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Dagon, King of the Trench

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Dagon, King of the Trench Empty Dagon, King of the Trench

Post by Zonkes on August 4th 2018, 2:25 am


"How inappropriate to call this planet 'Earth' when it is quite clearly 'Ocean'."

The Bio

Real Name: Theages of the Trench
Villain Name: Dagon
Alias: David Reed
Title: The Terror of the Trench, The King of the Marianas Trench
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Occupation: Monarch of the Marianas Trench
Age: Around 1000 years old, but appears around 30.
Gender: Male
Race: Corrupted Lemurian
Hair: Glowing blue hair
Eyes: Black pupilless orbs
Height: 6’2”, 9’0” in monster form.
Weight: 172lbs, 872lbs in monster form.
Blood type: O-

The Looks

Dagon has two forms. One, his ruler persona, which is a vaguely elvish man with an average frame and translucent skin. His hair is entirely blue green bioluminescent, and his eyes are pure black. His face is ovalish in nature, and if you look under his shirt; you will find that he has both lungs and gills.

The other, he calls the Monster of the Trench. A 9 foot tall horror of scales and teeth. His body is covered in razor sharp scales, rippling with muscle; he’s got a long tail with sails on the top and the underside, his eyes extend from his head like a crabs, and his jaws jut out grotesquely. The claws on his hands and feet grow by 3 inches, and turn inky black.

The Personality

Dagon is a benevolent ruler. He treats his people well and is generally well respected; Dagon is rather prideful, but not quite arrogant. However, Dagon only tolerates humans. Or did, rather; until they started polluting his home with poisons! Dagon will protect his people, and if that means eliminating human waste at the source, so be it.

May humans fear the name Dagon and the power of the sea...

The Story

Dagon was born a thousand years ago in the underwater city of Lemuria. He was born incredibly disfigured, but strong. Fearing the worst; his mother dumped him into the trench, hoping that the beasts would ensure he never made it to adulthood. The trial, however, only made him stronger. He fought for his food, relied on the darkness for shelter, and never gave an inch. This made Dagon an incredible warrior, but it made him distant from even his native people. Soon, turning him callus and harsh.

Eventually, his body changed with the abyss, his skin became translucent, and his hair began to glow. His eyes finally adapted to the point that he could see in the darkness as if it were broad daylight - though at this time he had not the comparison, and as if the gods had answered his prayer for company, he gained the ability to turn his would be predators and prey into sentient beings under his control.

Dagon spent many years building his empire, he even had a child, until one day; the first bits of surface dweller trash fell to his domain. Dagon swam to the surface, to see what this poison was; only to find humanity living in the light. It was the early 1800s at this point, and Dagon hated it. It was then that he raided a city known as San Francisco by the humans. These raids would happen periodically over the years, resulting in much death on both sides. Dagon never managed to get his point across.

At present day, Dagons raids have become routine for him. Though he strikes under the shadow of night, usually to less populated coast towns, Dagon is getting more aggressive; and is preparing to show the world the power of Lemuria.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Strength
4. Reaction

The Powers

The Physicality of Lemuria - Dagon has been shown to be able to heft blue whales with one hand, stop nuclear submarines from firing, and moving entire fleets of warships with nothing but a net holding them together. Theoretically, Dagon has no real limit underwater but above ground he’s only as strong as your average high level superhero. For durability, Dagon has been shown to tank shots from volcanic geysers at the bottom of the sea and survive at some of the highest pressures on planet earth. He can go for days without eating anything at all; and has near limitless stamina in water. Dagon is also capable of moving at incredible speeds underwater, swimming up to Mach 2. Dagon can also breathe underwater, and see in complete darkness.

Full-Hydrokinesis - Dagon is capable of moving entire lakes of water with his mind, controlling blood inside peoples veins, and the moisture in the air. While he can’t control ice, he is able to shift the moisture inside of ice if there is any. [Permission Based]

Mutation - Dagon can mutate any aquatic creature to become a “Child of the Trench”, a race of intelligent fish people with superhuman abilities. Dagon can use this on people as well; though they retain most of their free will, though Dagon can somewhat influence them. [Permission Based]
Telepathic Control - Dagon can control all of his children with telepathic commands. The children can understand these commands easily, and are bound to follow them.

The Monster of the Trench - Dagon can transform into a monstrous beast which gives him a few advantages. Indestructible claws, jaws that can bite through solid steel, and incredible 360 degree vision.

The Weaknesses

Bright Light - Dagon and his people are unused to bright lights, preferring to fight at night; Dagon can be completely incapacitated by something as small as a flashlight.

Density - If Dagon does not return to his depths, or regulate his pressure; being out of the water in the form of “Monster of the Trench” becomes painful for him to the point of debilitation. After a few days, his own mass will crush him.

Rain - Rain makes the toxin that makes his mutation ability work less effective, and can completely negate it.

Dry - If Dagon becomes too dry, he loses around half of his power and durability, to combat this; Dagon usually only goes above the waves during rainy periods.

Slow - The Monster of the Trench is an imposing figure; but is relatively slow and bulky. Making him easy to counter for an agile enough hero.

Split Focus - Dagon can only attack, or command his children. He can’t do both at the same time. While doing so, Dagon is susceptible to attack from all sides.

Upper limit - Dagon can only control around 50 of his children with simple commands, and only 1 or 2 for complex commands at one time.

The Items

Scale mail made from the scales of an ancient undersea beast, no harder than steel.

A trident made of a titanium steel alloy

The Minions

The Children of the Trench - Evolved deep sea fish that range in power from street level to a medium class threat in their own right. [NPC APPS COMING SOON]

The Fluff

Extremophile - Dagon and his children are extremophiles. They can live in some of the harshest environments known to man. They are resistant to both heat AND cold, have no need for light, are incredibly durable, and are biologically immortal.

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Dagon, King of the Trench Empty Re: Dagon, King of the Trench

Post by Dubloon on August 4th 2018, 5:14 am

Approved until stated otherwise.

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