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The Dawn (Sock & Gaia)

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The Dawn (Sock & Gaia)

Post by ghost on Sat Aug 04, 2018 4:44 pm

The wind in the night was frigid. It was comforting to see the sun peak over the horizon. Gaia sat atop his black stallion comfortably. He was a tall horse, muscular and strong. Bread almost for this exact purpose giving, Gaia a ride through rugged and rough to travel terrain. He could have formed into a number of creatures himself, but there was something about being in his human form, as though he was drawn to it. It wasn't a new feeling, he had always been drawn to it, after all, it was Mother's favorite creation so far.

His rough looking hands lightly gripped the stallion's mane as it trotted across the hardpan of Navajo Nation. Light brown hair shifted in the wind as the horse began to gallop toward the mountains in the distance, the meeting place. He has told the leaders of the Tribes to meet him there. Some have heard it by plain messenger boy, others have seen animals acting strangely, taunting them in that direction. Gaia had a feeling that once he erects a new mountain there that they will get the hint.

A few hours past as the horse moved over the desert. Most of the ground was fairly dry, stones and brush decorating the landscape. Occasionally there would be a massive boulder in his path and then deep gullies or ravines, nothing he couldn't manipulate past, but the determination stood fast on his face. The now morning sun beated down upon him like a hammer, it was close, he could feel the earth thicken as the ground became more grassy and trees began to show sparingly.

At last he was there. The side of the mountain shown broad and strong. The ground hasen't changed much but as Gaia's feet hit the ground he could feel Mother calling to him. Feel her beg for this to all be over, yet knowing that this is only the beginning. You'll have to wait Mother Gaia's hands raised from his side. With some effort and blessing from Earth a small point stuck out of the ground about thirty feet from him. It's tip was shining like gold, then as his hands raised even higher the ground began to shake violently, a massive mountain began to from in front of his eye. Thirty feet closed in quickly and soon he found himself on the side of a rock face watching the ground get further away every second. The rumbling of the earth stopped.

The mountain was large. It dwarfed anything nearby by two hundred feet. It's peak was pure gold and its sides riddled with more trees than Gaia had seen in his journey to the spot. He looked in the distance and saw small towns and roads. Reaching out his arms the landscape began to change, first grass grew, then trees popped up, fully grown from the ground. A running stream was pushed through to nourish his creation, and it was only a matter of time till the Chiefs of the Tribes would show face here. By that time Gaia would have carved an entrance to the mountain, surround it by a heavy stone walls with openings in each of the cardinal directions, and decorate a bit.

The flowing landscape was not hostile and it didn't impede any of the roads or ways of travel. At least not yet. Gaia had a plan and he meant to stick with it for as long as possible. Once the natives could see what he is capable of, them following him seemed like an easy feat. He didn't desire fear, People who fear you are not useful... but someone who loves you, who would only see the best come out of you, they will stop at nothing to please Me... You... Gaia grinned.


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