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Post by Anthem on August 7th 2018, 4:27 am

"Sometimes I tremble like a little child. This face's mourning with a broken smile..."

Basic Biography

Real Name:Asher Atrepan
Renegade/Villain Name: Anthem
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: White
Eyes: Aqua
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Blood type:

The Looks


Alignment Justification

Chaotic Neutral characters do whatever the hell they like and damn the consequences. Asher in particular falls under the archtype of "The Hedonist". The Hedonist is interested in fulfilling their desires, and in pursuing their own interests. They have little to no respect for law and order either. They may take a moment or respect someone else's wishes or desires if that person just so happens to be their morality pet, or a person of sentiment. But on average,  they tend to look out for themselves. Most Chaotic Neutral characters don't constantly break the law, but they cannot see much value in laws. They believe that their own consciences are their best guides.

The Legacy

 Asher is a calm and passive person, very quiet and shies away from direct confrontation due to social anxiety. When forced into uncomfortable situations, he tends to retreat into his music, listening to it and attmepting to anticipate the beat of new songs, or commit chords to memory. While initiall a cold and isolated person, he actually acclimates quite quickly to others and becomes more active after a small time of observation. He is insanely loyal and protective of those he cares for.

Asher's powers come with a powerful curse, one that completely changes his personality to that of a cruel harbinger of death on occasion.

  Asher Atrepan was the son of a New York minister and a C.I.A deputy director for a mother.He had an older sister, Naomi, and two older brothers named Noah and Tori. Sahser discovered his metahuman power at the age of 5, when he was listening to music and he realized that he was capable of moving objects when he would attempt to play with the Rockband drum kit. Of course the loud clatter didn't mean much, but his love of music drove him forward, and he would quickly pick up the Violin, proving to be quite the virtuoso. While he tried many instruments, the only one that he truly loved was the violin.

Asher began to play the haunting melodies of his favorite band, and nightmares began to intensify. His cryokinetic brother Noah would try to help him, but it was only the oldest brother, Tori that would be able to assist him.

Asher never knew his father, all he knew was that his father didn't want him. That he would never accept a fourth child within the family, threatening to do the most horrific of things to ensure it never came to pass. Despite the fact that his father was a horrible man for doing so, Asher would eventually come to understand why, especially as Asher's powers developed.

The haunting melodies and the wailing strings of the bow sliding across the neck brought terrible forces with it, as the spirits of his ancestors began to appear before him while he played. Of course he was beleived to be insane, for the longest time. He was even placed in a special metahuman psychiatric hospital by his mother, hiding him under the fake surname of Atrepan. Stephens blakc hair slowly started to grey, then after a few years turned a stark white. He was visited every day, but his claims were the same. He heard and saw the voices of his father's family.

The Asylum collapsed, it was ruined as a human under tight guard had escaped back into the world. When it broke out, there was a powerful metahuman that brought own the roof, and unleashed a horrific monster that could not be seen by the living... not until it had targeted you. Asher had to leave, and when he escaped he had made it out only with his Violin, several hours, possibly even a day after the "incident".

Ever since, Asher has been wandering, looking for someone or something he could use to take him back to his family. But every time he gets close, the curse upon him seems to keep him farther away. Perhaps it was simple luck, but all Ash knew... he was going to have to use his curse... his power... to find the answers.

The Powers

Ghost Opera:  Asher is cursed. The Fourth Child of every generation would inherit the curse known as "The Ghost Opera". The ghost Opera allows the bearer of the curse to see the undead and supernatural for what they truly are. It also allows him to summon forth the spirits of his ancestors to do a plethora of things by preforming certain songs. All of his "Powers" are actually just different parts of this curse.

Ghost Opera (Into: The Haunting *Somewhere in Time*): Asher is cursed so that he is immune to all the same things as his ancestors would be. He is immune to age, disease, drwoning, temporal manipulations and can communicate with the dead. Whenever he plays with his violin, others may hear many other instruments playing at the same time, as the ghosts of his ancestors play alongside him.

Ghost Opera (Act I: Soul Society): This presents itself as a summoning ability, allowing him to summon a few spirits of the undead to haunt an area. This is a quick-draw preformance that can be completed quickly. Of course the minions (listed in minions) are weaker than others.

Ghost Opera (Act II: Veil of Elysium): This is a moderately powerful song that takes ffect immediately as the song begins playing, but the length of this ability is determined based upon how long they can play the song through. Veil of Elysium selects a target or targets and tethers them to the veil between life and death, pulling them in and trapping them with Asher. While in this plane, nothing in the physical world can affect them (unless it was selected to be pulled in as well) and they cannot affect anything within the living world.

The Weaknesses

Generally Oblivious: Asher is generally pretty clueless to everything going on in his surroundings. This is a byproduct of simply not caring as well as not being very in tune with the land of the living.

Supernatural Beacon: Literally anything and everything that qualifies as "supernatural" (Ghosts, Angels, Demons) can feel this guy pulsating miles away. The energy and aura wouldn't likely be appitizing to many angels or demons, however he is a walking vast collections of souls.  

By Fire They Purge: The most horrifying thing for Asher is fire. The pressence of fire will actually inhibit his ability to access his powers, regardless of the song he plays. The presence of fire also causes him physical pain from 5 times the distance of a regular person, meaning if he doesn't wish to feel the pain he needs to stay farther away, lest his skin blister.

Sound pollution: If there's too much noise, he cannot concentrate and it will cause him attempting to use his powers to backfire and physically harm him, and ruin chances of concentration later.

The Haunting: Not feeling pain is a weakness, because he is STILL living, and he can cause serious damage to himself by pushing himself too hard. He could also be harmed without even realizing he'd been harmed. Likewise just because he cannot drown doens't mean he doesn't suffer the panick, anxiety and horrific torutrue of feeling like he was drowning.

Honor Thy Ancestors: If Asher does anything, at any point that would make his father's ancestor mad at him, they will flood his mind and could possibly cause his personality to transform into "Anthem" which is the dark, necromantic personality created from the collective will of his ancestors. Best case scenario it causes him to pass out. Worst case, he is no longer capable of being himself and discerning friend from foe for a long time.  

The Mechanics

Ghost Opera (Prelude: Necropolis): Anthem is immune to the natural causes of death. Pestilence, Plague and Famine have no effect. While he breathes it is not a requirement for him to survive. Diseases and poisons can have no lethal effect on Anthem, they can become cumbersome, debilitating and horrifically painful...but they will not kill him.

[b]Ghost Opera (Interlude: Ministrum *The Shadow Key*):
A natural gift not born of the Ghost Opera, or even of the family curse. Asher is an excellent musician and singer. Asher is, of course, a virtuoso and is incredibly talented and quickly picks up even the newest of instruments and can learn to play it as beautifully as a well trained musician in only a day's or two's time.

The Arsenal

The Violin: A mundane violin that is a bit of an emotional crutch for Asher.

The Minions

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)


Ghost Opera

"This is our heritage, our Lineage since the time of Cain and Abel, gathered together here, playing the music to the poetry of life..."

The Bio

Real Name: The Spirits
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: Ancient
Gender: Vaied
Race: Undead spirit
Hair: Varied
Eyes: Varied
Height: Varied
Weight: Varied
Blood type: None

The Looks

The Personality

 Servants of the collective Ghost Opera, they all serve the will.

The Story

 Servants of the collective Ghost Opera, they all serve the will.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Strength
4. Endurance

The Powers

Invisibility: As all ghosts do, they have the potential to become invisible.

Intangibility: As is the case with most ghosts, they can be immune to the physical world and unable to be harmed.

Possession/Haunting: The ghosts may possess a host (living or unliving subject) and respectively become stronger and a greater threat in the physical world under the physiology of that subject. Ghosts may also "Haunt" an item or abiotic subject, which allows them to imbue it with their essence and fortify it's capacity to receive damage, or it's magical effectiveness.

The Weaknesses

Salt: Salt disrupts the appearance of ghosts. If Salt comes in contact with the ghost it fizzles out for 2 posts. when it reappears it cannot use either of it's powers for 2 posts.

Cold Iron: Pure iron will harm the ghosts, regardless of their state of phase. Cold Iron wounds will not heal for ghosts regardless of the method.

Protected Souls: Beings that are wearing or armed with a memento from a family memebr that had departed will be "blind-spots" to the ghosts.

Requiescat In Pace: Beings that enter holy or sanctified grounds will disappear and be forced to return to the Ghost Opera, and this will inflict physical wounds to the one that summoned them.

Ectoplasmic Reaction: Ghosts are made of ectoplasm that remains a molecularly excited gas, normally unaffected for long by Lighting or electrical attacks. As such when attacked by electrical attacks, the Ghost takes a longer time to reform/regroup from an attack. When possessing a person, electrical attacks will have a chain reaction with the ectoplasm and actually "purge" the ghost from the one it possesses, making it impossible to summon again.

Soul-Trap: When a ghost possesses and Item/Person to increase it's physical attributes, the ghosts open themselves to a whole new area of complications. There are circumstances in which a ghost would be trapped within it's vessel, making it impossible to leave. Once it's vessel is destroyed, the spirit ceases to exist entirely. No returning to the Ghost Opera, no resurrections, no second chances. People wearing pure silver, covered in salt, present within someone else's domain (home/lair) without being invited, and being inside a host that believes their possession is Penance or "Deserved" can actually prevent a ghost from leaving.

Vengeful One: When ghosts remain in the mortal realm for extended periods of time, without having heard the call of Anthem's instrument, they become violent and vengeful, growing more accustom to their own autonomy. This will cause them to pursue their own interests, and attack friends and foes alike without discrimination. The only way to return a "Vengeful One" to the ghost Opera is for it to be dragged away by others of their kind. Unfortunately, Vengeful One's are worth the strength of several level 5 ghosts, let alone level 1's.

The Choice of a Lifetime: While possessing a biotic or abiotic subject, the Ghosts powers of intangibility and invisibility are no longer capable of being used
The Fluff

Telekinesis: The ghosts have human levels of strength. Their ability to utilize said strength for RP reasons is simply labled as telekinetic, but functions entirely on regular physics.

Always waiting...always watching: The ghosts are always present, it's merely the music that summons them forth.

Can you see me?: Ghosts natural state is default "invisible". Whenever combat or threatening ensues, the ghosts then become visible to all, and only capable of rendering themselves invisible for a short time.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

Physical Priority

Character Trivia

  • All of Asher's powers are the name of Kamelot songs.
  • Asher's name is "Anthem". Anthem is defined as a rousing or uplifting song identified with a particular group, body, or cause.
  • Asher hates loves to play the Banjo and the Hamronica, however the Ghost Opera will possess him and immediately break any and all of those items present if he attempts to play one.
  • Asher has two brothers; Noah and Tori

RP Sample

Rp sample

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Re: Anthem

Post by Anthem on August 8th 2018, 5:15 pm



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Re: Anthem

Post by Dubloon on August 26th 2018, 10:13 pm

Approved until stated otherwise.

The Characters
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