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Oskar Cullen - The Themys

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Oskar Cullen - The Themys Empty Oskar Cullen - The Themys

Post by Themys on July 28th 2018, 5:50 pm

Oskar Cullen - The Themys HFmyuJ0

Oskar Cullen - The Themys EMwtyyZ

"The Themys"

The Bio

Real Name: Oskar Cullen
Nickname: The Themys
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Wheat Blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 1.74
Weight: 64 kg

The Looks

The Personality

Oskar is a very open-minded boy. His teenage years just arrived and he became, not like some others of his age, rather happy, active and fun oriented. His magical powers, which he just discovered don't make an exception to this, no, they rather empower his thirst for fun.

He tends to be active with his friends and family, as they are, what is most precious in his life. At least, in his opinion. Oskar is neither completely good nor completely bad. Though, he tends to help people. Magic should never be directed to a cause, he thinks. The bad would use it for tyranny and enslavement, and the good for total order and supervision.

Oskar believes that Magic has to be kept in ultimate balance between dark and light. He also tends to act like he knows everything about it, even though it is clearly not like that. With him being such a chill person, he is often fine with people correcting him, though.

Sometimes Oskar can be in a rather flirty mood too. Not like others would think, with him running after girls like a rat after cheese, when he hits his flirty mood, he starts to gift people with small presents. Even though his purse will be empty after he's done. He just loves the feeling of appreciation of something he did. And - maybe the appreciation of the person who did it!

The Story

Born in a simple household of simple people of Estonia, Oskar never had a very exciting life. His father, Maxime Cullen, was a bartender in a local Bar, almost every night tending to some drunk people who are feasting while he had to work. His mother, Elise Cullen, often was away from the family, as she was an employee of an obscure magical store in Tallinn. The family has often split and they rarely shared moments with each other. Oskar is a student at Tallin's Secondary School of Science of grade 11. He and his classmates often do fun things together. Especially he and Toni Vo, his best friend with Vietnamese roots! Oskar never really knew about his magic powers, even though many of his family wielded this power. Nowadays, besides Oskar, only his father shares these genes in his family. The rest of that mystic race, descending from Oskar's family, are deceased. Like Oskar's grandfather. Albert Cullen, A great Mage in the hidden society of modern Mages.

With Oskar's 16th birthday, the first signs of Magic appeared in his life. He started to see spirits. In fact, the spirit of Albert. In a night, where the full moon shone on his face, while he was asleep, his grandfather, who died a few years ago, woke him up. Of course, Oskar was afraid and scared in the first place, and quickly fled from his room. Nowadays he chats with the spirit of his Grandfather. Even though, he was not aware that the spirit was an actual being and somewhat "real". He simply thought he was going insane. Just like everyone else in his family who he talked to about that matter. Even his father, even though he had a faint idea of what was happening, pretended not to know anything about those events. He was afraid of the already broken bond between the three family members and wanted to prevent it from being completely destroyed by magic coming more into their life than the job of Oskar's mum. They already had a hard time when moving to Estonia, directly from London. Oskar was only a few months old and his parents often argued at that time.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Endurance
3. Strength
4. Agility

The Powers

Oskar's family existed already in the time of the ancient Egyptians. The Pharaoh Nefaarud I is deemed the "gifter" of his family. Back in his lifetime, he gained a sacred Ankh from the ancient Egyptian gods, granting him magical powers. Him - And his descendants. With Oskar being a descendant of Nefaarud, even though a very far one, he himself is blessed with those powers too. Only his father knew of this, though kept it hidden from his wife and his son.

The newer generation started to hide this paranormal trait from newer family members, as they deemed it unnatural. His family is a family of professors, scientists, and very smart people. They simply refused this gift. Until now, that Oskar has discovered it by himself. And the spirit of his grandfather, who is one of the last members of the Cullen family who practiced this ancient blessing.

The Weaknesses and Fears

With the first spell Oskar ever casts - With the advice of his grandfather's spirit, his mind was drastically changed. He developed a strong fear of black cats from left, walking underneath ladders and splintering mirrors. With witnessing Magic for the first time, he started to believe in everything obscure, bizarre, unnatural and paranormal. He will warn others of bad omens, he will try to prevent them from fulfilling bad prophecies and he will be shocked if someone intentionally breaks a mirror. You really can torture him with doing things that promise bad luck. He will not be paralyzed with fear, but become uncertain for sure. And of course, he will become distracted.

With this weakness comes an only slight advantage too. He will feel empowered when finding lucky clovers or having charms with him. He so strongly believes in their effect, that he might become very certain on the other hand, when doing things that promise good luck. Oskar also believes in some of the mythological creatures men started to invent. Like the Sand Man, who plays a very big role in his life, as Oskar tends to receive prophetical dreams about the future. Even with them being heavily blurred and most of the time not able to show him the future.

Oskar truly became superstitious.

No knowledge of Magic:
His probably greatest weakness, without a doubt, might be his incapacity to actually use his powers. He just recently discovered he can do something, but that does not unlock everything in him. Like a small child, he'd have to learn in a long and exhausting process, to truly unlock what is hidden inside him. Without a mentor, he is just a young teenager, unathletic, not strong, not super in any way. He might see some strange things, indeed. Some paranormal things like spirits or other anomalies. But that would be it!

He is vulnerable to everything a normal man would be vulnerable to, including physical damage and mental damage. Through any possible source.

The Items

Oskar always, at least as often as he can, wears his golden Ankh amulet. This enchanted jewelry piece is an heirloom of his ancient Egyptian roots. Though, Oskar does not know of it being so special, rare and valuable. It's said that it was one of Nefaarud's most precious belongings, which he gave from children, and they gave to theirs. Already a few generations after Nefaarud's death, the children of the Pharaoh quickly forgot that the souls of many slaves were kept in this amulet to empower the magical gift of Nefaarud's family.

With the age of Albert Cullen, the souls were freed and the amulet lost its immense power. It still is very valuable and of course, a very powerful lucky charm for Oskar. And holy for him.

The Fluff

Oskar really is obsessed with mythological and historical artifacts. He tends to keep Voodoo Masks - Of Voodoo practicing societies, Ankhs, Cat statues, drawings of long forgotten times, medieval weapons and armor pieces, and all such stuff in his home. His room could be deemed a literal museum.

Oskar also is a very proud person. Yes, he tends to walk around with pride markings like a rainbow bracelet or scarf.

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Oskar Cullen - The Themys Empty Re: Oskar Cullen - The Themys

Post by Chellizard on July 29th 2018, 5:48 pm

Approved and moved.

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