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Act One: Montreal

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Act One: Montreal Empty Act One: Montreal

Post by Chellizard on July 21st 2018, 11:03 pm

The ground would shake, tremors sending the older parts of New Orleans into quite the panic. People would rise from their beds, the moon hanging high in the sky. The waning crescent illuminated the shadows, all of the street lamps littering NOLA bringing  a bit of calm before the storm. Of course the streets were populated, people out enjoying their night with drinks, food, and good company. As the ground started to shake, people assumed it was a big vehicle moving through, or something man made.

But they were wrong.

The little shops lining down town NOLA would all begin to shake, the glass warbling and warping before shattering. Shop displays would topple over. People would let out shrieks in shock. The world seemed like it was coming to an end. As everything seemed to settle, the wind would stop. It was as if the world had stopped. Clocks would stop ticking, residents would hold their breath, afraid to even let out the smallest sound.

Something was happening.

The ground would tear apart, wicked beings of all shapes and sizes peeling up from underneath their beautiful city. Vicious maws dripping with hot saliva and almost melting the sidewalks. Snarling fangs would bare as the demonic creatures started picking who they would eat and disguise themselves as. Demons would run through the streets, grabbing children, mother's, and father's. They would devour their souls, implanting themselves into the vessel left on this Earth. Innocent people died on this day.

Hopefully heroes can save these people.

On the other hand, these demons could use some guidance. They need a leader, someone to confide in. This is their first time being outside the clutches of Hell. It was now their time to reap the benefits of power and destruction!


It had been a few days, and the news was erupting. Many sightings of people rioting, starting fires, destroying property. The world was slowing falling into chaos, one city at a time.


Limit to 5 players in this thread; first come, first serve. The setting is in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Users may choose to put multiple characters in one post if they feel those characters should be involved together. Enter this arc at your own risk; there's no turning back.

The city you are in has areas that are destroyed; the first poster can decide to be in that area.

Villains can decide if they would like to directly interact with the demons in order to learn more of the goals of those in control.

The GM (Chellizard) must post after all 5 players have posted to explain what events come next.

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Act One: Montreal Ydzx85lu
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Act One: Montreal Empty Re: Act One: Montreal

Post by Casmaudius on August 1st 2018, 8:32 pm

Canada, land of syrup and bacon if the jokes were anything to take seriously. Cas was admittedly not sure why he had come out here but it was with Yamm, who had a reason for doing so. Not that he imagined the once god was too pleased with having his former fake lover hovering around. Still he had been sensing dire omens for a long while now, something that boded poorly for everything in general. There was no way he would let the man be alone when anything could happen. This was just perhaps one of the times that he could actually accompany him on any excursions really. Christian did not seem so pleased with him leaving state, going as far as to even raise his voice beyond the normal volume. Not that Cas didn’t keep contact with his seemingly overly worried friend. All should have gone well.

That was when the demons attacked.

He was not unfamiliar with the infernal denizens of lower plains, most of them siding against even the gods of his world. Even still the idea that they were invading the world of man and killing them like so many cattle bristled against all of his sensibilities.  Radiant evil energies seemed to be messing with his communication device, as none of the messages would send once the whole attack began. It took a lot however not to fling the phone against the ground, instead slipping it into the pocket of his camo cargo shorts. Many clawed hands had ripped through the great veil between worlds, acidic saliva dribbling from their mawed mouths. A few seemed to turn to him immediately, speaking something in their blasphemous language.

”An angel!” A few voices among them spoke, not knowing what they spoke about. Some spoke in fear, others in disgust and even amusement. His celestial essence likely felt enough like an angel to confuse them.

”Don’t speak to me you vile creature.” Casmaudius seethed through clenched teeth, sparks of golden lightning leaping from his tense body. One opened their mouth to speak but found themselves enveloped by a massive bolt, screeching in agony as it was reduced to ashes.

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Act One: Montreal Empty Re: Act One: Montreal

Post by BCAjax on August 1st 2018, 9:58 pm

Steelshade drove his fist into the demon's fanged maw again and again, scowling as its sizzling blood splashed across his torso, leaving little burnt holes in his sweat-stained shirt. He had come a long way since leaving LA, a long way indeed. The underground fight clubs and gang-banger boxing rings had been entertaining for a while, but it had not taken long to run into one of the so called "Heroes" that seemed to infest America. The encounter had been unsatisfactory, but once the LAPD became involved he had known it was time to move to greener pastures. He had heard of a reclusive master somewhere in the far north, and had traveled by bus, by boat, and by foot for many miles to reach this statuesque and stunning land. The demon was limp in his grasp as he stood up straight, and he let it drop with a disgusted scoff. "Excellent child excellent." crooned Kabali from the inside of his mind. "We will teach these demon scum that Penglai is not to be trifled with!" The spirit of his ancestor seemed to be drunk on the negative energy that had erupted with the horde of monsters, and his exuberance was beginning to wear on his host.
"Fool." he hissed as he made his way into the relative safety of a ruined clothing store. "I came here to challenge a master, not to exterminate devils." "I will find who is responsible for this and teach them not to waste my time." He picked his way through the rubble of the store, searching for a back exit. "This is nothing but a distraction."

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