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Dagon, King of the Trench

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Dagon, King of the Trench Empty Dagon, King of the Trench

Post by Zonkes August 4th 2018, 2:25 am


"Though I have long allowed your people to remain on the sea, mercy is all that has kept you from extinction... Do not test it further, or I will be forced to take… drastic measures..."

The Bio

Real Name: Theages of the Trench
Villain Name: Dagon
Title: King of the Abyss, the Lost Royal, The Oceanic Champion, the Last Leumurian, Terror of the Trench, The Lord of the Forgotten Nations, the Mariana’s Devil
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: Over 3000 years old, physically seems to be about 30
Gender: Male
Race: Corrupted Lemurian
Hair: Glowing aquamarine hair
Eyes: Black, pupiless orbs
Height: 6’4” (9’8” in monster form)
Weight: 264lbs (Over a ton in monster form)
Blood type: Fish blood with modifications to allow for easier land survival.

The Looks

The Royal

Dagon is a humanoid with bright blue semi-translucent glowing skin. His entire form screams both regality, and alien power. His long hair floats freely around his head while under the water, while in the air however, it sticks to the top of his head and neck with a near permanent sea water layer over his skin.

Underneath his skin, organs are clearly visible for everything below his neck level. The vague bioluminescence emits a dull greenish blue glow extending from the top layer of his skin, to where his elbow would be if he were to extend both arms fully.

Built much like a spartan warrior, Dagon’s body is tightly muscular with a defined six pack. Broad shoulders, and average length arms give him the look of a thinner, professional football player. Hairless on everything except for his head, there is not an inch of his lower body that is hidden by anything but clothing.

In terms of clothing, the regal king of the abyss wears armor that looks to be either highly polished stone, or an unknown metal. He also wears a loose wrap of a bright white cloth around his waist, lending an additional divine air. Lastly, a thick mantle that is colored to reflect the oceans is almost always present around his shoulders. When in the depths of his home, the mantle is a solid black with no light reflecting upon it. The higher Dagon goes, the more the cloak takes on the colors and movements of the waves around him. So much so that if he swims through a shark's feeding frenzy, the cloak will become a deep scarlet color.

Black shark-like eyes peer disapprovingly upon any land dweller that dares to cross his path, and a sneer permanently stains the lips of the Lost Royal. When dealing with his children however, a benevolent expression takes over his face. His eyes, even if they don’t brighten literally, take on a loving and joyous expression.

The Mariana’s Devil

The Beast of the Oceanic Depths is a nearly ten foot tall shelled beast. His back is covered by a nearly indestructible nautilus shell of black coloration and orange stripe pattern. The orange is bioluminescent, and the black shines like darkened marble. Meanwhile, his front is covered by semi-translucent scales that are as sharp as blades. His bones appear in this form, taking on a ghostly white appearance.

The Oceanic God that is Sea Devil Dagon has a mane of blue hair that glows like a sun in his realm. Even on the surface, the sheer power coming off of his body rivals that of a nuclear reactor and makes his hair float like he’s still in water.

His already black eyes take on a matte color, as dry as a desert and as empty as the void of space. Hidden inside those depths, if one peers far enough into the void, they find fire. True rage. As tangible as blood, and hotter still. In this void, they find the heart of Dagon. Belying his every action, is a blaze of anger so great that even the strongest of wills find themselves swallowed by.

Teeth become daggers, and fingernails become metallic claws. His arms are as thick as telephone poles, and his legs like tree trunks. His mere steps crack the pitiful concrete where this monster walks, with a voice like a tsunami’s roar.

The Personality

Benevolent King - Dagon truly cares for his subjects. When asked if he would rather lay down his life, or stand in the way of a blade meant for one of his children, he would always answer with the blade. This does not mean that Dagon is completely selfless, a king must be able to defend his kingdom during times of war, and if the past 300 years have shown anything, humanity does not want anything but war with the forgotten nations.

Dagon does not take much food for himself, after all, food is scarce at the best of times. The Abyssal Kingdom relies almost entirely on imports, and chemical soups from volcanic vents. Even his throne is made of common sea stone mined on his own. Figuring that if he lived better than his people, then he would forget what it would be like to be among them.

Wrathful Guardian - Anyone who tries to harm his people finds this to be true. While generally, Dagon prefers to avoid contact with the dry skins at all; the worst thing a person can do is mistake his allowance into his realm as weakness. Many have found this. From the most basic of offenses such as swimming too deep into the waters that he calls home, to using the poisons that the humans have developed for his home. None who have chosen this path have survived thus far.

A true warrior, Dagon follows bronze age hospitality to a tee. Humans have abused their rights to his water for hundreds of years. At first, Dagon chose to attack only those that forced their will on his people. Whalers attacking his children mistaking them for the oil filled beasts that powered their lights. Fishermen taking more than their fair share of the oceans bounty. But now, humans have shown their true inability to keep to what they have. With the rise of corporations and energy manufacturing, so too has the ire of the king. Dagon will defeat, kill, or otherwise remove obstacles to destroying these companies and any who defend their activities.

Loving Father - Perhaps the most surprising fact about Dagon is that he is actually a loving father. While his “children'' may be treated like family, his true family is his daughter Princess Aglea. Despite their differing methods in keeping their oceans safe, Dagon would never allow the princess to come to harm. Even going as far as to declare a truce if it kept her safe. Thus, she is a closely guarded secret. Left to live with a family of Anglerfish, and under the tightest security that Dagon can manage.

The Story


The Powers

Physicality of Lemuria - Dagon was forcibly thrown into the abyss at a young age. Lemurians were already at least as strong as the ancient Greek heroes like Jason, and Achilles but due to his environment, Dagon needed to train every single muscle, every single bone to the peak of perfection. Between the sorcery of a hagfish and the corruption running through his blood, Dagon has no real physical limit even in the crushing depths of the ocean. However, due to his lack of experience in fighting without the depths of pressure; Dagon’s punches on the surface would be too fast making them too difficult to control. You can reliably compare his punches on the surface to someone on the upper echelon of strength training.

Additionally, Dagon is capable of surviving blows from the toughest of enemies without noticeable injury. His incredibly small scales create a nearly impenetrable wall from piercing attacks, while his incredibly dense muscle mass stops him from taking too much in the way of bludgeoning damage. Even magic attacks mostly slough off of the enchanted sea water connected to his skin.

Dagon can swim incredibly fast, so fast that as he travels the water boils behind him while he swims.

Finally, Dagon’s sense of sight is specially adapted for the inky darkness of the Marianas trench. While light is nearly impossible to find, in the pure darkness of the Mariana’s, Dagon is capable of spotting even the slightest of motions from his own bioluminescent light, meaning that his brain is specially hardwired to find nearly invisible opponents.

Dagonian Darwinism - Dagon’s blood and mucus actively mutates sea creatures in a fundamental way. Generally, this means creating more humanoid looking fish creatures. However, this is not the only effect it has. While all of Dagon’s children gain similar human intelligence, a select few turn into hideous monsters that turn the stomach and the mind at their very presence.

Telepathic Titan Dagon is capable of advanced telepathy with any and all of his children. At any given time, Dagon has hundreds of children under his beck and call. This means that each and every child of Dagon can come under his control if he wills it at a moment's notice. However, for surface raids Dagon generally only takes his most skilled warriors.

Sea Devil (STORY NPC) - When Dagon enters his Sea Devil form, he loses all true control over himself. He is no longer capable of holding back. Even on the surface, Dagon in his Sea Devil form is capable of causing mid-range earthquakes, natural disasters using the water anchor, and telepathic control over thousands of his children.

[At this point, Dagon is so far gone as to not be capable of being wounded by his normal weaknesses. Sea Devil Dagon is a story NPC. Not to be used in every Dagon thread, but only his endgame and other times where it is agreed by everyone in the story to allow his coming. During this time, Dagon becomes a story NPC and can be killed through proper storytelling.]

Indestructible Shell - Dagon boasts a massive shell on his back that deflects any and all attacks. While it may seem like the shell is properly attached, it is not. With a proper kick from a skilled opponent, the shell will fly off. It takes 4 posts for a new shell to take its place.

Razor Scales - Attacking Dagon on his stomach, arms, or legs while he’s in his Sea Devil form will have a wound open on their own body in turn. The scales of his Sea Devil form in return however, do not protect his body as well as those in his royal form. The spiky, rough scales that cause this effect make it so that even a normal blade can pierce his skin.

Serrated Claws - Dagons claws in his Sea Devil form are capable of cutting through solid duranium.

Menacing Bite - Dagons teeth in his Sea Devil form can bite through a car’s engine block, and swallowing meat taken by his teeth will quickly heal small wounds on his body.  

The Weaknesses

Born of True Night - Dagon has been training for thousands of years to ensure his survival… in the deepest depths of the oceans, and while hundreds of years have allowed him to emerge during moonlit nights; manufactured, natural, or magical direct light will temporarily stun him for upwards of 4 minutes at a time. [3 post minimum], and due to his translucent eyelids, even blinking isn’t enough to avoid it.

Square Cube Law - Due to the physical limitations of life on land, something like Sea Devil Dagon should not be able to walk on land. While he can walk for an extended period of time, the enchanted sea water coating his skin is all that stands between him and beached whale status. While magical fire is wicked away by the substance, any other heat source is perfect for drying out the magical protection it gives. This includes the sun.

Defeat the Devil - Dagon’s sea devil form is a powerful force of nature. However, the Devil is a tricky one. At this point, Dagon has truly lost all control over himself and begins to rip into anything he sees. But that’s all it is. Brute strength. No tactics. Not only that, but the taste of his own children in his mouth will awaken the Royal once more. He will be forced to retreat.

One More Voice - Dagon keeps a steady control over his rage and his people. However, one voice can change all of that. And if a mind can withstand the fire that rages within Dagon’s being without being destroyed, they can quickly take control over both his anger and his children.

Disenchanted - Dirt, Fresh Water, and being touched by land animals will decrease Dagons enchantment over the water on his skin. After 15 proper hits, Dagon’s enchantment totally ends. This means that his durability, strength, and speed are all decreased by a factor of 20 on land.

The Items

Enchanted Sea Water - One of the items that allows Dagon to act the way does, the Enchanted Sea Water covering his skin can easily be considered his most important asset. The water keeps Dagon light enough to move quickly on land, even in his monster form, as well as moderate his body heat effectively.

Lemurian Water Anchor One of the very real weapons at Dagon’s disposal. This sea shell was created with a combination of magic, Lemurian super science, and reality warping capabilities. It was created as a Weapon of Mass Destruction during a war with ancient humans. The item allows the blower to call upon great floods to wipe out the opponents in a swift manner. Capable of moving entire lakes with its call, and summoning a seas worth of water the only limit to how long this item can be used is how long the user can breathe.
Weakness - If Dagon’s call is interrupted while using this shell, all the water he summoned with it will evaporate into mana capable of being used by spellcasters, empowering their spells by 40 percent.

The Fluff

Dagon is strongly aligned with any environmental protection group that is worth their salt.

Dagon generally keeps to himself, but global domination is one of the very few things that attracts him.

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Dagon, King of the Trench Empty Re: Dagon, King of the Trench

Post by Dubloon August 4th 2018, 5:14 am

Approved until stated otherwise.

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