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Act One: Minsk, Belarus

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ARC Act One: Minsk, Belarus

Post by Chellizard on July 21st 2018, 11:12 pm

The ground would shake, tremors sending the older parts of New Orleans into quite the panic. People would rise from their beds, the moon hanging high in the sky. The waning crescent illuminated the shadows, all of the street lamps littering NOLA bringing  a bit of calm before the storm. Of course the streets were populated, people out enjoying their night with drinks, food, and good company. As the ground started to shake, people assumed it was a big vehicle moving through, or something man made.

But they were wrong.

The little shops lining down town NOLA would all begin to shake, the glass warbling and warping before shattering. Shop displays would topple over. People would let out shrieks in shock. The world seemed like it was coming to an end. As everything seemed to settle, the wind would stop. It was as if the world had stopped. Clocks would stop ticking, residents would hold their breath, afraid to even let out the smallest sound.

Something was happening.

The ground would tear apart, wicked beings of all shapes and sizes peeling up from underneath their beautiful city. Vicious maws dripping with hot saliva and almost melting the sidewalks. Snarling fangs would bare as the demonic creatures started picking who they would eat and disguise themselves as. Demons would run through the streets, grabbing children, mother's, and father's. They would devour their souls, implanting themselves into the vessel left on this Earth. Innocent people died on this day.

Hopefully heroes can save these people.

On the other hand, these demons could use some guidance. They need a leader, someone to confide in. This is their first time being outside the clutches of Hell. It was now their time to reap the benefits of power and destruction!


It had been a few days, and the news was erupting. Many sightings of people rioting, starting fires, destroying property. The world was slowing falling into chaos, one city at a time.


Limit to 5 players in this thread; first come, first serve. The setting is in Minsk, Belarus. Users may choose to put multiple characters in one post if they feel those characters should be involved together. Enter this arc at your own risk; there's no turning back.

The city you are in has areas that are destroyed; the first poster can decide to be in that area.

Villains can decide if they would like to directly interact with the demons in order to learn more of the goals of those in control.

The GM (Chellizard) must post after all 5 players have posted to explain what events come next.

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ARC Re: Act One: Minsk, Belarus

Post by Red on July 22nd 2018, 12:34 am

Calling all Rise operatives in the vecinity of Minsk, Belarus: Security has been compromised. We're dealing with a potential Deus Level threat. Please respond.

"Prime Minister Alba, I advise against this. The Peacekeepers can take care of it, and even if they can't, military support is on route. You're far too important to risk your life on the front line," Captain Victus said, walking in tandem with Lucius through the halls of the Republic Palace. Lucius sneered, continuing to move forward with the same determination.

"I didn't come to this country to hand it over to Hell, Victus. Do your job, command the army, and stay out of my business," Lucius said, causing The Captain to stop in his tracks. Lucius just kept going. He would not be convinced to sit around like a coward while Minsk was torn to pieces. The city was a beacon of accomplishment for the metahuman community. It was the future of society. Advanced technology flowed freely, the people were powerful and productive, and the rate of progress seen here had never been observed anywhere else. To allow what were apparently demons to desecrate this place would fly in the face of everything Lucius believed in. Everything he had built was on the line.

"No airstrikes until I give the command. There are too many citizens and Peacekeepers in the streets to risk it unless absolutely necessary. Understood?" Lucius said over his communicator. There were plenty of trigger happy officials in his Defense Department, and he wanted to make sure they were kept in line. He needed information, and he needed to control the damages as much as possible. Only if that couldn't be done would he resort to such scorched earth tactics.

Lucius walked through his office. As he moved, armatures came down from the ceiling, fulling equipping him with his gear in mere moments; he didn't even have to break his stride. Once at his desk, he pressed a button underneath it, which was clearly intentionally hidden, and a secret door behind the bookcase opened.

The dictator stepped through the opening. Under his mask, his expression showed no emotion. His eyes were coldly determined, and his brows were furrowed. The unthinkable had happened: A threat came from within Belarus' shields. Despite all the precautions, all the technology, and all the security, catastrophe was afoot. This would not stand. This could not stand.

Lucius was lowered into the garage underneath the Palace. From there, he made his way to his personal vehicle. He was going to get to the bottom of this, and he didn't care if he had to go all the way to Hell and back to do it. He got in, the engine roared to life, and the doors to the underground garage were opened. The car worth millions didn't take long to storm into the streets.

What Lucius saw was worse then he had imagined—they were everywhere. In the time it took him to respond, the amount of these things had doubled. No doubt the resistance here was tougher than in other cities, but the streets were nonetheless a battleground. The metahuman population could be seen throwing various powers at the demons, trading blows, and the Peacekeepers were trying to maintain as many perimeters as possible. People were fighting for their lives.

"I won't let this happen, my dear. It won't end up like our last home," Lucius said to himself as his brilliant red vehicle stormed the streets. He hit demons with no regard, and he only narrowly avoided those he identified as his people. He didn't even know where he was going, but he was angry, and that meant the center of this was wherever he damn well said it was.

The car screeched to a halt after about two miles. Lucius had found a significant gathering of these creatures, and he intended to question them. The battle for Minsk raged, but it was it's Prime Minister who would find out what exactly was going on. If he couldn't, he always had plenty of last resorts. He slammed the door as he got out, visibly enraged.

"So this is what that tainted scab meant by 'her own county?' Is this some sort of last laugh before she kicks the bucket, or are you fools invading simply to keep with the demonic archetype? Either way, you'll spill your guts," Lucius said, unsheathing Cora Zen. He walked toward the group at a steady pace. One hand held his blade, and the other surged with crimson energy.

Red smiled underneath his mask. He wondered if killing these things qualified as murder to Silus, or to anyone else for that matter. Was it moral to put an end to a demon? He didn't know the answer to that, but he also didn't really care.


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ARC Re: Act One: Minsk, Belarus

Post by Proarden (Gravity Man) on July 22nd 2018, 1:20 am

It wasn’t long before help had arrived. Gravitas had arrived, all of his generals at his disposal, he sent Poltergeist off to face the demons. It was unfortunate that Belarus had become such a safe-haven for metahumans as it had. In times like these, the possessions would be incredibly horrific. Their power would unfortunately bleed in as aid for the demonic forces. Of course, the primary point of discussion between Gray and Gravitas was how to better detain the demonic forces, rather than mercilessly slaughter their citizens.

”Overdose. Deliver them as I assign. Ink, take the western end. ” In that moment Overdose grabbed the woman and vanished before reappearing just as Gravitas assigned the next. And then the same would be true with the following. ”Inferno is East. Poltergeist already reigns in the South. Overdose, report to Proarden immediately. He is in charge. Trust in him.” He said as he and Gray stepped aside. Gravitas then turned to see Lucius arriving at the frontlines. Gravitas walked forward, pulling himself with his powers to stand slightly offset of Lucius. He made the comment that either way, the enemies would spill their guts.

”Lucius.” Gravitas said as he nodded, floating beside him. Lucius continued walking, though Gravitas stayed behind. He watched, and trusted in his generals. He trusted in those that were his allies, not here...but afar. This world has been plunged into chaos. This was exactly the time that was described to him. The time when they would rise. He slowly began to play upon his sensory of gravity and started to manipulate the world around him. Any creature that came to Lucius would feel their weight increase over a thousand fold in their arms. If they didn’t come right off, Lucius would annihilate them.

”Gravitas, Proarden is with you.” a voice filled his head. ”Subject Overdose is being primed for detainment protocol Lux.” The creature informed him, causing a small smile over his face. Gravitas’ plan was already under way. If the world and it’s destruction would reign here this’d best happen soon. For this plan was something that even Lucius Alba might find formidable, especially for one not so “enlightened” as himself.

Poltergeist found itself challenged, but not overwhelmed. Not even the demons could strike the creature, as it had not chosen them. Poltergeist had already been through Hell, suffered and returned as a beast beyond fathom, the result of a sick man’s experimentation made real. It selected demonic subjects one at a time, and unleashed a whole new Hell upon them. By the time they realized they had been marked by the beast, it was a struggle, a fight, but ultimately it always ended the same. The beast fed upon the demon hosts, and moved onto the next. Unfortunately it had no discern for demonic being or demonic host, and it was only taking one foe at a time...stalking and hunting. Poltergeist alone would not even scathe the forces and their numbers.

Inferno’s powers were not overly effective against demonic forces, though it was useful for generating a crowd-control and manipulating the environment, protecting the peacekeepers and manipulating the fires for their safe-passage or preservation. Ink, was having fun. She didn’t care the consequences of her fearless and reckless actions. One tattoo alive, a poison dart frog with a machine gun firing poison darts was a fun thing to have, especially as she held her fully automatic assault rifle.

Grey watched from far behind Gravitas, a worried look on his face as he looked around, looking at the chaos, the bullet-hell and rampage that was war. He’d been part of a gang war before, and he trusted in Zak, and Jared. They made it out, together… but this time… something was different. Something was wrong...

Gravitas Gang:

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ARC Re: Act One: Minsk, Belarus

Post by Hyperion on July 22nd 2018, 1:22 am

Death wafted through the air like an acrid smoke. A thick stench that spoke to him on the deepest and most primordial level. People screamed, only to be ripped apart and to have their blood splattered across the pavement. Even for a country that touted the highest amount of metahumans couldn’t hope to stop death entirely from a sudden demonic hoard. This breech within dimensional bounderies however had just made breaking through via The Abyss much easier. The people were powerful, but death cared not for how powerful one was.  ”When I first heard of the changes to this country, I expected a little more than this.” Sheiara noted, pressing a foot down on the corpse of one of the invading demons. Shrieks echoed outwards into the sky, as Hyperion’s dire black blade ripped through a few that had made the mistake of trying to turn him into their flesh suit. ”What do you think?”

Clumps of now useless flesh hit the ground. ”I expected a little more from the legions of hell.” His eyes had taken on a dark purple gleam, blood streaking an intense face that looked down upon the corpses. ”I have the feeling these demons aren’t seen as worth their lesser defenses.” Black mists rose from the corpses, swirling and coalescing around the two tit’aen’s.  Strength like a river began to imbibe his muscle, increasing his heart rate and overall feeling more like a high than anything else.

”That is a possibility.” The Abyss’ goddess of war mused, still brandishing two onyx colored blades as more of the demons seemed to rise from their infernal homes. Feeding into the chaos, and likely just being mowed down by anyone that had the power to do so, or mowing those down that lacked the power. ”I am curious why we’re here in particular.”

”Felt like killing a few demons and Lucius is here, so I guess it would be nice to make him owe me one.” He smirked, slamming the heel of a foot down to shatter the skull of one of the deceased demons. Removing communicator from his pocket, he tried to latch onto a certain frequency. ”Hey Alba, saw your country was being fucked so decided to come on over. Hope that’s not an issue.” Sure, he was death dressed as an Ambercrombie model but death nonetheless.

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ARC Re: Act One: Minsk, Belarus

Post by The Nekromonga on July 27th 2018, 4:12 am

On the fateful day, when Belarus- and the whole wider world would be under siege by the forces of hell, Dabbler was plopping herself down on a big sofa with a large bowl of popcorn and the Netflix remote. For a single button that makes one lose days of their lives, Dabbler was more than eager to relocate to Belarus after that media building fiasco. And by a good stroke of luck, she'd found a low cost apartment with a Taco Bell on the ground floor in the residential zone.

She scrolled through the options and hit the Happy series. "Rated R for extreme violence!" She said to no one in particular, and began munching on her chili popcorn.

A few minutes in, her phone vibrated in silent mode beside her on the couch but she paid it no heed. She slathers her popcorn with many dashes of hot sauce.

A few minutes later, a tremor rocked the apartment building but again, she ignored it completely.

Gunfire began erupting in the hallway, with commands being shouted. Dabbler cracked open a can of soda and gulped it down.

Finally, a knock came at the door, causing the witch to pause her show. "Just a minute!" She said in a sing-song voice, getting up and answering the visitor. It was a blonde european woman in a Taco Bell uniform, yet armed with a pistol. She was accompanied by three extremely jumpy soldiers in heavier gear and carrying assault rifles.

"Dabbler! The city is being attacked by demonic entities! You have to help!" The Taco Bell agent said.  

"Who aree you? ... heeeey aren't you the cashier down at the Taco Bell? Gwen? Gwen!" Dabbler said with pleasant surprise.

"I was assigned to be your handler during your stay here. Now please, can you take a look outside? This is serious!"

"Oooooh but it can't be that bad." Dabbler looked out the window of her apartment, witnessing the city become something of a mixture of a slaughter house and battleground. Armed and metahuman forces were slugging it out with demonic hordes, while the defenseless were mercilessly preyed upon. Biblical apocalypse, except there was no rapture to save the righteous.

"Yup. It could be worse." Dabbler carried herself back to the couch to sit down. Once she pressed play however, Netflix's streaming service had been severed.

Only then did the gravity of the situation spur Dabbler to action. "My Netflix is out!" Dabbler screeched as she hopped to her feet, just as the door to the apartment was kicked down by a bunch of hungry demons.

"I shall feast on your souls, mortals!" On reflex, the first demon caught the remote in his large demonic hand and looked at it in confusion. Then he sees Dabbler teleport on top of him, sinking her own clawed hands into the demon's face.

"...I will HAVE MY NETFLIX!" Dabbler screeched, as she invoked her baleful chaos beams, causing the demon to burn from the inside out, reducing the monster to a pile of ash.

"The Hell Beast?! HERE?! -AAAA!!!" These lesser fiends, mere cannon fodder foot soldiers, fled at the sight of the hell slayer. Once word reached the higher tiers, Dabbler would probably become a target.

"We should probably go talk to some important people about fixing this mess! " Dabbler opened a portal to street level, not especially keen on what to do next.

"This is agent Gwendolyn of the Witch Watcher unit. Asset Dabbler is in motion- if anyone is still alive, please respond for rendezvous..."

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ARC Re: Act One: Minsk, Belarus

Post by Nightshade on July 28th 2018, 6:27 am

It was the end of the world. Or at least it felt like it was, and for once, Coraline wasn’t being figurative about her inner proclamations of doom. What else was one supposed to think when the world around them began to crumple, the very ground splitting under them and spitting out demons? A part of her had known something was coming, before the destruction even began. It was a sharp and sudden presence that sliced through her awareness like a knife, setting her on edge. Looking back, she would realize it felt all too similar to well. That. Which would explain the fact that she didn’t even need to see the demons before an all too familiar panic began to overtake her, accompanied by the desperate need to Get Out. So, as a demon bared down on her, casting a long, dark shadow. She simply… fell through. And with that, she was once again in the Dark.

It pressed around her, an all-consuming void that was as vast as existence. Even larger than existence. The beginning, the end. It all happened, and will happen here. It was alpha, it was omega… It scared her. Not for the usual reasons, one would think. That would have been preferable to the truth of why she never came back to this place after the first time, and why she hated her own powers after years of dreaming about becoming a superhero. It was because, under the overwhelming presence pressing down onto her very psyche, it felt like home. No. Home wasn’t the right word. It felt… Whole. Even that wasn’t the right word, but then, this was something that existed before Words. In short, she needed to get out of here. Before the draw became too strong.

It was easy of course. Like before, she simply fell through again, tumbling back into this universe through a shadow. Not the same one she came in with of course. This one came from a building in a city she didn’t recognize. Though like before, demons were present, now actively tearing through the population. Or they were trying to. Seems there were more metahumans here than usual, and they were providing a good fight, along with what looked to be the law enforcement. A part of her wanted to keep running, but also, it wasn’t in her nature to ignore those that needed help. As good of a fight as the population was putting up, many were still dying and will die. And hey, how much more dead can a corpse get? That was Coraline’s justification when she jumped into the fray, creating a barrier around a child trying to reach his mother right as a demon reached to grab him. The mother, quickly picked up him up, running off with a nod in thanks.

From there, she threaded through the fight, guiding the more helpless citizens away from the worst of the battle. Granted, she didn’t know if where they were running to was any safer, but she trusted that they had an inkling of where to find sanctuary. She had to. At the very least, where they were headed seemed to have less activity than where she was going. The further in she moved, sliding along slick rivers of darkness, the harder it became to avoid the attacks being directed at her due to the increase in frequency. In an effort to escape and survey for more in need, she headed up, forming the shadows under her feet into personal steps.

Gazing down at the chunk of city she could see, she felt a pang go through her. Dead bodies lay in the streets in between the various battles, the splatters of red illuminated by streetlights stark even to her dull vision. She didn’t have time to dwell on this though, as she suddenly felt a large figure cutting through the darkness towards her. It moved so fast, she was barely able to put up a shield before it slammed into her. The impact shot her from her perch in the sky, and she rocketed through the air at mach speed.

She hit the ground with a sickening crack as her bones shattered, tearing her flesh from the inside. More importantly, the demon was still heading for her, only “visible” due to the shadow it cast in this much brighter area. Before it reached her though, it suddenly slammed into the ground as well, as if weighed down by something. That’s when Coraline realized it as more than just her broken bones keeping her grounded. It was also the gravity. It pressed unnaturally down on her arms, keeping her in place. She squinted, blinded by the lights without her shades as they had fallen off in her path to the ground. Coraline stretched her senses as far as they would go in the light. Four things immediately jumped out: two figures, one floating in the air, a VERY large group of demons other than the one that attacked her, and her shades. They lay only a foot away as if taunting her.

Taking a deep breath, she decided to deal with the nearest problem first, hoping the weird standoff between the two figures and the demons would continue until she could actually see again. Coraline forced her arm to move through the pressure, displacing the shadows within the limb despite the protesting grind of shattered bone. With a triumphant little cry, she gripped the surprisingly only cracked shades. Through the same process, she slid them on, blinking in relief as the world once again became viewable.


The word slipped through the mouth before she could stop it, as what she saw made her wish she had stayed blind. She had guessed that the figures nearby were metahumans. The weird gravity field had to come from somewhere after all. What she didn’t expect to see was fucking Lucius Alba and one of his fucking lackeys about ten feet away. So she was in Belarus then. Of course she was. She should have realized as soon as she saw the level of resistance the civilians were managing to provide to the infernal invasion. Out of the frying pan and into the fire... and then another fire. The idiom didn't quite work when this happened twice.

So now there were couple of possible outcomes. At the most lucky, he wouldn’t recognize her, passing her as a rather unfortunate citizen. Of course, she was never that fortunate. The other good option was that the presence of the apocalypse would create a temporary truce. She would really rather not go back into the Dark.
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