendrils and an ever elusive mouth-like opening. Joseph was almost overwhelmed until he underwent another anxiety attack. However, this time, the memories of Joseph's animal friends took shape, creating the Owl-Cat suit, and manifesting the power of his aura. Attacks using his aura seemed to be effective in harming the creature, seemingly forcing it to retreat into a portal to another dimension. Joseph accepted his new secret identity and took on the mantle of Owl-Cat.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Emotional Energy Manipulation: Through spiritual meditation, Joseph has gained a metaphysical ability to manifest and manipulate his own emotions as a form of energy. He can create constructs out of the energy, such as platforms, restraints, or even limbs to hold and pick up objects such as when he created a giant hand to uproot a tree or flip over an armored vehicle. One of his favorite techniques is generating claws from his finger tips to cut through materials like steel with ease. Utilizing emotional energy as volatile attacks, he can create blasts, bolts beams, and waves, transmitting heat of up to 5000 degrees Fahrenheit and possibly exploding on contact. Due to the fact that all of these abilities are deadly to normal humans, Joseph almost never utilizes most of them against regular humans. Joseph can generate shields of various shapes that can protect him from conventional weaponry and harmful energy or substances. Powerful attacks and weapons like rocket launchers are capable of damaging and penetrating the shield.
  • Portal Creation: For more long range travel, Joseph prefers to utilize a portal. He utilizes emotional energy to open a wormhole from his location to his destination. They can also be used to go through walls or obstacles.
  • Levitation: Joseph can levitate off of surfaces, hover against gravity, and control the speed of his descent. This allows him to fly at sub-sonic speeds. When utilizing some form of wings, Joseph can fly like a bird.

Super Strength: Joseph is physically strong enough to lift 25 tons.

Super Durability and Endurance: Joseph is durable enough to resist high falls and great trauma.

Super Speed and Agility: Joseph can move four times faster than the fastest human athletes alive, and can out perform any Olympic gymnast.

Super Reflexes: Joseph reflexes are such that he can dodge bullets at point blank range, though contact shots remain effective.

Empathy: Joseph can sense the emotions, moods, and temperaments of others. Through empathy, Joseph has learned to shield his thoughts from telepaths by creating a feedback loop of emotional expression blocking his thoughts.

Psychomimetic: An interesting ability seemingly related to his empathy powers. By concentration, Joseph will steadily replicate any kind of knowledge, such as a subject matter, foreign language, etc. The process is greatly sped up by physical contact, allowing him to learn knowledge faster by being in physical contact with the source. For unknown reasons, the assimilation of languages can only be done through physical contact with another person and is almost instantaneous in the act of kissing, though it takes repeated applications to become fluent.

The Weaknesses

Mental Illness: Joseph is suffering from an undiagnosed mental illness, categorized by difficulty regulating emotions normally, and making Joseph emotionally unstable. This leads Joseph into random states of agitation, anxiety, depression, mania, paranoia, and psychosis often through triggers or seemingly no source at all. Due to this, Joseph can be overloaded with the emotional information of others, creating a backlash effect. This dramatically affects his emotional state.

Conditional Power: Joseph's powers ebb and flow with his emotional state. The effects of a varied emotional state can make his powers highly unstable. This is compounded by the fact that he is mentally ill.

Sadness: Joseph's power of levitation only works when Joseph feels unbridled joy.

Spiritual Meditation: Joseph's powers require daily spiritual meditation to effectively control.

Physical Contact: Joseph's telekinesis abilities are generated through contact as opposed to remotely like traditional telekinesis. Thus, all of his abilities have to originate from his person.

Emotionless Beings: Joseph's empathy cannot affect beings without emotions, moods, or temperaments.

Telepathic Shielding: Items, materials, or opposing powers that can telepathic shield are capable of reducing the effectiveness of Joseph's empathic powers.

Pathfinding: Joseph's portals cannot take him to distant locations he has never been.

Mimetic Interruption: If Joseph's concentration is interrupted before the knowledge he is replicating is fully complete, then it will slowly disassimilate at a steady rate until fully forgotten. This does not apply to sources of knowledge that are incomplete, like an unfinished book, as he has technically fully assimilated the incomplete source. Knowledge that is fully transferred and languages are not lost.

Mimetic Medium: Joseph requires a source that he can understand to concentrate on for his psychomimetic power to work, like a book, person, video, etc. If the medium can not be communicated in a way Joseph understands, like through the English language, then Joseph cannot assimilate it.

Swimming: Joseph cannot swim.

The Items

The Owl-Cat suit is actually an empathic extension of his powers, a construct of his emotions. It is capable of shape shifting into any outfit and any color, which is why he prefers to transform it into plain clothes. Its color can also change according to Joseph's emotions.

The Fluff

Joseph is a master combatant trained in martial arts. Before gaining his powers, Joseph learned both boxing and Kung Fu. He was capable of fighting multiple unarmed opponents, even before gaining his powers. With his new powers, he is developing his own martial arts style of telekinetic-aura enhanced combat honed through meditation.

Joseph's body is surrounded by a telekinetic field generated by his mind, which is the source of his powers. Thus, his powers are actually a limited form of telekinesis.

Joseph is a master of a great number of musical instruments. He can play guitar and most of its cousin instruments, violin, piano, drums, and the pan flute.

Joseph is a world class actor and master of disguise.

Joseph is fluent in English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, German, Hawaiian, Latin, and Russian.

The RP Sample

Owl-Cat released his grip on the last guard's collar and the guard fell to the floor with an audible thud. Owl-Cat raised his hood back over his head, which had fallen off during the fight. As he did so, he looked around the room at the seven men he just dispatched. They all spoke perfect English, but their eyes were an intense shade of dark purple and their skin not far off from orange. They proved to be much stronger than any other thugs Owl-Cat had faced, and they appeared to be highly trained Owl-Cat had a good bit of trouble dealing with them and their armaments. Regardless, Owl-Cat ventured onto the elevator. He was on the 25th floor of this nearly 40 story building. From what he understood, whoever was behind this vicious take over was in the penthouse on the top floor. Joseph pressed the button in the glass elevator, pensive in his curiosity.

Who the hell could have just waltzed in here and killed Don Macchio in his own penthouse, Owl-Cat takes a moment to think to himself as the horizon sinks in the distance, just outside the window.

Don Macchio was a powerful crime boss who controlled a sizable chunk of the crime rackets in Detroit. He was said to have signed over everything he owned to one person, and then mysteriously vanished. Owl-Cat already investigated, and Don Macchio was definitely not the one on that flight back to Italy. He was already dead. The elevator dinged after reaching the penthouse floor. The doors opened slowly to an obviously redecorated living room. There was no longer furniture, and the carpet was replaced with tiles of a marble like quality. It was also almost all white now. In the center of the room, with a red carpet path from beginning to end, was a large white throne.

Seated in the throne was a rather voluptuous woman: pale skin with just the slightest hint of green, and eyes like emerald. Her hair was the darkest shade of black Joseph had ever seen, flowing and voluminous. She wore a black cape with a tall collar and a suit of some kind of armor, not of this planet. Silent, she stood up as Joseph walked out of the elevator and onto the long carpet pathway. Now, Joseph was able to see her entire figure, muscular and curvy, and she was inch shy of Joseph's 6'3" height. He continued to step forward before he fell in love.

"You... what is your name," the imposing woman called out to him.
"Owl-Cat," Joseph responded, still walking forward.
"I have no reverence of your planet's animals, another name," her tone was less patient, with her hands on her hips
"Joseph, then."
"Joseph," she repeated his name, her expression hinting she expected more.
Joseph thought for a moment, her English was perfect, but it was clear she wasn't human, "What do I call 'The Dark Queen.'"
Her head lowered and she raised an eyebrow, "'The Dark Queen...' I like that, continue to call me that."
Joseph nodded from behind his mask, polite as usual, "Why did you kill Don Macchio and take his penthouse."
"Was that his name? I honestly didn't care, I just picked this place because of the view. An excellent place for military operations," Queen looked about her home with a satisfied expression before returning her gaze to Joseph.
"Military operations?"
"You heard what I said the first time, I can tell."
Joseph was not amused at his super hearing be obvious to the Queen.
"I intend to house part of army in this penthouse as this will be the next spot for our energy operations. A sizable chunk of this city's architecture will need to be removed."
"I don't like that suggestion."
"Tough, because it was not a suggestion," The Dark Queen glared menacingly at Joseph, her eyes glowing malicious green, "But..."
Joseph turned his head ever so slightly to the side.
"You bested my royal guards, a many of them at once."
Joseph's head tilted to the other side abruptly at her grammatical failure. His evidence led him to believe her knowledge of the English language would be perfect.
The Queen noticed immediately, "Come to me a moment, you will not be harmed."

The eyes of the young vigilante narrowed behind his mask. Still, he stepped forward, down the carpet, and up the several steps until he was just a few steps away. The Dark Queen slithered forward in kind, like an anaconda, closing the distance to a matter of inches. Her long flowing hair was almost intimidating at this point, and her eyes were staring right through the mask.

"Raise your  mask some."

Slowly, Joseph raised the owl-faced mask he wore up on his face until his nose lips were revealed. The Queen reached out with her left hand, gloved in black velvet, stopping Joseph from raising his mask further. She lowered his hand in a deliberate fashion, her other hand reaching up slowly. Joseph watched both hands simultaneously; his x-ray vision revealing she was completely unarmed and gorgeous. Her right hand griped the back of his head, hood and all, and pulled his face toward hers rapidly. Their lips met, with Joseph stunned, unable to resist her. A moment passed and she released him from her lips, released his grip on the back of his head, and lowered his mask in place as a courtesy. She walked backwards until she was at least two meters away from the man she locked lips with. Joseph adjusted his mask to a comfortable measure.

"You are an educated man, Joseph," her eyes searched Joseph for weakness, "Highest vocabulary I've assimilated yet."
Joseph's chin tilted back an inch as he realized the meaning of her strange intimacy.
"I will leave you planet if you can defeat me twice."
"I only need to defeat you once."
"That... is what you think."

Slowly, the Dark Queen raised her hands up as they glowed an intense green, energy pulsing and forming spheres of energy around her hands. Joseph dropped into a cautiously lower stance at the sight...

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Owl-Cat Empty Re: Owl-Cat

Post by Shadowoof August 22nd 2018, 10:18 am

Now a lot of this looks good, weaknesses are alright. Over extension could be detailed a bit more, but the main problem I have, is his enhanced senses. Reading that, I could see up to 7-8 separate types of vision like powers. And that is not even including his other senses being increased, such as hearing and smell.

His sight powers are also not attached to his physical eyes as he can see in 360 degrees and lacks a blind spot. He also has metaphysical sight abilities such as his ability to see the auras of others, which are invisible fields of energy surrounding every living being. Aura reading gives him the ability to perceive others' health, emotions, morality, powers and strength levels, and even if they are lying.

Most of this is what I am getting at and i know it isn't everything. empathy reading though auras, the powers thing is a permission based power and ability to see invisible people. I'd like it if you could separate some of these eye powers out a bit and add weaknesses to account for the amount of powers that come out of that. you have five already, so shouldn't be too bad. thank you! good character overall.

The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

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Owl-Cat Empty Re: Owl-Cat

Post by Joseph Pokakaa August 28th 2018, 3:56 pm

I meant that he could see their power level relative to his, not their powers. However, I removed aura vision anyway, so it doesn't matter. Also made a lot more changes.
Joseph Pokakaa
Joseph Pokakaa
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