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P.A.L. Empty P.A.L.

Post by Nate6595 on August 7th 2018, 2:11 am


"Bark. Bark. "

The Bio

Real Name: Personal Assistant Labrador
Nickname: P.A.L.
Title: Everyone’s Best Friend
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 19
Gender: No, gender, but referred to as a boy.
Race: Robotic Canine
Hair: None
Eyes: Blue, yellow, or Red
Height: 24inches
Weight: 80 pounds without supplies, 140 fully loaded
Blood type: None

The Looks

P.A.L. looks to be a mediumly sized dog with very Labrador-like features to it. However, instead of fur, this robotic dog has a metal body, plated with a light weight titanium alloy. There are several hatches on him and sheets that look like they can slide open. There are also several circular disk shapes in its body, appearing as though they too can open up. His eyes are a glowing blue color that shine brightly.
P.A.L. does have a secondary form in which he appears to be more feral. When in the attack dog function his plates seem to get bulkier more reinforced. His paws sprout out thin blades and his teeth become razor sharp. His eyes will also turn red to indicate danger. In between his normal function and his attack dog function if he starts to feel threatened his eyes will turn yellow.

The Personality

P.A.L. was designed to be man’s best friend and acts just like that! Outside of his metal exterior P.A.L. very much acts like a normal loving dog. P.A.L. is very protective of his best friend, Finn and will often follow him wherever he goes. Strangely enough, even though it is a robot, P.A.L. does seem to enjoy the activities that other dogs enjoy such as going for walks, playing fetch, and just sleeping by their friends and owners.
When P.A.L. enters his attack dog function he becomes more feral in his behavior, acting more like a guard dog than a lovable dog.

The Story

P.A.L. was first invented by Finn and his brother when they were both very young. Finn and his brother worked very hard to make a pair of dogs, one for each of them, since their parents would not allow them to get real dogs. They worked very hard designing and programming the dogs to act just like the beloved animal, it took a good several years to get it all right, but when they were done they each had a P.A.L. of their own, semi to the dismay of their parents who didn’t believe they could actually do it.
Finn’s P.A.L. is very attached to him and the two have developed a very strong bond for each other. They have been each other’s best friends for several years now and that shows no signs of stopping.

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Strength
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Functions: P.A.L. can carry out several different minor functions that have a wide array of uses. These functions include: flash-light eyes, carrying spare tools and parts for Finn’s inventions, being able to carry injured people, carrying a spare med-kit, either cooling or heating his body for the comfort of anyone snuggling with him, having a GPS system, a radio which Finn can call him on, music player, floatation device, and rope and pully system. He also carries around a small tank of water in case Finn needs some more moisture for his ability.  

Attack Function: When given the command P.A.L. can enter his attack dog mode and be a useful companion to have in battles! His paws sprout small claws that are very good at scratching, his teeth become either studier or sharper depending on how much damage is wanted to be done. Both his teeth and his claws can produce a shock that is equal to that of a taser! Additionally, P.A.L. can cough up handcuffs of varying sizes to secure villains.

The Weaknesses

Dog’s Life: While this was the intended programming it can come with some issues, but P.A.L. has many dog-like tendencies which can be tricky to get around when on the job. There are times he may get distracted by an object or try to get Finn’s attention away from the matter at hand.

Wrong Function: One fourth of the time, when told to do a function, P.A.L. may do a completely different random function. This is due to a programming error that Finn has yet to determine yet.

Vocal Command: Most of P.A.L.’s functions require Finn or another authorized person to give him a vocal command to do so. The exceptions to this are if P.A.L. sees someone getting hurt he’ll switch into his attack function or if he sees someone injured in which he’ll produce the med kit.

Overcharged: P.A.L. if hit with enough electricity will short-out and power down. His systems could potentially get fried.

Battery Life: P.A.L. does have a battery life and if it is spent then he’ll power down. He does have solar panels to fill his battery, but it would take eight hours to fully get charged. Alternatively, he has a charging station back at Avalon.  

Too loud: When assaulted by very loud sounds or frequencies P.A.L.’s systems can be overloaded and shut down! He will cease to function as long as the sound is going, provided his circuits weren’t completely fried.

The Items

Finn’s tools.
Parts for Finn’s inventions.
Med kit that contains gauze, bandages, some basic meds and painkillers, EpiPen, burn cream, ice packs, disinfectant, and a stitching kit.
P.A.L.’s favorite ball.
P.A.L.’s favorite stuff animal.
P.A.L.’s favorite Frisbee.

The Minions


The Fluff

Finn keeps P.A.L.’s programming backed up on a computer at his home so if P.A.L. is ever fully destroyed he can remake P.A.L., all of the memories still intact.

P.A.L., despite being a robot, acts like a real dog and seems to genuinely care for Finn and for others. A strange happenstance indeed!

P.A.L. will try and avoid serious damage to another living thing, but will if need be.

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P.A.L. Empty Re: P.A.L.

Post by Zonky Blong on August 14th 2018, 5:45 pm


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