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The Character Idea Game

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The Character Idea Game Empty The Character Idea Game

Post by Zonky Blong on August 10th 2018, 3:00 am

Welcome SHRP to the character idea game! This is the game where the first poster - in my case, me - sets up categories for you to choose and work in!


Age: Teen, Adult, Senior, Ageless
Origin: Alien, Magic, Gadget, Genetics, Tech
Power: Controller, Blaster, Tank, Fighter, Support
Hero/Villain/Renegade Name:

Rules and explaining the various guidelines

You must try to create the best character you can from the guidelines given by the previous poster.
Rules for regular SHRP apply if you wanna make your character a PC
If you wanna make another persons character into a PC; ask for permission first.

The origins should be easy enough to follow.
Alien origin means you get your powers from an alien race either by being one of them, being experimented on, their technology being given to you, etc. They can be space aliens, extradimensional in nature, etc. Examples of alien origin characters include: Gamora, Superman, Martian Manhunter, and Captain Marvel

Magic means you gained your powers through a magical means; either through spells, a magical artifact, being some sort of innately magical entity, etc. Some examples of magical characters include: Doctor Strange, Shazam, Wonder Woman, and Black Knight

Gadgets mean you get your powers through external technology. This can be anything from an exploding bookerang to a suit designed to counter every power you’ve ever seen. Some examples of gadget based heroes include: Batman, Iron Man, Booster Gold, and Ant Man

Genetics means you gained your powers naturally or through some sort of accident that changed your DNA. Genetic powers are ALWAYS in a persons DNA. Examples of characters with genetic origins include: The Flash, Cyclops, Spider-Man, and Beast Boy

Tech means that you gained your powers either by being merged with or being made of technology. Tech heroes can be robots, cyborgs, nanotechnology infused humans, etc. tech based heroes include: The Vision, Cyborg, Misty Knight, and Red Tornado.

Powers: Each setup needs to pick one of the 5 power types. These include:

Controller: Controllers in the simplest terms; can make things change. Manipulators and Mind Controllers most often find themselves here. This isn’t a hard rule; but a general idea of what a controller power might look like.

Blaster: Blasters in the simplest of terms have powers or skills that hit hard from a long range. Any power can end up here if they’re stronger at a range. This isn’t a hard rule; just an idea of what a blaster might oook like.

Tank: Tanks in the simplest of terms protect themselves and others with powers that raise their durability or others. Examples of tank powers include: Enhanced Durability and Force Shields. This isn’t a hard rule; just an idea of what a Tank power might look like.

Fighter: Fighters in the simplest terms have skills or powers to make it easier to fight in close quarters. Any power can end up in the fighter category, so long as it makes it easier to fight at close quarters. This isn’t a hard rule; just an idea of what a fighter power looks like.

Support: Supporters in the simplest terms have abilities to help or buff their allies. Examples of support powers include healing, and power amplification. These are not hard rules; just a general idea of what a support power might look like.

The First Character Setup

Age: Senior
Origin: Magic
Power: Fighter
Hero/Villain/Renegade Name: The Phantom Blade

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