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Post by FantasyBound on August 10th 2018, 8:07 pm


"Oh, a mad man is far from what I am.

I am a Mad Mad Mad Man."


Real Name: Luther “Logan” Insanrir
Hero Name: Discord
Title: Madman
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Sentient Dimensional Shard
Hair:  Medium Straight Black
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 145 lbs.
Blood type: O-

He wears very fancy attire, usually suits of the highest quality. He is very thin, and has a high pitched voice.(Voice: Jesse Eisenberg)


Luther is insane, plain and simple. He speaks sometimes with rhymes and poetic sentences, rambles on about seemingly random topics, and laughs at jokes only he can hear. But he isn't ”broken”. He makes sense most of the time, and he understands what's right and wrong. He would most likely seem very naive, but is incredibly sharp if given the opportunity. He seems to have developed two personalities, one when he wears his “crown”, where he is more serious, but still rambles on out loud. And then when he isn't, where he is likely to laugh at nothing at all and seems just that bit more naive.

Luther was never born. And Luther is dead.
To clarify that, the existence for Luther is an odd one.
It started with the beginning of an odd relationship between a couple who wanted a child of their own in there 50’s. Then one day, after wishing with all they had, they found a baby on their kitchen table, sleeping.
Humans, have some of the strongest focuses of willpower, and when they want something, they can get it, they just need to want it enough. This is the case with Luther.
They really thought he was simply a gift from god, but he was something a bit more complicated. He was what happened when the universe found there conduit of will, it was strong enough that time and space broke where they earlier begged god for a son, now there was one.
They raised him like they would a normal child, they cherished every moment with him, spoiling him at times, they even homeschooled him. He catched on to reading at the age of 3, and as soon as he could, he was reading all the books that came in contact, and had nearly flawless memory when reading, everything, just, went perfect for him. He finished grade 12 at 14 years old, finding it too simple, and then he went to college at 18. He found college a breeze for 2 years, then he hit a bump, he felt… his memory fade, he stopped being able to perform at his top, and found his grades fall considerably. He later that week found out his father died from a seizure, at the exact same time as his memory fades. He felt heartbroken, but he would make it. Then shortly after that, he felt something explode inside of his mind, something broke. He called the people that took care of his parents home and told them to go check on his mother, she was dead too. Same time as the pain hit him.
He dropped out of college, finding it too hard to function, and began working in a small grocery store on the edge of town, as they were the only people willing to hire him. He worked for 6 years, he developed a drinking problem, and got severly weaker as the years passed, mentally and physically. He eventually found the drag of life too hard, and tried to take his life with a small gun his father kept in his night stand. He held the gun up and fired.
He woke up, no injury, no pain. He was in the woods, resting on a tree. His mind was filled with voices, all not his. He did what they told, and he did what they asked, he listened to what they had to say, and he realised who he really was.
And what he could do.


1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength


Distort: Luther distorts the space of an area he’s looking at, about a 10x10 meter cube. He can bend, twist, and transform the area he is looking at. He can cause it to only change shape by the amount of area. He uses this usually to turn a small hole in a wall to a door, or the ground into a wall, or he can use this on a person to make them really malformed, limiting there mobility extremely. It causes no damage to anything.

Portal: Luther bends spacetime in order to travel from place to place. He can make gates start from his location, to anywhere he can see, these gates will only allow anyone deemed “friendly” by Luther, otherwise, it will be a solid object to others. Objects not on person cant pass through it otherwise. It takes 3 seconds to open, and a second to close, he can only create an opening, and a closing.

Phase dodging: When Luther has any sort of attack come at him, he will phase just out of the way before it strikes him. He must be aware of the attack in order for this to take effect.

Wound Reversal: He can reverse damage done to anything, he can heal moderate injuries rapidly, such as gun wounds, 3rd degree burns, and missing digits. Missing limbs and such major afflictions will take a couple hours to heal. He can also repair objects in a similar fashion, the more tougher/complex the material, the slower to "heal" it.

Creation: Luther can make anything that's “Mundane” that fit in a 3x3 meter cube.(This includes small vehicles, weapons, and clothing)

Mind over matter: Luther doesn't allow mere wounds to stop him, he can't fall unconscious from pain, and destroyed internal organs (Minus the brain) doesn't affect anything, he will die after he has fulfilled his current purpose. (EG, after combat he will simply fall dead if he has received enough wounds for that to happen)

Horrifying mind: Anybody who attempts to read, influence, or mentally damage Luther's mind will receive a terrible comeback, he won't be affected, and the person attempting such a thing will experience a seizure like infliction due to the curse of madness placed on Luther.

"Crown of Madness": Luther can pull off a last resort move that places incredible harm on his physical form. Along with incredible strength. Luther's crown releases a black liquid that makes his entire body soaked, then he vibrates at a rapid frequency. In this form, he can teleport instantaneously, and rapidly, he can move so fast he seems to be a flicker, it's nearly impossible to hit him, he has enough strength that a hundred punches will instantly split concrete, and all wounds seem to no longer exist.

Mind Bolt: If he looks someone in the eyes, he can inflict a seriously painful migraine upon them by temporarily causing a "Brain attack".(Permission based)

Mad like me: Through eye contact, Luther can break the personality of a creature temporarily, if this attack succeeds, the target completely goes off the rocker, acting like everything is a joke, or being angered by the fact they have friends.(Permission Based)

Commanding presence: If he looks someone weak minded in the eyes, he can command them to do his general bidding, short of self harm. He can get them to follow simple commands, or to have a trigger word that they respond to in some way he tells them. He can also tell them to forget certain things, great for sneaking around.(Permission Based)


Distorted Distort: Distort requires lots of focus to use, and if he does anything taxing, he will lose focus, which everything bends back to normal if he loses focus. He has to move his hands, like molding playdoh He can't create holes in things that don't already have them, and he cant damage things using this ability. But others can.

Portal Problems: He can't see through the portals, and he can't throw things from them. Everything that has acquired velocity keeps it, so if he's falling, he will continue as fast as he was falling through the other side of the portal.

Only a growth: His body is by no means much more durable than any other human, and this can be a problem.

Phase Dodging isn't all that dodgy: He can only teleport about 5 feet away from the original attack, so grenades, lots of guns, and flamethrowers all can affect him still. His body naturally leans towards the easiest route of escape, say the left side has 1/2 an inch less bullets then the right, he will move to the right, and a proper counter attack can ensue.

Wound Reversal Issues: He can't heal himself with this ability, because apparently, that just doesn't work.

Horrifyingly accidental: His Horrifying Mind ability affects EVERYTHING that tries to influence his mind, good or bad.

Crown of madness weakening: After 3 posts, the stress on Luther's body goes beyond what it can handle, and he disintegrates.

The mind is what matters: If Luther's Hippocampus is damaged, he instantly "dies".

Insomniac: Any sort of move that puts the inflicted to sleep will instantaneously work on Luther. Unless it's a mental effect, then it otherwise regards the same as other mental influences.

Creation issues: Luther cannot create organic compounds, other than wood. And he is stuck with only mundane things(No alien/high tech or rare/magical objects).

Mental Mistakes: Luther requires full focus to use any of his permission based abilities, so he cant have anything annoying him severely.


He has his crown of thorns, and a black veil and cloak he wears as a costume.


He has a somehow large income from unknown sources

His eyes turn grey when he uses his powers

He will occasionally cough up blood for inexplicable reasons.

He is, in definition, immortal. If he dies in a thread, he can return in another, but cant return in the same thread as before.

The voices in his head tell him not to sleep, so he doesn't. At least, if he can help it.

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Quote : I will never die.

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