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Protocol Empty Protocol

Post by Athena- on July 27th 2018, 8:48 pm


"Just a girl whose circumstances were beyond her control"

The Bio

Real Name: Athena Weiss
Hero Name: Protocol
Title: Special agent Weiss
Alignment: I am the lawful good
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Human?
Hair: Brown
Eyes: High-Def
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 240lbs
Blood type: Heat transfer fluid

The Looks

Short, thin, and young for a superhero Athena is not the most imposing figure. While she could pass as a normal girl from a distance her cyborg nature is easily noticed on close inspection. She generally keeps most of the cyborg elements of her head hidden under her dark hair, but it is difficult to hide the antennae-like structures that cover where her ears once were which among other functions serve to replace them.  The sharp features of her father can be seen in her reconstructed face, but they are softened by the features of a mother she never knew.   Her arms and legs are obviously mechanical when uncovered. They are quiet and articulate, but where skin might be there is only dull white and black mechanical parts. Her blue iris' quickly quickly shrink and grow as the cameras in her eyes adjust, usually only a sliver of blue is visible.

The Personality

Athena is righteous and headstrong, but naive. Her bubbly and upbeat personality can be a boon to companions, but some may find her find goody-two-shoes act tiring. Well-trained but lacking experience, She is eager to prove herself as a hero and a person. This can lead her to making rash decisions, but her intentions are always pure. She is as devoted to her father as she is to her ideals, and works hard to gain his approval and pride. Her extensive cybernetics make her insecure about her own identity. She finds it important to be considered human, and takes great offense at being called robot or android. Even after all she has been through she is still an 18-year-old girl and can sometimes be immature.
The Story

Athena Weiss was a mostly normal girl for most of her life. Daughter of genius scientist Albert Weiss, One of the U.S.'s formemost mind in cybernetics and robotics, Athena lived a fairly privileged and happy life until a tragic accident nearly took her life when she was 16..While visiting her father at a government research center she became collateral damage in a terrorist bombing.

Most of her body was destroyed by the blast, and her death was all but certain. Her father was desperate to save her, and put her through the an experimental treatment. He performed the entire 32 hour himself in secret, as it was nowhere near approved for human trials. Her limbs and most of her body including part of her brain were replaced  with cybernetic implants. The process was successful, but not without side-effects. Athena lost most of her memory from before waking up, and suffers from occasional memory lapses.

In light of the circumstances Dr. Weiss recieved only a slap on the wrist, and Athena fittingly became the unplanned trial run of groundbreaking technology meant for fighting metahuman terrorism. She volunteered to undergo training and even earned a position as special detective with the LAPD at only 17 due to uer government connections.  With her inspiring story she served as a poster child for powered individuals working with the government. After spending some time catching regular criminals and the occasional low-powered super Athena was given special status as the first member of the new Advanced Counter-Terrorism Agency.  This begins the start of her career government-endorced superhero. With her Father moving away to work on another project Athena is on her own for the first time as a person and a hero. She's ready to prove herself as a hero and enforce the law with a taser-powered fist.
The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Strength

The Powers

Built to Last: Athena's cybernetic upgrades grant her enhanced physical prowess. Most of her body is an extremely durable alloy, and metal legs never tire. While she isn't about to lift any cars, her cyborg limbs have the strength to allow her to hold her own against powered individuals and are more than a match for your average purse-snatcher.

Head of Her Class: Athena's unique brain allows her to perform process information with superhuman ability. This greatly increases her precision and reaction time.

Peep These Peepers: Athena's eyes had to be completely replaced, but her new ones come with some distinct advantages. Her eyes are capable of zooming in on far off objects, as well as night-vision and infrared capability. She can also record pictures and video.

Humming the Blue Line: Athena's feet have sweet rollerblades built in. She can use energy to boost her speed or even give a short burst of speed from full stop. This one was her own idea.

Pressing Charges: Athena's abilities are powered by six energy cells. She can charge these from most electrical sources with an adaptable energy system.  This makes most electrical hazards harmless to her.

Crime Buster: Athena's right arm can transform into a cannon capable of firing different levels of concussive energy. Non-lethal in smaller bursts. Can be overcharged using an entire power cell to fire a single extremely powerful blast.

Part of the System: Athena can interface quickly and directly with most computer systems, and even has built-in wireless capabilities.

The Weaknesses

Charges Fall Off: Athena's is powered by six high-capacity energy cells stored in her limbs and two in her torso. Using her powers depletes these cells and if all six cells are exhausted or destroyed she can not use any of her powers. Athena can stay functioning for a time on reserve power if all her energy cells are depleted or destroyed at dimished capacity and without access to her powers. Her power cells are hidden visually though a character with x-ray vision or an ability to sense electricity would be able to locate them easily.

Do Not Overcharge: If hit unprepared by a large surge of electricity or while at full charge her cells can be overcharged leading to negative effects such as energy cells being destroyed depending on the severity of the overcharge. An extremely powerful burst may put her in a brief overcharged state, giving a short burst of power before blowing out all six energy cells and causing damage to internal systems. Using her cannon in this state would likely destroy her arm in the process.

Firewall Vulnerabilty: Any time Athena connects directly to a system she is vulnerable to energy or electronic attacks from that system.

Afraid of Spikes: Athena's built in armor is extremely effective at absorbing blunt force, but is susceptible to piercing attacks.

No Flash Support: Athena's eyes take in more information than a normal humans, but this makes them more susceptible to sensory overload. Also they can only take mirror selfies.

Not That Kind of Surfing: Athena's new body is not particularly buoyant, and she can not keep herself from sinking in water unassisted.

They're Still Just Skates: even the raddest and most technologically advanced inline skates are only suitable for certain terrain and aren't terribly stable at high speeds.

The Items

Fists of Justice: Athena's mechanical fists have tasers built in to the knuckles. On contact they deliver an electrical charge capable of stunning a normal human. Not to be used unnecessarily.

Personal Sidearm "BlueStar": A small blue energy pistol capable of firing small blasts of concussive energy. Must be loaded with specially made energy cartridges. Much less powerful than her arm cannon but does not rely on her own power source. Low lethality, enough to knock out a normal person if hit in the head.

Collapsible Stun Batons: Athena's regular loadout includes two durable police batons. They are modified so that she can channel her energy through them for extra stopping power against super-durable opponents.

Communications Device: Athena has a multi-purpose communications device built un to her left arm. Useful, but can't take selfies.

Emergency Lights and Siren: Athena's arms and legs have police emergency lights built in, as well as a loud siren.

The Fluff

Memory Issues: Athena lost most of her memories from before the bombing, and still occasionally has memory issues. While her memory is generally more accurate than a normal person's, she sometimes finds she is missing memories for a specific time period.

Still in Beta: Athena is, for better or for worse, the trial run of the technology that saved her life. This means that not everything has been quite perfected, and she sometimes has unexpected issues or malfunctions.

Totally Official: Athena enjoys special status as both an officer of the LAPD and a special federal agent. She has access to police resources and the authority to legally arrest criminals. She has no authority outside of the United States of America.

My Dad Pays my Bills: While Athena herself is not particularly wealthy, her living expenses are covered by her father. He pays for an apartment in L.A. and when traveling she can usually depend on a free room, whether through her father or directly through work.
The RP Sample

"Ready for your first day? " The image of Dr. Weiss smiled within the frame of Athena's living room monitor. A bigger smile than Athena had seen in a long time, since she had agreed to volunteer for this over a year ago.  

Athena walked into her father's view brushing her hair over her antenna-like ears. "I'm definitely ready to not have to wear a uniform." She said as she set the brush down next to the monitor containing her father. True to her word the teen was dressed rather plainly, comfortable blue jeans that ended above her robotic feet, which were white aside from the black soles. A white tank-top emblazoned with LAPD symbol on the breast allowed full view of her robotic arms, the segmented white and black limbs blended seamlessly into the skin of her shoulders.

"Oh?" Dr. Weiss raised a thick eyebrow. "No long sleeves today? That's unusual."  Athena's soft smile slowly faded as her expression grew serious. There was a moment of silence as she raised an outstretched hand looking at the back of the dull alloy hand. "No, not today." She said as she turned her hand before clenching it into a fist. "I want criminals to see exactly what's coming for them. I'm not Athena today daddy. I am Protocol." She said  as she looked directly at the monitor. Dr. Weiss let out a sigh. "Well please be careful dear. You know that I worry." The look of seriousness left Athena's face instantly, as if she had been straining to keep it there. "Oh don't  worry daddy, I doubt I'm going to run into any super villains on my first patrol. Probably just some purse snatchers, but you know..." she smirked slyly "Once they see how awesome I am a superhero group may want to recruit me righr away. I'll be saving the world before you know it." Dr. Weiss let out a short chuckle. "Well, you'd better get to it then. I love you Athena." Athena began reaching for the side of the monitor. "I love you too daddy. Jave a good day at work." She clicked a button on the side of the monitor and the image disappeared. She stepped to her apartment door gripping the doorknob with her prosthetic hand, took a deep breath, and opened the door.

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Protocol Empty Re: Protocol

Post by Dubloon on July 28th 2018, 12:05 am

Approved Until Stated Otherwise. O/

The Characters
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