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Post by MIKO-7 on August 1st 2018, 2:49 am

M I K O - 7


The Bio

Real Name: Kaguya Mochizuki.
Hero Name: MIKO-7, formerly "Mikoto".
Title: SAT Police Officer, Magical Girl. "The Satellite of Tokyo".
Alignment: Neutral Good.
Age: Twenty-Three.
Gender: Female.
Race: Japanese Human. (Magical Entity when transformed.)
Hair: Blue.
Eyes: Red.
Height: 5'2", or 157 cm.
Weight: 100 lbs., or 45 kg.
Blood type: O+.

The Looks


The Personality

She used to be a pure soul.

She used to want the best for everyone, and to not hurt people if it could be avoided. She used to be loving, and sacrificing. Sure, she used to be a nervous wreck, who'd stutter and be unsure of herself, who'd had all the ups and downs of her adolescence, who'd doubt herself and whether what she was doing was right, but that was part of being young. Being so fresh, and all. She used to say her attack names, and believe so, so much that she was doing her best.

She used to be a magical girl. Now look at her.

Now, she's tired and disgruntled and aware and realistic and exhausted. The world has reared it's head with monsters that didn't show up every Saturday, that didn't have claws and fangs and spikes. She has to do taxes, keep up with basic training, go on diets, oh my god, it sucks. Fuck this, honestly. She's doing fine so far, sure, but she swears on her magic that this shit's gonna kill her some day. Every day's so exhausting, and she always just wants to curl up in her bed and fall asleep and die peacefully sometimes.

Whatever. All for the people of the nation, after all. Justice in the name of the moon, and all that. Sure, fine, she understands the reasoning behind all the training and hassle and work. She can even stomach the fact her job's getting bloodier every year, too. So she grits her teeth and bears it for now, because that's just how you do things, especially in Tokyo. If it gets her closer to killing the big bad, then what's the problem?

Just meant she could skip a few seasons trying to do it, so to speak.

Mind, it's not all bad, being an adult. She's more confident, now. More witty, with a bit of snark and a little bite. She's not a psychopath or whatever, she's just as capable in conversation as anyone else. She can be polite when she needs to, shake hands, all that. She can also tell when people are bullshitting her, and honestly, that's a good thing. And she has people she cares about, too. So it's, like, cool. She's cool. She swears she's cool.

She just wished she didn't fucking hate her job sometimes.

The Story

Just your average high school girl, late for class, when suddenly, she runs into an incredibly beautiful man! It turns out they're classmates, and he's so good-looking that -- oh no! She's late! Now, as punishment, she has to clean up the library, and it's gonna take all night. Except... What? An ancient book made by a goddess suddenly grants her powers, and now she has to defend the city from evil monsters, while balancing her love life and her schoolwork!

Sounds good, but it's a load of crap.

Okay, so the magical girl plot goes off. She does, indeed, save the day every Sunday or so, and there was a big bad, and she beat them after around two years of weekly fights. The guy also comes onto her by the end of it, that's cool, and honestly, she was pretty flattered at the time.

Except he turned out to be kind of shallow and boring, and she happened to be interested in this one chick, so, like, that didn't work out. And her grades dropped, due to all the late-night crime fighting, so she'd be paying premiums for college. In addition, she accidentally used up too much magic in the final big bang, so where her hair was once black and her eyes were brown, she now has permanent anime colors.


The colors that are dead ringer for "metahuman", and specifically "that one magical girl who's been causing a lot of property damage".

Kaguya had to straight-up sneak out of town and live alone after that, fearing the backlash. She didn't know if she got famous or not, nor did she care. She just had to leave. She caught a train to Sapporo and lived in a shitty apartment for, like, two years, making a living as a store clerk and part-timer. God, being a good guy just wasn't worth it. Her life was pretty shit, for those two years, to the point where she really didn't feel like living.

After those two years, the Japanese Government tracked her down after her dumb ass decided to try fighting crime again. Caught her on camera, swinging her signature hammer. After kicking her door down, the bastards, they offered her a nice salary, a cozy apartment somewhere in Tokyo, and the chance to get back into the business professionally.

See, what they didn't tell her was the mandatory two months of drill training and the complete 180 on her moral compass that she'd have to make. Or the fact she'd usually be going for lethal injuries on actual human beings, rather than faceless monsters. She cried, she'll confess. She had breakdowns and screamed and panicked. But that's in the past, she got over it. She'd rather not talk about it, in fact.

Point is, she's in the Tokyo branch of the Special Assault Teams of the National Police Agency under the codename MIKO-7, she's well-off financially, she's dealing with burgeoning philosophical issues, and she fucking hates herself.

"In the name of the moon", right?

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Strength
4. Endurance

The Powers

-- Previously known as "Shining Bunny-Eared Power-Up" before Kaguya went professional (she still loves that name, she just isn't allowed to say it on the clock), Kaguya is able to change her physiology supernaturally, through a very specific ritual. After performing the ritual, Kaguya gains the following powers:

Power 1: Rabbit Ears

Using her newly-created set of rabbit ears, Kaguya is able to hear at a superhuman level, similar to that of other animals. She can hear tones that the average human could not be able to hear without technological enhancement, as well as hear sounds from extremely far away. In addition, this makes her extremely sensitive to vibrations; just as a rabbit could sense a fox approaching if it takes a step, Kaguya can determine the location of someone a great distance away, give or take 100 meters.

Power 2: Kine (杵) Construction

Kaguya's weapon, as assigned by the goddess that gave her power, is a mochi mallet, also known as kine (杵). This hammer is traditionally used to pound mochi into it's sticky, soft texture. Upon transforming, Kaguya can summon this mallet using the power of moonlight energy (which is really just light-based construction magic with affinities to nighttime, so it'll work even in the day). She can summon a new mallet whenever she likes, so long as there is visible light. Notably, since the mallet is made of moonlight, the mallet will have light-based properties, and is considered holy in terms of supernatural phenomena.

Power 3: Infrared Eyes

If she tries, Kaguya has the ability to see everything around her instantaneously and process it completely. She likens it to being in extremely slow motion but with a first-person camera, or more succinctly, The Matrix. She can watch bullets cut through the air and create a current, the individual pieces of plastic when a balloon explodes, the ripples of skin when she punches a man, so on, so forth. Her body can't follow, however; it's not slowed or stopped time. Only her brain and eyes are able to move and process at this superhuman rate. Due to the nature of her constantly-red, magic-saturated eyes, Kaguya does not need to transform in order to use this power.

Power 4:

yasu yasu to / idete izayou / tsuki no kumo
oh! clouds about the moon, from whence she falters forth so debonair!"


If she's absolutely desperate, Kaguya can instantaneously enter a second form: Cloud of the Moon. Her cells splice, magic forcefully fills her soul, and her body morphs into that of a full anthropomorphic rabbit. Her entire being is magical in nature; she's completely transformed into a supernatural creature.

Kaguya instantly heals any wounds she's taken, given the transformation changes her entire body, and gains a newfound sense of righteousness and heroism. She now has supernatural speed, and can run at a maximum of 200 MPH. She also has supernatural durability, and could survive a building toppling on top of her, as well as shrug off bullet wounds. Finally, she has supernatural strength, able to lift a car and bust through walls.

Her mallet and body are completely overloaded with light-based magic as well, and any contact will actually ignite and heat objects as if she were on fire. Of course, the holy properties from before are present, if not even more powerful; In this form, Kaguya could be mistaken as an angel based on the supernatural energy she's emitting.

Kaguya can only hold this form for about four minutes (roughly the length of her theme song her fans made for her in Japan, coincidentally), before it violently disperses and the withdrawal kicks in.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: Magical Girl Outfit

Kaguya's transformation specifically replaces her clothes with the dress pictured above. It doesn't matter what she's wearing; she could be wearing a swimsuit, or normal clothes, or full SWAT kevlar. The clothes will be destroyed by her magic and converted into the above dress. It's not even a special dress; it's as thin as any other piece of cloth, it has frills and a skirt that gets in the way and threatens to trip her, and can easily be grabbed by an enemy. She is completely incapable of wearing armor, should she transform, and will be forced to fight in the dress.

Weakness 2: Oversensitivity

Having enhanced senses also means she's completely weak to sense-based attacks. Specifically, sound. The highest volume that Kaguya can endure would be the volume of a pop concert. Anything louder, and she suffers terrible headaches and migraines, to the point where she can't function anymore. Sound-based attacks, such as supersonic screaming or anything similar, will automatically deafen her and incapacitate her.

Weakness 3: Ritual Preparation

The ritual itself requires a piece of meteorite in order to function. Kaguya keeps a piece of meteorite in the shell of an old-fashioned flip phone, in order to disguise it, and she uses it to transform. Firstly, taking away the meteorite from her will remove her ability to transform, and will also dismiss any current transformation, rendering her powerless other than Infrared Eyes. Second, the transformation itself requires posing and a spiel, so the start-up time of the transformation is a glaring hole in Kaguya's defense.

Weakness 4: Second Form Withdrawal

Upon dispersing from her Cloud of the Moon form, Kaguya will instantly be incapacitated. She will be unconscious, and will regain all the injuries she had before transforming, as well as the ones she's sustained during the transformation. If she transformed on the brink of death in an attempt to save her life, there is a 50/50 chance she'll die on the spot, no questions asked. If she doesn't die on the spot, she'll enter a coma which will last about a month long.

Her Second Form is only to be used in critical situations for a reason; It actually kills her slowly. It changes her cells and genes in order to cause the transformation, and overloads her soul with magic. Her first transformation into her Second Form is why she permanently has blue hair and red eyes, and if she keeps going into her Second Form, she'll slowly transform until she permanently has all the features of  her Cloud of the Moon form.

This isn't a good thing. She's human, and her body isn't made to withstand the strain that her magical form forces it to. She'll slowly die the more she uses her powers; in fact, she's already taken ten years off her lifespan simply by having her red eyes. According to the researchers in Japan, she also risks getting cancer, muscular atrophy, and other bodily forms of degeneration, given the cellular splicing involved in her Second Form.

In addition, the overload of magic in her soul causes her to enter a sort of withdrawal when it leaves, mentally. She completely burns out, and loses motivation to do anything. Her mindset becomes bleak and dark, and she loses her critical thinking skills and moral compass. She becomes detached from the world, almost like a sort of dissociation, and feels completely empty. Kaguya becomes almost drunk on emptiness, making terrible choices she normally wouldn't make, losing all sense of loyalty and trust. She goes from Neutral Good to somewhere between True Neutral and Neutral Evil. These effects seem to last a month before she regains her original sense of self, but by then, she has to deal with the consequences of that month.

In short, When she exits her Cloud of the Moon form, she goes unconscious at best, dies at worst, slowly morphs into a magical anthropomorphic rabbit whose bodily functions will eventually kill her from strain, risks cancer and more, and actually reduces her character to an empty, despicable husk of her former self due to the tampering of her soul.

She doesn't like going into her Second Form.

The Items

Transformation Device - A worn-out shell of a white flip phone, where the internal hardware has been replaced by a small chunk of meteorite. Kaguya uses this to transform, as the meteorite acts as a sort of magical focus for her. Similar to a wand, Kaguya needs to wave it around and provide an incantation in order to transform properly. The flip phone doesn't actually work, it's more of a disguise for what's inside. Kaguya has a smart phone for everyday purposes.

A few replica toys exist in the stores of Akibahara, and it's generally been deemed the "henshin device" by her fanbase. At Comiket, you might even see "Mikoto" cosplayers pulling their toys out and doing the whole song and dance.

The Fluff

-- Kaguya has a following of fans in Tokyo and on the internet, since she was one of the most public magical girl-esque superheroes back in the day. She used to even do fan meetings, signings, and once a panel at Comiket, before she went off the grid after her "finale" battle. After she did brief hero work in Sapporo and, later, reappeared as a member of the Police, the fanbase and merchandising came back in full force, with some creepers even sneaking pictures while she's on the job. She doesn't particularly mind, since she gets a cut of the sales, but she wouldn't bat an eye if they disappeared, either.

-- Kaguya's eyes glow in the dark, sort of like a phone screen. It's really annoying when she's trying to fall asleep. In addition, when they move really quickly, they glow even brighter, thus causing an afterimage if her eyes are darting around quickly, especially when she's using Infrared Eyes.

-- Though the ritual to transform takes an ample amount of time, the transformation itself is almost instantaneous. However, if you took an powerful slow-motion camera to it, you could capture the entire "Magical Girl Transformation Sequence", which has light effects, clothing changes, sparkles, even music created by the singing magic. This applies to both her normal transformation and her Cloud of the Moon transformation. Kaguya herself can see this using Infrared Eyes, as can anyone else who can process information that quickly.

The RP Sample

"T-minus ten seconds, team."


It was a shining day in Tokyo, with little to no clouds. Birds chirped, cicadas sang. And there were several big-ass lizards terrorizing Ebisu Station, because why not. Kaguya crossed her arms, activating Infrared Eyes, letting time subjectively slow for herself so she could have a moment. She savored the feeling of sitting on this hard, lifeless helicopter bench. She savored the slowed breath she took. She savored how nice it was outside, and the little ray of sunshine that warmed up her left leg.

And then it was time.

Good men beside her shouting to drop, people sprinting in perfect coordination to the rappel lines that lead to the ground below. Kaguya was the last to go, as always; they needed to set up cover for her so she could initiate transformation. Taking the line in her hand-me-down gloves, the woman dropped down to a battlefield, where some asshole was roaring at the SAT team who'd already set up a line of defense. Now, it was her job.

Flip phone in right hand, extend right hand, flip it open. Feel the magic flowing through your arm, make sure it's there. The phone should light up, even without the battery.

"Malignant spirit..."

Crouch with right leg out, bring the phone to your left hand, reeling it back with both hands like a baseball pitch. Feel the magic.

"The sacred night forsakes you!  / You will die!"

Swing the phone like a home run. Put all your weight into it, so that you spin. Feel it in your veins.


For Kaguya, it was thirty seconds. For others, it was an instant. The age-old melody of magic heralding her entrance sung in her ears, and she transformed. The moment she felt the smooth surface of the hammer in both her hands, she stepped out of the light and and started spinning it in front of her, blocking an incoming projectile poison attack as she sprinted forth.

Bullets from the other operatives whizzed past her body, and Kaguya immediately smashed the hammer into the giant lizard's jaw with textbook form, completely dislocating it. It would only stun it, though. She knew how these types were. Kaguya took a solid moment to consider what to do next, the world stopped around her as she took it all in.

Big, shiny, red jewels on the back of it's neck. Probably weak points. Same jewels on it's knees. A bullet whizzed past one of the jewels on it's knees, and she noticed it melting. Bullets grew incredibly hot mid-flight; then, the jewels could be melted easily? Good to know.

Game plan made, and, figuratively, with time returning to normal, Kaguya maintained the momentum from her first hit, smashing the three jewels on it's neck all in a row, before completely dislocating it's leg, shattering the jewel as a result. The bleeding monster seemed to shut down, twitching on the ground grotesquely.

Kaguya held out her hand, and an operative gave her an earpiece which she quickly put on. "East Gate, clear. The assets have three red jewels on their necks and two on their knees that are susceptible to heat; shoot them, and they die."

"Copy that, MIKO-7. West Gate, clear."

Kaguya briefly reflected on the whole "same shit, different day" situation that just so happened to be her life. Wasn't she doing this before, but with only one lizard...? No time to think. She moved onto East Atreum, taking the lead.

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Post by Chellizard on August 3rd 2018, 10:38 pm

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