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Post by KDon96 on July 21st 2018, 4:34 pm


"No one is obliged to call me a hero, though I feel I have an obligation to do the things they think make me heroic."

The Bio

Real Name:Asir North
Hero Name:Guardian
Title:The Vigilant Protector
Alignment:Chaotic Good
Hair:Jet Black Dreadlocks/w faded sides
Eyes:Steel Gray/Cobalt Blue
Weight:148 lbs
Blood type:O+

The Looks

Asir is a very handsome yet serious looking man. He has very sharp and chiseled features, and a hint of maturity added by his goatee. He's seemingly always bruting, but when you get him to smile he can capture the attention of an entire room. He has a very calm demeanor with to the swag of a billionaire Playboy. His good looks are rugged and unkempt preferring a natural look over the grooming of a pretty boy. He has an oak brown skin tone and an lean yet athletic build. His torso and biceps are riddled with scars. His hair is nearly always in samurai-esque ponytail. His steel gray eyes which are usually dull change to a deep blue color while using his abilities and burn with a deep passion. His casual attire usually consist of a simple blue scarf, a black peacoat, a blandly colored tshirt, slacks, and a pair of black combat boots.

The Personality

Asir is a kind yet hard man often showing his feelings through action rather than expressing them directly. He can be quite stoic at times as well remaining calm while panic rushes over everyone else. He is valiant sticking up for others whenever it's called for, though he can be quite hot headed. When it comes to authority he has been known to be slightly rebellious and he has been known to be quite prideful. There have also been times in battle that he let arrogance get the better of him. He is honest but bluntly so.
The Story

Asir was born to a wealthy family. They acquired said wealth through their company Arkwright Industries which engineers the latest and greatest in technology. Asir's father assumed he'd go into the family business like his older sister, but he had a different calling. While he was visiting his father one day Arkwright Industries was invaded by terrorists and an invention meant to supple unlimited energy exploded with Asir in it's vicinity which is what gave him his powers. This is sadly what also took his father's life. He went on a journey around the world after this in order to find himself. He trained with many different Masters and learned much not just about how to fight but, how to be exactly what he needed to be. He returned after 3 years of self Discovery and training, and from that point on Asir began donning his cowl. He vowed to never let what happened to his father happen again, with his sister by his side creating his gear for him. He became the Guardian a watchful protector who would never let his city come to harm.
The Priority

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Reaction

The Powers

Ergokinesis: the ability to create and manipulate energy.
The Weaknesses

Extreme Fatigue: If he over uses his powers his body will go into a sleep like state so he can recharge.
Arrogance: Asir has been known to underestimate his enemies or overestimate his own abilities which has costed him dearly in the past.
The Items

Khali Sticks
The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

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