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Act One: San Francisco

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ARC Re: Act One: San Francisco

Post by Johanna Sharpe on August 2nd 2018, 9:47 am

The gas worked. Johanna was glad that it did, cause she was only about seventy percent sure it would work in the first place. She half expected luck to not be on their side, especially in a situation like this. Johanna let out a small shrug as Jake began to direct questions towards her. “I don’t know Jake. Im not a demon….well not a full one, and I’m pretty sure these aren’t my moms.” she’d hoped of the two of them, Jake would be more level headed, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Sure she was freaking out right now, but now was not the time to be showing it. The ashen haired teen would give the boy a quick slap across the face. Hopefully it sorted him out. “Pull yourself together. This isn’t the end of the world. We’ll get through this.” her turquoise eyes stared into his. She hoped that her calm demeanor would provide some semblance of peace for Jake. Moving past the boy, Johanna would make her way over to the webbed up demon infested human. She knew how potent that gas was.

“He might be out for a while, and I don’t feel like hanging around here much longer.” What a predicament they had found themselves in. Chaos all around them. Screams of terror. Gun shots. You name it, it was happening. It definitely made Johanna uneasy, and it was hard to make her uneasy. They couldn’t just wait here for the demon to wake up. She was beginning to wonder if this was such a solid plan after all. There was no telling just how forthcoming with information the demon was going to be. Hell, they didn’t even know if it spoke English or even understood it.  

Johanna let out a frustrated groan and began kicking the demon possessed body lightly. This was too much, why did it have to all be on her? Where the hell was her mother. Why couldn’t she be here right now. This was probably her problem anyway. All this anger began to well up within her. The moment she started to feel her temperature rise, the young girl stepped away from their prisoner and massaged her temples. “Ok! Look! Here’s whats going to happen. My parents have a lab nearby. We’re going to go there. I have some tools and supplies that could help us with whatever’s going on.”

With her plan semi lined out, Johanna would shoot a strand of webbing from her wrist mounted shooter at the sleeping demon. She’d turn around, stick her nose up in the air, feeling high and mighty, and would begin dragging the beast down the street. They were going to get to that lab and they were going to get answers out of this demon.

Johanna Sharpe

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ARC Re: Act One: San Francisco

Post by Champion on August 5th 2018, 12:39 am

Miguel had expected the blade to slice through its leg, but that was not the case. Instead it sliced through flesh and caught before it could break through bones. The massive demon let out a bloodcurdling roar, splattering spittle across his face and some of the armor. It yanked up the blade and the arcadian demi-god attached to it, feet leaving the ground and coming up to the waiting maw that seemed to want to bit through him. Luckily the grip holding the weapon was rather sturdy, as he used the massive handle of the weapon as a support and swung his weight upwards. A kick aimed itself at the creatures jaw, releasing an audible crack as he was sure a tooth or two were knocked loose from its maw.

Using the force produced from the kick had produced, he spun and landed on the ground. His weapon however was still out of his grasp, forcing the Arcadian to fight with his most natural of weapons. He cracked his knuckles audibly, and then charged the thing. The next strike struck their massive leg injury, likely causing immense pain as he  again kicked it to bring the demon low. A clawed hand swiped at him, this giant meaty sword of Damocles. Instead of avoiding it, he braced for impact and went with the blow skidding a few inches. Arms wrapped around the wrist as he tugged, using the things massive weight to flip it onto his back after exerting enough pressure to shatter the wrist with an audible crack.

”How about we stop the playtime.” He growled, he leapt upwards and came down with both feet like a guillotine onto its skull.

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ARC Re: Act One: San Francisco

Post by TheDastardlyDire on August 9th 2018, 7:05 pm

Dire watched as the much cooler than him guy started doing his thing, taking on two of these huge demons at once. Sure, Dire could've killed two of them... 60% of the time if he were being generous. This guy acted like he did this for a living. Not that he was complaining, but save some spotlight for the other guys!

Then his demon flailed around to two other people he hadn't noticed yet. A girl who could shoot- was that a web?- Out of her arms and some other kid dragging one of the demons away from the fight.
Well, that makes it two against one now doesn't it? He thought to himself.
That's when he saw the demons destroying a fancy looking superhero car. He'd seen one before, but it seemed really impractical. You had to have somewhere to keep it, and some way to fill it up with gas. You KNOW that it costs an ungodly amount of gas...

His mind had wandered off so far, that he hadn't even noticed the Hobbit looking demons conjuring fire and throwing it at him... He didn't notice until the fire touched him, that is.
"Ow! What the hell?!" He said as this strange celestial fire burnt his shoulder. Luckily, his slight healing ability worked on minor/medium skin wounds like this, but it still hurt.
Cracking his neck as he dodged the fire coming from these demons, he growled, "Okay, game over."

Dire would then pull himself up on the flaming katana that was stuck in the large demon's neck, standing on it so it could hopefully cut all the way down the demon's back under Dire's weight. As he stood, he pulled out both his pistols, firing at the demons.
"Get some you Hobbit looking motherfuckers!"
He hoped that his attack back would be enough to at least keep them away.

The Demonic Dire:

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ARC Re: Act One: San Francisco

Post by Puglife43vr on August 10th 2018, 5:48 pm

Owl Man grapples away from the wreck to swing by and save a civilian taking a YouTube video of the battle. He places the civilian on top of a building and faces the Colossus below. He mutters something under his breath.

"Time to roll out the big guns."

Jay would unhook what appears to be a radio from his belt and toss it at the Colossus below. It would start beeping rapidly, speed increasing as time passes. They would all hear a supersonic book overhead as the Owl Jet acts as a supersonic bomber. It would drop a payload of several heavy explosives upon the Colossus as it passes overhead. As soon as it dropped the bombs, the plane would activate airbrakes, slowing it down enough for Owl Man to manage a grapple onto it.

The line he fired would be drawn back into the gun, pulling him up and into the Bay doors that remained open. Inside, Owl Man moves forward to the cockpit to take manual control of the Owl Jet. The jet would pull around and start spinning the Gatling cannons as it comes in for another round on the Colossus.


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