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Post by Joseph Pokakaa on August 12th 2018, 7:45 pm


"The Twin-blooded"

The Bio

Real Name: Joseph Garnet
Renegade Name: Owl-Cat
Title: The Twin-Blooded
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Mixed-Descent
Hair: Black
Eyes: Golden
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Blood type: O-

The Looks

Joseph Garnet is a tall and lean young man with warm, brown skin. He stands at around 6'3" and weighs in at 220 pounds. Because of the muscular adaptation to his power, he is very muscular in appearance, but sports a lithe frame and shorter muscle bellies. His body is lanky as well, which contrasts with his big hands and feet. Due to this, his normal day to day clothing, being mostly loose fitting casual wear, gives him the appearance of being 20 to 40 pounds lighter. In actuality, he is broad shouldered against his narrow waist, giving him a more masculine appearance when his body shape is more apparent. Garnet's long legs are very muscular, attached to large, wide feet. Despite their appearance, he steps very lightly and quietly. Various parts of his skin, especially on his back, have faded stretch marks suggesting his physical growth was uneven. Most of the fat Garnet had when he was a child was gone before his powers, but after gaining his powers, his body burned off most of what was left as it no longer had a physiological need to store more fat than essential. Thus, Garnet's body fat only makes up 8% of his weight, which is the amount deemed necessary to his genes and is absolutely locked in place. Garnet also has a larger than average butt due to exercise and racial makeup. Because Joseph is nearsighted, he also wears prescription glasses when he is not in his alter ego's outfit.

He sports a long face due to his tall head, which accentuates his long neck shape. He has semi-curly, semi-wiry black hair that he keeps short out of habit from his hot hometown, and it lessens his broad forehead. To match, he keeps clean shaven and has sparse, thin body hair. His eyebrows are very arched and prominent. Although he used to wear glasses, they were broken the night he came to New York, and were made obsolete by his powers the same night. Without his glasses, his eyes are much more noticeable for their high melanin, dark brown color and slightly down-turned shape. He has a shorter, protruding snub nose that contrasts with his gaunt cheeks and round cheek bones. His chin is square and shallow, complimenting his rectangular jaw. His lips are very angular and pointed, heavily defined and strong. His ears are actually larger than average and stick out some, but they match his long shape head.

The Personality

Joseph is very jovial and talkative when he wants to be, quick-witted, funny, and charming. Also, he is honest and straight forward as well as objective. However, he is impaired by an He is very withdrawn and private, which is ironic considering he delights in deep connections with others. It is not to say that he is particularly bad at connecting with others, however he lacks a good deal of interest concerning the matter. Unfortunately, this has led to disappointing traits, occasionally like insensitivity, condescension, an ignorance of authority, and most notably self-doubt. In a setting that rarely poses an intellectual challenge to Joseph, his most natural and dangerous enemy is himself. He often spends many lonesome nights in distracting contemplation over what could have been as well as many unfinished thoughts, slowing his progress as a person.

Intellectually speaking, Joseph is very logically precise, and naturally excels at putting pieces together with excellent analyzing abilities and amazing abstract thinking. His abstract way of thinking and mental connecting abilities lead to a certain open-mindedness and sense of imagination, which lends to originality. When completely focused, there is rarely a mental task too hard for Joe, making for a very quick learner. However, one would be very hard-pressed to get Joseph completely focused against his own accord, as his mind is made to wander in his abstract way of thinking. Notably, Joseph is only ever completely focused when the subject matter greatly interests him. Even minor interests get more of a pass, but they are never focused on for long. Despite this logical way of thinking, his emotional intelligence leaves a little to be desired. While structurally sound logically, his emotions are hot and rarely easy for him to shift through and communicate. In matters entirely steeped in emotion, he is very inept, often trying to find a logical way to cope. He almost always tempers his emotions with logic when he can as he can be easier to manipulate emotionally, and is a difficult aspect for him to control normally, usually forcing him to shut his emotions down. Ironically, he is also very keen at manipulating the emotions of others through experience with what buttons to press. Gaining the identity of The Owl-Cat has given Joseph the ability to compartmentalize his personality somewhat.

The Story

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Enhanced Senses: Joseph's has gained the supreme sight of the Owl, granting him greatly enhanced vision powers. He can view the entire electromagnetic spectrum, view objects both microscopically and telescopically, see through objects, has perfect vision in total darkness, can see through illusions including invisibility, and can even perceive sound waves. He can also process visual information at such an accelerated rate, he can view events at the speed of light. His sight powers are also not attached to his physical eyes as he can see in 360 degrees and lacks a blind spot. He also has metaphysical sight abilities such as his ability to see the auras of others, which are invisible fields of energy surrounding every living being. Aura reading gives him the ability to perceive others' health, emotions, morality, powers and strength levels, and even if they are lying. Among his metaphysical sight is the ability to perceive the hidden paranormal like spirits and demons.

The jaguar bestowed Joseph with a unique gift called the Death Sense. This allows him to sense the manner, location, and timing of his death, the death of others, and the dying. His death sense is usually restricted to his general vicinity, growing stronger with proximity, the number of deaths/potential deaths, or familiarity with the dying. He can also perceive the past deaths of others by touching objects or areas related to their death such as the spot that a person died or the weapon that killed them.

His other senses are also enhanced, but to the level of actual jaguars and owls as opposed to supernatural levels like his death sense and sight.

Enhanced Stealth: The owl and jaguar are both highly stealthy hunters. This grants Joseph the ability to camouflage himself by changing the color and texture of his body and whatever he is wearing, though he cannot become invisible. He also can become completely inaudible.

Gliding: While incapable of actual flight, Joseph can control the speed of his descent while in falling, allowing him to leap and glide over longer distances.

Superhuman Endurance: His durability and endurance is greater than a human's. He is able to descend five stories and land on his feet without harm, survive trauma that would severely injure or even kill a human, and his skin is even somewhat resistant to being cut. His lungs have far greater strength than any mammal, he is immune to altitude sickness, resistant to food-borne illnesses, and even resistant to the cold temperatures. His stamina is great enough that he can function at full effort for an entire day before ever beginning to tire.

Superhuman Reflexes: He is capable of dodging bullets at point blank range and catching arrows mid-flight.

Superhuman Speed and Agility: Joseph can move at speeds almost five times faster than the fastest normal human beings, running at a top speed of 130 mph. His agility also outpaces a normal human with climbing skills even greater than a bear and gymnastic abilities that outdo Olympic athletes with his enhanced flexibility and balance. All this combined with his training as a boxer and martial artist, he often times completely outclasses multiple human opponents.

Superhuman Strength: Joseph can lift approximately 10 times his own body weight. Without manipulating the speed of his descent, he can jump 15 feet in the air and leap as far as 25 feet. The jaguar's impressive climbing abilities also give him disproportionately strong grip strength. Something interesting to note is that he can bite with a force of 1350 PSI just like a jaguar.

The Weaknesses

Wrought Iron: Wrought iron is capable of bypassing his enhanced durability due to its unique properties.

Fire: The burn of fire weakens his powers.

Non-Living beings: Non-Living beings and beings that do not have souls do not have auras, thus Joseph cannot perceive them with his aura vision.

Deathless: Beings that cannot die are immune to death sense.

Hang Time: Utilizing his ability to slow his descent makes him even more vulnerable to attack while in air.

Light: Joseph's inaudibility does not work in direct light, and his camouflage's effectiveness is greatly decreased by the shadow light casts.

Avoidant personality disorder: A personality disorder that creates a pervasive pattern of social inhibition, feelings of inadequacy and inferiority, extreme sensitivity to negative evaluation, and avoidance of social interaction despite a strong desire to be close to others. Classified under the Cluster C, anxiety/fearful, personality disorders.

Over-extension: Joseph has the tendency to stretch himself too thin, a problem that has been exacerbated by his powers.

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

Owl-Cat can heal from any non-fatal damage in a matter of several hours to several days, without scars or impairment. However, this has little to no effect during actual combat, and is practical only during rest.

The concept art displays Owl-Cat with a gun and bullet belt because the original concept of Owl-Cat had no powers except for enhanced stamina.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

Joseph Pokakaa

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