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Chrysalis Members

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Chrysalis Members

Post by ghost on August 7th 2018, 9:48 pm

Chrysalis Members

"Can you hear Mother's voice?"

The Bio

Real Name: Varies
Hero/Villain/Renegade Name: N/A
Title: Chrysalies
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: Varies
Gender: Varies
Race: Varies
Hair: Varies
Eyes: Varies
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Blood type: Varies

The Looks

Members of Chrysalis sometimes distinguish themselves by preforming ceremonies skyclad in the middle of the woods. Other times they can be seen in front of factories or on boats protesting, holding signs saying profanities and displaying their wants, the earth's needs.

The Worshipers:
These people are also known as priests or priestess of Mother. They are normally seen wearing long green ornate hooded robes. Most are naked underneath, but others wear their day clothes, all are barefooted. Some carry a ritualistic knife or atheme, this can be used during many other their ceremonies, others carry only a wooden wand.

The Laypeople:  
Some come to the ceremonies in day clothes. Wearing shoes or boots. Holding signs if at specific events. These people are just part of the mob, no special significance here.  

The Underpeople:
These people are diverse as well, though many choose to wear only black. Some distinguish themselves by a black beret, though this was not instituted by Gaia himself, it is a culture that grew with time. Being the infiltrators, spies, and special operations team members, they wear a wide variety of clothing.

The Personality

Most are very confidant in their beliefs and will back down at nothing. Some are so bold to commit suicide in the name of the cause, blowing themselves up or offering themselves as sacrifice to Gaia. Out of all of Gaia's followers this group seems to be the most rambunctious.

The Story

All join for their own reasons. Some wont only to make their print on the world. Some want to bring down the man. Others love mother earth and want only to protect her. The group can be found all over the internet and by word of mouth. There are those that Gaia has called specifically, having unique skills or treats that he can use.

The group was first founded when a gaggle of tree worshipers saw Gaia manipulate the earth. He would then be known as the son of the Earth, a type of God to the people. Trying his best to please them and using them to further his mission, elimination of the cities and renewing the earth to her original state. It was only because of this first group that some of the rituals and ceremonies have evolved into what you have today. These people make the group what it is, without their fortitude and perseverance it would die. These first moments of its history is written and cared for by the worshipers, a sect of the group, and is read to the people often to encourage them.

The Priority

1. Agility 2
2. Endurance 4
3. Reaction 1
4. Strength 3

The Powers

The Freeing Well: Each follower (with the exception of laypeople) are bathed in the well. Giving them heightened senses, bodies of athletes, feet and hand calluses, and a unique knowledge of the wild (plant life and survival).

The Worshipers:

Reading the Wild: This group is very dedicated the wild. Some even live in it, dedicating their lives to hearing the words or Mother. This gives the supernatural ability of tracking, noticing, and feeling people that are close by. This only works when in the wild.

Basic Magic Users: They have the ability to cast basic spells, creating charms, potions, divining the future, and assisting Gaia in his casting of more complex castings. The potions can range from healing minor wounds, slowing a moment in time, creating acids, and the creations of poisons. Chemistry is a basic skill for this group.

The Spells:

Healing Potion: When consumed, minor wounds like lacerations, bruises, or broken bones will be healed. The potion makes major wounds into minor ones, stopping sever bleeding, turn a lost limb into a healing/healed stump.

1. Can not be used in cold conditions.
2. When applied to dead tissue the liquid becomes an acid, it has to be drank or the user will hurt.


Slow Time: Rather, make the user faster, but this isn't noticed by the user of the potion. Their speed is increased to the speed of light for two posts (can be used once per thread, no matter the amount of Worshipers present.)

1. Bodies aren't meant to move at these speeds. After using the potion the user is disoriented and open to attack for one post.
2. Difficult to control. The user can find themselves inside walls or smashed into something if not careful or if pushed off its trajectory.
3. The liquid inside the bottle can be evaporated in hot environments. If inside a desert it can not be used. if in a burning building, the potion can only be used within one post or it evaporates.


All the Luck: When drank, the potion can make rash situations into pleasant ones. All the doors he thought where locked are miraculously open? Chances of getting hit by attacks are less likely, if an attack was going to kill the user, it would make it into a minor/major wound (depending on the situation).

1. If the bottle comes into contact with any magical ability it becomes null.
2. After five posts the luck goes bad, he starts to get lucky with damage, the doors lock, the timer on the bomb is wrong ect.

The Weaknesses

The Worshipers:

1. Their magical abilities, like Gaia's, are connected to the earth, and can only be used when in contact with it.
2. Magic, though it can be used without them, is only cast when using wands and athames, if disarmed they are not able to cast spells.
3. Under their robes they are naked. When exposed to the elements they are weak and fragile, only able to take a little damage.
4. Their extreme devotion to Gaia can be a flaw. If they are told to do something by anyone that hears or looks like him, they will obey. "Jump off a cliff!" There they go...
5. Only two Worshipers can be present in one thread.

The Laypeople:  

1. They are common humans, untouched by the freeing well. Their bodies and minds are easily broken.
2. They are easily frightened and will disperse rapidly if threatened with death.
3. Bad weather can cause the group to disperse or just not show up.

The Underpeople:

1. If their true identities are found out they can be blackmailed or threatened into submission.
2. When working in a group they have compassion for each other. If someone is held captive it can disrupt their operation.
3. Their minds can be changed or persuaded out of what they are doing. If on a suicide or bombing mission they could be talked down. The human element is a strong one, if their families are mentioned by name (Which will be in the posts) they will become highly effected by change.

The Items

The Underpeople:

SAdyanta Mallipattra (Shadow Fungus): Gaia grows a magical type of fungus all over their bodies. It isn't noticed by an on looker. The fungus allows the user to change his appearance. It can change the weight, height, and looks of the user, but can not change voice, eye color, or fingerprints.

1. The fungus can be dissolved by contact with pure bleach.
2. Electricity can throw off the composition of the fungus, changing and possibly reverting the looks of the person back to normal.

The Worshipers:

Wand and Athame: Tools that are used for magic, nothing special about them. The knife is sharp, the wand is usually made of wood or bone. It can be used to direct magic, but it holds nothing special in of itself.

The Fluff

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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Re: Chrysalis Members

Post by Silus on January 27th 2019, 1:23 pm

Approved until stated otherwise. A new cult is on the block!


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