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OPEN Copper

Post by Pluto on August 10th 2018, 5:55 pm


Real Name: Blake Sulfur
Hero Name: Copper
Title: Hero
Alignment:neutral good
Age: 15
Gender: male
Race: African American
Hair:  black
Eyes: light brown
Height: six foot three
Weight: 120 pounds
Blood type: unknown

Blake is relatively tall and skinny. He has yellow eyes and can be seen wearing a green shirt and bright  blue jeans.

Copper can be best described as...quick. He constantly changes from conversation to conversation faster than a speeding bullet. Because of this he is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because he uses this to confuse enemies. A curse because he still does it all the time, Even when he's not in a fight this ends up causing fights for him...a lot

Before Copper was...well Copper he was  a young lad who went by the name of Blake Sulfur (Weird name I know)  Blake grew up in a kind of magical family. His parents were Selena and  Connor Sulfur, Excellent earth mages  parents were well known in the police department for helping them find and defeat criminal necromancers. Eventually the parents had a child which they named Blake. When Blake was born  he was shooting copper shards everywhere. The parents were feeling kind of sad to know that their child was a copper mage, still they sought out to train him to be the best that he can be. They soon discovered that Blake was a natural at  using his imagination to manipulate copper. They trained and trained with him for thirteenth years, until something horrible happened. Their past had caught up with them and a bunch of Escaped necromancers burst through the house and began their assault! Blake was caught in the crossfire and was almost killed! This  angered his parents so much that  they then fought even harder and Began beating up necromancers like no tommorow,  Eventually the away but were severely injured in the process.  Blake's mother crawled over to his dying body, grabbed his hand, and put it in the mixer.  As Blake's mother crawled toward the other side of the mixer a penny fell out of her sleeve and into the mixer. Blake's mom's eyes widened as she realized what she Had done, And almost immediately the transformation begun and as Blake let out a howl of pain the copper fused with his body befire passing out.  later, an old woman entered what was left of the house and found Blake and his family lying on the ground. The woman took young Blake and nursed him back to health after three weeks. Unfortunately for Blake  the necromancers came back and found Blake. After killing the old lady they  captured him and knocked him out. They  tied him to a car and drove down the street. While they were driving, Blake's powers activated and he escaped from the car and rolled down the street, bleeding heavily in his leg. The monsters turned the car around and chased him all over town. After a while Blake got heavily tired and ran into an alley.  The necromancers  came bursting through the alley. Just when they were about to kill him,Blake had a realization. After they kill him they will more than likely hurt other innocents.  Blake uses his powers to trap the monsters in a giant copper ball. From that day forward He decided he needed a name for himself, and that name is Copper,


1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

Metallokinesis: He can control and manipulate objects made of copper.  
Enchantment: he can enchant objects to be made of copper

Has the durability of a regular human and as a result can be defeated by what can normally kill a human, ignorant.
Has a weakness to water  due to his abilities.

Has a backpack filled to the very brim with pennies, however since he cant carry it with him everywhere he has a ziplock bag where he puts  a couple of pennies in.


Copper is deeply very scared and frightened about Being a hero. He  only wants to be one so that he can help others. has a weird fascination with birds, and will do anything in his power to save one in need. He seems to put everyone before himself.

THE RP SAMPLE: Copper ran around the building searching for a possible way to get in.  Eventually he found a vent and crawled in it. "Ah geez how long till I get there?" He asked himself. Suddenly the floor gave way and Copper fell and found himself  right in the middle of a room filled with gang members wielding steel pipes.  "Uhhhh...You guys are going down!" Copper said squeakily, trying to hide his fear.  One of the gang members charged at copper and threw a punch. Copper didn't react in time  and got  hit right in the helmet. The gang member screamed in pain and clutched his bruised arm.   Copper felt Extremely dizzy, and he began to stagger. The gang member Threw the crowbar at Copper. Copper ignored the dizziness, conjured a copper baton, and blocked the attack. The crowbar bounced off and hit the gang member square in the face, knocking him out.the the gang members charged copper. With no other way of defending himself he
Reached into  his pocket and pulled out a small baggie filled with pennies And threw it at the ground. To the gang members shock and suprise, the pennies exploded into copper batons  which began savagely  beating them. After all the gang members were knocked out, the batons turned back into  pennies which then magically retreated into the bag. "Cool!" Copper said to the pennies. Copper then covered himself in a copper ball before rolling out of the building.

Status :

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Registration date : 2018-03-30

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