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Post by Lingo on July 9th 2018, 2:25 pm

Elliot Datterton


The Bio

Real Name: Elliot Datterton
Renegade Name: Lingo
Title: n/a
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 160lbs
Blood type: B-

The Looks

The Personality

While not a bad person, Elliot isn't a particularly good one either. He is catty and enjoys gossiping, spreading rumours and generally bitching. He is proud of who he is and isn't afraid to call people out on their bullshit, unless he thinks they could kick his ass, then he'll just call them out on their bullshit behind their back. Elliot takes great care with his appearance and can be quite vain, a bit self centered and is always down to talk about himself. He is mean to his friend's faces and nice behind their backs. He may be loyal to them to a degree but in the end, he'll always look out for number one.

Elliot is the type of person who would tell your enemy where you are if they threatened him - but he'd tell you he did it. The type to shout "Don't hurt me!" and then stab them when they let their guard down. A Courageous coward if you will. He is bored with living his normal life and is always down for an adventure, although isn't above backing out if he feels like his life is being endangered. He refuses to talk about his weaknesses or his past, especially the large amount of student debt he's currently buried in.

Elliot likes his powers and mainly uses them to show off, but he does occasionally find himself getting jealous of other metahumans and their powers although he'd never admit it.

The Story

Elliot's life has been fairly standard. He was born and raised in New York. While in high school, his grades were not the best. His attitude wasn't either. He would skip lessons, lie about going to school and occasionally get into fights. The school were threatening to expel him and his parents had started to discipline him.

Elliot doesn't know if it was this discipline that activated his metagene or if it was just coincidental timing, but his ability started to kick in over the following days. He didn't even notice it at first, he was in his languages class and was reading the text book. What would normally be unreadable, spanish symbols were seeping into his head. The teacher called on him to read the next sentence and he did it without even thinking. He was snapped out of the trance by the sound of a pencil snapping. The teacher staring at him. "What?" He glanced around. Everyone was staring at him. The teacher asked him to keep reading. He did. That was when he realised the book was in spanish. That just raised more questions than it answered. When he told his parents and they didn't believe him, he started reading articles on wikipedia. In german. After some googling they determined that he was a metahuman.

Elliot embraced this new gift - it felt good to finally be good at something. His attitude changed, he stopped fighting and began attending his classes. He kept his metahuman nature a secret from the school, his family deciding to tell them that he had an extremely rare condition instead - savant syndrome. His language grades went from Ds to A+ and he graduated with several college offers. He choose several language majors and even some minors.

Now that his studies were pretty much entirely related to languages he passed each year with flying colours, eventually graduating with honors. He thought he'd made it and was set for life with his fancy new degrees - until he checked his bank account. It was five figures!... in the negative.

After spending 4 years being regarded as a prodigy, he was pretty annoyed about having to get a regular person job. He was expecting to be snatched up by some big foreign company who needed a translater, but at the time no-one was hiring. He was hired by a Starbucks (mainly because the manager found him attractive) and works there to this day, eager for some adventures to begin. Somebody out there has to appreciate his talents!

The Priority

1. Agility
3. Endurance
2. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Power 1: Language Intuition: Elliot's metahuman gene allows him to automatically understand any languagues he comes into contact with. Just by listening to someone speak a few sentences of a language his brain will begin to subliminally fill in the gaps - allowing him to learn the languages name (if it has one) and become completely fluent in anywhere between a few minutes or a few hours if the language is especially foreign (e.g an alien language). This process is accelerated rapidly if Elliot makes physical contact with the person while they speak, shortening the time from minutes/hours to seconds/minutes. He is able to decipher coded and disguised speak in the same matter, allowing him to understand language being spoken backwards or heavily distorted by a computer or slurred by alcohol etc. Even if a language is completely made up and unique between two individuals (e.g a secret verbal code), Elliot is able to learn and interpret it like any other language.

Elliot can interpret written language in a similar matter - by reading a few sentences of the language his brain will begin to fill in the rest and he will be able to decipher it. This extends to written on paper, carved into stone, holographic projections and even on computer screens. If he can see it, it will begin to translate itself.

This ability also extends to physical languages as well - he can interpret sign language and is able to read lips flawlessly. He can learn what any hand signals represents if he witnesses it (i.e if the plan was to attack when they waved, as soon as they waved, Elliot would know that they were about to attack).

The Weaknesses

Verbal, written and physical: Elliot does not become fluent in all forms of communication immediately. If he were to learn french by listening to someone speak, he will not be able to read french or understand french sign language straight away. He would have to encounter those examples seperately.

Memory: As the human mind is not meant to know so many languages -  eventually, knowledge of languages he has will begin to fade unless he specifically goes out of his way to remember them. However, if he forgets a language, he will re-learn it twice as fast when he encounters it again.

Communication impediments: If the person he learns the language from has an impediment or disability, such as a dyslexia, a stutter or a lisp, he will adopt it when using that language until he learns it off someone else.

Tongues: While he may be able to interpret, translate, read and transcribe alien or magic languages, some of them are impossible for the human mouth to speak audibly.

Overload: If someone were to speak, write or sign and rapidly change languages while they did so it would take Elliot much longer to interpret/translate what they were saying. Speaking english and signing in french would have a similar effect.

Human: Elliot is physically human.

Ego: One can easily manipulate Elliot if you play to his egotiscal nature by giving him compliments and attention.

The Items


The Fluff

Driving license: Elliot is a licensed driver.

Language degrees: Although it was technically cheating, Elliot majored (and minored) in several languages in college.

Barista: Elliot works as a barista. He knows how to make several different types of coffee.

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Re: Lingo

Post by Zonky Blong on July 10th 2018, 5:13 pm

Approved until stated otherwise.

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