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Post by BCAjax on August 1st 2018, 8:07 pm

The Green

"Get off my lawn"

The Bio

Real Name: Thaddeus Rowe
Hero Name:The Green
Title: Arch-Druid
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age:74 (Appears to be in late 40's)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height:5 Foot 11 inches
Weight:185 lbs
Blood type:A positive

The Looks

THE GREEN 1179969-meetthebadguys1_coverv1_full

THE GREEN <img class=
The Personality

The Green was once headstrong and cocky to the point of arrogance, but long years and many losses have changed his witty one-liners into cynicism

and bravado into disbelief. Once, he believed in good and evil. Once, he fought to change the hearts of humankind and preserve the bounties of

nature. Now, he fights because he has no choice. He no longer sees the wisdom in preaching to a world that will never listen, and even with the

benefit of his power he can feel the weariness of age beginning to set in. This makes him cranky, and he sometimes takes his anger out people who

don't deserve it. However when nature is threatened, he tends to regain some of his youthful heroic ideal, and is never happier than when taking

down a corrupt logging company, or busting poachers in the woods.

The Story

Thaddeus Rowe was born May 20, 1944. As a child his power over the natural world manifested itself in small and unnoticeable ways until his 16th birthday, when he caused his mother's cactus to grow so rapidly it put a hole in the roof! His father had been killed in action in WWII so after several incidents he was sent to live with his grandfather, Jeremiah Rowe. Jeremiah raised the boy well on his Oregon farm, teaching him to control his powers and live normally, while also imparting a deep love and appreciation for horticulture and the natural world. Eventually, Jeremiah revealed that Thaddeus was the latest in a long line of secret costumed heroes named THE GREEN. His father had been next in line to inherit the mantle before his untimely death, and Thaddeus was his only son. Taking up his father's cloak, Thaddeus trained for years, learning botany, hand to hand combat, and other useful crime fighting skills from his grandfather, the original Green. By the time he was 25, the Vietnam draft was announced and The Green signed up voluntarily. He was assigned to a special intelligence division for costumed heroes and in the depths of the jungle they conducted stealth and reconnaissance missions for the US government. However, the use of Agent Orange, constant violence, and first-hand experience of the horrors of war saw The Green becoming disillusioned with the American cause. Mustering out as soon as possible and setting out to explore southeast Asia, he encountered a strange monastery where the monks practiced an ancient mystic art that granted them control of plants not unlike his own powers! He trained here for several years, learning secrets and honing his control before returning to the US and joining several crime fighting teams. In 1989, The Green lead a team of crime-fighters to disrupt a magic ritual aimed at causing another ice age. He was the only survivor of the mission, and the guilt caused him to hang up his cowl until a few years ago. With global warming, pollution, and corporate greed on the rise once The Green has felt nature cry out, and finally it is not a cry he can ignore any longer.

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Agility
3. Strength
4. Reaction

The Powers

The Green possesses the power of Botanokinesis. This is a varied power with several uses.
1: The Green can use this power to converse with all forms of plants. This includes fruits and vegetables but not fungi. This communication is telepathic and can be used to communicate with any form of plant life within a 50 foot radius of The Green.

2:The Green can generate up to 200 pounds of plant matter anywhere with potable soil within line of sight by tapping into the world's natural energy. The plants are normal specimens and if not planted or otherwise taken care of within 15 minutes they wither into dust.

3:The Green can infuse any plant he touches with the energy of nature, causing it to grow super-humanly quickly, and to unusual size. This power can turn an acorn into a tree within a few seconds.

4: The Green can manipulate plant matter, whether created by his powers or not. He can mentally command plants in a 50 radius to do his bidding and move at his command, and The Green can also enhance and change their durability and makeup. This power can make a regular branch as hard as steel to use as a weapon, or soften the roots of a tree for the purpose of entangling an enemy!

The Weaknesses

1: The Green draws his power from nature. To activate any of his abilities his bare feet or hands must be touching something produced naturally by the earth. This can be as small as clutching a few pebbles, or as large as the dirt of a forest beneath bare feet.

2: Plant life cannot survive without the sun and neither can The Green. When deprived of sunlight for a full 12 hours The Green loses all access to his powers, and begins to sink into a deep depression. 1 full hour in the light of the sun will restore The Green to his normal state.

3:Fire is the great cleanser, and nature bows before its destructive powers. The plants influenced by The Green's powers cannot abide the touch of fire and it will instantly turn them to ash where it touches them. His powers also do not affect any natural plant matter that is burning, on fire, engulfed in flames, or in any way in physical contact with combustion.

4:Code of the Hero. Although those who despoil nature may push him to the brink, The Green has seen too much death in his lifetime. He has sworn never to take another life, or to put an innocent knowingly in danger and attempts to uphold this in all his actions.


The Items

The Green possesses a small leather bag he always carries tied to his hip. His grandfather, the first Green received it from a west Indian shaman in his career and passed it down to Thaddeus once he took up the cause. The bag is filled with a few scoops of dirt, and when The Green reaches into the dirt the magic of the bag allows him to pull out any kind of plant seed he can think of. The effect is instant, but can only be used three times in any given 24 hour period. The bag will also only work The Green is in contact with the earth. The dirt from the bag does not count and if the bag is accessed before the requirements are filled it appears to be empty.

The Minions

The Fluff

The Green has encyclopedic knowledge of horticulture and is an trained hand-to-hand combatant. He is also versed in firearm use and mechanics but finds them to be trappings to a polluted society and rarely puts that knowledge to use.

The RP Sample

Thaddeus Rowe crouched on the hilltop, hidden from view by a lattice of bushes far too intricate to have grown that way. In the valley below, the loggers herded villagers from their homes and bustled about their smoking machinery like ants on a log of deer turds. Thaddeus's scowl deepened behind the the hood of his dark green cloak as he watched the thick black smoke rise into the crystal clear sky. It was bad enough what they were doing to the natives with their government contracts and their eminent domain, but he could feel the very land crying out beneath his feet as they drove their metal monsters into its lifeblood. He heard every cry of pain as stalks were crushed underneath heavy boots. He heard the low moan of ancient trees as the buzzing chainsaws bit deeply, the shrill cries of the vines as their roots were ripped out with no more than a casual thought. The Green rose, whispering softly to the bush around him as it opened of its own accord like a clam and let him stretch to full height. The loggers had made a mistake when they had decided to do their dirty work this close to his home. He could not make them respect Mother Nature, but he was more than willing to guide her hand as she doled out harsh lessons. One way or another, The Greenwould make them see the error of their ways.

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