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Act One: Beijing, China

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ARC Act One: Beijing, China

Post by Chellizard on July 21st 2018, 11:13 pm

The ground would shake, tremors sending the older parts of New Orleans into quite the panic. People would rise from their beds, the moon hanging high in the sky. The waning crescent illuminated the shadows, all of the street lamps littering NOLA bringing  a bit of calm before the storm. Of course the streets were populated, people out enjoying their night with drinks, food, and good company. As the ground started to shake, people assumed it was a big vehicle moving through, or something man made.

But they were wrong.

The little shops lining down town NOLA would all begin to shake, the glass warbling and warping before shattering. Shop displays would topple over. People would let out shrieks in shock. The world seemed like it was coming to an end. As everything seemed to settle, the wind would stop. It was as if the world had stopped. Clocks would stop ticking, residents would hold their breath, afraid to even let out the smallest sound.

Something was happening.

The ground would tear apart, wicked beings of all shapes and sizes peeling up from underneath their beautiful city. Vicious maws dripping with hot saliva and almost melting the sidewalks. Snarling fangs would bare as the demonic creatures started picking who they would eat and disguise themselves as. Demons would run through the streets, grabbing children, mother's, and father's. They would devour their souls, implanting themselves into the vessel left on this Earth. Innocent people died on this day.

Hopefully heroes can save these people.

On the other hand, these demons could use some guidance. They need a leader, someone to confide in. This is their first time being outside the clutches of Hell. It was now their time to reap the benefits of power and destruction!


It had been a few days, and the news was erupting. Many sightings of people rioting, starting fires, destroying property. The world was slowing falling into chaos, one city at a time.


Limit to 5 players in this thread; first come, first serve. The setting is in Beijing, China. Users may choose to put multiple characters in one post if they feel those characters should be involved together. Enter this arc at your own risk; there's no turning back.

The city you are in has areas that are destroyed; the first poster can decide to be in that area.

Villains can decide if they would like to directly interact with the demons in order to learn more of the goals of those in control.

The GM (Chellizard) must post after all 5 players have posted to explain what events come next.

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ARC Re: Act One: Beijing, China

Post by ghost on July 22nd 2018, 11:13 am

Iha's fingers rubbed against the rough grip of his M1911 nervously. What had been happening the last few days almost frightened him to the point of no return, but a vow was a vow. He would not let an evil walk the earth. Though, how to truly stop it was beyond him.

A few days ago he was on his normal day's run when Mehka called him back to the house. The news did the rest of the telling. Creatures coming out of the ground, killing people, and all over the world. It was only about time that they would get to India. The thought of his neighbors perishing in such a horrible way... Iha decided to take the fight to them.

Mehka, Dr. Icarus, and Iha sat comfortably in the cabin of the large command center type aircraft. They left almost as soon as they heard. Tried to pick the closest destination. China was it.

Each of them leaning against a different wall. Mehka was quiet, her too, fear gripped them all, but the Doctor seemed to talk more because of it. Always going on about the new equipment and weaponry he attached to the plane. After all, the Egypt indecent was a doozy.

"We are coming on a landing zone, Beijing international. I'll set it down for a moment.. As soon as your feet-"
"We know, we know!" Mehka interrupted.
Iha looked at her lovingly taking her hand for a moment as the back door started to open. Wind whirled around the cabin and made it difficult to hear so he spoke loud, "Why don't you stay here with him!? If I need any help I'll radio over Comm." He questioned.
She said nothing.
"Plus, I have the T-16s!" He gestured toward the five androids that stood behind him.
"Be careful!" Mehka trembled and gave Iha a hug. Without another word she quickly disappeared back into the plane.

Wind pulsed through the cabin as the large door opened. Its hydraulics whining as they started to land. For a brief moment the plane came to a stop. Iha and the five T-16 jumped out of the plane. As soon as their boots hit the ground the aircraft sped off into the sky.

The airport was in shambles. The runway was the only thing that seemed to be fully intact. The roofs that were once flat now sat at crooked angles, windows were glassless and empty, only leaving shards about the ground.

Making it to the street was actually quite simple when you had a map downloaded right to your head. It too was a picture of destruction. Buildings almost crumpled, glass and peaces of metal sprawled on the ground, cars and buses burning.

"Prepare yourself..." Iha told the other androids.


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ARC Re: Act One: Beijing, China

Post by Apeking4 on July 23rd 2018, 7:27 pm

When the demons first crawled out of hell it scared Michael. The first thing he did when he saw the demons was fly back to his island and hide. It wasn't the demons that scared him as much as the thought that if they could escape from hell then what else or who else could as well. Eventually he decided to leave his island when he thought about the other people those monsters must have been hurting. He flew from his island without having any idea where he was actually going.

    When he saw the destroyed buildings in Beijing he decided to stop there. He searched the area and killed any demons he saw. He headed towards the airport when he heard a plane land there and watched the androids from a rooftop. He summoned his sword and waited. He knew that if he heard it any demons still there may have heard it as well and was waiting for them to come.

    If any demons appeared he would fly down and attack them. While he waited he looked at the weapons the androids had in case they decided to attack him. He may have sworn to never kill but was willing to make a exception for demons. He hated demons more then anything else he has ever encountered. He was ready to do anything to stop whatever was going on.

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ARC Re: Act One: Beijing, China

Post by Katrina A. Russel on August 9th 2018, 3:52 am

Beijing, China. One of the great cities of the world was currently burning. Demons rampaged through the streets, those less inclined to morality pillaged and raped and heroes tried in vain to save the city. The massive buildings were cracked and broken, gore and blood pouring from the wrecked cracks. Above the crackling of the flames consuming the ground and the screams of the demons ravaging the city came the creaking and moaning of the damaged structures, threatening to collapse onto the fiery streets. The body of a child burned and barely recognizable lay on a pile of his kin, left behind almost like a warning of the sheer madness from which these demons suffer. What few humans remained were fighting valiantly, but it was a losing fight. With claw and fang and iron skin they withstood the onslaught, more and more demons pouring forth from the crack in earth, only adding to the horde already present within the city. Confined as they were, they nonetheless pushed forth until all the world was threatened to be consumed.

From the secluded sanctity of her penthouse lair, Katrina watched the world burn. She could help, of course, but her mission was complete. She had no role here. It was only by virtue of luck that she managed to be unscathed throughout the ordeal. Slowly, her delicate hand closed on the necklace in her pocket; supposedly an ancient artifact from the days of the pharaoh, it was said to grant it’s wearers the power to wield the sands like a weapon. Hearing this had made her laugh. That ability was already well within her grasp, and the powers of this ‘artifact’ were sadly much exaggerated. Still … she thought to the collection she had already procured, a testament to a recent crime spree, it would look great hanging on a shelf.

Her cell phone beeped. Typically in a situation like this, cell phones won’t work … but this was a different breed. Sleek and shiny with a silver sword in place of any logo, it channeled its signal through Almawt instead of any tower, effectively allowing it to effortlessly transmit through any place and time. It was quite useful, particularly when you were waiting for a ride during the middle of the apocalypse. Right on cue, the thwap thwap of a helicoptor rotor signaled said rides arrival. From her viewpoint positioned by the open window, she saw it coming from the distance, it’s sleek black body slicing through the sky like the finger of god. Katrina smirked. Hell of a metaphor for the situation. But she had to get ready.

A small inkling of doubt wormed its way into her soul, and Katrina was never one to be left unprepared. By the time the helicopter got close enough, meeting them was no longer a girl, but a cold, emotionless killing machine. The light of the demonic hordes were reflected in her eyes, the ribbons of the niqab fluttering in the breeze. The copter darted closer like a wasp, avoiding the fireballs and the demons that flew through it. A rain of blood showered the ground below, barely missing their patron as a demon flew into the blades, ripping the creature to shreds. BUt this was the beginning of the end. The copter wobbled, the pilots desperately attempting to correct themselves but a second demon crashed into them, ripping through the hull and tearing the screaming pilot out of his seat. Apophis watched with mild irritation as the helicopter crashed. And in that instant, a plane landed at the airport … on the other side of the city.

Time to get busy.

A shower of metal heralded her arrival, the mix of shuriken and knives flying through the sky at speeds to rival a bullet. Any demons stupid enough to be on the receiving demons were suddenly greeted by a hole through themselves. The landing area clear, Apophis set foot, her gold rings clanging with magic as she jumped from the penthouse saferoom. And she was off running, her bow collapsed and stashed in the golden utility belt on her hips and her two blades were in her hand. With these she ripped her bloody way through town. She didn’t stick to the ground, oh no; her Gold Rings let her take to the walls, running without a sound across the walls like gravity didn’t affect her; and her blades still stained the grounds with blood. These peons couldn’t handle the might of her magic, the red rings that amplified her force significantly her weapon in this battle.

She was already lagging, and she rested in an abandoned apartment on the fifteenth floor of downtown. The airport was still so far away, and yet she was stuck, here, with these monsters- she held her breath as a creature like a dog but pitch black and the size of an elephant streaked past, running along something that looked like smoke but was far more dense. The breath she let out was a relieved one. She had to find a better way to get to the freaking airport. Even she couldn’t manage to destroy an entire army by herself ...
Katrina A. Russel
Katrina A. Russel

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ARC Re: Act One: Beijing, China

Post by Arcana on August 29th 2018, 2:03 am

Beijing. Sean couldn’t say for certain why he was here of all places, considering his usual stomping grounds were not even close to something like this. Just as urban, but the culture itself was far different. Granted he had seen plenty of Korean aspects of his life, mingling with the fact he was such a massive weeb that his grandparents would have wept. Luckily he left that small part out when actually interacting with them, though he lost contact with that portion of his family a while ago. Not to even mention the fact their last name didn’t even fit the heritage they claimed. Honestly his whole family made little sense, something that transitioned to his new family even. He was in the middle of drinking a cup of coffee from a local shop when the invasion began.

Honestly it was even more of a shit show than demonic invasions seemed.

The taste of the bitter black coffee washed over his tongue, sending with it a tang of energy through him. Enough to chase away the nights of sleep he had gone without for days earlier. Instead of beings from beyond the veil of this world, but instead it was demons rising from the cracked concrete. ”Looks like something i’ll have to do something about.” He noted, swinging legs off of the seat and landing with a soft thump. People were already in the midst of running, hiding under tables and even trying to lock themselves behind doors. Well, he wasn’t feeling so terrified compared to the people and that meant he would have to carry the burden of protecting the public.

Admittedly he didn’t look all that threatening in stone washed jeans falling over worn black converse and a shirt with what he could only describe as a chibi example of a cat. The jacket covering the runic tattoos along his arms now set aside, colors burning bright against khaki skin. A few noted him, realizing the font of power that was pouring from him like a beacon. His eyes taking on an ominous glow as several others took the fight as well.

”I don’t know what you’re trying to do but gonna have to stop this here.” He spoke, limbs flowing in motion as a small group of demons found themselves swept up in a violent current of air and then they were slammed into a wall. The composition shattered, cracking inwards and breaking as their frames were shoved through. With that the rest of the horde took some notice.
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