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Soren Avery/Athene Noctua!

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OPEN Soren Avery/Athene Noctua!

Post by Nate6595 on July 15th 2018, 3:34 am

Soren Avery

"I really don't want to be here right now..."

The Bio

Real Name: Soren Avery
Hero Name: Athene Noctua
Title: The Quiet Hero
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Yellow
Height: 6'1
Weight: 145
Blood type: B negative

The Looks

Soren is a very timid looking person. He usually has his face averted and his dull yellow eyes averted from anyone who may be nearby. On his right cheek, a little below his eye, he has a small, but noticeable scar going more horizontal in a crescent-like shape. His hair is a lighter shade of brown, maybe a bit dull in its color. He keeps his hair decently groomed, at the very least he keeps in presentable in a short cut.

His skin is rather pale, but not to a sickly degree, rather he just doesn't get a lot of sun. He keeps himself in shape, though he mainly does that at night when he goes for strolls or at a gym. He's around average height, but he's usually sitting or keeps his head down which makes him seem smaller. On his back, very noticeably, he has two large wings that span about . His wings on the outer side are covered in feathers that are brown on the outer side and white on the inner end.  

While on the streets Soren is usually found wearing just regular street clothes, sometimes some fancier attire depending on how he is feeling.
However! His hero attire is much more unique than his normal clothes! His hero attire comprises of:

Flight Jacket: A brown flight jacket with a grey fur trim to it. Looks very soft and warm. Two holes have been cut in the back of it to allow his wings to fit through it.

Padded pants: A pair of light brown pants with several light padding areas added to it.

Heavy Boots: A pair of heavy brown boots that look like they're made more so for hiking than flying, but Soren finds it easier to land in these.

Specialized Earmuffs: A pair of earmuffs that are custom made by Soren. They are a light grey color that wrap around the back of his head. Not only are they very warm, but they also help drown out most sound.

Red Scarf: An old looking red scarf. Very long and is wrapped lightly around his neck. Usually he has it pulled up to cover his mouth which usually makes his voice very muffled.

Goggles: An old pair of flight goggles. They look a bit worn out, but the lenses have been changed so they help drown out light. The band of these goes under the earmuff band, more comfortable that way.

Adjustable Satchel: A small brown satchel which Soren uses to carry most of his extra gear as well as anything small and important he may find out on a job, like a file or key card. The length of the satchel band can be adjusted to help with flight so it is not just dangling behind him when he flies. There is also a built in pouch to the side of it that works as a quiver and sorter to all of Soren's arrows.

The Personality

Soren is a very very very timid person. For the most part he keeps to himself and will shy away from large crowds. He has a hard time functioning in groups larger than five to six people (However, there are a few exceptions to this condition.). He seems to be lacking in confidence, although there are times and certain situations in which he will gain a sort of courage, these situations mainly pertain to things he has an interest in or if his brothers are involved.

Despite being a shy person he does try to be kind and helpful to those who need it, though he can have a hard time if there are a lot of people around. Sometimes instead of directly helping he'll do something for afar instead and hope that nobody noticed so that he can avoid the risk of embarrassing himself.

If there is one thing that Soren does have going for him, it's intelligence. Soren is a very resourceful and smart person, especially when he isn't being watched. He has become quite skilled in problem solving and being able to figure out puzzles. Most of his intelligence comes from his photographic memory. He is able to remember most anything, including most of what he reads (reading being one of his favorite pass times.). He is particularly good with computers, the sciences, mathematics, and engineering.

The Story

Soren was born to a wealthy family who owned a rather luxurious manor-house on Rhode Island. His father handled the finances for a large company and his mother worked in stocks which had earned them a good fortune. Soren had two siblings growing up, two brothers, both of which he had strong relations with.

His early childhood life was spent either playing with his brothers or locking himself away in his tree fort to reading. He never really socialized much outside of his brothers and immediate family, never for any good reason, he was just a shy person and didn't really put much effort into making friends or conversing with people. He did have the option of going to several different boarding schools or different local private schools, but he found that there were just too many people there. Instead, Soren had his own private tutor, a teacher his parents hired to make sure he was getting an education of some sort. With this tutoring Soren actually excelled in his studies, receiving top marks in all of his studies.

As Soren was growing up he had a strong interesting in flight, planes, and becoming a pilot, much to his parents' disapproval. They wanted him to go into a more business centered job like his brothers, but Soren couldn't shake the feeling of wanting to be a pilot. However, when attempting to receive the proper training he had to step away before actually finishing his studies. A problem at home arose and required him to take a year off from his goals. He did what he can to help at home, but found that he barely could do anything to really help.

Following this crisis and the situation stabilizing Soren decided he wasn't good enough to pursue flight training and decided to pursue something in either science or engineering, or a combination of the two. Attending a college in New York Soren continued to excel at all of his classes, eventually earning him the eyes of a promoter, someone who offered him a chance to be part of a wonderful new project. Not wanting to miss an opportunity Soren accepted and went on his way.

However, soon after arriving there was a massive accident which resulted in certain mutations in Soren. He had developed several features similar to that of an owl. Most importantly, he gained wings and the ability to fly, something he had always wanted. Moreover, he wanted to put them to good use. While the idea of the publicity was terrifying, Soren decided these new found abilities would be best used if he was to become a superhero. Now using both his abilities and intelligence he does what he can to help society and protect it from any who would do it harm!

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Power 1) Winging It: As a result of the accident Soren has grown a pair of large wings which enable him to soar in the air at high speeds. As it stands now Soren can go up to about 100MPH, 150 if he really pushes himself to the limits.  The wings can be folded up slightly, but not completely retracted. While flying his wings are very silent, nearly undetectable by normal human hearing.

Power 2) Talons for Tearing: Soren can grow sharp talons on both his hands and feet (though he tends to avoid growing them on his feet). The talons are razor sharp and have a strong cutting and crushing capacity  In addition, unlike his wings, the talons can be retracted at will.

Power 3) Spotter: Soren's eyes have also been greatly improved by the accident. His eyesight is strongest at night, in the dark, or in low light. His sharp eyesight is able to pick up subtle movements and spot things that would usually be missed. In addition to having great sight Soren can also turn his head his up to 270 degrees.

Power 4) I Heard That!: Like his eyesight, Soren's hearing has also greatly improved. He is able to pick up on subtle sounds and movements. He can pinpoint something usually based off sound alone, at least within a close enough perimeter.

Power 5) Hollow on the Inside: Due to the accident all of Soren's bones have become hollow on the inside, made slightly sturdier from arches on the inside. The lighter bone structure make him altogether lighter and more flexible. The lighter bone structure is what enables him to fly.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1) Wet Wings: While Soren's feathers are covered in a natural oil that helps to prevent them from getting wet, once they do get wet flying becomes very difficult. If his wings are completely soaked he will be unable to fly at all. He still will be able to move them, but unable to fly with them.

Weakness 2) Double Edged: While Soren's claws are very efficient in slashing and crushing having them out for a long period of time will begin to make his hands hurt and cramp up. If he keeps them out for too long they will begin to bleed and hurt more so. If his talons are to break then he needs to wait for them to grow back which can take a few days.

Weakness 3) My Eyes!: While his eyesight still remains improved in the daylight (Not as efficient in the dark), being exposed to sudden and bright lights will greatly damage his eyes, blinding him for longer than normal.

Weakness 4) Soren's hearing has both been a blessing and a curse. Being exposed to severely loud noises, loud horns, gunshots, explosions or similar sounds while not wearing his earmuffs are insanely painful to Soren and will often disable him and disorientate him.  

Weakness 5) Don't Hit Me! :Because of Soren's hollow bones he must less durable than he used to be. Strong hits and heavy force will greatly damage him, his bones are also easier to break. He has to be careful not to be in the front lines.

Weakness 6) Explosive Arrow: Soren's explosive arrows, while useful, do have a few flaws to them. The arrows are a bit heavier than the others and have a shorter range. In addition they do greatly risk collateral damage, which makes Soren more hesitant to use them. Furthermore Siren only carries a small supply of them, twelve light explosive arrows and eight heavier shots.

The Items

1) Special Earmuffs: A pair of earmuffs he designed which help tune out sounds. With his improved hearing while wearing these earmuffs his hearing is only slightly above an average person's hearing.

2) Special Goggles: These goggles were designed to help dull bright lights and prevent damage to Soren's eyes. They don't completely block out light, but they help resist it.

3) Money: Soren comes from a very well off family and has a large sum of money he can rely on for most comforts and needs.

4) The Quill Shooter: A small single handed cross bow. Despite its size and it does have a lot of stopping power. While not as strong as a bullet it could seriously hurt someone, and if aimed well enough, potentially kill (Not that Soren ever would).

5) Arrows (Quills): Soren as made a few different kinds of arrows, which he calls Quills, that can fire from his crossbow. They include:
A) Dulled tipped arrows: arrows that are not sharp at all, mainly to slightly hurt targets. If used to strike the back of someone's head these arrows could most likely knock them out.
B ) Normal tipped arrows: arrows that are just regular arrows with a pointed end. Used on more durable targets or used to pin something down.
C) Long shot arrows: Arrows that have been designed to be able to travel further distances. They are not as strong as regular arrows, but the distance makes up for that. They come in both dull tipped and sharp tipped.
D) Light explosive arrows: Arrows that are equipped with a light explosive, not enough to blow a person's fingers off, but enough to cause some serious burns.
E) Heavy explosive arrows: These arrows are made of the purpose of damaging stronger and more durable targets, as well as getting through some barriers. He using these arrows the least.

6) Communicator Watch: Soren has designed a watch that also functions as a communication device, it even comes with an optional earpiece, though he rarely uses that.

The Minions


The Fluff

Soren will try his best to avoid all direct contact with someone, both enemy and ally. He tries to go unseen and solve his problems just so. If he needs to interact he will, but he will most likely be very awkward about it.

He is almost always seen wearing his scarf and earmuffs. The earmuffs to block out sound, but the reason for the scarf is unknown. He also usually keeps his goggles pulled up to his forehead, ready to be pulled down if he thinks there will be a sudden bright light.

As a very shy person he will often find some way to cover his face, either with his scarf, or wings, or hands, or anything he can find. He does not like making eye contact with people.

His goal, always first up on his list, is to save people. He may possibly ignore a larger threat to save other people. usually at the risk to himself. If it means saving someone he will try to take the shot for them so they don't have to.

The RP Sample

The night was cold. A swift breeze carried the chill to every nook and cranny of the forest. Somewhere a child was crying, quickly dashing through the snow away from his pursuer. He had no idea how he got into this situation, but he did know for a fact that he wanted out. He wanted out and to be home with his mom and dad. Hell, he would've wanted to be anywhere else. But he had to have snuck out tonight. He had to have snuck out and saw what he did. He didn't even quite get it, but he saw it, and that was enough to drive this crazy man to chase him through the woods.

Sobbing he continued onward.

He could hear the man behind getting closer and closer. He didn't have gun, but he did have bat and that was more than enough reason not to get caught. The boy was in trouble and was running out of options he had to do something, he had to get-CRASH!

The boy, while looking over his shoulder had noticed he was heading straight for a tree. He had slammed his nose against which cause a thing stream of blood to come down from it. He was knocked down to his ass and before he could stand up he could hear the crunch of snow stop a few feet from him. He quickly turned on his butt and back peddled to against the tree as he stared up at the imposing man. He shivered and sobbed silently as the man cracked a grin, taking one step forward towards the boy. And then another. And then another and he was nearly in arms reach of the boy when...WHOOSH!

A sudden gust of wind had come from overhead and sounded like it had struck down the man. He was about to take another step forward, ready to raise his bat, but stopped at the sound of a crunch in the snow. He turned to owl? An angel? No. No it was something more imposing. A winged beast with a large eyes that stared into his soul. He dropped his bad and took a step back towards where the kid was already curled up against.

The imposing figure brought a hand up to its face and pulled down some form of cloth. The man could hear the figure clear its throat and start to speak. " you think know..." The figure fidgeted slightly, its tone was soft and nervous.  "Not do that, please? I am gonna have to stop you and put in prison if you go on."

Shocked and surprised, the man began to laugh, shaking his head as he bent down to pick up his bat. How could he be afraid of something like this? It was a nervous wreck! It was a freak! It couldn't do anything right! It was just some goddamn fo-WHAM!

The figure had slammed into the man, knocking him back into the snow, his head slamming against a rock. The figure seemed panicked for a moment, going down to check the man's pulse quickly, then letting out a sigh as he found he was still breathing and there was no bleed. He looked towards the scared boy and smiled gently. He walked over to the still shivering boy, bent down, and offered a hand. "Hey. There's no reason to be scared, buddy. I'm here and I'm a hero. You can call me Athene Noctua."

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OPEN Re: Soren Avery/Athene Noctua!

Post by Dubloon on July 15th 2018, 3:54 am

Approved Until Stated Otherwise.

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OPEN Re: Soren Avery/Athene Noctua!

Post by Zonky Blong on August 6th 2019, 1:08 pm

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