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Gregor Rautenstrauch, Out of Hiding

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Gregor Rautenstrauch, Out of Hiding Empty Gregor Rautenstrauch, Out of Hiding

Post by Slamfist on July 16th 2018, 9:37 pm


"You're just angry. You know I'm smarter than you, that I'm better than you. And honestly, doctor, what good are you if you're not smarter than your enemy?"

The Bio

Real Name: Gregor Rautenstrauch
Hero Name: Partisan
Title: The Angel of Mercy, though more commonly now just "the Austrian"
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Race: White/Austrian
Hair: White (Will probably change if/when I get my new artwork)
Eyes: Grey
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 178 lbs
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

The Personality

Gregor is a jovial man, though his time on the run has left him a bit more world-weary than when he left the public eye. While he still enjoys a good laugh and general joking around, he's become distrustful of most strangers and only truly opens up to a handful of people. His isolation from the public has also led him to become more self-serving, though he still fancies himself a hero at the end of the day.
The Story

"A foreign agent acting against the United States government." That's what Gregor Rautenstrauch has been labeled. To hear tell of it on the 6 o'clock news, Gregor had broken into secret government files and stolen plans for experimental weapons. Whether it was to sell to the highest bidder or to make use of them himself wasn't known, but nothing good could come from it. In reality, as Gregor would tell you, he was just in the wrong place at the right time.

His time as a hero made Gregor few friends. He wasn't one of the sanctioned heroes that got paid to stay in one city and defend it. If he wanted to find work, he had to do just that. Contracts took him all over the globe, and as such Gregor had few constant faces in his life. Gregor met only two people that he maintained any kind of contact with: Bliss Fukuyama and a man who simply called himself "the Gunslinger," as he had never been given another. Gregor gleaned what he could from Gunslinger's spotty recollection of his past and surmised that the man was a remnant of Project Perfection, a boy raised in a US government black-site to be a human killing machine.

Gregor took to helping Gunslinger avoid detection by the US government, but could never persuade the man to leave the US, to abandon the crusade he had declared on the people that had poked, prodded, and tortured him his whole life. Gregor couldn't turn his back on one of the two people he considered a friend and relegated himself to his new purpose: to make sure Gunslinger never crossed a line he couldn't come back from. The two went into hiding, waging a silent war on the darker parts of the US government that would label them both as high priority targets for apprehension and/or execution.
The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Inventor Savant - Gregor is a skilled inventor and craftsman. While he has crafted a veritable armory worth of firearms, he still prefers to keep his personal gear down to his favorite weapons, dubbed the "Three Kings."

Immune System Alterations - Gregor has undergone some subtle body modifications in order to better suit his highly dangerous life. Gregor's body contains a system of 'nanobots' that have increased Gregor's rate of healing and bolstered his immune system to the point where he's practically immune to poisons and disease.

Skilled Combatant - Gregor has a highly erratic and dexterous fighting-style that allows him to throw off an opponent's momentum and quickly overwhelm even some highly trained martial artists.

Supreme Tactical Mind - Because of the natural way Gregor's mind works and through years of evading government officials, he is able to adapt to almost any situation on the fly and alter his fighting style to meet any new challenges that may be presented.
The Weaknesses

Hunted Hero - Despite his kindhearted nature, Gregor is currently wanted by the US government. This can lead to various problems when interacting with other heroes and can even be exploited by villains who might put innocent civilians in harm's way, making Gregor disregard his own anonymity in order to protect them.

Paranoid - Also owing to his current criminal status, Gregor tends to be very distrustful and secretive. Always worried someone will contact the authorities Gregor tries to keep himself distanced from those around him.

Mortal Physique - Despite the enhancements to his body, Gregor is still mortal. Gunshots, stab wounds, and falls can all still prove deadly. In fact, broken bones and the like must be set even more quickly than a normal person's so that they don't heal incorrectly.

Fast and Loose - Since he's already on the run, Gregor has little respect or need for the laws of the nation. If he busts up a drug ring or a black market sale, expect some money to go missing. If he feels a life is in danger, his own or not, he will kill the person responsible. This can put him at odds with other heroes and bring unwanted attention to himself.

No Secret Identity - Though he's come to call himself Partisan when the itch to hero becomes too much for him to ignore, Gregor still doesn't wear a costume or hide his identity. He's too proud to hide who he really is, but understands he can't go around calling himself the name of a wanted man.
The Items

The Blazing King - Gregor's signature sword. The sword is well-built and capable of igniting and causing small, concentrated spouts of flame.

The Shining King - An arm-length glove and sleeve, capable of absorbing electricity and then delivering shocks on contact. The strength of the shocks is based on how much electricity Gregor has absorbed, being roughly comparable to a taser with no built-up charge.

The Grey King - Gregor's custom built .44 Magnum. Able to cycle between mundane ammunition and laser fire.

Grab-Bag - Gregor carries with him a bag of assorted ammunition types to reload the Grey King with.  Aside from normal bullets, these types include incendiary, wad-cutter, armor piercing, and hollow point.

Fire-Retardant Coat - Gregor's coat is fire-retardant so as to protect himself from any blowback he might receive from his sword.
The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

I'll add this later unless I don't need it. I'd still like to get some feedback on powers and weaknesses to make sure everything is on the up and up.

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Gregor Rautenstrauch, Out of Hiding Empty Re: Gregor Rautenstrauch, Out of Hiding

Post by Bliss on July 17th 2018, 3:51 pm



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