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The Feral Fox

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The Feral Fox

Post by Puglife43vr on August 6th 2018, 6:35 pm

Feral Fox

"I’m so hungry, I could eat a whole deer. Actually, I have a craving for deer… Do you know any local delis?"

The Bio

Real Name: Leo Langstrom
hero Name: The Feral Fox
Title: Crusty Dude, The Opposite of FireFox; Ice Fox
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Lycan
Hair: Depending on Season: Brown or White
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’9”/6’6”
Weight: 115 lbs/250lbs

The Looks

The Personality

Leo is a relatively joyful drifter that likes to travel around America. He usually stays away from other people because he belives he’s crazy because of dreams of eating whole deer and severing heads from necks. While he is usually gleeful, he has an extremely short temper. When his territory or acquaintances are threatened, he will probably turn feral. With all this in mind, he tries to handle low level thugs and crime bosses rather than super criminals. He’ll stick up for the little guy when they’re threatened and doesn’t really fear for his own life. After all, he's just a random drifter that has crazy dreams. The people around him have lives that matter more than his own; He’s entirely expendable in his own mind. This is why he’ll never back down from a fight, even if someone has powers that could turn him to dust with a thought.

The Story

Leo was born in New Orleans, Louisiana to a ship engineer and a ship captain. He was brought up to love the water and pretended to, although it kind of scared him to think that man hadn’t explored the whole sea. Mysteries may lie at the bottom of the ocean, waiting to devour coastal cities. But, those were just kid thoughts. He quickly dusted off his fear of the water as he aged into a young adult. His parents spent more time on ships than they did with him. He had a house sitter, but what fun is that? Leo ran around with friends from school, egging houses and playing video games.

Eventually, it was time for college, but Leo didn’t know what he wanted to be. His grades were low from 8th through 12th grade. He wasn’t too athletic. His parents couldn’t afford his education with their bills piling on for the house they had bought. Leo stayed at home with his parents, binging Netflix and eating soft pretzels and ordering pizzas. He became the ultimate bum. Finally, his parents came to him and told him that bums belong out on the street. And that’s where he ended up. He was given 300 dollars, some jars of Cheeto puffs, and a duffle bag. He’d show them to kick him out. He’d get a real job and a house and a girlfriend and he’d show them.

Unfortunately, that never happened. One night when he was moving through New Orleans, a mugger whipped out a knife. Leo started running and pushing past people. The mugger was a dumb dude who decided not to wear a mask. Leo had seen his face and had to die. He ran into a forest, scrambling over branches and trees. Deeper and deeper he went into the darkness of night. But then he saw it. An animal in the darkness. Its eyes glowed powerfully in the night. It moved toward him into a clearing, revealing a clean white coat. He looked at it, wondering how it got from the Tundras down to Louisiana, but he gets jumped by the beast! It rips into his forearm, tearing off a good chunk of flesh. He kicked the thing away into a tree, scaring it off. The mugger had seen everything and run away, thinking the dog would be after him next.

He walked out of the forest, his forearm heavily damaged. He had no insurance so he couldn’t go to the hospital. He ran to the nearest drug store and bought some painkillers. He poured a homeless dude’s alcohol on his arm. Worst day of his life. He consumed fist fulls of Cheeto puffs. He fell asleep in an alley only minutes later.

When he woke up, his clothes were torn, his money and puffs stolen, but his duffle bag remained on his back. Wait a second. Had he been moved? He was in a big warehouse somewhere. He looked at his forearm to see that it was still the same. He coughed up some fur onto the floor where he lay. Last thing he remembered eating were some good ol’ Cheeto Puffs. Oh, whatever. He rose with more strength than he remembered. Suddenly he had a memory unlocked. He shuddered as he remembered leaping onto an animal’s back and tearing out its throat. He brushed this off as just nightmares from being bitten by the dog. He walked out, shoeless and shirtless to the nearest thrift store. He found a few dollars lost in the wind which was enough to buy some sandals and an old Nasa t-shirt. Leo continued on, walking from Louisiana to Mississippi which took a few days. He promised himself to visit every part of the country and take pictures with a disposable camera. He had 50 shots for 50 states.

Leo drifted around more to several different states, more abilities being revealed to him. Leo found himself intervening when he saw ATMs being smashed or a construction worker falling off a crane, or even men with double barrel shotguns raiding a warehouse. He eventually reached Minnesota where he saw a similar dog in the winter months. This time, he fought it off with claws that sprouted from his fingers, knocking it down into the snow. He clawed at its neck and it popped into a flurry of flakes, leaving nothing but a coiled up rope and hook. Throughout the country, he experienced more memories of him eating masked men and breaking into a deli. He remembered the face of the man who had first mugged him in fear. He saw blood spatter from his neck as his head was severed. He thought that he was insane. The truth was that Leo was turned into a Lycan by some type of magic Fox. He’s coming close to figuring it out, but he can’t really remember anything that happens in his Lycan form. Yet. And that is the backstory of Leo the Lycan, now known as the Feral Fox by the people of America. Specifically America since he’s region locked by his lack of cash.


The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Strength
4. Endurance

The Powers

1. Enhanced Agility: Even when out of his true form, Leo has agility that would make any acrobat’s jaw drop. He can run at 30 mph, has greatly heightened reflexes, boosted coordination, and amplified acrobatic ability. With this agility, he can easily dodge gunfire, punches and rotten tomatoes being thrown at him.
2. Lycan Physique: With the abilities resembling that of a fox, he has the ability to easily climb, retract claws, has excellent senses, and can bite through steel all in his normal form.
3. Frost abilities: In both his feral and human form, Leo has the ability to freeze individuals with blasts shot from his fists or fingertips. He can also create rope constructs similar to that of his main hook. These ropes will freeze themselves to the surface they touch.
4. Feral Mode: When injured or aggravated, Leo will transform into a large beast, growing thick fur and a long snout along with a tail. He essentially turns into a Werefox. The thick fur makes him more durable and resistant to small arms fire. Feral mode also boosts his strength, allowing his claws to cut through body armor like it’s butter.

The Weaknesses

1. Low Durability: Leo is easily damaged by bullets, melee weapons, and just fists with normal human skin. His vital organs can be easily ripped through and one can successfully kill him with a shot to the head or heart.
2. Animal Whisperers: Characters that have the ability to control animals will have an easy time manipulating Leo. With his Lycan form, he’ll be fully controllable by these Animal Whisperers.
3. Telepathy: Leo has a low threshold for mental attacks. His mind isn’t as strong compared to the average man or woman with or without super powers.
4. Feral: In his true form, he has little control over himself and attacks anything in range, friend or foe. He’ll consume any animals in the general area as long as they aren’t bigger than a bull. He craves deer meat in particular, so in the wilderness, he’ll stop to feast on any animals around, possibly even forfeiting the fight to go hunt.
5. Water: When in his Lycan form, The Feral Fox stays away from water sources, sticking to solid surfaces. He also can't swim like most other people and animals. Leading him into a sewer or toward a lake is an easy way to immobilize him. In the feral mode, he'll do anything possible to stay away from water and might even have aquaphobia.

The Items

A dufflebag filled with his nail files, toothbrush, and more!
Ice Hook: A 30 foot long cord with a hook on the end that freezes opponents and allows Leo to swing in his normal form.
Weakness: The ice hook's rope is incredibly flammable and could be set on fire just by being within a few inches of a lighter. Also, the ice hook generates it's own magic energy, meaning the user doesn't need to be able to use Mana to wield the item. Therefore, anybody could potentially steal it off of him and use it against him.

The Minions


The Fluff

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Re: The Feral Fox

Post by Shadowoof on October 18th 2018, 9:16 am

Weakness one isn't a weakness. You're just explaining that in his human form, which does not have any durable powers, can be hurt.

And weakness 3 needs to be explained more, most telepathic powers are permission based, so a good way to say he is weak to telepathic abilities is that people do not need to ask for permission to say, mind control him. Of course with some limitations such as self killing.

Otherwise, the character looks good. Do that, I'll look again and it might just be approved.

The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

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