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Lucky Hayes

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Lucky Hayes

Post by Puglife43vr on August 11th 2018, 5:43 pm

Lucky Hayes

"Y’know, I always win at everything. This won’t be any different."

The Bio

Real Name: Lucky Hayes
Villain Name: 8 Ball
Title: Operative 8
Alignment: Chatoic Evil
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Metahumsn
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 180 lbs

The Looks

The Personality

Lucky is arrogant and vain, using his powers without any true purpose. His main occupation is making casinos go bankrupt by Infusing slot machines with luck. He doesn't really care about the money since he could have anything he wanted just by laying back in a limo and passing by a few ATMs. He just uses his powers to have fun while negatively affecting others Anyway, he has gotten a lot of bounty hunters and mercenary groups on him with his antics, usually trying to kill him once every few days. Or they all band together sometimes. He has made quite a name for himself as the luckiest man alive. Sometimes he performs heists just for fun, shattering stolen diamonds or torching cash. Essentially, he just really doesn't care about much.

The Story

Warning: This text contains the word Luck and Lucky a LOT!
Lucky was born pretty much as the name States. Lucky. From birth he influenced his soon to be rich parents’ decisions. He got them to name him Lucky without even being out of the womb. He started walking quite early and uttered his first word “Luck” only a few months later. His school life went fine with him getting the girls with astonishing good looks and bullies seeming to find paper planes ending up in their eyes.

He once went to the gas station with his parents in their old wagon, and when they returned home with a lottery ticket, they had one a few hundred million dollars mysteriously. Lucky brushed this off as pure luck. Well, it was luck but he had managed to affect it with his luck aura. He decided college was overrated and he dropped out of high school and drove his new Aston Martin down into Vegas from up in Boston. He tried his luck on a few machines and would've forced the casino to go out of business if they hadn't quickly kicked him out and called him a cheat for suposedly “tampering” with the machines.

Next, he went to a pretty nice restaurant and his meal was exactly to his liking. Perfect! It was extremely quiet, just the way he wanted. He was having surprisingly good luck. Why didn't all parents name their kid Lucky? Thanks Mom and Dad. He managed to do 16 cartwheels straight out the door to his car without falling over or getting hurt. His clothes were unstained by any food or anything. There were no scratches on his car. His life was going amazingly great!

Almost too great. He started making revelations about metahumans and the meta-gene forming in different ways. He was lucky to remember that. He realized that he had super powers. His power was incredible luck! Man this was good. Well, life was boring without risk, so he went out into the world, crashing his Lamborghinis into lamp posts all Willy nilly because he had cash to burn.

Lucky wanted to test how far his luck could go. He slightly salted a gang by engulfing a gang hideout in flames and escaping with some smoked clothing. He raised his arms, waiting for them to fire, but most of their firearms jammed. Most. A few managed to get a shot into him, none lethal but they hurt like crap! He had to flip behind a table that just so happened to be bullet resistant and wait for them to reload. Luckily he remembered some moves he saw in Karate Kid. He incapacitated some gang members before running while they called for backup. Looks like his luck won't always save him.

He went out to create a persona called 8 Ball and the "oh so magical" 8 Ball. To challenge his luck, he modified an 8 Ball to tell him whether he should end someone or let them go free. This would make for a good action film. The 8 Ball’s Adventures. He went off to join some mercenaries where he was called Operative 8 as the eighth member. He quit after he accidentally blew out a support pillar in the base, dropping it on the Operative arguing with him. Anyway, the 8 Ball prowls about, letting Lady Luck guide him through his life. Life is a gamble. And he always wins. Well, usually.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Strength
4. Endurance

The Powers

1. Luck Manipulation: Hayes has the ability to subconsciously increase the chance of realistic events to occur. Things such as a gun just happening to jam while being aimed at him. A dog attacking a gunman with beef jerky in his pocket. Going to a casino and always getting a jackpot on a slot machine.
2. Luck Infusing: Lucky is able to transfer good or bad luck into a certain person or object on contact. He has to will the object to be infused with good or bad luck for it to actually work, so the ground he touches isn't made lucky every time he steps on it. He can also control the duration of the luck.
The Weaknesses

1. Range: The luck manipulation range is a 35 foot radius. Anything outside of this radius will be unaffected by his ability. Long range firearms are a good way to take him out.
2. The Magic 8 Ball: When Lucky is preparing to fight, he leaves their fate up to an 8 Ball he keeps on his person. There’s always a chance he’ll be forced to let his opponent go if the 8 Ball decide.
3. Realism: Although he is lucky, his power over luck has to have a chance of realistically happening. For instance, a satellite can’t just come crashing down on his super powered enemy, or one of their weaknesses just happens to show up. Things like a deep pothole left unchecked or a jammed gun is something considered realistic.
4. Low Defense: Lucky is just a mortal human that could be gunned down at any moment. Just play your cards right.

The Items

1. 8 Ball: A magic 8 ball modified to respond to his voice. It acts as an artificial intelligence companion and the decider of his enemy’s fate.
2. Firearms (Normal/Average)
3. 8 Ball grenades (Regular Impact Nades)
4. 8 Ball Paralysis Smoke Grenades: 8 Ball shaped grenades that releases a gas that has the ability to paralyze his enemy through inhalation.
Weakness: Non-lethal, and any average gas mask or face covering negates its effects.
The Minions

The Fluff

Luck Aura: Obviously, he has the aura of Luck which makes things seemingly always go his way.

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Re: Lucky Hayes

Post by Zonky Blong on August 21st 2018, 5:16 pm

So. This is not gonna work as is. You have no real meaty weaknesses here. The power is incredibly strong and you need some weaknesses. 1 is a limitation, not a weakness. 2 isn’t even a weakness at all. Realism is a limitation. 4 isn’t a weakness. This is honestly in desperate need of some serious balancing, and here we have no weaknesses whatsoever. Please try harder hitting weaknesses and I’ll take a look again.

Zonky Blong

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