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Hello There!

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Hello There! Empty Hello There!

Post by Michael Silver July 19th 2018, 5:47 pm

Hello there!

Nice to meet you all. My name's Michael, and I've been thinking about joining a superhero rpg for a while now. This site looks exactly like what I had in mind, so after a few days of getting familiar with the lore I intend to create a character and get stuck in! It's my intention to create a mischievous cat-burglar without any superpowers, and if anyone can point me towards any bits of lore I might find especially useful to know when designing him or give me advice on making a character that'll fit in well here it'd be much appreciated.

I've been into roleplaying for about three years now, one gothic-horror site and one fantasy site, so I'm familiar with the gist of how these sites work. I prefer light hearted threads with lots of humour, and have been reliably told I'm good at them, but am up for pretty much all genres. Please give me a shout if you'd be interested in making a thread with me sometime; I'm hoping to get to know a lot of villains who might be interested in hiring my services and heroes who can try to stop me pulling a heist.

Michael Silver
Michael Silver
Michael Silver

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Hello There! Empty Re: Hello There!

Post by Chellizard July 19th 2018, 7:03 pm

Welcome to SHRP! It's always a pleasure to have new comers happen upon SHRP.

We're always happy to have ya.

A no powered cat burglar?! Good luck! We have very few of those, and it'll be fun to finally have a mastermind behind bank heists. Or heists in general.

As for bits of lore... Hm. It'd likely be best if you hopped onto our discord server to mingle with the members and maybe chat in our channels of plotting, character-ideas, and etc. We have lots of members that use discord for text based chats. They use it to discuss future plots and et cetera.

We also use it as a way to easily communicate with the community and get feedback faster, as well as assist with any questions or character approvals that are pending.


- Chelle

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