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The Silver Hand

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The Silver Hand

Post by Katrina A. Russel on August 4th 2018, 4:13 am

Name of the Group: The Silver Hand
Color of the Group: Golden

Location: The city of Alsalat Al’uwlaa, on the island of Almawt. A beautiful island as old as civilization and the resting place of a crashed alien ship. Almawt is approximately 41,000 square miles of sheer cliffs and mountains. Hostile creatures, deadly traps, and dangerous hazards pepper this area, making it completely inhospitable to most people. Nestled in the mountain of Msin Men Ala’khir is the city of Alsalat Al’uwlaa, a beautiful, ancient city carved from the very stone of the mountain, Impossible to infiltrate and even harder to leave, the only modernization this city has undergone are the necessities of modern world such as wi-fi. Unlike most cities it’s age, Alsalat Al’uwlaa is in pristine condition, every stone and brick shining and free of dirt and debris. The entire city is ringed by mountain on three sides and a massive gate on the fourth. This gate is the only way into the city and leads directly into a large courtyard. It is here where the Gauntlet and the Shield refine their skills. To the north are the massive dormitories, where every member of the Gauntlet and the Shield sleep and relax on their off hours. Within these dormitories are a cafeteria, a gym, recreation room, and even a modernized pool with heating. Underneath the dormitories are the quarters of the Bones, and further still is the remnants of the alien ship which gives the Silver Hand the entirety of their technology and knowledge. Here is where the Cold Fusion engine and replicator are located.

Technology: In terms of general technology, the Silver Hand are leaps and bounds ahead of the modern world. They’ve perfected regeneration, cloning, and wet ware technology. Their tech leader is capable of producing flying vehicles and even complete artificial sentience. Combined with the magic that several of the Inner Circle have and the advanced alien technology they possess, they are capable of producing effects that are quite impossible for the modern world to keep up with. While the technological advancements are many and varied, ranging from weaponry to medical, there are quite simply too many to conceivably list. Needless to say, they have improved and perfected versions of everything the outside world may possess.

Cold-Fusion Reactor: The source of all the power Alsalat Al’uwlaa consumes, this Cold-Fusion Reactor has been running since the Cretaceous Period. Within the last fifty years, the Bones managed to move it to within the city and hook it up to Alsalat Al’uwlaa’s power grid. This Reactor produces enough energy to power their entire city, the space-time generator, and with plenty to spare. This excessive energy they sell off to countries all around the world using shell companies and make a fortune doing so. A vast portion of this energy goes to sustaining the Reactor and Alsalat Al’uwlaa, however.

Alien Replicator: Ripped from the armory of the crashed alien ship, this device allows any physical material to be replicated; the means by which it does this is unknown, though theories abound, ranging from an alternate dimension to phase shifting. Regardless of the make or model, so long as it doesn’t require some extraterrestrial material, such as Elysium. For the most part, however, all Earthly and Alien materials can be replicated to the letter, even creating mass replicants. There is no physical difference between the original and the replicated product. The Alien Replicator cannot replicate magical properties or divine materials, though it can recreate advanced polymers or concoctions.

Trans-matter Portal - A large archway built into the base of Almawt. It’s not working as intended, as in it can’t teleport; however, it can be used to view any events at any time or place in space.

Space-Time Engine: This machine is nestled in the ocean floor underneath Alsaalat Al’uwlaa. The effect this machine generates is responsible for their time displacement and the barrier that surrounds their town. Even the most powerful superhumans cannot brute force their way through this barrier, and the most powerful magical spells can’t break through. This is a result of the infinite power supply provided by the cold-fusion generator and the magic generator, an add-on to the original Ala’khir invention that ads the power of magic to the force field.

Resources: This refers to the specific technological and magical advancements, items or otherwise, that they use every day or are important for the defense or continued existence of the Silver Hand.

Extranormal Enhancements: When it comes to martial might, The Silver Hand has it’s pick of soldiers; however, this is not enough for it’s leader. Each member upon initiation must undergo the Blood Moon ritual, using Coraline’s Blood Red Moon. In addition to this, however, each member is outfitted with the most advanced in technology. And then there is the Silver Gauntlet, a piece of magitech that enhances the user’s strength tenfold while bewitching them into subservience. In addition to these benefits, they are also placed under various benefits by the Silver Bones, including regeneration buffs and increased durability.

Some of the members of the Silver Hand are augmented with Cybernetics and wet ware, turning the already deadly soldiers into killing machines. Everything from built in jetpacks to gun arms are capable, depending on the will of the Agent. As for Wet Ware, every Agent is equipped with a built in communication device and computer, capable of accessing the web and any unsecured device around. It has the capability to hack most any computer in under ten seconds remotely, so long as it’s wirelessly accessible. The end result of all these augmentations are soldiers as varied and powerful as natural disasters.

Weaponry and Armor: With it’s silver and black aesthetic, the weaponry and armor of the Silver Hand look futuristic. But even the most mean rifle could shoot through even the most powerful of modern defenses, and the turrets and other defenses present on the island could shoot through the most powerful of even metahuman defenses. The armor is designed with ablative technology, able to take most blunt force trauma without blinking. Completely bulletproof and sealed to both fire and ice attacks, it is the pinnacle of defensive capabilities.

Dinosaurs: With the island of Almawt located in a time long before the modern world, they have tamed the dinosaurs, outfitting them with the same technology as their soldiers. Magically enhanced, cybernetic, near-sentient dinosaurs, bonding to powerful soldiers is a sight that was common for much of the developing world, but kept only to the talk of crazies and drunkards. They have tamed dinosaurs of all sizes.

Vehicles: In addition to their living mounts, the Silver Hand has vehicles capable of amphibious travel. Their fleet is more advanced than anything the nations of the world can put together, boasting weapons and defenses capable of a one-man seige of nearly any city in the world.

Purpose: The Silver Hand has existed since time immemorial. Their own history says they started as a small group, opposing the corruption in the land. From there, they grew into a worldwide phenomenon. The island of Almawt was their stage, and from there they shaped the world. The Crusades, witch hunts, formation of the Catholic church- they had a hand in it all. There might grew and so did their ambitions; turning from curators of the world into assassins for hire. Still they shaped the world, but now for profit, and their names were whispered in dread by everyone in power.

And then came the meteor.

Except, it wasn’t a meteor. It was a ship, an alien ship, carrying advanced technology. But for the Silver Hand, it was their gateway to an all-new world. They left the world, and so did their island, in time, leaving it to it’s own fates for nearly 300 years. And then just as suddenly, the emerged, but now without the will to guide. Now, they were assassins, mercenaries for hire. They worked for the money.

It has changed in recent years; nearly twenty five years ago, Coraline Russel became the head of the Silver Hand, and she’s been steering them towards greatness again. Now they align themselves with others who see the taint humanity has become. They’ve seen it, the way the world used to look, and she weeps in despair at how the world may die further. And now, back in time, the Silver Hand is known only by legend, and never by name. Only being old enough to know them by name, or powerful to sense their presence in the space-time continuum, know of their existence.

So the goal of the Silver Hand is simple; save the world from destruction, and while doing that make money.

Structure: The Silver Hand is separated into three distinct organizations, each with it’s strengths and weaknesses and purposes. Each circle is led by one of the Inner Circle, best encompassing the ideals and purposes of that organization. The entirety of the Silver Hand is led by Coraline Russel, one of the most powerful magically beings in the world. Each member of the organization bears a mark representing their role; either a sword, a shield, a bone, colored in silver ink.

The Silver Sword: The first and original purpose of the organization, the assassins, the diplomats, and the spys. Every member of The Silver Sword is a trained killer and negotiator, as capable with their bare fists as with a sword or bow. Their training includes ninjutsu, martial arts, advanced academics, religion, politics, and anything else that would relate to the toppling of empires or elimination of targets. Their roles, among many others, include: double agent, assassin, spy, or scout. They are rarely found on the front of the battlefield, preferring to stay behind and command the troops. Compared to the other Roles, the Silver Sword tend to have less obvious mutations and augmentations to better fit into their environment. This Role is led by Katrina Russel.

The Silver Shield: The most powerful military force in the world is the Silver Shield. The best soldiers gathered over the last ten thousand years, kept alive through technology and magic and trained in the ever-advancing ways to kill each other. Lance likes to boast that a single one of his soldiers can beat ten of any nations best men while sleeping. The Silver Shield is responsible for the defense of the island. They are the guards, the patrolman, and the police. If need be, they act as executioner. By and large, the Silver Shield are possibly the best soldiers in the world. With their cybernetic augmentations, magical or meta abilities, and their unswerving loyalty to the Silver Hand, they will always take on the most impossible causes. This Role is led by Lance Nabayoshi.

The Silver Bones: The janitors, caretakers, and religious personnel. Despite their seemingly low place on the totem pole, the Bones are revered throughout the organization for their role. They are the doctors and the healers, they take care of the damage caused by fighting, both to the people and the landscape. And more than that, they hold the religion in their hands. They are the voices of the Ala’khir, they who unweave the tangled web. It is they who channel their will. They are more than priests, however. Every Agent of the Bones has the ability to bestow blessings upon others. This group is led by Sakaya Karama.

The Inner Circle: The three leading members of the Silver Hand. The most powerful of their Role, they are responsible for maintaining their division.
Katrina A. Russel
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